Mc donald’s, burger king & nucci’s italian restaurant


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Mc donald’s, burger king & nucci’s italian restaurant

  1. 1. McDonald’s, Burger King & Nucci’s Italian Restaurant: A Comparison Andrew Olsen University of Maryland University College Executive Summary:This report examines the similarities and differences of two fast-food restaurants(McDonald’s and Burger King) and a family restaurant (Nucci’s Italian restaurant). They areevaluated by several different quantitative measures from organizational goals and structure totheir tasks and the skills required for those tasks. From there we are able to compare therestaurants and determine that even though the goals may be similar the order of importance isdifferent. Further we are able to determine how they operate and how different their structuresare. This reports also offers quantitative measurers that can evaluate whether these restaurantsare meeting the needs of their customers. We identify their target market and elaborate howimportant it is to be aware of customer behavior. Furthermore, we establish that whether you area fast-food restaurant or a family restaurant and no matter your size it is necessary to have astrategy; one that deals with changes and is always aware of customers needs and wants as a wayof beginning and remaining competitive.
  2. 2. The purpose of McDonald’s and Burger King and any other fast-food restaurants is tooffer customers food prepared in a high-quality manner, that is tasty and reasonably priced, anddelivered in a consistent, low-key décor and friendly atmosphere. Most importantly providingthat service in a quick and convenient manner.This is also important to Nucci’s and other family restaurants, but quality is moreimportant than speed and convenience. Nucci’s is more concerned with providing customerswith high-quality food and service with a décor that sets the mood the restaurant is trying tocreate. It is trying to create a family friendly atmosphere with a little taste of “elegance.” It issuppose to be similar to having family dinner at home, but without the work. Basically, if youare a fast food chain, then all your compartments are open during mealtime and if you are afamily restaurant, then you cater to kids, keep a supply of high chairs and employwaiters/waitresses who understand children.Each fast food restaurant is something of a manufactory. Their operating controls areexacting and must be followed precisely since these are guidelines set forth by the franchiser.Manuals and standard operating procedures offer precise job descriptions and specializedprocedures for the grill person, the shake person, the fry person, the bun person and so forth tomaintain brand consistency. There are specific recipes and specifications for menu items,methods of operation, inventory control, bookkeeping, accounting, and marketing, trademarksand service marks, concepts for restaurant design, signage, and equipment layout. Everything ispretty much dictated from the franchiser and the franchisee must make sure that the employeesadhere to those guidelines.The owner who has the leeway serve whatever he or she would like on the other handguides a family restaurant. The owner will have to consider the influences of customers andcompetition, organizational goals and limitations regarding human and physical resources, andthe popularity and profitability and what he or she will serve. There are no specific guidelinesestablished as there are for fast-food restaurants. Once these are established a lot is dependent onthe chef(s) who can dictate the quality of the food, especially since there is usually a greatervariety and more specialized items on to their menu than there are on a fast-food’s. This is whyit is very important that they have the technical knowledge of how to prepare the food.Anyone who deals with the customer even in passing needs to be pleasant and this isespecially true for the waiters/waitresses and even the bus person(s). They are the ones who setthe mood when the customers enter the restaurant and will determine the quality of the service.The better they are the better it is for the business.McDonald’s, Burger King and Nucci’s share similar target markets, which includefamilies, couples, singles, children, and especially the youth market. In this extremelycompetitive and volatile food service industry, consumer needs and wants are ever changing andassessing the needs and wants of the customer, and determining how to satisfy them is vital tosuccessful business. It is always imperative to continue to develop new products and strategies tomeet the demands of the customers. For that reason my customer satisfaction measures includedsales, returning customers, quality of food and service, speed of service, creating a pleasantatmosphere for customers and always trying to improve. These are excellent measuring devicesthat reflect whether McDonald’s, Burger King, and/or Nucci’s are serving and meeting the needs
  3. 3. of their customers.The performance of McDonald’s and Burger King have been an enormous success, butthey must concede that to retain a long-term relationship with customers they must find newways of keeping them interested. This is also true for Nucci’s, but on a smaller scale. Theowner/management are responsible for that whereas McDonald’s and Burger King franchisesare guided and directed by research and strategies dictated by the corporate HQ. Whether itMcDonald’s, Burger King or Nucci’s this can be achieved through acknowledging andrecognizing any changes in customer behavior, and their needs, wants and motivations and thenthey can then develop strategies to meet their changing needs. ConclusionAs we can see in this report, no what the similarities or differences between these threebusinesses, it is imperative that they are meeting the needs of their customers and understand therole they play in meeting those needs. No matter what the goals or structure of the organizationsmay be, the customers determine the success of the business and it is imperative to have astrategy about how best to meet their needs and wants.