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MAPD 2010 - ICLEI sustainability toolkit
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MAPD 2010 - ICLEI sustainability toolkit


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Published in: Real Estate, Technology
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  • 1. ICLEI’s Sustainability Planning Toolkit MAPD Annual Conference – June 4, 2010Angela Vincent – Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Regional Director
  • 2. ICLEI – A Worldwide Movement ICLEI Local Government Members: 1100 globally 600+ U.S.A. 38 in Massachusetts • Representing 30% of the population
  • 3. ICLEI’s Mission Our mission is to build, serve, and drive a movement of local governments to advance deep reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and achieve tangible improvements in local sustainability.
  • 4. Benefits of Local Climate ActionSave moneyImprove air qualityCreate local jobsProtect public healthImprove the quality of lifeCreate legacy of leadership
  • 5. Empowering Massachusetts’ Local GovernmentsFramework for approaching climate protectionEmissions Analysis Software and Decision Support ToolStandard Methodology and Technical AssistanceImplementation Tools and Resources (publications)ICLEI Trainings and EventsTechnical, policy, and communications assistanceRegional, national and international network of peers
  • 6. Five Milestones for Climate Mitigation
  • 7. ICLEI Tools & ResourcesGHG Accounting Software & ToolsClimate & Air Pollution Planning Assistant (CAPPA)Implementation Guidebooks & Case StudiesMember NetworkingLocal Government Success Stories
  • 8. Implementation Guidebooks & Toolkits Revolving Energy Fund Guide Outreach & Communications Recycling & Solid Waste Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Transportation & Land Use Small Communities Green Jobs Sustainability Planning Toolkit
  • 9. Sustainability Planning Toolkit Comprehensive guide on the basics to creating a sustainability plan For local governments of all sizes Includes guidance on approach to the planning process Includes templates for creating a sustainability team, typical plan outline, measurement of strategies, and engaging the public
  • 10. Background on Sustainability Planning ToolkitGoal: – Create a replicable planning process and model based on PlaNYCTasks: – Develop PlaNYC case study and Sustainability Planning Toolkit – Pilot guidelines and templates in toolkit with – New Rochelle, NY – Newark, NJ – Miami-Dade County, FL
  • 11. Why Develop a Sustainability Plan?• Tie together all sustainability initiatives and programs under an overarching plan• Develop metrics and indicators for measuring progress• Raise community awareness• Develop common goals• Encourage interdepartmental cooperation
  • 12. How does ICLEI and the STAR Program define sustainability? • Affordability & Social Equity (affordable and workforce housing, poverty, human services and race and social equity) • Children, Health & Safety (community health and wellness, access to health care, and public safety) • Education, Arts & Community (education excellence, arts and culture, and civic engagement and vitality) Social• Natural Systems (ecosystems and habitat, water and Sustainable • Economic Development (clean stormwater, air quality, waste, Environmental Economic technologies and green jobs, and resource conservation) local commerce, tourism, and local food system)• Planning & Design (land use, transportation and mobility, and • Employment & Workforce parks, open space and Training (green job training, recreation) employment and workforce wages, and youth skills)• Energy & Climate (energy, greenhouse gas emissions and other air pollutants, renewable energy, and green building)
  • 13. √ Part of plan Example Policy Areas to Include ♦Existing policy Policy Areas New York City Santa Monica Denver Sacramento Westchester County √ √ √ √ √Energy/ BuildingsTransportation √ √ √ √ √Air Quality √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √Water ResourcesClimate √ √ √ √ √Land Use / Brownfields √ √ √ √ √Waste ♦ √ √ √ √Open Space and HabitatConservation √ √ √ √ √Affordable Housing √ √ ♦ ♦ ♦Public Education √ √ √ √ √Civic Engagement √ √ √Green EconomicDevelopment ♦ √ √Green procurement ♦ √ √ √ √Public Health andNutrition √ ? √
  • 14. ICLEI’s Five Milestones for Sustainability Integration with STAR Community Index STAR Provisional Goals (June 2010)STAR PerformanceManagement Tool (2011) STAR Measures (2011)
  • 15. Stakeholders Involved in Developinga Sustainability Plan Sustainability Coordinator Sustainability • • Coordinate planning process Manage writing of the Team Sustainability Plan Sustainability • Coordinate implementation of Interdepartmental Advisory Board the Sustainability Plan Team• Participate in topic specific working groups • Analyze Issues• Brainstorm high priority • Research Best Practices issues Sustainability • Develop goals• Develop goals• Input on strategies and Plan • Develop strategies initiatives and initiatives• Advice on planning process External Community Experts Stakeholder General Public (Universities, Groups Consultants etc) • Brainstorm high priority • Define high priority issues • Participate in public issues • Analyze issues and meetings • Brainstorm strategies strategies as requested • Submit ideas online via public outreach • Provide supporting data process
  • 16. Getting Started: Make a Commitment and Organize TeamDesignate a Sustainability Coordinator ICLEI Tools and TemplatesDefine the vision and purpose for the planMake a commitment: obtain chief elected • Sample timeline official buy-in for the plan • Outreach and Public CommunicationDevelop a workplan for the planning process and for public outreach Template • Sustainability TeamOrganize an interdepartmental team of Formation Checklist local government staff to develop the planGather ideas for the scope of the planForm a Sustainability Advisory BoardKick-Off Sustainability Advisory Board meetingsLaunch and publicly announce the planning process
  • 17. Milestone 1: Conduct Sustainability Assessment ICLEI Tools and TemplatesBegin to define the scope of the planInventory existing sustainability • Sustainability initiatives Assessment ChecklistDevelop a greenhouse gas emissions • Clean Air Climate inventory for government operations and the community Protection (CACP) SoftwareGather and analyze data for the Sustainability Assessment • Forecasting Guide (coming soon)Gather ideas from key stakeholder groupsCreate a sustainability assessment report
  • 18. Sustainability Assessment ChecklistExisting Sustainability InitiativesSources of greenhouse gas emissionsMajor sources of pollutionState of major infrastructure systemsHealth of natural resourcesOpen spacesSustainability of land use and development patternsMajor public health issuesHow affordable is it to liveOpportunities to engage in civic affairs?DemographicsTransportation systems
  • 19. Miami-Dade County’s Sustainability Assessment Milestone 1 Conduct Sustainability AssessmentDemographics Housing & BuildingsClimate Change Land UseEconomy Local Industry & BusinessEnergy SchoolsEnvironment Solid Waste & RecyclingGovernment Operations TransportationHealth Water 19
  • 20. CACP 2009 Inventory Software
  • 21. Milestone 2: Set Sustainability Goals ICLEI Tools and TemplatesDefine clear, relevant, and measurable • Matrix of Sustainability goals that address the key issues Strategies identified in the Sustainability • Sustainability and Assessment Climate Action PlanBrainstorm and analyze strategies for examples achieving goals • ICLEI’s Climate and AirSet an emissions reductions target that Pollution Planning is aggressive but achievable Assistant (CAPPA) decision support toolSolicit ideas from the public for • Target Setting Guide sustainability goals (coming soon)Announce the goals to the public
  • 22. STAR Environment Goals
  • 23. STAR Economy Goals
  • 24. STAR Society Goals
  • 26. Milestone 3: Develop Sustainability Plan ICLEI Tools and TemplatesPrepare for public outreach process • Measures AnalysisPerform outreach TemplateDevelop and prioritize measures • ICLEI’s Climate and AirDevelop implementation plans for each measure Pollution PlanningCreate outline for the plan Assistant (CAPPA)Write the plan decision support toolRelease a draft plan for public comment (if • Matrix of Sustainability appropriate) StrategiesFinalize and release the plan • Sustainability Plan Template • ICLEI’s Outreach and Communications Guide
  • 27. CAPPA – Climate Action Planning
  • 28. Milestone 3: Develop SustainabilityPlan
  • 30. Milestone 4: Implement theSustainability PlanImplement the measures in the ICLEI Tools and Templates plan and track implementation • ICLEI’s Action Center and Member Center on the status ICLEI website for a varietyFormalize the planning process of guidebooks, bestCoordinate with a coalition of practices, and advocacy groups implementation tools. • Revolving Energy Fund Guide • Solid Waste and Recycling Guide • Green Playbook + Neighborhoods website • Environmentally Preferrable Purchasing Guide
  • 31. PlaNYC: Achievements in ActionOver 2/3 of initiatives are on-time or ahead of scheduleAchievements in Land, Water, Transportation, Energy, Air and Climate Change goals, including: – 21 transit-oriented rezonings with inclusionary zoning – 20 stormwater retention pilot projects launched – 200 miles of bike lanes and 2,000 biked racks installed – 76,751 City parking placards reduced – 260 energy efficiency projects completed in City govt. – 22% of taxi fleet converted to hybrids
  • 32. Milestone 5: Monitor/EvaluateImplementation Progress ICLEI Tools and TemplatesDevelop an Annual Progress • Sustainability Report Assessment Checklist • STAR Community IndexDevelop and report on a set performance of sustainability management system indicatorsUpdate the Greenhouse Gas What to Include in Annual Inventory Progress ReportHighlight successes on  Responsible Parties  Status of Measures sustainability plan  Quantified Progress website  Achievements andKeep the sustainability team challenges updated  Next steps
  • 33. What to Include in a Sustainability PlanFacts, charts, and figuresGoals • Emissions reductions target (short-term and long-term) • Transportation, air, water, buildings, open space, etc.Short & Long-term Measures with implementation plans • Timing, funding, and responsibilitiesMatrix of measures and goalsImplementation & Monitoring Framework and TimelineRelationship to other plansPlanning process
  • 34. Download the Sustainability Planning Toolkit
  • 35. Action Center – One Stop Shop
  • 36. Upcoming ICLEI Events2010 Local Action Summit September 24 – 26, 2010 Hyatt Regency Washington, D.C. events/iclei-local-action-summit-2010
  • 37. Questions/DiscussionContact Us:Angela Vincent(617) 960-3420 x202angela.vincent@iclei.orgAllison Webster – New England Liaison(617) 960-3420