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Innovations in Data for Decision Making
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Innovations in Data for Decision Making


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Innovations in Data for Decision Making Rebecca Lee Jessica Cigna
  • 2.
    • Rebecca Lee, Associate Director of The Information Group at The Providence Plan
    • Jessica Cigna, Urban Information Specialist at The Providence Plan’s Information Group
    About your speakers
  • 3.
    • Large data warehouse
    • Develop data tools that help people to access and make sense of this vast collection of information
    • This is accomplished through:
      • Established data sharing agreements
        • HEALTH
        • RIDE
        • DCYF
      • Significant technical capacity
      • Database programming, data analysis & presentation, web design, spatial analysis
      • Non-government intermediary role beneficial
    ProvPlan’s Role
  • 4. Advances in Web Programming and Support for the Democratization of Data Led to an Explosion of Innovative Tools Innovations in Data For Decision Making
  • 5.
    • Resources are needed to gather
    • information so as to make decisions about scarce resources
    • Shrinking budgets leave little room for information gathering critical to decision making
    • Saturation of Data Products
    • Real Time Data hard to come by
    Resource Dilemma
  • 6.
    • More then just building a website, building data tools for
    • use online
    • Applying Open Source code
      • Replication and advancement in services
    • Web applications
    • Highly interactive software
      • users can select preferences, export information
    • Sophisticated privacy and security measures constantly evolving
    Web Programming
  • 7.
    • Information should be available to all to help
    • educate the public and inform decisions
    • Support for making data available to the public is growing
    • Local and State Government agencies find value to sharing their information
    Democratization of Data
  • 8.
    • Free, public data tools are now available due to advances in programming and a willingness to share information
    • Today’s data tools are multifaceted
      • Access is as easy as opening a website
      • Visualize large datasets quickly
      • Interactivity allows users to customize selections
      • Copy or Create graphics for easy presentation material
      • Follow changes and trends overtime
      • Share information with colleagues, clients, or constituents
      • Download data to use as you need
      • Upload your own data to visualize maps, graphs, charts
      • Most are cost effective- Free
    Innovations in Data Tools
  • 9.
    • Data gathering can be done in-house
      • Fast turn around for grant writing and applications
      • Sites provide data across topics
    • Quickly create graphics for documents or presentations
      • Cut and paste images or download data to create your own
    • Use Data Stories in meetings to share information and educate your audience
    • Easily direct questions about data and information to online tools
    Using Online Data Tools to Make Decisions
  • 10.
    • RI DataHUB
    • Cross-Agency Data Visualization Tools
      • ProvPlan and RI Department of Education
    • InfoWorks LIVE!
    • Education and School Survey Statistics
      • ProvPlan and RI Department of Education
    • Rhode Island Community Profiles
    • Census, Health, Crime data and more
      • ProvPlan and The Rhode Island Foundation
    Rhode Island Data Innovations
  • 11.
    • Best uses include:
    • -Compare Schools in RI
    • -Upload and visualize your own data
    • -Data Stories
    • Visualize any data, not just educational. RI DataHUB can support any data source.
    • Interactive data tools allow users to easily explore data, select new indicators, and create subgroups
    • Data Stories walk the user through an example of how researchers, policy-makers, and the public can use this powerful analytical tool to make decisions.
    • Cross-agency data indicators add potential to address previously unanswerable policy questions
    • http :// /
    RI DataHUB
  • 12.
    • Best uses include:
    • -Writing grants for school districts
    • -Learning about the student population in your city or town
    • -Per Pupil Tax Information
    • User Friendly School Data
      • School Demographics
      • Proficiency NECAP
      • Graduation Rates
      • Educational Expenditures
      • SurveyWorks – A survey of students
    • Available at the Statewide, District, and School Level
    • Presentation-ready downloadable format
    • /
    InfoWorks LIVE!
  • 13.
    • Best uses include:
    • -2000 and 2010 Census data
    • -Comparing cities and towns in RI
    • -Downloadable Tables and Charts at any Data Level
    • Data in Maps, Tables, Charts, and Graphs
      • Each downloadable or save to your shelf
      • Pre-Generated Counts, Percents, and Change figures
      • Please excuse our work in progress – we are so close!
    • Datasets include
      • Census & ACS, 200, 2010, 2006-2010 ACS
      • Health
      • Crime
      • and more to come
    • Data available At State through Census Tract level
      • / (beta version)
    Rhode Island Community Profiles
  • 14.
    • Massachusetts
    • The Boston Indicators Project
      • Up- to – Date Tables and Charts on a range of topics
      • http :// /
    • Metro Boston DataCommon
      • Current data, Online mapping resource, proficient request & help center
      • /
    • Connecticut
    • DataHaven
      • Up- to – Date Tables and Charts for SouthCentral CT
      • /
    • CT Policy Data
      • Visualize, Map, and Compare Data over time
      • /
    Regional Data Innovations
  • 15.
    • DataPlace
    • NY Times: Every City, Every Block (Oops, they mean tract)
    • 2005-2009 ACS Data
    • Census & American Community Survey
    • Finally, Census 2010
      • http://
    • ACS Replaces Long Form (SF3)
      • Estimates and Margins of Error, Oh My!
      • When to use 1-year, 3-year, 5-year
      • Comparisons to Census 2000 is not always apples to apples
    National Innovations
  • 16.
    • Mapping with QGIS
      • Open Source Geographic Information System (GIS) downloaded to desktop
      • Supports the formats you know – shapefiles, rasters
    • Sophisticated Analysis Tools with R
      • Functions comparable to SPSS, SAS, STATA
      • Free to download
    Innovations in Analyzing Data
  • 17.
    • Updating your Comp Plan
    • Applying for a programmatic grant to curb juvenile substance use
    • Uploading your own data!
    Using Online Data Tools to Make Decisions
  • 18. Questions? Feel free to contact us [email_address] [email_address] Thank You