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AQ Intro - Brochure

  1. 1. Passion in Service
  2. 2. Performance. Growth. Profitability. These key words appear regularly in strategic plans and annual reports, at staff training events and meetings. Then there are words like Passion, Creativity and Innovation – often spotted in mission statements and on motivational posters around the office. So what do these terms mean to you, your managers and your service staff? And how do the terms translate into service delivery at your frontline? This is what your customers – the people who ultimately have the biggest hand in your business success – really care about. Your customers are mainly concerned with how they will be treated by your frontline staff – your ultimate brand ambassadors who have the power to strengthen or destroy your brand image, to delight or disappoint your customers and to determine whether or not they2 will come through your doors again.S E R V I C E As the expression goes, the frontline makes the bottom line. And while skills and product training may equip your frontline staff to hit sales targets, it takes passion, creativity andI NP A S S I O N dedication to transform practical knowledge into exceptional service that befits your brand as well as your future growth.A Q : “ At AQ, we ask the right questions so that we can provide meaningful solutions. Knowledge is power; yet we need to ensure that this knowledge reaches the right people in the right way and at the right time, to improve your business performance both operationally and financially.” Jeroen de Koning, Managing Director, Asia
  3. 3. 3A Q : P A S S I O N I N S E R V I C E
  4. 4. Because it’s Personal It may begin with a smile that’s so genuine it lights up the eyes, followed by a sincere, “How are you today?” or “Nice bag you’ve got there!” Soon, staff and customer are chatting away like old friends, and the conversation continues long after the sale has been made. After all, a product is just a product – but when complemented with personalised service that’s fuelled by passion, the What’s right with this picture? Both customer and staff are happy customer is in for a unique experience that’s worth telling and satisfied with this interaction. No forced and awkward sales many more potential customers about. pitch here, just good old-fashioned personal connection. We at AQ believe that each and every one of your frontline Between your brand and the consumer, it’s all personal. All staff is able to make that crucial personal connection. customers feel that. And they are able to discern the difference That they, in fact, want to build long-term relationships with4 between a good sale – which may only happen once – and a great your customers. To help unlock the full potential of your staff, service experience – which guarantees multiple sales. we’ve created programs with a structured approach andS E R V I C E with tactical tools to ensure a continuous pulse of service improvement. Like a heartbeat – strong and sure – guiding your frontline ambassadors to tap into their passion, deliverI N their very best constantly and consistently, and create magicP A S S I O N in the process.A Q : “ Whether it’s a simple cup of coffee or a luxury car with a 6-figure price tag, the frontline ambassador should focus on you and not the product.” Hans Wevers, Director, The Netherlands
  5. 5. Rhythm in Action “Excellence is not a singular act, but a habit. You are what you repeatedly do.” This paraphrased quote by Aristotle reveals how a rhythm of constant development and improvement leads to distinction … and delighted customers. At a tactical level, the key question is what standard operating procedures need to be put in place to ultimately serve as an Rhythm is what AQ brings to your organisation in a structured ongoing reminder of what is expected from each member of and creative way, so no one gets left out on this journey to your frontline staff? Such standards provide your staff with excellence. tangible direction on how to connect with your customers, Getting a good rhythm going starts with asking the right how to discover and fulfil their needs, and even how to bid questions. For example, what are the challenges that your them farewell. Essentially, it’s about transforming your desired frontline staff are facing and how are they being addressed and branding messages into actionable steps that can easily be6 measured? How are your business initiatives being aligned measured, evaluated and optimised. throughout your organisation? And how do you turn these Interspersed within this constant rhythm of communicationS E R V I C E challenges and initiatives into frontline success? are motivational pulses in the form of coaching sessions, master class sessions as well as incentive programs that reward both personal and team achievements and create fun inspirationI N along the way.P A S S I O N Once your frontline ambassadors are engaged in the right way, with the right tools in place to manage their performance, theyA Q : can in turn engage meaningfully with your customers and keep them coming back to you. “ Rhythm fills the gaps between your brand promise and the actual service performance, establishing a process of constant feedback and improvement to make your brand promise measurable and actionable. Ultimately, frontline ambassadors just want to know what to do, how to do it and to be recognised for doing it well.” Shereen Hooi, Business Manager, Malaysia
  6. 6. Magic in the Mix At AQ, we believe in magic. It takes skill and experience to develop and execute research programs – AQ has over 10 years’ worth under our belt – and the end results speak for themselves. We take pride in the fact that our clients report As a multicultural company with global reach and local roots, an uptrend in sales figures, improving and more consistent we have the right mix of expertise and tools to customise any frontline performances, lower staff turnover and simply performance solution for your business. But you will find – more delighted customers. from our very first meeting with you – that we are much more than just a service provider. For us, magic is in the littlest details. It’s in the way we phrase and score questions in the surveys and reports that we In us you’ll find willing partners who will be with you at customise for you, it’s in the action plans that we implement every step of the way in achieving your business and service strategically at corporate and store levels, and it’s how our performance goals. We love and believe in our work, and8 business manager assigned to your program responds to practise what we advocate. We believe in building strong your requests or needs – sometimes, even before you’ve personal relationships with everyone we work with in yourS E R V I C E thought of them. company – from your CEO to your cashier. That’s because we are as deeply passionate about your business, products and services, and your customers, as you are. And that’s magic.I NP A S S I O NA Q : “With the right mix of tools, customised to your brand and continuously adjusted to your brand’s situation, we prove return on investment.” Atsuko Honda, Senior Business Manager, Japan
  7. 7. Our Solutions Measurement & Analysis Getting the right data starts with asking the right questions. We measure the pulse of your organisation and brands with the aid of these tools: Mystery shopping and focus visits provide insight into how you are performing against your own set standards and reveal potential growth areas. Our locally based mystery shoppers are specially trained to show you what’s really happening at your frontline in an objective and actionable way. Satisfaction surveys and exit interviews show exactly how your employees and customers feel about your brand, your company and your offerings, and reveal their needs and expectations so you can take action to build stronger relationships with these key stakeholders. Audits provide important feedback on the efficacy of your POS materials, store layout and product presentation, and whether they are compliant with your set standards.10 CoachingS E R V I C E Frequent coaching of your store and area managers on their daily performance is a powerful way to affect change. Our coaches assist them in leading their teams and managing their progress, using our collected data to create focused action plans in order to ensure continual encouragement and improvement.I N Master classes take place in your store environment and are brief yet powerful sessions that are especiallyP A S S I O N useful in addressing up-selling or cross-selling tactics, identifying and acting on buying signals and providing pointers on approaching customers. Extensive use of role-play provides your frontline staff with the skills and confidence they need to be able to engage your customers.A Q : Communication & Change To engage your customers, your employees must first be engaged. In order to affect change, create magic and nurture passion, we reach out to all your stakeholders through frontline communication: using email, the Internet, text and print messaging, or face-to-face sessions. Our specially created online motivational platforms allow us to share data and conduct e-learning to guide and motivate your staff. Incentive and reward programs are effectively used to recognise top performers and top improvers. Our programs don’t just focus on extrinsic motivators, but take a close look at intrinsic impulses as well. Individual and team performance will excel once we know what drives them. For more information, visit