The role of BDEP in the management of information on the brazilian sedimentary basins


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The role of BDEP in the management of information on the brazilian sedimentary basins
Local: NDR10 - The Tenth Edition of The National Data Repository
Palestrante: Magda Chambriard - diretora da ANP

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The role of BDEP in the management of information on the brazilian sedimentary basins

  1. 1. KEYNOTE ADDRESSKEYNOTE ADDRESSThe role of BDEP in the management ofThe role of BDEP in the management ofThe role of BDEP in the management ofThe role of BDEP in the management ofinformation on the Brazilianinformation on the BrazilianSedimentary BasinsSedimentary BasinsMagda ChambriardDirectorBrazilian Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels
  2. 2. Presentation StructurePresentation Structure1. ANP Structure and Upstream Divisions4. BDEP – Brazilian Data Center3. Improving knowledge on the BrazilianSedimentary Basins2. Brazilian Oil Industry Current Status
  3. 3. ANP UpstreamANP UpstreamDivisionsDivisions
  4. 4. UPSTREAM DIVISIONSANP Upstream AreasANP Upstream AreasSDT SPGCSOOperational SafetyCCLLocal ContentCMAEnvironment ProtectionSDTTechnical DataDivisionSDBBlocks DefinitionDivisionSPLLicensing RoundsDivisionSPGGovernmentTake DivisionSEPExplorationDivisionSDPDevelopmentand ProductionDivisionNFPProductioninspecting
  5. 5. Brazilian Oil IndustryCurrentCurrent StatusStatus
  6. 6. Concession Contracts(March/2011)Exploratory Phase: 349 blocksCurrent Status of Oil IndustryCurrent Status of Oil IndustryCompanies40 national38 foreignExploratory Phase: 349 blocksProduction/Development Phase: 400 fields
  7. 7. ProductionOil – 2,18 million bbl/dGas – 62,8 million m3/dProven ReservesOil – ~ 14 billion bbl (*)Gas – ~ 417 billion m3CurrentCurrent StatusStatus ofof OilOil IndustryIndustry(2010)(2010)Net Imports/ExportsOil – 292,7 thousand bbl/dGas – 34,6 million m3/d(*) Includes proved reserves from the pre-salt area (“Lula” field)
  8. 8. 242832Petroleum ReservesPetroleum ReservesBillion barrelsMore than 30 billion bblLula, Iara, Guará, Parque dasBaleias, Franco and Libra0481216202002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Near future
  9. 9. The PreThe Pre--Salt as a New ParadigmSalt as a New Paradigm(up to 50 billion bbl?)(up to 50 billion bbl?)From 2004:71 wells drilled13 wells (18%)without discovery2-ANP-2A-RJS2-ANP-1-RJS
  10. 10. ImprovingImprovingknowledge on the Brazilianknowledge on the BrazilianSedimentary BasinsSedimentary Basins
  11. 11. New data in the BrazilianNew data in the BrazilianSedimentary BasinsSedimentary BasinsThe seismic acquisitons performed by DataAcquistion Companies (DACs) after the monopolyFlexibilization were crucial for discovering thePre-Salt area – the new horizon to petroleumindustrySeismicpre-1998Seismic until2002Current seismic
  12. 12. Concluded projectsInvestments of ~ US$ 190 millionOn going projectsInvestments of ~ US$ 121 millionANP DataANP Data AcquisitonAcquisitonG & G 5G & G 5--year planyear plan
  13. 13. • Seismic assessment in Jacuípe basin (2D)• Magnetoteluric surveys in Paraná, Parecis and Amazonas basinsProjects in bidding phaseProjects in bidding phaseG & G 5G & G 5--year planyear plan5-year plan total investment ~ US$ 650 million• Seismic assessment in Santos (3D), Ceará and Parnaíba basin (2D)• Geochemistry surveys in Tacutu and Foz do Amazonas basins• Petroleum systems studies in São Francisco basin• Drilling of four to six stratigraphic wellsProjects under considerationProjects under consideration
  14. 14. BDEPBDEPBrazilian Data CenterBrazilian Data Center
  15. 15. ANP Data BankANP Data BankThe Brazilian Data Center is the unit inside ANP responsible for storing alltechnical data acquired on petroleum exploration and production activitiesthroughout Brazilian sedimentary basins.What is BDEP?
  16. 16. - 1995: Constitutional amendment n°9 – Monopoly flexibilization- 1997: Law n°9478 – Creation of the Regulatory Agency – ANPArticle 8°, item XI - “organize and maintain archives of information and technical datarelated to petroleum, natural gas and biofuels industry regulated activities”ANP Data BankANP Data BankLegal issuesrelated to petroleum, natural gas and biofuels industry regulated activities”- 2000: To achieve this mission, ANP created BDEP, operated through a technicalagreement with the National Geologic Survey - CPRM
  17. 17. 1998: Petrobras Data collection transfer to ANP (legacy data)Seismic DataThe competitive marketstructure ledto a growthANP Data BankANP Data Bank1,800,000 km seismic lines19,000 wells912,500 km non-seismic dataSeismic DataWell DataNon-seismic Datato a growthof data acquisitionactivitiesRepresents 2.3%of current BDEP´sData collectionin volume
  18. 18. BDEP DATA COLLECTION (2010)Post-stack seismic = 1,130 surveysWells = 25 thousandPotential methods = 339 programsData CollectionData CollectionSEISMIC PRE-STACK3,164 Tb213 THOUSAND TAPESTOTAL = 3,198 Tb or 3.2 PbCorresponding to...60 million offull drawers2,041,275DVD´s20 billion ofdigital photos
  19. 19. BDEPBDEP yesterdayyesterday andand todaytoday2000 2010 Increasex 44TOTAL COLLECTION3.2 PBNUMBER OF MEMBERS0.071 PBx 1.9NUMBER OF MEMBERSNUMBER OF APPLICATIONSREVENUE51910.3 mi3.2 mi14014x 1.9x 3.7x 3.227
  20. 20. BDEPBDEP InvestmentsInvestmentsTECHNOLOGYInvestmentsUS$ 3.5 million invested in hardwares in 2008/2009US$ 3.5 million invested in hardwares in 2008/2009US$ 4.1 million forecasted for 2010/2011
  21. 21. Data collection Data Delivery• Licencing Rounds(data package)• ANP (blocks study and offer)ConfidentialityPeriodANPStandardsBDEPBDEP ActivitiesActivities• Oil Companies(exclusive data)• DACsData AcquisitionCompanies(non-exclusive data)• ANP data acquisition(foment data)Quality ControlData LoadingData Storing• ANP (blocks study and offer)• Associated Members• Universities• Eventual Users
  22. 22. ExempleExemple of associatedof associatedcompaniescompaniesEventual Users: all the others concessionaires and service companies
  23. 23. FinalFinal RemarksRemarks• Data Availability is a key issue for the oil & gas industry;• The intensification of E&P activities in Brazil increases the challenge ofensuring the availability of good data just in time;• New data acquisitions impose us agility to build new standards to store and• New data acquisitions impose us agility to build new standards to store andrelease information;• ANP is really interested in cooperating with NDR members for theimprovement of technical data management.
  24. 24. Director Magda ChambriardMarch/2011