Digital Bookplates: Potential Fundraiser for the Public Library


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Presentation on the potential benefits of using digital bookplates in the public library setting. Given at a class on public library administration sponsored by B&ECPL and Long Island University C.W. Post Campus.

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  • This is a project that would affect Development and Communications, but would also help streamline Technical Services processes.
  • The digital bookplate team received a Brown University Excellence Award for Innovation in 2007. “In a presentation at the 2008 Innovative Users Group Conference, Brown University librarians cited a 63 percent increase in new gifts to the library endowment in the year following the introduction of their digital bookplate program” (Carrico/Fleming/Simpson).
  • Search by Fund Name, Established By, and Graduation Year.
  • Scroll through bookplates with arrows.
  • Brown and Western best examples found of digital bookplate programs.
  • Oftentimes, each bookplate has its own web page.
  • Links to a list in the Catalog.
  • These are the personalized bookplates for higher levels. There are Library templates for anything below this.
  • Digital bookplate programs can be utilized for special projects.
  • Princeton Theological Seminary Library also uses digital bookplates for its adopt-a-book program.
  • This is results list. Full record has link at top.
  • Digital Bookplates: Potential Fundraiser for the Public Library

    1. 1. Digital Bookplates Potential Fundraiser for the Public Library Angela Pierpaoli Technology Support Librarian Buffalo and Erie County Public Library Presented July, 2014
    2. 2. What is a Digital Bookplate? “Unlike traditional bookplates, digital bookplates exist virtually and are linked to library catalog records” (Foster/Robinson).
    3. 3. Who currently has digital bookplate programs? A: Academic Libraries  Brown University  Davidson College  Harvard College Library  Princeton Theological Seminary Library  University of Florida Libraries  Western Libraries
    4. 4. Why Digital Bookplates?  Flexible fundraising platform for a digital world.  Less staff time than traditional print-based bookplate program.  “Green”  Bookplates can be associated with all types and formats of materials, not just books.  Donors can view their bookplate, or list of materials purchased with their donation, without having to come in to the Library to find a particular item.  Bookplates do not have to be physically added to rare or valuable materials.
    5. 5. To Consider Before Starting a Digital Bookplate Program  If the digital bookplate program will be handled separately or integrated into the Library’s current giving initiatives  Digital bookplate program web presence  The creation of virtual donor walls so that all bookplates can be viewed in one place  Bookplate designs (customized at higher levels)  Whether or not to use gift levels, and if so, determine amounts  How to add Catalog records  Electronic/print brochures for digital bookplate program and donation forms  Whether or not bookplates can be printed and possibly framed as a keepsake or gift for the donor
    6. 6. Brown University Digital Bookplates Site – Also see Project Website at
    7. 7. Davidson College Digital Bookplates Site
    8. 8. Harvard College Digital Bookplates Site
    9. 9. University of Florida Libraries Digital Bookplates Site
    10. 10. Western Libraries Digital Bookplates Site
    11. 11. Bookplate Example - Brown University
    12. 12. Bookplate Example - Davidson College
    13. 13. Bookplate Example - Harvard University
    14. 14. Bookplate Example - University of Florida Libraries
    15. 15. Bookplate Example- Western Libraries
    16. 16. Projects Donor Wall - Western Libraries Special Initiative Vintage Football Film Digitization Project
    17. 17. Projects - Adopt-A-Book Programs - Smithsonian
    18. 18. Catalog Records - Brown University
    19. 19. Catalog Records - Western Libraries
    20. 20. Catalog Records - University of Florida Libraries
    21. 21. Potential uses for B&ECPL  Donations of money or materials  Make part of annual fund  Honor a loved one or as a memorial  Bucks for Books Campaign  Special Collections Donations  A way to reward or honor current, retiring, or past staff members  Fundraising for specific projects  Adopt-a-Book Programs
    22. 22. Helpful Articles  Foster, Sherry, and Jennifer Robinson. "Donor recognition and cultivation through the use of digital bookplates." Journal of Library Innovation 3.2 (2012): 43+.  Carrico, Steven, Jason Fleming, and Betsy Simpson. ‘Virtual Bookplates: Enhancing Donor Recognition and Library Development”. College and Research Library News 71.8 (2010):419-423.
    23. 23. Helpful PowerPoints and Handouts  Digital Bookplates: Using the OPAC for Stewardship in the Digital Age (Brown, 2008)  Throw Out Those Paper Bookplates 2.pdf (Western, 2010)  Western Libraries Digital Bookplate Brochure