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Gas pump Billboards advertising is a hybrid of outdoor billboards, place-based media and can be targeted to reach specific geographic or demographic areas. With four-color weatherproof advertising sitting on top of the gas pumps delivering an uninterrupted message to the customer for 1 to 5 minutes (compared to 8 seconds for traditional outdoor). 72% of the customers live or work within 5 miles of the station. Put billboards where you could before.

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AllOver Media Greensboro - Gas Pump Toppers Billboards

  1. 1. AllOver Media is an Alternative Out-of-Home company specializing in… Gas Pump Advertising AllOver Media Greensboro NC William Conley 336-510-0775 Office
  2. 2. What is Gas Pump Advertising? A hybrid of traditional outdoor and place-based media. Combines the impact of place-based media with the distribution and high circulation of a traditional 30-sheet plant. A “New Outdoor Medium” that offers high impact billboard coverage in areas that are not available with traditional outdoor.
  3. 3. AllOver Media Relationships & Availability? AllOver Media Pump Tops are available in all major markets. AllOver Media maintains a permanent relationship with over 15,000 gas stations across the country including consolidated buying group and independent gas stations. Markets are a combination of corporate network stations and franchise inventory.
  4. 4. The AllOver Media Network The AllOver Media network is a combination of corporate markets working together with franchise markets. Our markets make up the most comprehensive inventory of Gas pump and Indoor locations across the country.
  5. 5. Pump Tops are a Virtual Billboard Plant Pump Top Billboards are the same concept as the traditional 30-sheet plant. Pump tops fill the slot for arterial coverage in suburban neighborhoods and urban city areas. Pump Top showings fill the coverage and reach needs of a traditional bulletin campaign.
  6. 6. Pump Tops are a Virtual Billboard Plant
  7. 7. Methodology Total Population (18+) x Showing% # of stations # of stations needed for ÷ visited monthly (2.5) = desired showings Daily Effective Circulation (D.E.C.)
  8. 8. GPA Campaign Execution Pump Top showings have the same execution style as 30-Sheets. Pump Top locations are determined 2-4 weeks prior to posting date. Production is done in-house to size and ensures uniform print quality. Installers are dispatched to locations with a 5-day window to post all locations in a given showing or market. Pump Top displays are strategically mounted to the top of the pump or canopy above the pump.
  9. 9. Strategic Uses Total Market Coverage Geographic Targeting Demographic Targeting Retail Trading Zones Co-op Advertising
  10. 10. GPA Planning & Pricing Planning Gas Pump Advertising is planned just like traditional Outdoor in Gross Rating Point level showings by market. Gas Pump Advertising is sold in monthly cycles. Gas Pump Advertising can be planned in consecutive monthly showings or planned in flights through the year. Pricing Rates are based per station Showings include an average of 4 posters per station Station pricing range is based on number of stations and length of agreement Production is based on number of stations
  11. 11. What Makes us Different? AllOver Media maintains PERMANENT RELATIONSHIPS with gas station chains & buying groups Franchise markets provide PERMANENT PUMP TOP PLANTS with trained installers living and working in the franchise market OUR DISPLAYS ARE ALWAYS IN FRAMES MOUNTED TO THE TOP OF THE PUMP or the pump structure Gas Pump and nontraditional OOH is our primary business In-house art direction, creative staff & production facility Online management system (exclusive to AllOver Media) Full service job coordination & installation
  12. 12. Benefits of Alternative Out-of-Home Ranked 3rd hottest medium by AAAA Outside the box “In-Your-Face” advertising Reaches consumers away from home as they make purchases Delivers a captive audience Low cost per thousand Targeted approach minimizes waste
  13. 13. Plan your next media buy with AllOver Media