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Jobs & Economy

  1. 1. A new age of U.S. natural gas Creating Jobs, Powering Our Clean abundance is rapidly expanding Energy Economy economic opportunities throughout our nation. U.S. employment in According to a study by IHS Global Insight, natural gas natural gas leapt 17% from 2006 to contributed $385 billion to our nation’s economy in 2008 and 2008—representing 1 in 4 net new supported more than 2.8 million American jobs. jobs created during that time throughout the entire U.S. economy. These opportunities will continue to expand as communities Natural gas supports an estimated 2.8 across North America take full advantage of these shale plays. million American jobs, and more than Future growth opportunities remain substantial as promising and 30 states now each are home to more vast U.S. shale plays continue to be developed. Just to give one than 10,000 natural gas jobs. 1 example: A 2010 Penn State study concluded that the Marcellus Shale could generate over $8 billion in economic value this year alone, $1 billion in state and local tax revenue and almost 1 100,000 jobs in 2011—in Pennsylvania alone. Increased use of this clean, abundant, made-in-America energy source will mean more jobs and economic opportunities here at home. The natural gas community directly employs roughly 622,000 Americans generating over $70 billion in income for workers. Direct jobs alone contributed $172 billion to the U.S. economy, 2 including: • Salaries • Benefits • Expenditures and savings funded from compensation and revenues • Federal, state, and local tax revenues • Royalties to landowners, federal agencies. These jobs extend far beyond the natural gas community to truck drivers, steel workers, and others who contribute to the production and increased utilization of this clean, abundant, domestic resource. Home-Grown Energy Fuels Jobs Across America American ingenuity has improved on the time-tested drilling techniques used for the last 60 years to enable us to 3 unlock vast new reserves of natural gas – right beneath our feet. Newly accessible natural gas reserves in shale regions, geological formations a mile below the earth’s surface that hold vast supplies of natural gas are bringing more high-paying jobs to communities across the country. 1 The Economic Impacts of the Pennsylvania Marcellus Shale Natural Gas Play: An Update, Considine, Pennsylvania State University College of Earth and Mineral Sciences, Department of Energy and Mineral Energy, May 2010. 2 The Contributions of the Natural Gas Industry to the U.S. National and State Economies, IHS Global Insight, September 2009. 3 State Oil and Natural Gas Regulations Design to Protect Water Resources, Ground Water Protection Council, May 2009.
  2. 2. Natural Gas in America’s Clean Energy Portfolio America could realize substantial environmental, economic and national security benefits – including near-term reductions in carbon and other harmful emissions – by using natural gas more effectively in four key ways: • Increasing the utilization of existing natural gas power plants; • Expanding the conversion of coal-fired generating facilities to natural gas; • Using natural gas as a reliable partner to the development of renewable energy; and • Increasing the use of natural gas as a vehicle fuel, particularly in large transportation fleets. 4 POWERING OUR NATION’S CLEAN ENERGY FUTURE. For more information, visit WWW.ANGA.US 4 The Contributions of the Natural Gas Industry to the U.S. National and State Economies, IHS Global Insight, September 2009.