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Emma Presentation


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This is a small presentation that the APGA prepared on Emma Inc.

This is a small presentation that the APGA prepared on Emma Inc.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. The solution to communication between our members and us.
  • 2. INTRODUCTION TO EMMA Emma is a web-based service used to manage email marketing and communications! The platform provides an easy-to-use and intuitive interface to manage out-going emails. e -
  • 3. Because Emma is a totally web-based service, no software is needed. That means no downloads onto your computer! Log onto Emma from anywhere! And log on with your Mac or PC: Emma is compatible with both!
  • 5. audience With Emma's audience features, it’s easy to organize and manage audience members and grow the audience the right way.
  • 6. Emma also provides signup screens that let new people sign up for our emails directly from our website, our email campaigns, or virtually anywhere . When someone new signs up, he or she is automatically added to the groups we have selected. If we want to see the new sign-ups, we can simply sort our members by signup date.
  • 7.  
  • 8. It is easy to import our existing members list. Emma will use our existing spreadsheet to create a members list in Emma. Emma will automatically weed out duplicates during the import process . Members Spreadsheet Emma To import a list that has grown, simply tell Emma to add new people, or perform an add-and-update to append our current records with new information.
  • 9. The Emma database is entirely customizable, making it easy to add new fields from Emma’s menu or create one from scratch. With Emma, we decide how much information about our audience members to collect and store.
  • 10. campaign With Emma's campaign features, it’s easy to create stylish campaigns, surveys and forms and let Emma's engine and relationships help gather great results.
  • 11. When it comes to the email campaigns, Emma provides custom-designed stationery that frames our emails. If we’d prefer to design a custom html frame, Emma will set us up with a freestyle template. STATIONERY OR
  • 12. Emma also builds some important features into the stationery. Links include: Email forwarding Preference management Member sign up Contact us and more This way, we can provide recipients with helpful tools, and remain Can-Spam compliant.
  • 13.  
  • 14. Creating a email newsletters and campaigns is easy using Emma. We start by opening our brand stationery and then choosing one of thirty-nine layouts for the content we’ll add to it. Go one column or two, add images and captions – it’s simple!
  • 15. Once we choose a layout, it's easy to add text and images, format everything without using html. After, we can preview the work and even build the plain-text version of the email for our records.
  • 16. Document Library Emma makes it easy to link recipients to webpages, email addresses, and even PDFs and other documents. Emma provides a storage space on its server called the document library. It's the best way to distribute files to members without burdening emails with attachments.
  • 17. PROOF SEND
  • 18. response With Emma's response features, it’s easy to see how members responded and easy to use that knowledge to create more effective campaigns.
  • 19. As people begin receiving and opening your emails, Emma will begin reporting the activity back to you in real time - all in one extremely handy summary screen. If thirty people opened the email, we can click that total and find out who opened and when they did it. Same goes for all response totals, like bounces, clicks, forwards and more.
  • 20.  
  • 21. PRICING Small business and non-profits pay a one-time investment of $249 that includes a custom-designed template (the brand stationery). Monthly fees are dependant on the amount of emails mailed Because the APGA is a non-profit organization, Emma offers a 20% discount on everything you do when you sign up for a year.
  • 22. Features of Emma’s pricing Month-to-month service with no annual contract Flexible, adjustable pricing plans to suit your monthly sending volume Tree planting. Emma plants 5 trees for each customer who joins.