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The Providence Knowledge District - p2
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The Providence Knowledge District - p2


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  • 1. Green the Knowledge DistrictAn experiment in mobilizing organizations towork together on difficult problemsChristopher Bull, Ocean State Consortium of Advanced Resources(OSCAR) and Brown University School of Engineering
  • 2. What? OSCAR connects and enables people by leveraging Rhode Island’s shared resources(physical, human and natural assets) to address regional challenges that no one organization or institution can tackle single-handedly.Why? Urgency and complexity. Society’s problems are immediate, and they are too complex to undertake alone. Most institutions, organizations and geographical areas are not equipped to cope effectively with these challenges; it requires a multi-stakeholder approach with advanced and accessible resources.Who? OSCAR is an all-volunteer structure consisting of government, industry, academia and social agencies across the region. Volunteers include world-class faculty, entrepreneurs, companies, service agencies, artists, government officials, designers, technologists, etc.OSCAR – GKD
  • 3. The Knowledge District is an area in Providence bounded by Allens Avenue and the Providence River on the east, Public Street on the south, Prairie Avenue on the west, and Pine Street on the north. Of the approximately 413 acres, 190 acres is covered by City Assessor parcel data. The balance includes the land becoming available due to the Route I-195 relocation project. The major landholders include Rhode Island Hospital with about 20.5%, Dominion Energy with 11.4%, State of Rhode Island with 5.9%, Brown University with 3.1%, and Women and Infants Hospital with 2.6%.OSCAR - GKD
  • 4. What can be done to pushchange in the district in a moresustainable direction?What indicators?Who has data?OSCAR - GKD
  • 5. OSCAR - GKD
  • 6. Indicator sets: • Economist Intelligence Unit North American Cities • ICLEI - Sustainability Tools and Targets for the Urban Thematic StrategyOSCAR - GKD
  • 7. Green the Knowledge District (GKD):Catalyzing environmentally sustainable and economically powerful development. Mike Caron, Courtney McCracken, Danielle Dahan, Lingke WangOSCAR - GKD
  • 8. OSCAR - GKD
  • 9. Electrical Energy Usage Monthly electricity use per unit area (kWh/m2) 90 80 70 60 50 Met School Equality 2008 Met School Equality 2010 40 1 Davol Square 2008 1 Davol Square 2010 30 70 Ship Street 2008 70 Ship Street 2010 20 10 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 MonthOSCAR - GKD
  • 10. What’s next?• Engage Government (city, state and federal)• Engage Private Sector (industry partners)• Engage Citizens (community efforts -- education)• Build Research ProgramOSCAR - GKD
  • 11. More information:www.oscarri.orgOSCAR - GKD