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A presentation on customer relationship management , making it easy for you to understand what 'CRM' actually is! this presentation is a part of my course titled …

A presentation on customer relationship management , making it easy for you to understand what 'CRM' actually is! this presentation is a part of my course titled
'E-business management' . special thanks to my team mates ammara ahmad , tanvi chaturvedi,and lekshmi jagan for helping me out with this amazing presentation.

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  • 1. What is CRM?• Combination of integratedsales, marketing and service strategies• Involves a consistent, dependable andconvenient interaction with customers on aregular basis.Sales SupportMarketingCRM
  • 2. Three Phases of CRM1. Acquiring New Customers2. Enhancing Existing Relationships3. Retaining Customers Relationship
  • 3. 1. Acquiring• Good planning is required to accomplishthe strategies.• Promoting the product & service.• Innovation & convenience.• Immediate response to the customer
  • 4. 2. Enhancing• Customer satisfaction by effectiveresolution of issues & concerns• Cross-selling & Up-selling• Giving importance to customersuggestions
  • 5. 3. Retaining• Complete understanding of the needs of thecustomers• Most of the companies focus on maintaining theirrelation with their existing customers rather thanacquiring new customers.
  • 6. CRM Marketing Initiatives1. Cross sellingThe act of selling a product or service to customeras a result of another product or service.
  • 7. Cross sellingi)Offline ii)Online
  • 8. i) Offline Cross-SellingMC’ Donalds
  • 9. ii) Online Cross-SellingAmazon ebay•
  • 10. • Increases revenue• Help in enhancing the service• Retain customers• Attract new customers• Stay competitive in the market
  • 11. 2. Up SellingSales technique where a seller introduces thecustomer to purchase more expensiveitems, upgrades or other add ons in an attemptto make a profitable sale.
  • 12. Examples :Delivery options Movie concessions
  • 13. Hotel apartments Car wash
  • 14. • Exposing customers to better options, Customersatisfaction• Marketing of profitable services and products• Increase in profits• Increase in sales
  • 15. Planning your CRMprogram
  • 17. FIVE IMPORTANT STEPS1.Designing a strategy beforeimplementing your CRM software2.A CRM-strategy has to be aligned tothe mission and purpose of theorganization .3.CRM-strategies must acquiresupport by their senior executivesto succeed.
  • 18. 4.The key people from yourorganization, who will be using theCRM-system, should support fullyunderstand how CRM works.5.Choose your CRM-software wisely.
  • 19. COST –justifyingThree possible financial outcomes• Increased profits• Break even• Lost revenue
  • 20. Quantifiable metricsCRM can result in revenue or costsavings via the followingquantifiable metrics1. More efficient customer –focusedbusiness processes.2. Decreased customer attrition3. Increased sales .
  • 21. Company CaseMr.Maz sign up for Business Banking Online ofBarclays bankHe spent some 10 minutes completing theapplication form looking forward to getting his bankaccount set up there and then
  • 22. The Reality ,Completely Different !!!Disappointment 1:In the world of Barclays “online sign up”actually means “offline sign up”!Disappointment 2:Why are Barclays wasting my time?Disappointment 3:Confirms that the bank is badly broken ifviewed through the Customer Experiencelens
  • 23. Viral Marketing• If one individual is dissatisfied, odds arehe’ll tell a collection of other individuals• The average unhappy customer tells eightother potential customers about hisnegative experience• What customers say is actually moreimportant than what companies say aboutthemselves
  • 24. • In an age where every action a companytakes can be instantly exposed across theWeb, consumer trust is more importantthan ever.• Extreme trust proactively protectscustomers interests.• For eg, if you order a book fromAmazon, theyll remind you that youalready bought it. ITunes does that as well.
  • 25. What Exactly is CRM• The infrastructure that enables• Delineation of & increase in customer value• By correct means• To motivate valuable customers• To remain loyal-indeed ,to buy again
  • 26. Goal of CRMTo recognize and treat each customers asIndividualChange a customer’s relationship with acompanyIncrease revenues in bargain
  • 27. Companies should ask,How can we use these CRM technologies to do abetter job and provide a more appropriate orrelevant product, and save our customers time andenergy?