Adrian Cummins presents to the Business of Fun


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Adrian Cummins Chief Executive of the Irish Restaurants Association outlines innovative and best practice ways of partnering with festivals and cultural events to boost sales at The Business of Fun 2011

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Adrian Cummins presents to the Business of Fun

  1. 1. 2009/10 – FELT LIKE FREEFALL!!
  2. 2. but What condition is our parachute in? Are we ready for landing/recovery? Is our business in shape or do we risk of been eaten alive by the Alligators? ARE WE FIT FOR PURPOSE?
  3. 3. Category Establishments Employees 3,000 est. Producers (artisan, speciality and small food firms) 320 (Source: Bord Bia) Hotels 902 52,300 Guesthouses 303 1,900 Self Catering* 421 3,000 *Comprises - 95 Caravan & Camping, 103 Hostels, 196 Group Self catering Licensed Restaurants 2,295 32,900 Non Licensed Restaurants 1,337 16,100 Public Houses 7,843 54,000 Food Markets 186 N/AThis includes Farmer and Country Markets, of which 34 adhere to the Good Practice Standard for Farmers’ Markets launched by Bord Bia June 2009 Food Festivals 47 Cookery Schools 42 163,200 Total 13,696
  4. 4. 2007 2008 2009 2010Visitors 9.07M 8.69M 7.64M 6.8MRevenue € €4.37Bn €4.3Bn €3.4Bn €3.1Bn
  5. 5. “It will extend the Government’s commitment to revitalise the tourismindustry, create jobs and promote economic recovery. We hope the initiative will bring 325,000extra visitors to Ireland in 2013, boosting thetourism industry, creating jobs and injecting millions of euros into the economy.
  6. 6. It is imagined that the eventual programme will comprise ofthree distinct strands:A flagship festivals programme featuring unique headlinefestivals; A special interest events programme featuring smaller,intimate special interest, business or sporting events andfestivals; A community-led [fringe] events programme comprisingevents and happenings devised and organised by communitygroups at national and local level. Ideally the larger of thesewould take place in conjunction with the flagshipprogrammes.
  7. 7. €?
  8. 8. • @adriancummins first focus on the customer and deliver service then value I dont mean huge plates but good food at a fair price & a smile• @adriancummins look at the Edinburgh Festivals website. Festivals generated £245m for the city last year.
  9. 9. • @adriancummins regular communication, ease of booking, access to info & value for money partnerships with various stakeholders is whats req
  10. 10. • Kenneth Sharp Social media around festivals; the build up, features on participants, videos, discussions, competitions. make sure it is interactive and two way. Adds value to the participants as well as the visitors. Using it on the day to communicate what is going on, then using afterwards for follow up, galleries of photos, videos from events, vox pop reactions. Keep it going throughout the year, with follow ups on participants. Give people who visited it a sense of ownership, means they will come back the following year!• 13 hours ago · Unlike · 2
  11. 11. Gerard Carthy Taste of Ireland did the pop upat the Derby in 2009, 15 restaurants, fiveMichelin stars...pop up model. Perfect for verylarge gatherings, Ploughing, Volvo raceetc...Have the blueprint Adrian if you want.11 hours ago · LikeJoanne Callan Check out anything to do withCarlingford Co-Louth, they always do a greatjob and have many different festivalsthroughout the year, that appeal to all ages.10 hours ago · Like
  12. 12. • Blathnaid Bergin provide something which engages the community i.e. families and the business community will benefit as a result.13 hours ago · Unlike · 1• Shane P OReilly when it comes to the whole hosp industry and festivals, we must ensure that prices for food, drink and accom are reasonable, the old practice of putting up prices around festivals, such as Rose of Tralee, Galway Races, Fleadh and others, it paints a terrible picture both home and away, hope this helps.13 hours ago · Unlike · 2
  13. 13. • Anthony Dunne Check out electric picnic, in particular Body and Soul element, brings it back to what festivals really should be like. even have area for kids kids soul can buy family tickets and family camping. food wise caters for almost every type but as with all festivals can be pricey. Many of the core ideas seem to be taken from glastonbury but on a smaller scale. Hope this helps.• 8 hours ago · Like
  14. 14. • Stephen Shortt Special doggy bags from restaurants or pop up kitchens rather than generic trailers with food. // Special access to hotel spa, etc to clean your self off after the festival. // Midweek specials in hotels - stay Wednesday & thurs, transport to festival, pick up on Monday eve, stay Monday night, hotel do laundry in industrial machines, spa on Tuesday and check out on Wednesday - doesnt interfere with regular higher paying weekend holidayers... 13 hours ago · Unlike · 2• Róisín O Toole More activities for kids
  15. 15. Thank youQuestions