Abr11.5 what's new technical fa_qs


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Acronis Backup and Recovery 11.5 Technical FAQs (designed for technical engineer)

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Abr11.5 what's new technical fa_qs

  1. 1. .What’s NewAn Introduction to What’s New in Acronis Backup & Recovery 11.5
  2. 2. 01 Agenda 1. What’s New in ABR11.5 2. ABR11.5 for Microsoft Exchange 3. Other New Features 4. Contact UsAuthorized Use Only – Acronis Academy 2
  3. 3. Features of Acronis Backup & Recovery 11.5 1. WHAT’S NEW IN ABR11.5Authorized Use Only – Acronis Academy 3
  4. 4. 01 ABR11.5 Advanced Platform Acronis Backup & Recovery 11.5 Advanced Platform is a unified solution for backup, disaster recovery and data protection in physical-virtual environments for Windows and Linux systems and applications. Authorized Use Only – Acronis Academy 4
  5. 5. 01 ABR11.5 Features  Disk image-based backup for fast backup of entire Windows or Linux systems or files/folders on physical and virtual machines  Centralized management capabilities to manage, monitor and report on backups of multiple servers and workstations  Catalog and search functionality to quickly locate user files for easy recovery from backups  Acronis Universal Restore for recovery to dissimilar hardware or VM for reliable recovery and P2P, P2V, V2V and V2P migration  Deduplication of backups to save on network utilization and storage space  Acronis Cloud Backup enables backup to the cloud for secure off- site storage of critical data Authorized Use Only – Acronis Academy 5
  6. 6. 01 What’s New in ABR11.5  Integrated Microsoft Exchange backup  Enables granular recovery of Exchange application items such as emails from database level backups  Support for Microsoft Exchange 2003, 2007 and 2010  Support for Exchange clusters – SCC, CCR and DAG  New Express Full backup type for faster backups  New CDP backup scheme for recoverability up to point of failure  New recovery destinations to disk and .pst for more flexibility Authorized Use Only – Acronis Academy 6
  7. 7. 01 What’s New in ABR11.5  Support for RHEV virtualization platform  Remote installation of ABR11.5 Agent for Linux  Support for Linux kernel 3.x  Staging to Acronis Online for D2D2C backups  File recovery from disk image backups stored on tape  Support for UEFI-based VMs (vSphere 5)  Support for CBT for faster backups of VMware VMs  Bare Metal Recovery for Microsoft Hyper-V Authorized Use Only – Acronis Academy 7
  8. 8. 01 What’s New in ABR11.5  Change in positioning to better reflect capabilities:  Advanced Edition and Virtual Edition is now collectively referred to as the ABR11.5 Advanced Platform  New platform and hypervisor specific per machine licensing Authorized Use Only – Acronis Academy 8
  9. 9. 01 New ABR11.5 Licensing Types ABR11 Licenses ABR11.5 Licenses Standalone Workstation Workstation (Individual) Server for Windows Server for Windows 1 license per machine Server for Linux Server for Linux Centralized Advanced Workstation Advanced Workstation Management Advanced Server Advanced Server for Windows (Advanced Platform) NEW! Advanced Server for Linux 1 license per machine Advanced Server Multi-Platform* *Only available to existing Advanced Server SBS Edition Advanced Server SBS Edition customers on valid maintenance, free upgrade to Virtual Edition Virtual Edition for VMware NEW! ABR11.5 Advanced Server Virtual Edition for Hyper-V Multi-Platform license Virtual Edition for RHEV **Only available to existing customers on valid Virtual Edition for Citrix Xen maintenance, free upgrade to ABR11.5 Virtual Edition Virtual Edition for Parallels Multi-Hypervisor license Virtual Edition Multi-Hypervisor** Authorized Use Only – Acronis Academy 9
  10. 10. 01 Comparison Table Authorized Use Only – Acronis Academy 10
  11. 11. 01 Comparison Table Authorized Use Only – Acronis Academy 11
  12. 12. 01 ABR11.5 Target Users Acronis Backup & Recovery 11.5 One Solution, Multiple Possibilities For SMBs For Enterprises Server for Windows ABR11.5 Advanced Platform Server for Linux Advanced Server for Windows Virtual Edition for VMware Workstation Advanced Server for Linux Virtual Edition for Hyper-V Advanced Server for SBS Advanced Workstation Virtual Edition for RHEV For Microsoft Exchange For Microsoft Exchange Virtual Edition for Citrix Xen Acronis Online Acronis Online Virtual Edition for Parallels Authorized Use Only – Acronis Academy 12
  13. 13. How ABR11.5 for Microsoft Exchange works 2. ABR11.5 FOR MICROSOFT EXCHANGEAuthorized Use Only – Acronis Academy 13
  14. 14. 02 ABR11.5 Application Backup ABR11.5 supports backup and restore of various applications such as MS Active Directory, MS SQL Server, MS Sharepoint and MS Exchange as part of a disk or volume backup With ABR11.5 for Microsoft Exchange, application backup is improved by introducing granular restore for Microsoft Exchange through ABR11.5 Agent for Microsoft Exchange Files/Folders .TIB file Information Store/ Exchange Database Applications/Databases Backup Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes System/Disks/ Partitions Authorized Use Only – Acronis Academy 14
  15. 15. 02 Integration with ABR11.5 ABR11.5 for Microsoft Exchange replaces the legacy product, Acronis Recovery for Microsoft Exchange (ARX) and is fully integrated with the ABR11.5 Advanced Platform:  Centralized management via Management Server  Catalog and search for individual Exchange items  Deduplication of Exchange backups Authorized Use Only – Acronis Academy 15
  16. 16. 02 Licensing ABR11.5 for Microsoft Exchange is licensed on a per Microsoft Exchange server basis and is available as the following SKU:  ABR11.5 for Microsoft Exchange Server  ABR11.5 Advanced Server SBS (included) For single servers 1x = 1 license per server Exchange Server Exchange Server For clusters 1x = 1 license per node E.g., 3 node cluster = 3 licenses Exchange ServerExchange Server Exchange Cluster Authorized Use Only – Acronis Academy 16
  17. 17. 02 Supported Exchange Versions Microsoft Exchange Server 2003  All editions, SP2 or later (including SBS 2003 R2)  MAPI hotfix must be installed (MS ID: 908072) Microsoft Exchange Server 2010  All editions, all service packs (including SBS 2011)  MAPI and CDO objects (ver. 1.2.1) package must be installed Microsoft Exchange Server 2007  All editions, all service packs (including SBS 2008)  MAPI and CDO objects (ver. 1.2.1) package must be installed Authorized Use Only – Acronis Academy 17
  18. 18. 02 Supported Exchange Clusters Single Copy Cluster (SSC) Active Node Passive Node  Failover cluster solution based on a shared storage (usually SAN)  A single copy of a storage group on storage that is shared between the cluster nodes is used  Active node has access to shared data  Passive node has no access to shared data DB1 Authorized Use Only – Acronis Academy 18
  19. 19. 02 Supported Exchange Clusters Cluster Continuous Replication Active Node Passive Node (CCR)  Failover cluster solution based on a non-shared storage  Two copies (active and passive for each storage group are used  Each copy is hosted on its own node  Active copy is the copy currently in use and active node hosts the active copy  Passive copy is created and DB1 DB1 Replica maintained on the passive node using continuous and asynchronous log shipping technology Authorized Use Only – Acronis Academy 19
  20. 20. 02 Supported Exchange Clusters Database Availability Node 1 Node 2 Node 3 Group (DAG)  Failover cluster solution providing high availability and site resilience  Cluster Continuous Replication and Standby Continuous Replication are used DB1 DB2 DB2 DB3 DB3 DB1 Active Passive Active Passive Active Passive  Group of up to 16 Exchange 2010 Mailbox servers  Any node can host passive and active database from any other node  Each node can host passive and active database copies  Up to 16 copies of each database can be created Authorized Use Only – Acronis Academy 20
  21. 21. 02 What can be backed up? ABR11.5 for Microsoft Exchange can back up the Information Store (database- level) or Mailbox (brick-level) Information Store Mailbox The backup can include: The backup can include:  The entire Information Store  All mailboxes, individual mailboxes or mailbox folders  Individual databases (for Exchange 2010)  All public folders or individual public folders  Individual storage groups (for Exchange 2003/2007) What is Information Store? The entire Information Microsoft Exchange Server stores its data in a single repository called Information Store (in Exchange 2003/2007) or Exchange Store (in Exchange 2010). The primary logical components of the information store are storage groups (for Exchange 2003/2007) and Exchange databases (in Exchange 2010), which in turn are divided to mailboxes and public folders. Physically the database data is stored in .edb file. Authorized Use Only – Acronis Academy 21
  22. 22. 02 Information Store Backup Information Store .TIB Backup Full backup  Stores the selected storage groups/databases + transaction logs and Exchange-related information from AD  Choice of regular Full, Express-Full or Copy-only backup Transaction Log backup  Stores transaction logs + checkpoint files and other files required for recovery  Creates a chain of backups similar to incremental backups with a Full backup as the base Authorized Use Only – Acronis Academy 22
  23. 23. 02 Mailbox Backup Mailbox .TIB Backup Full backup  Stores the content and folder structure of the mailboxes or public folders selected for backup Incremental backup  Stores changes to the data against the last backup  First backup will be a Full backup Authorized Use Only – Acronis Academy 23
  24. 24. 02 Express-Full Backup Type ABR11.5 for Microsoft Exchange with deduplication add-on can perform Express-Full backups of the Information Store to a deduplicating vault Express-Full backup intelligently backs up only changes in the Information Store since the previous backup and results in:  Faster and smaller backup file sizes  I/O requests to Exchange server is significantly reduced Exchange Database Backup File Full Backup Express-Full Backup Authorized Use Only – Acronis Academy 24
  25. 25. 02 CDP Backup Scheme ABR11.5 for Microsoft Exchange also provides features that were existing in ARX such as the CDP (Continuous Data Protection) backup scheme. CDP backup scheme allows reverting the Exchange to any point in time prior to failure. With the CDP scheme, the following happens:  Full backups of the database configured by user  Transaction logs backed up automatically as soon as they are created Full backup per schedule set by the user Transaction Automated backup as soon Logs as new log is available Exchange DatabaseAuthorized Use Only – Acronis Academy 25
  26. 26. 02 What and where to restore? Depending on the type of backup, the items available for recovery and the possible recovery destinations are as follows. Information Store Mailbox  Storage groups for  Emails  Mailboxes  Contacts NEW! Exchange 2003/2007  Calendar events NEW!  Public folders  Notes NEW!  Database for Exchange 2010  Tasks NEW!  Public folders items  Journal entries NEW!  Mailboxes  Contacts NEW!  Emails  Public folders  Notes NEW!  Calendar events NEW!  Public folders items  Journal entries NEW!  Tasks NEW! Backup created can be restored to: Backup created can be restored to:  Original path (to the original Exchange server)  Exchange (any Exchange server)  Custom (to a new Exchange or over existing  .pst file (to .pst email archive file) NEW! databases  Specified folder (to disk) NEW! Authorized Use Only – Acronis Academy 26
  27. 27. Other new features and enhancements of ABR11.5 3. OTHER NEW FEATURESAuthorized Use Only – Acronis Academy 27
  28. 28. 03 Staging to the Cloud ABR11.5 Advanced Platform adds cloud storage support to staging and replication allowing copying or moving of backups to the cloud automatically 1st step: 2nd step: Backup locally Copy to Cloud Requires Acronis Online subscription purchased and activated for the machine to be backed up Staging and replication to the cloud can be scheduled during non-business hours to lower impact on network utilization Initial seeding is recommended for large sized backups before using incremental backups to transfer smaller backup sizes subsequently to the cloud Authorized Use Only – Acronis Academy 28
  29. 29. 03 File Restore From Tape ABR11.5 Advanced Platform supports restoring of files from disk/volume backup residing on Tape Restore: Backup on HDD Backup on Tape Files from file backup Yes Yes Files from disk/partition backup Yes New in ABR11.5 When backing up to tape, ABR11.5 creates supplementary files on the local disk of the machine with the tape device attached containing information on the location of files on the tape. This allows searching for and recovery of files from disk/volume backups stored on tapes. Authorized Use Only – Acronis Academy 29
  30. 30. 03 Support for RHEV ABR11 RHEV branch functionality was merged back into ABR11.5 Advanced Platform with the following key features now available:  Auto-discover and display RHEV VMs through integration with RHEV Manager  Backup entire system including RedHat Enterprise Linux together with applications and data  Recover an entire VM or just selected files and folders using the search functionality of ABR11.5  Remotely deploy ABR11.5 Agents for Linux to Linux VMs  Unlimited P2V, V2V and V2P migrations for moving production workloads to RHEV Authorized Use Only – Acronis Academy 30
  31. 31. 03 CBT for VMware ABR11.5 for will now use CBT to track changes of disk sectors that a VM uses and greatly speeds up incremental backups of VMs running on VMware vSphere How it was How it will be Standard way: CBT way:  Read every block of data and compare with  Track changes of disk sectors in real-time what it was and create the list of changes for the next backup Fast Incremental way:  Compare file attributes (causes problems with open files, disabled in ABR11 U0) Authorized Use Only – Acronis Academy 31
  32. 32. 03 Bare Metal Recovery of Hyper-V ABR11.5 Advanced Platform enables disk-level backups of an entire Hyper-V host with the ability to perform bare-metal recovery to the same or dissimilar hardware Disk Backup Restore Requires:  VSS backup option in ABR11.5 is enabled  Hyper-V integration services are installed on every VM In cases of recovery to the same hardware/configuration, VMs may be resumed immediately. If recovered to dissimilar machine, re-assignment of virtual network adapters Authorized Use Only – Acronis Academy 32
  33. 33. Acronis Backup & Recovery® 11.5One Solution, Multiple PossibilitiesThe best backup, disaster recovery and data protectionfor physical, virtual and cloud. One solution is all youneed to access data anytime, anywhere.
  34. 34. Sales contact information for APAC countries 4. CONTACT USAuthorized Use Only – Acronis Academy 34
  35. 35. 04 Contact Us Australia India, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Simon Bills Indonesia Sales and Alliance Manager (ANZ) Gary Gee Simon.Bills@acronis.com Business Development Manager (Asia +61 2 8458 0844 South) Gary.Gee@acronis.com Singapore +65 6496 9212 Eunice Yeo Channel Manager (Singapore) Hong Kong, China Eunice.Yeo@acronis.com Rita Wong |黃慧儀 +65 6496 9216 Country Sales Manager (China) |業務總監 (中國大陸及港澳地區) Malaysia Rita.Wong@acronis.com Lee Kok Koon +852 3153 4333 Country Sales Manager (Malaysia) KokKoon.Lee@acronis.com +60 3 2096 9779 Authorized Use Only – Acronis Academy 35
  36. 36. 04 Contact Us China Angela Liu | 刘欣 Channel Sales Manager (China) | 业务展经理 (中国大陆地区) Angela.Liu@acronis.com +86 136-0139-5163 Taiwan Ken Yang Country Sales Manager (Taiwan) Ken.Yang@acronis.com +886 2 2764 3355 South Korea Charles Cho Channel Manager Charles.Cho@acronis.com +82 2 501 1882 Authorized Use Only – Acronis Academy 36