IZ Workshop 2014: B1 affirmative fair marketing natick


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IZ Workshop 2014: B1 affirmative fair marketing natick

  1. 1. Avalon Natick Natick, Massachusetts Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing March 2014
  2. 2. 1 AVALON Natick Natick, Massachusetts Table of Contents I. Overview of Marketing Plan II. Affirmative Marketing III. Household Size Requirements IV. Affordable Rent Schedule V. Affordable Housing Open Enrollment & Lottery Plan VI. Affordable Housing Application & Waitlist Process VII. Outreach Contact List
  3. 3. 2 Avalon Natick 3 Chrysler Road Natick, MA 01760 508-975-4333 Affordable Housing Marketing I. Overview of Marketing Plan & Certification Avalon Natick comprises 407 studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom rental apartment homes within one 10-story and one 11-story residential tower, a separate 415-space structured parking garage supplemented with 215 surface spaces, a fitness center, an outdoor pool, a resident lounge and landscaped grounds. The affordable apartments (54 one-bedroom and 48 two-bedroom apartments) are set aside for households not earning more that 80% Area Median Income for the Boston-Cambridge-Quincy MA- NH HUD Metro FMR Area (“moderate-income”). There are 20 accessible apartments at Avalon Natick: Studio Apartments: 1 (market) One Bedroom Apartments: 6 (market), 4 (affordable) Two Bedroom Apartments: 6 (market), 3 (affordable) As authorized representatives of AvalonBay Communities, Inc., respectively, each of us has reviewed this plan and agrees to implement this AFHMP, which shall be made effective as of the approval date. Further, by signing this form, AvalonBay Communities, Inc. agrees to review and update its AFHMP as necessary in order to comply with all applicable statutes, regulations, executive orders and other binding DHCD requirements pertaining to affirmative fair housing marketing and resident selection plans reasonably related to such statutes, regulations, executive orders, as same may be amended from time to time. We hereby certify that all the information stated herein, as well as any information provided herewith, is true and accurate Name & Title Date Signature
  4. 4. 3 A. Nondiscrimination and Reasonable Accommodations 1. Avalon Natick will not discriminate in the selection of applicants on the basis of race, color, national origin, disability, age, ancestry, children, familial status, genetic information, marital status, public assistance recipiency, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran/military status, or any other basis prohibited by law. 2. Applicants with disabilities may request (i) modifications to the Apartment Home or the community or (ii) accommodations to our rules, policies, practices or services, if such modifications or accommodations are necessary to afford an equal opportunity to use and enjoy the premises. 3. AvalonBay has identified certain racial or ethnic minority groups may be less likely to apply for residency at Avalon Natick. While AvalonBay's application process cannot take into account any applicant's membership in a protected class, including race, national origin or disability, specific efforts will be made in marketing Avalon Natick to minority groups through the use of targeted publications identified in Section II in order to ensure that these groups are equally aware of and have equal access to the housing opportunities at Avalon Natick.  AvalonBay encourages applicants with diverse backgrounds to apply for housing at our communities. For those with Limited English Proficiency, the owner will utilize a Language Line Service, which provides translation services in a multitude of languages. The owner calls the number to explain the need, and an interpreter translates the information to the applicant.  The AvalonBay Level One Call Center associates, available 24 hours a day, are trained to accommodate relay calls for applicants and/or households that need TTY services. The Level One Call Center associate relays information and/or answers specific questions about the community to the relay operator, who disseminates the answers to the resident/applicant caller through a typing devise. II. Affordable Apartments Affirmative Marketing Plan AvalonBay Communities, Inc. will market the availability and application process for the Avalon Natick affordable apartments throughout the community. While these efforts were most heavily employed during the Avalon Natick open enrollment period, these media outlets are used for additional marketing at any time when the number of applicants for the affordable apartments is not sufficient. The outreach list is maintained and utilized at any time the number of applicants for the affordable apartments may not be sufficient. A. Outreach to Section 8/Housing Choice Voucher Certificate Holders:
  5. 5. 4  The Owner will contact the local housing authority and/or other non- profit agencies responsible for administering the Housing Choice Voucher Program (i.e. Section 8) and provide them with: - An overall development description. - Moderate-income apartment description by size. - How to apply; where, when, etc.  Mailing directed specifically to families who have been issued certificates by the local housing authority, but have not located apartments. The local housing authority will advise the Owner of the number of outstanding certificates, in accordance with local housing authority records so the Owner may prepare a mailing. Privacy requirements forbid the Owner direct access to the names of the certificate holders. Letters may only be addressed and mailed by the local housing authority. The details, stamps, envelops, etc must be worked out between the Owner and the local housing authority. B. Advertisements- Newspaper Advertising:  Advertisements must be placed in local newspapers and minority newspapers stating location, apartment size and what certificates and income-levels will be accepted.  Advertisements will be placed in the following periodicals: The Boston Globe, The Bay State Banner, El Mundo, Sing Tao, Sampan, and any additional newspapers necessary to reach the appropriate minority demographic. C. Apartment Guides  The New England Apartment Guide may be used on a monthly basis. D. Community Contacts  Outreach is made to moderate-income households via local community resource contacts. These organizations are to be contacted and advised of the availability of apartments for certificate holders and moderate-income prospective residents so they may advise their clientele. (See attached list for names of organizations that may be added to the outreach. This list is maintained and updated on a regular basis). E. Internet Advertising 1. The community will be advertised on multiple internet sites to include: Avalon Communities.com, Rentnet.com, Bostonapartments.com, Apartmentguide.com, BostonAvalon.com, and Rent.com. In addition, there is an internet “pay per click” campaign in order to attract applicants through internet searches.
  6. 6. 5 F. Required Community Listings 1. Accessible units are listed with MassAccess whenever they become available: (www.massaccesshousingregistry.org) 2. All affordable apartments are listed with MassAccess whenever they become available upon turnover. (http://www.chapa.org) 3. All available affordable apartments are reported to the Boston Fair Housing Metrolist, as known as the Metropolitan Housing Opportunity Clearing Center. The Metropolitan Housing Opportunity Clearing Center may be reached at 617-635-3321. III. Household Size Requirements A “household” shall mean two or more persons who will live regularly in the unit as their principal residence and who are related by blood, marriage, law or who have otherwise evidenced a stable inter-dependent relationship, or an individual. In order to make the best use of limited affordable housing resources, household size should be appropriate for the number of bedrooms in the home. The following minimum household standards are followed at Avalon Natick: - For each affordable apartment home, there must be at least one person for each bedroom. A husband and wife, or those in a similar living arrangement, shall be required to share a bedroom. - Exceptions to this minimum household requirement will be granted based upon an approved reasonable accommodation request. - Preference for waitlist placement is awarded according to the household size requirements; refer to Section VI. IV. Affordable Apartment Rent Schedule A. The Affordable rent schedule is updated annually based upon changes to the AMI published by HUD. Monthly Rents are calculated by multiplying 30% by 80% of AMI and adjusted for family size for 1.5- bedroom and 3-2 bedroom, divided by 12, minus the utility allowance (“UA”). B. An adjustment to the monthly affordable rent is made for the utility adjustment as provided by the local housing authority. C. If apartments are successfully marketed to applicants with Housing Choice Vouchers, the rent may be based upon the current HUD published Section 8 FMR (+/- 10% as allowed by HUD) as long as the tenant portion does not exceed the maximum allowable affordable rent. V. Affordable Housing Open Enrollment Plan and Lottery: The following open enrollment and lottery process was followed for the initial leasing of the affordable apartments at Avalon Natick in 2013
  7. 7. 6 A. The Affordable Housing Open Enrollment period lasted for 60 days and commenced 90 days prior to the initial occupancy date. 1. Within 30 days prior to commencement of the Affordable Housing Open Enrollment period, an Information Session was held to introduce prospective affordable housing applicants to the project, to provide an overview of the application and lottery process, and to answer any questions from prospective applicants. B. The application process for the affordable apartments during the open enrollment process was as follows: 1. Applications were available during the Open Enrollment period. Applicants had to return all required information during the sixty-day open enrollment period. 2. The application approval process took approximately thirty (30) days. Once the affordable income applicants have been approved, the balance of the applicants will be placed on a waiting list. 3. Affordable income apartments shall be offered to households based on income eligibility. 4. Housing Choice Voucher holders (i.e. Section 8) who are eligible were encouraged to apply for the affordable apartments. 5. All adult household applicants were required to complete an AvalonBay Communities, Inc. Rental Application and an Affordable Housing Questionnaire (a pre-application) 6. Records for every application made by an applicant, with name, date, bedroom size required and the final status of the application, accepted, rejected, invalid certificate, etc. will be maintained. This data will be maintained for a minimum of seven (7) years. C. Lottery 1. AvalonBay Communities, Inc. oversaw the lottery. 2. All qualified applications submitted during the open enrollment period were eligible for the lottery. 3. Applicants for the lottery were required to submit all required material by a specific deadline. Only applicants who are income eligible based upon self- reported figures and who submitted all required information were entered into the lottery.
  8. 8. 7 4. Qualified applicants were grouped according to apartment size (one, two and three-bedroom apartments). 5. Qualified applicants were selected at random through a lottery process, based on apartment size.  Each qualified applicant was assigned a registration number and placed in the lottery pools in which they qualify. The ballots were randomly drawn and ranked in the order which they were drawn. Units will be awarded (largest units first) by proceeding down the list of lottery winners to the first household size on the list which is the appropriate size for the available apartment. This process is repeated until all available units have been assigned to appropriately sized applicant households. 6. Once the initial affordable apartment allocation was fulfilled, all remaining applicants were placed on the wait list, specific to the bedroom size, according to their ranking number. 7. Minorities will be identified in accordance with the regulatory classifications established by HUD-defined area, which are: American Indian or Alaskan Native; Asian; Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander; Black or African- American; Hispanic or Latino. 8. Preference for the accessible units was given to such physically disabled persons. 9. AvalonBay Communities, Inc. prepared complete application materials, including an application form, application certification form, and authorization for consent to release information, description of the use restrictions, and a description of the eligibility requirements. D. Acceptance/Rejection/Notification to Remaining Applicants 1. Accepted Applications  Applicants accepted for occupancy were notified verbally and in writing and had a period of 7 business days to accept or refuse the apartment offer after such notification.  A copy of this letter was attached to the application and sent via US Mail.  A thirty (30) day period to process applications is approved during lease-up. E. Processing Applications 1. All applications followed the Avalon Communities qualification process. This process is based on income and credit standing.
  9. 9. 8 2. All applicants offered an apartment had to pass a credit screening and provide verification of their household income. 3. Criminal background checks (CORI) are not part of the pre-qualification process. F. Rejected Applicants 1. Applicants for affordable apartments deemed unacceptable for occupancy were notified in writing with the specific reasons for rejection(s), the appropriate point of contact to review the accuracy of the information received. Ex. Reporting credit bureau. There is not a formal appeal process, but the owner will discuss the rejection reason with the applicant and may accept additional information, which may overturn the decision. 2. Applicants deemed ineligible for occupancy (due to family size, invalidity or absence of a certificate, or inability to live independently) were notified in writing with the specific reason(s). G. Notification to Remaining Applicants 1. Remaining applicants were informed in writing as quickly as possible that all apartments had been committed.  It must be stated that they should seek housing elsewhere.  They can be told that AvalonBay will keep their name on file should an affordable apartment become available in the future. The applicant will still need to meet the income qualifications. H. Applications Received after the Open Enrollment Period 1. Applications received after the open enrollment deadline was not part of the lottery. 2. Applicants were placed on a waitlist by bedroom size based upon the date an application is received. This includes inquiries after the initial affordable apartments are leased. 3. As apartments become available, applicants will be contacted for interest in the affordable apartment and will be asked to provide additional documentation to ensure eligibility. VI. Affordable Housing Application Process: The following application process is followed after the initial open enrollment and lottery process at Avalon Natick. A. Pre-Applications- available in the Avalon Natick leasing office, via email through a request to MABlueSkies@avalonbay.com or an applicant can request to have a hard copy of the pre-application mailed or faxed to them by calling 508-975-4333. 1. Applicants interested in an affordable apartment must complete an Affordable Housing Questionnaire (i.e. a pre-application). The pre-application lists
  10. 10. 9 contact information, household information, and a self-reported household income value. 2. Approved Questionnaires will be time and date stamped upon receipt. 3. Applicants will be placed on the waiting list for the apartment type they applied for (1 or 2 bedrooms). See Section B. B. Affordable Housing Waitlist Policy 1. A separate waitlist is maintained for each apartment with a specific number of bedrooms (studios,1,2,3, etc), and for each program type (50%, 60%, 80%). There are separate lists for each apartment type (1, 2 bdrms) for the Avalon Natick 80% program. 2. Applicants may be on more than one waitlist at any given community. 3. A separate list must be maintained for handicapped accessible requests (units with adaptive features). As accessible apartments are available, these applicants receive priority for these apartments. 4. Applicants are added to the waitlist by the date they submit a pre-application and by preference points, if applicable.
  11. 11. 10 5. Pre-applications for persons with disabilities who require a reasonable accommodation with the applications process will be time/date stamped prior to being provided to such applicants. This time/date stamp will be used to place the applicant on the waitlist as long as it is not post marked more than 30 days of the time/date stamp. 6. Preference- Existing residents seeking transfer within the community for needs-based requests or compliance reasons will receive preference. Transfer requests based on a “want” will not be given priority over new applicants. 7. Applicants that meet the minimum household size standards as described in Section III will receive preference above those that do not meet this standard. - Within the applicant pool, second preference is given to households requiring the number of bedrooms in the unit minus one, based on the minimum household criteria. - Within the applicant pool, third preference is given to households requiring the number of bedrooms in the unit minus one, based on the minimum household criteria. 8. As apartments become available, the community must contact applicant at the top of the waitlist. 9. Applicants are allowed 2 opportunities to decline an apartment (a non- response is considered a decline). An applicant will be removed from the waitlist after declining an apartment twice. 10. A waitlist should be updated on an annual basis to ensure the most up to date information is captured. Additionally, the waitlist should be updated to remain consistent with the objectives of the housing program, and are adequately representative of the racial, ethnic and other characteristics of potential applicants in the housing market region. 11. The waitlist may be closed if the waiting period for applicant is estimated to be greater than two years. Factors such as the number of households remaining on the list, the likelihood of the continuing eligibility of such households, and the demographic diversity of such households may also impact the status of the list, subject to the approval of the subsidizing agency.
  12. 12. 11 12. The waitlist for each apartment size should contain enough applicants anticipated to be placed in the next 12 months. If the Avalon Natick waitlist is closed, the owner will begin to re-market the affordable apartments if the number of applicants on the waitlist for any given apartment size does not contain a sufficient number of applicants. Re- marketing will include activities described in Section II. C. Lease-Up Records 1. The Owner/Agent will maintain records with regard to the processing of market applications to ensure they are in compliance with DHCD statutory requirements for income verification as discussed earlier. a) These records will be maintained for a period of at least seven (7) years. b) The analyst must be kept aware of ongoing lease-up procedures for the moderate income apartments conducted with local housing authorities to determine adequacy of marketing efforts, coordinate assignment of apartments if required, and receive a list of all approved low income/moderate income applicants. c) Analysts must ensure utilization of the Resident Location Plan. d) Records to be maintained in the permanent applicant file are: (a) Credit References (b) Income Verification (c) Approval/Rejection/Ineligibility Letters VII. Outreach Contact List Additional Outreach contacts in the area to be provided by DHCD and Local housing authority PRINTED MEDIA The Boston Globe PO Box 2378
  13. 13. 12 Boston, MA 02107 The Metro West Daily News 33 New York Ave. Framingham , MA 01701 617-929-2154 (Diane Mclcahey) The Bay State Banner African American 925 Washington Street Boston, MA 02124 617-261-4600 (Janine Carr) El Mundo Hispanic 20 Columbia Road Cambridge, MA 02138 617-522-5050 (Lisa ext 236) Sing Tao Asian 246 Harrison Avenue Boston, MA 917-426-9642 (Mr.Yan) Sampan Asian 90 Tyler Street Boston, MA 02124 917-426-8673 (Georgiana) LOCAL AND REGIONAL HOUSING AUTHORITIES AND AGENCIES Natick Housing Authority 4 Cottage Street Natick, MA 01760 Dover Housing Partnership 5 Springdale Avenue P.O. Box 250 Dover, MA 02030 Framingham Housing Authority One John J. Brady Drive Framingham, MA 01702 Needham Housing Authority 28 Captain Robert Cook Drive Needham, MA 02494
  14. 14. 13 Sherborn Housing Committee 19 Washington Street Sherborn, MA 01770 Sudbury Housing Authority 55 Hudson Road Sudbury, MA 01776 Wayland Housing Authority 106 Main Street Wayland, MA 01778-4939 Wellesley Housing Authority 109 Barton Road Wellesley, MA 02481 Weston Affordable Housing Trust 11 town House Road PO Box 378 Weston, MA 02493 CIVIC GROUPS, SOCIAL SERVICES AGENCIES, AND OTHER NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS Natick Town Hall 13 East Central Street Natick, MA 01760 Natick Public Schools 13 East Central Street Natick, MA 01760 Natick Public Library- Morse Institute Library 14 East Central Street Natick, MA 01760 Natick Service Council Inc 2 Webster St. Natick, MA 01760 Natick Family Network 179 Boden Ln, Natick, MA 01760 Natick Lions Club Natick, MA 01760 Social Services of New England Inc
  15. 15. 14 17 W Central St. Natick, MA 01760 Elks Lodge 95 Speen St. Natick, MA 01760 Bright Beginnings Children Ctr 28 Wellesley Rd. Natick, MA 01760 American Red Cross 116 Concord St. Framingham, MA 01702 Adolescent Consultation Services Inc 110 Mount Wayte Ave Framingham, MA 01702 Life Experience School 2 N Main St Sherborn, MA 01770 Dover Town Hall 5 Springdale Ave P.O. Box 250 Dover, MA 02030 Framingham Town Hall 150 Concord St. Framingham, MA 01702 Needham Town Hall 1471 Highland Avenue Needham, MA 02492 Sherborn Town Hall 19 Washington Street Sherborn, MA 01770 Sudbury Town Hall 322 Concord Road Sudbury, MA 01779-1800 Wayland Town Hall 41 Cochituate Road Wayland, MA 01778-2614 Wellesley Town Hall 525 Washington Street Wellesley, MA 02482
  16. 16. 15 Weston Town Hall 11 Townhouse Road Weston, MA 02493-2000 Massachusetts State Council Knights of Columbus 470 Washington St. Suite #6 Norwood, MA 02062 Rotary International – Natick Dolphin Restaurant 12 Washington Street Natick, MA Rotary International – Charles River (Wellesley-Natick) Courtyard Marriott Natick 342 Speen Street Natick, MA Rotary International- Framingham Ken’s Steak House 95 Worcester Road Framingham MA Rotary International- Needham Needham Sheraton Hotel 100 Cobot Street Needham Heights, MA Rotary International- Sudbury Wayside Inn 72 Wayside Inn Road Sudbury, MA Rotary International- Weston Weston Golf Club 275 Meadowbrook Road Weston, MA Freemason Lodge 1101 Highland Avenue Needham, MA 02494 Bautista Enrico 1300 Worcester St. Natick MA 01760 Park Square Revival Corporation 405 Cochituate Rd Framingham, MA 01701
  17. 17. 16 Metro West Bridge Christian Fellowship 7 Strathmore Rd Natick, MA 01760 Hartford Street Presbyterian Church 99 Hartford St Natick, MA 01760 Saint Linus Rectory 119 Hartford St Natick, MA 01760 Church of Christ in Natick 324 N Main St. Natick, MA 01760 Pilgrim Church 25 Main St. Wayland, MA 01778 Saint Theresa Rectory 35 Main St. Wayland, MA 01778 Congregation Sar Shalom 841 Worcester St #127 Natick, MA 01760 Community United Methodist Church 5 Damon St Wayland, MA 01778 Christian Science Reading Room 971 Concord St. Ste 6 Framingham, MA 01701 Temple Israel of Natick 145 Harford St. Natick, MA 01760 St. Zepherin’s Rectory 99 Main St. Wayland, MA 01778 Christian Science Church 887 Concord St. Framingham, MA 01701 St. George’s CCD 74 School St. Framingham, MA 01701
  18. 18. 17 Wesley Methodist Church 8 Fairbanks Way Framingham, MA 01701 Fisk Memorial United Methodist Church 106 Walnut St. Natick, MA 01760 Renewed Baptist Church 1 C St. Framingham, MA 01760 Boston Taiwanese Christian Church 15 Elm St Framingham, MA 01701 Albanian Orthodox Church of the Annunciation 37 Washington Ave Natick, MA 01760 Edwards Church Uee 39 Edwards St Framingham, MA 01701 Victory Baptist Church 7 Park Ave Framingham, MA 01701 Celebration International Church 6 Loker St. Wayland, MA 01778 Wellesley Park Assembly of God 6 Loker St. Wayland, MA 01778
  19. 19. 18 Avalon Natick– Affordable Housing Questionnaire Free Translation/Language Assistance Available Upon Request Applicants with disabilities may request modifications to the rental unit and/or accommodations to our rules, policies, practices or services, if such modifications or accommodations are necessary to afford an equal opportunity to use and enjoy the premises NAME OF PRIMARY APPLICANT: __________________________Date of birth____________ Other applicants: Name__________________________Date of birth______________________ Name__________________________Date of birth______________________ Name__________________________Date of birth______________________ PHONE:____________________ CELL:______________________ EMAIL:_____________________ CURRENT ADDRESS: _________________________________________________ Street Number & Name City St Zip **Each occupant 18 years of age and older must complete an Application for Residency prior to Occupancy** 1) How many persons will be occupying the apartment home? _______________________ 2) How many persons, including yourself, will be full time students? __________________ **Specific Guidelines apply please call the community for details** 3) What is your combined total gross annual household income from all sources? $ 4) What size apartment home are you interested in? (circle one): Studio One Two Three 5) Anticipated Move-in Date:________________________________ 6) Do you have any pets? (circle one) No Yes If yes, how many? _____ For Dogs What Breed and weight?_________________________________ 7) Do you have a Housing Choice Voucher? (circle one) No Yes ______________________ Housing Authority Name____________________________________________________ 9) List the AvalonBay Communities and/or Massachusetts towns where you want to live: AvalonBay Communities: 1. 2. 10) Are you currently on any other waitlist for AvalonBay Communities? (circle one) No Yes If yes, which communities? ________________________________________________________________________ 11) Do you have any special housing needs? If so, please explain: 12) Are you currently homeless? YesNo (If yes, you must provide a letter from the shelter you currently reside) If you will soon be homeless, list the approximate date of homelessness: __________________ Please return the completed questionnaire to: MABlueSkies@avalonbay.com; or (2) fax 508-975-4331 or (3) mail or drop-off at Avalon Natick Leasing Office ATTN: Affordable Housing 3 Chrysler Road Natick, MA 01760