Conference	  At-­‐A-­‐GlanceTHURSDAY,	  JANUARY	  31,	  20137:00	  AM	  -­‐	  8:00	  AM    EXHIBIT	  SETUP                ...
Conference	  At-­‐A-­‐GlanceFRIDAY,	  FEBRUARY	  1,	  20137:00	  AM	  -­‐	  8:00	  AM    EXHIBIT	  SETUP                  ...
CONTINUING EDUCATION CREDITS            AICP members of the APA New Jersey Chapter with a two-year reporting period ending...
Office of the Dean                                                           Rutgers, The ...
Serving as one of        the nation’s key centers        for the theory and practice        of planning and public policy ...
Get the Facts on ABC                  Q: What’s in it for Me?              ibit                  s                        ...
Full Service Planning                          Community Planning                            Public Involvement           ...
Real Estate Experience You Can Trust.  The complex and diverse real estate market is complete with   both risk and opportu...
Thursday, Planning Law, 9:00am- 10:30am▶ Regency ABC                                                   ▶ Conference BC9:00...
Thursday, Planning Law, 10:45am- 12:15pm▶ Regency ABC                                                   Speaker(s):!      ...
Thursday, Planning Law, 12:30pm - 2:00pm▶ Regency DEF - LUNCHWelcome, Sponsor Appreciation & Speaker Introductions: Creigh...
ParsonsBrinckerhoff isa Proud Sponsorof the AmericanPlanningAssociation –New JerseyChapter
NOT YOUR ORDINARY     REAL ESTATE ATTORNEYS. Offering one of the largest real estate and zoning & land use practices in th...
Planning | Transportation | Land Development | EnvironmentalTo serve     you better.    VHB provides multimodal transporta...
Thursday, LEED Track, 9:00am- 6:00pm▶ Bloustein School Special Events Forum8:00 AM – 9:00 AM "     REGISTRATION & BREAKFAS...
Thursday, GIS Track, 9:00am- 6:00pm▶ Bloustein School - Computer Lab Room 3728:00 AM – 9:00 AM "      REGISTRATION & BREAK...
MARCH 1 NEW BRUNSWICK      REGISTER TODAY                                                     ...
Friday Morning, 8:30am - 9:30am▶ Regency DEFCreigh Rahenkamp, APA-NJ Vice President of Conference Services: Welcome & Conf...
Friday, Breakout A, 9:45am - 11:15am▶ Regency C                                                     Speaker(s):!          ...
Friday, Breakout A, 9:45am - 11:15am▶ Garden State C                                                 Speakers will highlig...
HB                                                                                                                        ...
Friday, Breakout B, 11:30am - 1:00pm▶ Regency A                                                      Speaker(s):!         ...
Friday, Breakout B, 11:30am - 1:00pm▶ Garden State A                                                 Speaker(s):!         ...
Friday, Breakout B, 11:30am - 1:00pm▶ Conference A                                                 ▶ Conference BC11:30 AM...
Friday, Lunch & Keynote, 1:15pm - 3:30pm▶ Regency DEF - (special thanks to Brick Industry Association)President’s Remarks ...
Friday, Breakout C, 3:45pm - 5:45pm▶ Regency A                                                     Speaker(s):!           ...
Friday, Breakout C, 3:45pm - 5:45pm▶ Bloustein Special Events Forum*                               Speaker(s):!           ...
A proud supporter of the  American Planning Association - New Jersey Chapter!""#$%&(!"#$%&()*+,(#"#,-#"./)*0)*1$#)"2)3*)"%...
Angela S. Clerico, pp/aicp                                           leed-ap                                        Senior...
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Final program

  2. 2. !!!!WelcometoNewJersey’spremiereplanningconference!!With!2012!in!the!books,!2013!opens!with!tremendous!opportunity!for!New!Jersey’s!planning!and!development!community.!As!APADNJ!and!our!planning!partners,!allied!professional!organizations,!and!associated!advocacy!groups!continue!to!find!new!ways!to!partner!and!reveal!planning’!s!worth!to!policy!makers,!this!year’s!APADNJ!Annual!Planning!Conference!brings!a!set!of!tracks!that!will!assuredly!provide!our!members!with!the!inspiration!necessary!to!not!only!improve!and!make!great!communities!happen,!but!also!reveal!how!forethought!is!actually!a!requirement!for!a!stronger,!more!sustainable!and!resilient!New!Jersey!economy.!!The!opportunity!to!strengthen!the!New!Jersey!economy!lies!in!planning!for!and!building!the!communities!of!tomorrow.!Our!ability!to!do!this!will!depend!on!how!all!the!pieces!come!together!through!comprehensive!planning.!Our!ability!to!attract!and!keep!a!talented!and!educated!workforce!will!depend!on!it.!Our!ability!to!build!more!resilient!communities!will!depend!on!it.!Our!ability!to!do!this!will!be!on!full!display!at!this!year’s!conference.!!Post!Superstorm!Sandy,!our!APAD!NJ!Vice!President!of!Conference!Services!Creigh!Rahenkamp!has!done!a!fantastic!job!augmenting!the!program!originally!slated!to!be!presented!during!the!week!of!the!disaster.!!With!so!much!good!work!coming!from!APA!membership!in!the!NJ,!NY,!and!PA!region,!we!feel!that!the!global!expertise!added!to!this!year’s!program!will!strengthen!our!already!tremendously!strong!planning!capacities!in!the!region.!!From!the!Federal!Disaster!Recovery!Coordinator!for!Hurricane!Sandy,!Stephen!De!Blasio,!Sr.,!to!Jaap!Kwadijk,!Director!of!Science!&!Chair!of!the!Scientific!Council!who!will!to!speak!about!the!Netherlands!approach!to!environmental!planning!and!economic!resiliency,!to!Jim!Schwab,!Manager!of!APA!Hazards!Planning!Research!Center!and!Dr.!Laurie!A.!Johnson!lead!author!of!the!recovery!plan!for!the!city!of!New!Orleans,!this!year’s!program!offers!leadership!locally!and!abroad,!on!topics!of!local,!regional!and!national!significance.!!On!behalf!of!the!entire!Executive!Committee,!we!are!truly!excited!to!provide!you!all!with!the!opportunity!to!continue!exploring!new!ideas!and!innovation.!We!look!forward!to!reconnecting!with!old!friends!and!the!new!ones!from!here!and!abroad!joining!us!this!year.!!!Cheers,!!!!!Charles!Latini!Jr,!PP,!AICP!APADNJ!President!
  3. 3. Conference  At-­‐A-­‐GlanceTHURSDAY,  JANUARY  31,  20137:00  AM  -­‐  8:00  AM EXHIBIT  SETUP Atrium8:00  AM  -­‐  7:30  PM EXHIBIT  HALL  OPEN Atrium8:00  AM  -­‐  4:00  PM SPEAKER  READY  ROOM Conference   E PLANNING  LAW  TRACK8:00  AM  -­‐  9:00  AM REGISTRATION  &  BREAKFAST  BAR Regency   D   A lcove8:30  AM  -­‐  8:45  AM WELCOME  &  CONFERENCE  OVERVIEW Regency   D EF9:00  AM  -­‐  10:30  AM PLA1  -­‐  Planning  for  the  Environment:  Wastewater  Planning   Regency   A BC &  the  Waiver  Rule PLA2  -­‐  Annual  Land  Use  Update Garden   State   D EF PLA3  -­‐  The  Post-­‐Sandy  Rebuild:    The  NiFy  GriFy  of  Can  I  Build  Here? Conference   BC10:45  AM  -­‐  12:15  PM PLB1  -­‐  The  Expert  Witness:  How  Best  to  Manage,  Marshal  and  Deploy Regency   A BC PLB2  -­‐  Redevelopment:  How  to  get  what  you  want  from  Redevelopment  -­‐   Garden   State   D EF Maintaining  an  ImplementaQon  Focus PLB3  -­‐  Chasing  Rebuild  Resources:    Programs,  OpportuniQes  and  Experiences Conference  BC12:30  PM  -­‐  2:00  PM LUNCH Regency  DEF2:15  PM  -­‐  3:45  PM PLC1  -­‐  The  Use  Variance:  Whether,  When  and  How? Regency  ABC PLC2  -­‐  Affordable  Housing:  Planning  &  ImplementaQon  in  an  Era  of   Garden  State  DEF Uncertainty4:00  PM  -­‐  6:00  PM PLD1  -­‐  Ethics  in  Land  Use Regency  DEF LEED  TRACK  -­‐  Partnership  with  USGBC  NJ8:00  AM  -­‐  9:00  AM REGISTRATION  &  BREAKFAST  BAR Bloustein  School  Foyer9:00  AM  -­‐  12:15  PM LEED  201  Core  Concepts  and  Strategies  and  LEED  Green  Associate  Exam  Prep Bloustein  School  Special   Events  Forum12:30  PM  -­‐  2:00  PM LUNCH  &  BREAK Bloustein  School  Foyer2:15  PM  -­‐  6:00  PM (Cont.)  LEED  201  Core  Concepts  and  Strategies  and   Bloustein  School  Special   LEED  Green  Associate  Exam  Prep Events  Forum GIS  TRACK8:00  AM  -­‐  9:00  AM REGISTRATION  &  BREAKFAST  BAR Bloustein  School  Foyer9:00  AM  -­‐  12:15  PM GIS1  -­‐  Community  ParQcipatory  Mapping Bloustein  School  Computer   Lab  Rm  37212:30  PM  -­‐  2:00  PM LUNCH  &  BREAK Bloustein  School  Foyer (Part  II  of  the  GIS  Track  will  occur  back  at  the  Hotel  Regency)2:15  PM  -­‐  3:45  PM GIS2  -­‐  IntegraQng  GIS  &  GISP’s  into  Planning  PracQce Conference  BC4:00  PM  -­‐  6:00  PM PLD1  -­‐  Ethics  in  Land  Use Regency  DEF THURSDAY  RECEPTION6:00  PM  -­‐  7:30  PM Learn  more  about  APA-­‐NJ’s  Community  Planning  Assistance  Program! Atrium
  4. 4. Conference  At-­‐A-­‐GlanceFRIDAY,  FEBRUARY  1,  20137:00  AM  -­‐  8:00  AM EXHIBIT  SETUP Atrium8:00  AM  -­‐  7:30  PM EXHIBIT  HALL  OPEN Atrium8:00  AM  -­‐  4:00  PM SPEAKER  READY  ROOM Conference   E8:00  AM  -­‐  9:00  AM REGISTRATION  &  BREAKFAST  BAR Regency   D   A lcove8:30  AM  -­‐  9:30  AM WELCOME    &  INTRODUCTION Regency   D EF NJ  Challenges:    Rebuilding,  Economic  Restructuring  &  Land  Use BREAKOUT  SESSIONS  A9:45  AM  -­‐  11:15  AM A1  -­‐  Healthy  CommuniQes Regency   A A2  -­‐  County  Planning  Reboot  -­‐-­‐   Regency   B Examining  the  Statute  (1934)  and  The  PracQce  (2012) A3  -­‐  Regional  Approaches  to  Sustainable  TOD Regency   C A4  -­‐  New  Paradigms  for  Housing  DiversificaQon Garden   State   A A5  -­‐  Finding  &  Using  Planning  Data Garden   State   B A6  -­‐  Planning  for  Immigrant  and  MulQ-­‐Ethnic  CommuniQes Garden   State   C A7  -­‐  Mimicking  Nature  to  Manage  Stormwater  in  Urban  Areas Conference  A A8  -­‐  Community  Preparedness  for  Climate  Change Conference  BC BREAKOUT  SESSIONS  B11:30  AM  -­‐  1:00  PM B1  -­‐  Making  Complete  Streets  a  Reality:     Regency   A IntegraQng  Safe  Streets  with  Livable  CommuniQes B2  -­‐  CreaQve  Placemaking  in  NJ:    OpportuniQes  and  Challenges Regency   B B3  -­‐  MAP-­‐21  &  The  Future  of  Federal  Funding Regency   C B4  -­‐  Newarks  Redevelopment  Successes:    Lessons  Learned  &  Prospects Garden   State   A B5  -­‐  A  ScienQfic  Basis  for  Sign  RegulaQon? Garden   State   B B6  -­‐  Bus  Rapid  Transit  in  NJ:    Present  &  Future Garden   State   C B7  -­‐  Back  to  the  Future:    Sustainable  CommuniQes  for  NJ Conference  A B8  -­‐  The  Rebuild  Challenge:    What  Should  Planners  Do? Conference  BC1:15  PM  -­‐  3:30  PM LUNCH  &  KEYNOTE Regency  DEF BREAKOUT  SESSIONS  C3:45  PM  -­‐  5:45  PM C1  -­‐  The  21st  Century  Master  Plan Regency   A C2  -­‐  ConnecQng  to  our  Waters:  Municipal  Access  Planning  &  Resources Regency   B C3  -­‐  CommunicaQons  for  Planners:  Strategies  and  Tools Regency   C C4  -­‐  The  Economic  TransformaQon  of  New  Brunswick   Bloustein   Special   Events  Forum C7  -­‐  NJ  Solar  Planning  &  Policies Conference  A C8  -­‐  Planning  for  Post-­‐Disaster  Recovery Conference  BC FRIDAY  RECEPTION6:00  PM  -­‐  7:30  PM Learn  more  about  APA-­‐NJ’s  Great  Places  in  New  Jersey  iniQaQve! Atrium
  5. 5. CONTINUING EDUCATION CREDITS AICP members of the APA New Jersey Chapter with a two-year reporting period ending December 31, 2012 have been given an extension through February 28, 2013 (to accommodate for our rescheduled conference).  This reporting period extension has been noted on the CM log. All sessions have been approved for AICP CM credits which are provided per each credit hour for each session.   New Jersey Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits are being provided for Planning Law sessions through the administration of the New Jersey Builders Association.HELP US MAKE A DIFFERENCE - CONFERENCE PHILANTHROPY APA-NJ will hold a shoe collection drive throughout the conference to benefit the charity Soles4Souls.  Please join us by cleaning out your closet and bringing your donation of new or gently worn shoes.  Your Extra Pair Could Be Their First Your gift of footwear is important to children and adults around the world.  Footwear can help eliminate the spreading of disease through the foot as well as help children obtain an education, as many schools require footwear to attend.  In addition, used shoes support micro-enterprise efforts to eradicate poverty in Haiti and other developing countries.    Since 2004, Soles4Souls has delivered over 19 million pairs of shoes in over 125 countries.  Less than 1% of all donations cannot be reused but do not end up in landfills; these shoes are directed to a waste-to-energy facility. So please RECYCLE your footwear at the conference.  Learn more at More questions?  Contact Linda Wills, APA-NJ Community Service Coordinator at
  6. 6. Office of the Dean Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey 33 Livingston Avenue, Suite 300 848-932-2828 New Brunswick, NJ 08901 Fax: 732-932-1771January 2013On behalf of the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy and RutgersUniversity, I would like to welcome you to the American Planning Association’s rescheduled2012 New Jersey Planning Conference. The agenda has been adroitly reshaped in response tothe critical planning imperatives unleashed by SuperStorm Sandy.The conference has continued to build upon the success of its predecessors, and has become afull two-day event with a diverse range of topics and activities. For the first time, attendees cannow attend a full day of programs to prepare for the LEED Green Associate designation andexam, planning law sessions that examine land use decision-making from both practicing legaland planning perspectives or the ever-popular GIS workshop track.Friday’s breakout sessions continue the APA’s tradition of providing a great platform forplanning practitioners, scholars, and students of planning to examine many of the issues facingour communities. From incorporating solar planning at the state and local levels, to sustainabletransit-oriented development, to preparing for climate change, to planning for post-disasterrecovery, and to developing a future-oriented master plan, you’ll find outstanding programofferings focused on APA’s mission to support and develop planning professionals who arededicated to facing these challenges head-on.Together, the Bloustein School and the APA-New Jersey chapter are committed to providingopportunities for both professionals and students to examine pertinent issues that come withcontinued urbanization in an increasingly difficult global economy, and become agents ofpositive change.I would also like to take the time to thank the many volunteers and sponsors, without whoseassistance this event would not have been possible.Best regards,James W. Hughes, Ph.D.Dean
  7. 7. Serving as one of the nation’s key centers for the theory and practice of planning and public policy scholarship and analysis. 1992 – 2012Rutgers, The State University of New JerseyCivic Square Building33 Livingston Avenue innovative concepts,New Brunswick, NJ 08901732.932.5475 enduring solutions
  8. 8. Get the Facts on ABC Q: What’s in it for Me? ibit s tion ent s Exh Ed uca EvApril 10-11, 2013 The only show in the Northeast to Numerous After Hour EventsAC Convention Center offer continuing education to all • Tue: Sales & Marketing Awards of the following disciplines under • Wed: Kick-off Cocktail Party &Atlantic City, NJ one roof: Food Tasting Event • Wed & Thu: Builders Bash I &2 Days of • AIA - Architects Builders Bash IIExhibits & Education • AICP - Professional Planners • Thu: Exhibitor ‘Thank You’ • CLE - Attorneys BreakfastOVER 400 exhibits featuring • CM - Maintenance Professions • Thu: NJBA’s Industry Awardsproducts, services and expertise from • CPC - Engineers Luncheon & Installation ofNJ, CT, DE, MD, NY, PA, and VA. • NJEC - Electricians Officers • Thu: NJBA Presidents’ Party • And Many More! ...and Opportunities 2 0 1 3 Find more facts on-line!
  9. 9. Full Service Planning Community Planning Public Involvement Transportation Planning Environmental Planning & Permitting Cultural Resource Investigation Better CommunitiesBuilding winning strategies. Attorneys at Law 973.403.1100
  10. 10. Real Estate Experience You Can Trust. The complex and diverse real estate market is complete with both risk and opportunity. Clients draw on Stark & Stark’s capabilities across many legalservice specialties to reduce risks and maximize opportunities. Gary S. Forshner, Esq. 609-895-7250 Pr i n c e t o n Philadelphia Marlton N e w Yo r k Newtown 609.896.9060 9 9 3 Le n ox D r i ve L a w re n c e v i l l e, N J 0 8 6 4 8
  11. 11. Thursday, Planning Law, 9:00am- 10:30am▶ Regency ABC ▶ Conference BC9:00 AM – 10:30 AM 9:00 AM – 10:30 AMPLA1 - Planning for the Environment: Wastewater PLA3 - The Post-Sandy Rebuild:  The Nitty Gritty ofPlanning & the Waiver Rule Can I Build Here?CM I 1.5 I Law CM I 1.5 I LawMost of the States focus on regional planning has boiled Our political leaders have been strong and certain -- we willdown to the designation of sewer service areas one county rebuild.  But is it so easy?  The panel will address Stateat a time.  This panel will address what you should be regulations, zoning hurdles and building permit issues thatdoing on behalf of landowners and municipalities to protect landowners and municipal officials must deal with in gettingtheir interests in this process.  The panel will also address from here to there.  Flood elevations and height controls;the uses of the Waiver Rule and provide insight into what is how can we effectively deal with non-conforming uses andhappening in this emerging area of practice. structures; how much destruction triggers which requirements; and related topics will be discussed.   Speaker(s):! Speaker(s):!Mike Gross, Giordano, Halleran & Ciesla, P.C. Clint B. Allen, Archer & Greiner, P.C.Rich Hluchan, Hyland Levin, LLP Rick Ricciardi, President, Marathon Engineering &Kevin Coakley, Connell Foley Environmental Services, Inc.Angela Clerico, Natural Systems Utilities, LLC Lance Landgraf, Jr., Principal Planner, MarathonMegan Brunatti, Environmental Specialist, Department of Engineering & Environmental Services, Inc.Environmental Protection Marie-Annette (Nan) Johnson, FEMA Region 1 MitigationMarilyn Lennon, Assistant Commissioner for Land Use, Division – Risk Analysis BranchDepartment of Environmental Protection▶ Garden State DEF9:00 AM – 10:30 AMPLA2 - Annual Land Use UpdateCM I 1.5 I LawIn a field that advances mostly through unpublisheddecisions, remands and court-influenced settlements, hearfrom our panel of leading practitioners an overview ofwhats new in the field.  The panel will also address the firstcases dealing with the "time of application" amendment,lingering age-conversion issues and open space/recreationrequirements.Speaker(s):!Donna Jennings, Wilentz, Goldman & Spitzer, P.A.Gary S. Forshner, Stark & StarkMichael Herbert, Herbert Van Ness Cayci & Goodell, PCMeryl Gonchar, Greenbaum Rowe Smith & Davis
  12. 12. Thursday, Planning Law, 10:45am- 12:15pm▶ Regency ABC Speaker(s):! Janine Bauer, Szaferman Lakind10:45 AM – 12:15 PM Tom Carroll, Hill Wallack LLPPLB1 - The Expert Witness: How Best to Manage, Dave Roberts, Maser Consulting, P.A.Marshal and DeployCM I 1.5 I Law Bill Harrison, Genova Burns Giantomasi & WebsterPlanners are often frustrated when someone else drivesthe presentation, and lawyers have to rely on someone ▶ Conference BCelse to make the case through expert testimony. Whatdoes it take to work effectively as a team in a land use 10:45 AM – 12:15 PMtrial? This presentation is designed to help planners andlawyers understand the strengths of the role of planners as PLB3 - Chasing Rebuild Resources:  Programs,an expert witness. We will offer practical advice from the Opportunities and ExperiencesHon. Peter A. Buchsbaum, J.S.C. as to what makes for an CM I 1.5 I Laweffective presentation to a trial judge. In addition, we willoffer practical tips for attorneys and planners as to how This session will outline the various programs offered bybest to prepare for and present expert testimony, both in the federal and state agencies to kick-start the rebuildthe trial court context but also before planning and zoning effort.  FEMA representatives will describe the programs,boards. criteria and eligibility requirements and our panel will discuss other resources that municipal and State officialsSpeaker(s):! can bring to bear as well.   Henry Kent-Smith, Fox Rothschild, LLP Speaker(s):!Hon. Peter A. Buchsbaum, Justice of the Superior Court Chuck Latini, AICP, LGH PlanningTrishka Waterbury Cecil, Mason, Griffin & Pierson, P.C. Stephen M. De Blasio, Sr., Federal Disaster RecoveryMichael F. Sullivan, ASLA, AICP, Clarke Caton Hintz Coordinator for Hurricane Sandy, FEMA Region IXFrank Banisch, Banisch & Associates Thomas G. Dallessio, Resilient Design Project Manager, NJ Institute of Technology▶ Garden State DEF Michael A. Bruno, Giordano Halleran & Ciesla Speaker from the NJ Governor’s Office (Invited)10:45 AM – 12:15 PMPLB2 - Redevelopment: How to get what you want fromRedevelopment - Maintaining an Implementation FocusCM I 1.5 I LawFor years, the intellectual focus in the redevelopment fieldhas been on designation and takings, but the realchallenge comes when it is time to see the plan through. Be prepared to be agile and creative to overcomedevelopment roadblocks, challenging finance and changingmarket forces.  Learn from practitioners in this field how tomanage change properly in plans and agreements overtime, and pick up useful guidance on what has worked.
  13. 13. Thursday, Planning Law, 12:30pm - 2:00pm▶ Regency DEF - LUNCHWelcome, Sponsor Appreciation & Speaker Introductions: Creigh Rahenkamp, APA-NJ Vice President of Conference ServicesWelcome & Remarks:  Charles Latini, Jr., APA-NJ President & Henry Kent-Smith, Chair, Land Use Section, NJ BarLessons Learned & Roads yet to Travel, State & Regional Planning in NJ: Thomas J. Hall, Sills Cummis & Gross, P.C.Thursday, Planning Law, 2:15pm - 3:45pm ▶ Regency ABC ▶ Garden State DEF 2:15 PM – 3:45 PM 2:15 PM – 3:45 PM PLC1 - The Use Variance: Whether, When and How? PLC2 - Affordable Housing: Planning & Implementation CM I 1.5 I Law in an Era of Uncertainty CM I 1.5 I Law One area of land use practice that is always changing is NJs unique concept of a policy variance.  Explore the Everything is in flux, and yet towns need to act to keep and differences between commercial and residential properly spend their hoarded cash, builders remedy suits applications and regional differences in practice.  Develop are proceeding, early round sites are developing, "growth the skill to advise your clients on choosing a path between share" approvals may need to be re-worked -- and so use variances and rezoning, the advantages/ despite policy chaos at the top, practitioners need to be disadvantages of bifurcation, arm yourself for the ready to advise their clients.  Join these cutting edge discussion about "usurpation" and be prepared to address practitioners to learn what is happening around the state. the policy requirements to support a successful application. Speaker(s):! Speaker(s):! Vito Gallo, Adjunct Faculty, Rutgers University Creigh Rahenkamp, CRA, LLC Steve Esidorfer, Hill Wallack LLP Rick Hoff, Bisgaeir Hoff, LLC Craig Gianetti, Giordano, Halleran & Ciesla, PA Howard Geneslaw, Gibbons P.C. Ronald Cucchiaro , Weiner Lesniak LLP Louis Rago, Rago Law Art Bernard Joe Burgis, Burgis Associates, Inc.Thursday, Planning Law, 4:00pm - 6:00pm▶ Regency DEF - Ethics in Land Use CM I 1.5 I EthicsJoin this diverse panel for a lively exploration of ethics in land use.  What are the limits to advocacy?  What role does the truthplay?  Where exactly is the line for determining conflicts?  And how do these answers differ for lawyers and planners?  For theapplicants professionals and for the boards?  Bring your tough questions and experiences to share and work through with yourcolleagues.Stuart Meck, Assoc. Research Professor & Director, Center for Planning Practice, Bloustein School of Planning and Public PolicyJustice Virginia Long, Fox Rothschild, LLPSteve Tripp, Wilentz, Goldman & Spitzer, PADavid Kinsey, Kinsey & Hand
  14. 14. ParsonsBrinckerhoff isa Proud Sponsorof the AmericanPlanningAssociation –New JerseyChapter
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  16. 16. Planning | Transportation | Land Development | EnvironmentalTo serve you better. VHB provides multimodal transportation planning and engineering services throughout New Jersey. From TOD in Garwood and Edison to BRT in Newark and New Brunswick to smart growth in Morristown and Montclair, VHB offers a comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach to complex transportation planning and design challenges. Contact | Tom Phelan at or 973.693.4488 New Jersey | Newark New York | New York City, Hauppauge, White Plains, Albany
  17. 17. Thursday, LEED Track, 9:00am- 6:00pm▶ Bloustein School Special Events Forum8:00 AM – 9:00 AM " REGISTRATION & BREAKFAST BAR9:00 AM - 12:15 PM " LEED 201 Core Concepts and Strategies and LEEDGreen Associate Exam PrepThis full-day course will prepare you for the LEED Green Associate Exam and focuson the process to become accredited. You will learn about LEED in greater detail,including specific strategies, metrics and standards; each credit impacts to theproject and associated synergies that can exist in projects.  The workshop beginswith an overview GBCI (Green Building Certification Institute); steps necessary totake the exam; and a detailed study plan with additional materials you will need toread/study. All topics are geared toward understanding the elements of the LEED rating systemswith the core of the workshop discussing LEED intents and concepts at the creditcategory level - across building types and rating systems - touching on strategies, synergies, and specific examples that arereinforced by real project cases. Key LEED metrics and LEED referenced standards are addressed throughout the workshop.  • Identify the key components of the LEED Rating Systems • Discuss the LEED Certification process • Describe the intents and associated concepts of each LEED credit category • Describe successful LEED strategies • Introduction to Green Building Fundamental and Integrated Design Principles • Review of all LEED Rating System Categories • LEED Green Associate Exam Tips12:30 PM - 2:00 PM " LUNCH & BREAK (Bloustein Foyer)2:15 PM - 6:00 PM" (Continuation)
  18. 18. Thursday, GIS Track, 9:00am- 6:00pm▶ Bloustein School - Computer Lab Room 3728:00 AM – 9:00 AM " REGISTRATION & BREAKFAST BAR9:00 AM - 12:15 PM " GIS1 - Community Participatory Mapping Recent advances in web and smartphone-based GIS applications offer the opportunity to broaden and improve the quality of community participation with GIS in a broad range of planning activities, including master planning, community visioning, and bicycle and pedestrian planning.   This session will introduce community participatory mapping concepts and present successful case studies and will also include a hands-on introduction to Mappler. Participants are encouraged to bring their iPhones or Android Smartphones and be prepared to walk outside for a brief field exercise.  No previous GIS experience is needed for this workshop.Dr. Wansoo Im, Vertices12:30 PM - 2:00 PM " LUNCH & BREAK (Bloustein Foyer)▶ Conference BC (Back to the hotel)2:15 PM – 3:45 PMGIS2 - Integrating GIS & GISP’s into Planning PracticeCM I 1.5Often, working planners have little time to devote to GIS tasks. Speaker(s):!Heres where a GIS Professional (GISP) can come in handy. Butwhat is a GISP? Can a planning organization get by without one? In Trish Long, GIS Specialist, USDA-NRCSthis session, the background and status of the relatively new GISPcertification process will be described, as well as the relationship Robert A. Kull, PP, AICP, Principal, Planygy, LLCbetween professional planners and GISPs. This session will also Jim Girvan, GIS Coordinator, Somerset Countycover how to match a planning organizations needs withappropriate GIS configurations. The material for this topic will bedrawn from real-world situations observed at planning agencies atall levels of government, in the private and non-profit sectors.*Note: Individuals ▶ Regency DEF - Ethics in Land Use CM I 1.5 I Ethicsregistered for the GISTrack will complete Join this diverse panel for a lively exploration of ethics in land use.  What are the limits to advocacy? their day back at the What role does the truth play?  Where exactly is the line for determining conflicts?  And how do thesehotel with an ethics answers differ for lawyers and planners?  For the applicants professionals and for the boards?  Bringsession prior to the your tough questions and experiences to share and work through with your colleagues.reception. Stuart Meck, Assoc. Research Professor & Director, Center for Planning Practice, Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy Justice Virginia Long, Fox Rothschild, LLP Steve Tripp, Wilentz, Goldman & Spitzer, PA David Kinsey, Kinsey & Hand
  19. 19. MARCH 1 NEW BRUNSWICK REGISTER TODAY Save the Date JUNE 6, 2013 - NEWARK Enriching Place 2013 New Jersey History and Historic Preservation Conference Plenary Speaker Tony Hiss,HEYER GRUEL & ASSOCIATES Author Of Experience Of Place And In MotionCO M M U NI T Y PLA NN ING CONS U LTANTS Exhibits – Tours – Reception – Sponsor Opportunities 236 Broad Street Red Bank, New Jersey 07701 Seeking AICP Certificate Phone: 732.741.2900 Maintenance Credits Fax: 732.741.2929 Have a story to share? Submit a session proposal at: WWW.NJHISTORICPRESERVATIONCONFERENCE.ORG Co-Hosted by the NJ Historic Trust, NJ Historical Commission and Historic Preservation Office
  20. 20. Friday Morning, 8:30am - 9:30am▶ Regency DEFCreigh Rahenkamp, APA-NJ Vice President of Conference Services: Welcome & Conference OverviewCharles Latini, APANJ President: Welcome & IntroductionJames W. Hughes, Dean of the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy at Rutgers University: “NJ Challenges:Rebuilding, Economic Restructuring & Land Use”Friday, Breakout A, 9:45am - 11:15am ▶ Regency A ▶ Regency B 9:45 AM – 11:15 AM 9:45 AM – 11:15 AM A1 - Healthy Communities A2 - County Planning Reboot -- Examining the Statute CM I 1.5 (1934) and The Practice (2012) CM I 1.5 Planning for "Healthy Communities" is more than just the overwhelming battle to reduce obesity and diabetes rates; This panel will explore ways the statute might be it is about a sensible approach toward community building modernized, how the work of county planning staffs could that strengthens the social fabric by designing for an array be used more effectively in a municipality and among of choices. These choices range from healthy food options municipalities and what is (and could be) the role of the to safe pedestrian circulation that focuses on access to county planning board. goods and service, and recreational programs and amenities. But it doesnt end there! The economic health is Speaker(s):! equally important, and the ratable chase that has been proven to produce disjointed sprawl patterns of Ingrid W. Reed, Senior Fellow, development is not the best economic option for a New Jersey Future communitys fiscal health. This panel will discuss all the Laurette Kratina, Supervising issues associated with community health that the Planner, Somerset County healthcare industry is just beginning to learn - that community design matters. Mark A. Remsa, PP, AICP, LLA, ASLA, Director of Economic Speaker(s):! Development and Regional Planning, Burlington County David Kutner, AICP, The Highbridge Group Chuck Latini, AICP, LGH Planning Carlos Rodrigues, AICP, Design Solutions for a Crowded Planet Todd Poole, 4Ward Planning Karin Mille, RD, MS, New Jersey Department of Health, Family Service Division - Office of Nutrition & Fitness
  21. 21. Friday, Breakout A, 9:45am - 11:15am▶ Regency C Speaker(s):! Linda Morgan, LPM Strategies9:45 AM – 11:15 AM Ron Beit, Founding Partner & CEO, RBH GroupA3 - Regional Approaches to Sustainable TOD Robert Antonicello, Executive Director, Jersey CityCM I 1.5 Redevelopment AgencyIn recent years the intertwined relationships that link areas Anthony Marchetta, Executive Director, NJ Housing &within different municipalities has been recognized at both Mortgage Finance Agencythe state and federal levels. With the North Jersey Scott Weiner, President & CEO, Actors Fund HousingRegional Plan for Sustainable Development gearing up, Development Corporationthis broader, more comprehensive approach will figureeven more prominently with a focus on areas along rail orroadway corridors that span municipal boundary lines. This ▶ Garden State Bsession will illustrate the potential effectiveness of multi-jurisdictional planning approaches for municipalities that 9:45 AM – 11:15 AMmay be interested in pursuing this approach as part of theRPSD and other initiatives.  A5 - Finding & Using Planning Data CM I 1.5Speaker(s):! Every planner has had the experience of an assignmentVivian Baker, NJ Transit that would be easy if only the right data were at hand.  Eric C. Y. Fang, EE&K, a Perkins Eastman Company More than ever before, that data may be a click away.  Robert Freudenberg, Regional Plan Association Hear from working planners where they get their data and how they use it.     James Constantine, PP, Principal of LRK in PrincetonGary Engelstad, Mayor, Bradley Beach Speaker(s):! Vito Gallo, Adjunct Professor, EJB School▶ Garden State A Frank Ferdetta, Chief, Bureau of Labor Market Information9:45 AM – 11:15 AM Elizabeth Nash, Director of Data and Product Development, The Reinvestment Fund (PolicyMap)A4 - New Paradigms for Housing Diversification Peter Van Den Kooy, PP, AICP, CME AssociatesCM I 1.5Workforce housing, housing for HIV/AIDs populations,housing for teachers and firefighters--urban centers in NewJersey have created new types of housing and housingaffordability incentives to meet the needs of diversepopulations that do not necessarily fit the traditionaldefinition of "affordable housing" candidates.  This sessionwill examine case studies of successful models ofworkforce housing, micro-unit apartments, housing forartists and special needs populations, and discuss publicand private financing incentives available to support thesenew developments.
  22. 22. Friday, Breakout A, 9:45am - 11:15am▶ Garden State C Speakers will highlight best practices at various scales: a large redevelopment project (Jersey City), a municipality (Newark) and a county (Passaic).  They will also offer9:45 AM – 11:15 AM practical advice for local governments on how to plan, construct and pay for green infrastructure.  A6 - Planning for Immigrant and Multi-EthnicCommunities Speaker(s):!CM I 1.5 Chris Sturm, Senior Director of State Policy, New JerseyThe surge in immigration over the past two decades has Futureengendered an unprecedented level of racial, ethnic andcultural diversity in NJ.  This forum will present an overview Jaclyn Flor, PE, PP, CME, Associate and Principalof some key concepts, trends and issues to consider when Planner/Engineer, T&M Associatesplanning in immigrant and multi-ethnic contexts.  A variety Amy Rowe, Environmental and Resource Managementof tools (along with their advantages and drawbacks) will Agent, Rutgers Cooperative Extensionbe presented to explore a range of possible planningapproaches and tactics for communities with large Jennifer Gonzalez, Environmental Planner, Passaicimmigrant populations and to illustrate how these County Department of Planning & Economic Developmentapproaches can enrich planning practice more generally.Speaker(s):! ▶ Conference BCTiffany Robinson, The RBA Group 9:45 AM – 11:15 AMStacey Chen, AICP, Associate, Interface Studio, LLC A8 - Community Preparedness for Climate ChangeMelissa Kim, Director, North 5th Street Revitalization CM I 1.5ProjectMindy Watts, AICP, NJPP, Senior Associate, Interface Speakers will highlight needs, activities and leadingStudio, LLC practices underway with respect to preparedness for climate adaptation through comprehensive planning activities at the local level.  The panel will provide an▶ Conference A overview of activities of the New Jersey Climate Adaptation Alliance and efforts through several programs in NJ9:45 AM – 11:15 AM supporting planning efforts to prepare for climate change impacts, and a summary of leading best practices forA7 - Mimicking Nature to Manage Stormwater in Urban planners from the region. Areas CM I 1.5 Speaker(s):!Stormwater management offers many benefits, includingmuch-needed protection against flooding and rising sea- Jeanne Herb, Research Program Administrator atlevels.  But today, stormwater rarely finds a soft spot to Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policysoak into the ground in New Jersey’s urbanized areas.   Ana Baptist, PhD. Director of Environmental Policy for theInstead it flows across rooftops and pavement, picking up Ironbound Community Corporationpollutants (and in some places mixing with raw sewage)before running into waterways, exacerbating flooding and Jeff Perlman, Principal Planner, North Jerseydegrading water quality.  This session highlights innovative Transportation Planning Authorityapproaches to capturing stormwater early, using planted Judd Schechter Mann, Doctoral Student, Blousteinareas, rainwater harvesting and porous pavement.  Such School of Planning & Public Policy“green infrastructure” projects not only rely on nature’s Lisa Auermuller, Watershed Coordinator, Jacquestechniques but share nature’s benefits as well – greening Cousteau National Estuarine Research Reservecities, cleansing water and air, lowering temperatures, andrecharging groundwater.  
  23. 23. HB Y W PK R-2-4 EN YD BO R-2-4 AVENUE HB R-2-4 R-2-4 R-2-4 E U EN AV REDEVELOPMENT AREA 1 R-2-4 R-2-4 . ST EN N HB N YD D W BO O R-2-4 SPRINGFIELD BRLocated in Red Bank, New Jersey and founded over 50 yearsago, Giordano, Halleran & Ciesla is a multi-specialty law firm Innovative Planning, Housing, AD HB RO R-2-4dedicated to providing sophisticated, complex legal services Finance and Development Solutions R-2-4and solutions. With a focus on responsiveness and producingresults with outstanding value to our clients bottom line, the R-2-4 ANfirm provides experienced legal representation in a wide SC TUvariety of practice areas. RD-2 Real Insight. CI Banking Labor & Employment HB Bankruptcy Land Use & Development Real Vision. . R-1-5 E AV Construction Litigation Litigation TT E RD-2 RN REDEVELOPMENT AREA 3 CI R-2-4 Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions Real Success. BU Environmental Real Estate, Redevelopment & CI HB Government Affairs Planned Real Estate Development R-2-4 AVENUE RD-2 Healthcare Renewable Energy R-1-4 IP & Technology Trusts & Estates STREET VERMONT The Metro Company, LLC D ROA HB R-1-5 CI 732.741.3900 242 10th Street, Suite 103 Jersey City, NJ 07302 AD OA DR D AN CAN KL (201) 435-6500 OA Red Bank, NJ | Trenton, NJ TUS R-1-4 R-1-4 AVENUE AVENUE HB R-1-5 FRANKLIN HILTON
  24. 24. Friday, Breakout B, 11:30am - 1:00pm▶ Regency A Speaker(s):! Leonardo Vazquez, AICP, PP, The National Consortium11:30 AM – 1:00 PM for Creative Placemaking and the Nishuane GroupB1 - Making Complete Streets a Reality:  Integrating Mary Eileen Fourratt, Executive Director of the MonmouthSafe Streets with Livable Communities County Arts CouncilCM I 1.5 Scott Weiner, President & CEO, Actors Fund Housing Development CorporationThe NJDOT adopted its Complete Streets policy in 2009,promoting a “comprehensive, integrated, connected multi- Larry McCullough, Grants Officer/Special Projectsmodal network by providing connections to bicycling and Coordinator, Woodbridge Townshipwalking trip generators such as employment, education, Marianne Lods, Executive Director, Millville Developmentresidential, recreational and public facilities, as well as Corporation - Main Street Millville, Glasstown Arts Districtretail and transit centers. Presenters will provide anoverview of NJDOT’s Complete Streets policy and reviewthe resources available to planners and communities to ▶ Regency Cassist local implementation.  Examples and challenges willbe discussed. 11:30 AM – 1:00 PMSpeaker(s):! B3 - MAP-21 & The Future of Federal Funding CM I 1.5Peter Kremer, AICP, PP, Parsons BrinckerhoffDavid Kutner, The Highbridge Group Presenters will discuss the policy changes coming underDebra Kingsland, Section Chief, NJDOT Office of Bicycle MAP-21, including new elements of state and metropolitan& Pedestrian Programs planning processes. In addition, the discussion will focus on the lack of a long-term transportation funding solution atTiffany R. Robinson, The RBA Group the federal level and the challenges that presents in NJ inDan Fatton, New Jersey Future, Trenton Cycling terms of potential impact on the economy and quality ofRevolution life. Speaker(s):!▶ Regency B Mary K. Murphy, Executive Director, North Jersey11:30 AM – 1:00 PM Transportation Planning Authority Hon. Matthew Holt, Chairman, North JerseyB2 - Creative Placemaking in NJ:  Opportunities and Transportation Planning AuthorityChallengesCM I 1.5 Joung Lee, Associate Director for Finance & Business Development, American Association of State Highway &Creative placemaking is a new approach to promoting Transportation Officialscommunity and economic development through the arts.  It Ernest J. Blais, Division Administrator, New Jersey, FHWAis not just about building a PAC or creating a culturaldistrict; it is strategic, mindful, and designed to generate awide variety of impacts.  Arts Build Communities of RutgersUniversity is a national leader in training planners andbuilding the capacity of communities to do creativeplacemaking.  In this session, participants will learn stepstowards creative placemaking, which can serve as a cost-effective approach to revitalization for communities withlimited resources. 
  25. 25. Friday, Breakout B, 11:30am - 1:00pm▶ Garden State A Speaker(s):! Leah Furey-Bruder, PP, AICP, Bach Associates P.C.11:30 AM – 1:00 PM Phillip M. Garvey, Senior Research Associate, Thomas D.B4 - Newarks Redevelopment Successes:  Lessons Larson Transportation InstituteLearned & Prospects Mark Keener, Brown & Keener, a Division of RBA CM I 1.5As gas prices rise, more people are seeking to live and ▶ Garden State Cwork near major transportation hubs. With state incentivessupporting the choice, many employers and developers are 11:30 AM – 1:00 PMseeking to build new or expand existing facilities in urbanareas. Using the recent growth in Newark as an example, B6 - Bus Rapid Transit in NJ:  Present & Futurethis session will review the tools available to municipalities CM I 1.5seeking to revitalize their downtown areas and attract bothbusinesses and residents.  In particular, this session willdiscuss the complexities of using the Local Redevelopment Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) strategies are being consideredand Housing Law to achieve positive outcomes. throughout the tri-state region. Panelists will discuss New Jersey case studies, as well as future plans and goals forSpeaker(s):! BRT in the State. Specific BRT examples, including NJ TRANSIT Go Bus line, Union County BRT, South JerseyLisa John, Esquire, Genova, Burns Giantomasi & BRT and Route 9 BRT will be explained in theWebster presentation. Panelists will also summarize and discuss the “Evaluation of Next Generation BRT in the NJTPA Region”Dan Jennings, Senior Vice President of Real Estate, Brick study that is analyzing how to capitalize on opportunitiesCity Development Corporation and overcome challenges related to implementing BRTGinger Dawson, Vice President of Development, Michaels services.Development Company Speaker(s):!Michele Alonso, PP/AICP, Principal Planner,Newark Division of Planning and Community Development  Caroline Reiter, AICP, PP, C.P. Statile, PAPeter Steck David Schmetterer, AICP, Senior Planner, Regional Planning, North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority▶ Garden State B RJ Palladino, AICP, PP, Assistant Director, Strategic Investment at NJ Transit11:30 AM – 1:00 PM Mike Viscardi, AICP, PP, LLA, Transportation Planner, NJ TransitB5 - A Scientific Basis for Sign Regulation?CM I 1.5Hear from two experts on sign ordinances including theauthor of numerous research studies on the performanceand effectiveness of signage that went into the USSCsrecent Sign Code and the urban designer behind the signsection of the SmartCode. Be prepared to update yourzoning code or support variance testimony using publishedstandards.
  26. 26. Friday, Breakout B, 11:30am - 1:00pm▶ Conference A ▶ Conference BC11:30 AM – 1:00 PM 11:30 AM – 1:00 PMB7 - Back to the Future:  Sustainable Communities for B8 - The Rebuild Challenge:  What Should PlannersNJ CM I 1.5 Do? CM I 1.5What if every single act of design and construction made Sandy destroyed and damaged thousands of structuresthe world a better place? Imagine true sustainability in our along the Jersey Shore and Raritan Bay, displacedhomes, workplaces, neighborhoods, towns and cities – thousands of families, ravaged beaches, dunes andSocially Just, Culturally Rich and Ecologically Benign. The boardwalks, and provided a sobering wakeup call about thesession will provide three linked presentations:  an fragility and natural hazards of the coast.  Many publicintroduction to The International Living Building Challenge; officials have vowed to rebuild promptly.  Others urge thata case study of Dockside Green, Victoria, BC, a 15-acre the recovery now underway lead to more resilienturban redevelopment eco-district that has followed ILBC’s communities.  The challenge of rebuilding after Sandyprinciples; and a review of a Bloustein studio which raises critical issues, including climate change, publicproposed the use of Eco-districts as a model for beach access, beach replenishment and dunesustainable suburban development in New Jersey. construction, building standards in coastal flood areas, protecting the public’s safety from inevitable future storms,Speaker(s):! restoring rapidly boardwalks, piers, and parks vital to the shore economy, and how best to pay and share the multi-Darren Molnar-Port, Green Building Administrator, DCA billion costs.  This session will explore the “new normal” and actions taken since Sandy, examine options goingRobin L. Murray, FAIA, PP, LEED AP BD+C, RLM forward, suggest what’s likely to happen next, and chartArchitects, Adjunct Professor, Rutgers University roles for planners in this process.Carolyn Worstell, Intern, New Jersey Future Speaker(s):! David N. Kinsey, PP, FAICP, Kinsey & Hand, former Director of the Division of Coastal Resources, NJDEP Mark Mauriello, Director of Environmental Affairs & Planning, Edgewood Properties, former Commissioner, NJDEP Erika Stahl, PP, AICP, Assistant Township Planner, Toms River Township Elizabeth Terenik, PP, AICP, Terenik Land Use Consulting, LLC
  27. 27. Friday, Lunch & Keynote, 1:15pm - 3:30pm▶ Regency DEF - (special thanks to Brick Industry Association)President’s Remarks & Sponsor Appreciation - Charles Latini, Jr., PP, AICPSpeaker Introductions:  Linda Weber, APA-NJ Recovery Planning and Hazard Mitigation CommitteeThe Managed CoastJaap Kwadijk, Ph. D., Director of Science & Chair of the Scientific Council, Deltares,The NetherlandsThe Netherlands has long struggled to manage the sea and protect its urban lands and economicresources. Jaap Kwadijk will share the evolution of Dutch planning, including what is technically possible,methods for assessing feasibility and long term sustainability, and developing the social and politicalinstitutions necessary to move from repeated rounds of crisis response to a managed coastline. Since June 2012, Dr. Kwadijk is Director of Science at Deltares and chairman of the Deltares Scientific Council. Throughout his career at Deltares / WL|Delft Hydraulics, Dr Kwadijk has focused on the topics of climate change, hydrology, and water and flood management. He was the coordinator of Delft Hydraulics’ research on hydrology and flood forecasting from 1997 until 2006. Between 2006 and 2010, he was scientific leader of climate research activities at WL | Delft Hydraulics/Deltares. He became a leading scientist in the field of hydrology, climate change impact assessment and flood forecasting and management. Dr. Kwadijk has published many highly appreciated scientific papers on these topics. He has also supervised numerous Ph.D. students, presented his work at many scientific conferences, and is an invited lecturer at several European universities.From Crisis Response to Recovery & PreparationDr. Laurie A. Johnson, AICP, Johnson Consulting & ResearchLaurie Johnson has over 20 years of experience in urban planningand disaster-related consulting, management and research. Shehas written extensively about the economics of catastrophes, landuse and risk, and disaster recovery and reconstruction. She hasstudied most of the world’s major urban disasters, including the2011 Tohoku Japan, 2010 and 2011 Christchurch NZ, 2010 Chileand 2008 China earthquakes and 2005 Hurricane Katrina. In 2006,she was a lead author of the recovery plan for the City of NewOrleans following Hurricane Katrina and coauthored the book,Clear as Mud: Planning for the Rebuilding of New Orleans,published by the American Planning Association in April 2010.Dr. Johnson will address the process of disaster recovery from herexperience with earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and other disasters around the world.
  28. 28. Friday, Breakout C, 3:45pm - 5:45pm▶ Regency A Speaker(s):! Marilyn Lennon, Assistant Commissioner for Land Use,3:45 PM – 5:45 PM Department of Environmental ProtectionC1 - The 21st Century Master Plan Jennifer Feltis-Cortese, AICP, Research Scientist,CM I 2.0 Division of Coastal & Land Use Planning Rick Brown, PP, Environmental Specialist, Division ofMunicipal master plans routinely ignore best practices in Coastal & Land Use Planningplanning and related disciplines, and rely upon erroneousassumptions regarding public needs, demographic trends Rebecca Foster, Environmental Specialist, Division ofand economic realities. The results are second-rate. Coastal & Land Use PlanningPresenters will discuss new approaches to municipal Elizabeth Terenik, PP, AICP, Terenik Land Usemaster planning that are grounded in substantive data, Consulting, LLCincluding market and demographic realities; a strategic Robin L. Murray, FAIA, PP, LEED AP BD+C, RLMframework with measurable goals; a focus on form, Architects, Adjunct Professor, Rutgers Universityfunction and place-making; and integrated approaches toeconomic development, landscape restoration, storm watermanagement, place-making and mobility. This is a highlyinteractive, roll-up-your sleeves session, where the ▶ Regency Caudiences active participation is not only encouraged, butalso required. 3:45 PM – 5:45 PMSpeaker(s):! C3 - Communications for Planners: Strategies and Tools CM I 2.0Linda Weber, AICP, PP, Principal, Mosaic STUDIO Municipalities, planners and developers increasingly needCarlos Rodrigues, AICP, PP, Design Solutions for a a comprehensive communications strategy and a full suiteCrowded Planet of implementation tools in order to build support for aTodd Poole, Managing Principal, 4Ward Planning, LLC project and to address any opposition before it can sidelineTavis Dockwiller, ASLA, Founder and Principal it. This workshop will outline how to build a strategy andLandscape Architect, Viridian Landscape Studio deploy the right tools in order to maximize the chances that an initiative can be brought to fruition. Included will beMichele Adams, PE, President and Principal Engineer, some basic communications planning exercises, and anMeliora Design, LLC overview of social media, crowdsourcing, video, mobile and other technologies that can help get the right messages to the right people. ▶ Regency B Speaker(s):!3:45 PM – 5:45 PM Elaine Clisham, Director of Communications, NJ FutureC2 - Connecting to our Waters: Municipal AccessPlanning & Resources Gabe Bailer, Urban Thinker AssociatesCM I 2.0 Frank Hebbert, Director, Civic Works Team, OpenPlansAmong the new provisions expected in the coastalmanagement rules is a new process to define how localgovernment should plan for public access to tidal watersimpacting approximately 230 municipalities. Municipalparticipation in this program confers certain regulatory and,potentially, financial, benefits to communities. Panelists willdescribe approaches to the preparation of Municipal PublicAccess Plans (MPAP), which can identify both currentfacilities and future needs that can reinforce, and further acommunitys other economic, environmental and socialobjectives. 
  29. 29. Friday, Breakout C, 3:45pm - 5:45pm▶ Bloustein Special Events Forum* Speaker(s):! Frank Felder. PhD, Director, Center for Energy, Economic3:45 PM – 5:45 PM & Environmental Policy, Rutgers UniversityC4 - The Economic Transformation of New Brunswick Lyle Rawlings, PE, PhD, President & CEO, AdvancedCM I 2.0 Solar Products Colin Loxley, Team Leader, Operational Audit &A visual and narrative exploration of the economic Compliance, PSE&Gtransformation of New Brunswick, from its origins as aEuropean port center, to its rise as an industrial andcommercial city, to its decline as a manufacturing center, to ▶ Conference BCits rebirth as post-industrial city.  Changing technological,transportation and socio-economic dynamics will be 3:45 PM – 5:45 PMemphasized.  Lessons learned in the role of redevelopmentefforts and leadership from government, civic leaders and C8 - Planning for Post-Disaster Recoverythe private sector will be reflected upon as the future of the CM I 2.0City is discussed.Speaker(s):! This workshop will begin with an overview of resilience concepts, the National Disaster Recovery Framework, andJames W. Hughes, Dean of the Edward J. Bloustein some of the alphabet soup of federal programs by JimSchool of Planning and Public Policy at Rutgers University Schwab, AICP, Manager of the APA Hazards Planning Research Center. Laurie Johnson, AICP, Principal ofDavid Listokin, Co-Director, Center for Urban Policy Laurie Johnson Consulting in San Francisco, who hasResearch, Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and been part of APA’s project team for “Planning for Post-Public Policy at Rutgers University Disaster Recovery: Next Generation,” will discuss theThea Berkhout, Associate Dean of the Edward J. goals, policies, and procedures associated with planningBloustein School of Planning and Public Policy at Rutgers for post-disaster recovery. Finally, Kathleen Carlisle, theUniversity Senior Mitigation Planner for FEMA Region 2, will discuss the role of mitigation in planning for post-disaster recovery, and specific needs in New Jersey. The session will provide▶ Conference A an opportunity for audience members to ask questions and interact with the panel3:45 PM – 5:45 PM Speaker(s):!C7 - NJ Solar Planning & PoliciesCM I 2.0 Jim Schwab, AICP, Senior Research Associate, APA; Manager of APA Hazards Planning Research Center & Co-New Jersey has a long-standing and aggressive solar editor of Zoning Practicepolicy, which has changed since its inception in several Dr. Laurie A. Johnson, AICP, Johnson Consulting &ways. This session reviews our recent past and explores Researchthe future of solar planning at a State and local level. Cathleen Carlisle, Senior Mitigation Planner, Risk Analysis Branch, Mitigation Division, DHS/FEMA Region 2
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