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This is a presentation including a general overview of Universal Design, Innovative Products,examples, and resources of Universal Design "for all". Enjoy!

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Pwb Linked In Universal Smart Design For All Presentation

  1. 1. UNIVERSAL DESIGNUNIVERSAL DESIGNWhat is Universal Design? What is Wh t i Universal U i l Design? D i ?
  2. 2. UNIVERSAL DESIGN What is Universal Design? HOW MANY OF YOU HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED?•DIFFICULTY REACHING OR MOVING THINGS ORDINARY (Location awkward or item too heavy) •Electrical Plugs •Cabinets STRUGGLES &•TURNING THINGS ON & OPERATING THINGS CHALLENGES FOR •Light Switches •Faucets EVERYONE: •Complicated Devices•ASSISTING OR CARING FOR OTHERS •Children •Older People Older •Obese People •Visitors•INJURY Y lf •Yourself •Children •Family
  3. 3. UNIVERSAL DESIGNWhat is Universal Design? HOW MANY OF YOU HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED? •MANEUVERING LARGE OBJECTS THROUGH A HOME •Doors Hallways •Hallways •Stairs •CONCERNS FOR SAFETY & INJURY (Tripping, bumping, falling, burning or fire) •Ovens •Stoves •Bathtubs •Children ORDINARY STRUGGLES & CHALLENGES FOR EVERYONE:
  4. 4. UNIVERSAL DESIGNWhat is Universal Design?“Universal design refers to broad- gspectrum architectural planning ideasmeant to produce buildings, productsand environments that are inherentlyaccessible to both the able-bodiedand the physically disabled. source: Wikipedia "The design of products and environments to be usable by all people, to the greatest extent possible, without the need for adaptation or specialized d i ” i li d design.” source: Center for Universal Design, North Carolina State University
  5. 5. UNIVERSAL DESIGNWhat is Universal Design? EXAMPLES IN EVERY DAY LIFE• Velcro• Electric Toothbrush• Tactile Paving g• Automatic Door• Flexible drinking straw• Google• Audiobook Diseños para Todos/Designs for All (2008 ) Optimastudio with the support of Spains Ministry of Education, Social Affairs and p pp p y , Sports (IMSERSO) and CEAPAT LIFE EASIER FOR ALL
  6. 6. UNIVERSAL DESIGNWhat is Universal Design? EXAMPLES IN EVERY DAY LIFE • Closed Caption Television • Sidewalk Curb cuts • Flush entrances to public buildings • Dimmable & Adjustable Lighting • Easy to Read signage • V i Activated Controls Voice A ti t d C t l • Hands-free Phones & Cell phones • GPS Guidance Systems • User friendly devices & Instructions LIFE EASIER FOR ALL
  7. 7. UNIVERSAL DESIGNWhat is Universal Design?NOT JUST BABY BOOMERS BOOMERS…. Source: AARP Photo by Jay Clenderin
  8. 8. UniversalPRODUCTS “SMART” DESIGN for AllOxo Good Grips •High Contrast & Colors •Ergonomic Design for every Size and Age of user •Ease in Use with less effort & strain •Intuitive to use Intuitive
  9. 9. UniversalKITCHEN Design “SMART” DESIGN for AllBeautifulFlexibleEasy to useInvisible GE Appliances: New H N Home Essentials Kitchen E ti l Kit h Designer: Mary Jo Peterson
  10. 10. UniversalKITCHEN Design “SMART” DESIGN for AllMANEUVERABILITY & ROOM TO MOVE•Generous passages (48”) for work/play•Clearance at appliances when open•Ease for multiple cooks of varying sizes, ages, and abilities, and for multiple activities. GE Appliances New Home Essentials Kitchen Designer: Mary Jo Peterson
  11. 11. Universal KITCHEN Design “SMART” DESIGN for AllSENSITIVITY TO HOW A SPACE IS (and could be) USED FLEXIBILITY: Storage & Easier Access to Everything •For Multiple cooks of varying sizes, ages, and abilities •For Multiple activities. •Adjustable & Layered Lighting Adjustable •Storage converts to knee space •Adjustable height sink •Table moves for different uses/users •Variety of counter heights to accommodate cooks’ heights GE Appliances New Home Essentials Kitchen •Raised dishwasher= No bending Designer: Mary Jo Peterson for most people
  12. 12. UniversalKITCHEN Design “SMART” DESIGN for All EASE OF US S O USE •Pull out work surface=lowered counter •Smaller oven/door •Easier Lifting and transferring of Heavy PansMORE STORAGE WITHINSIGHT & REACH•Open/lighted glass door cabinetry and p g g yVariable Task lighting helpsight/memory (Under Counter Lighting)•Storage rails in the backsplash•Accessories which bring storage to theCook GE Appliances New Home Essentials Kitchen Designer: Mary Jo Peterson
  13. 13. UniversalKITCHEN Design “SMART” DESIGN for All FLEXIBILITY •Adjustable height sink includes adjacent counter for easy use at a variety of heights •Lighted display cabinet above the i d Dishwasher th raised Di h hGE Appliances New Home Essentials KitchenDesigner: Mary Jo Peterson
  14. 14. UniversalKITCHEN Design “SMART” DESIGN for AllEASE OF USE•Smooth surface cooktop, pheat proof counters•Adjacent sink providesfurther eases transferring hotor heavy pots (filled andemptied with less strain)•Knee-space for cook to sit GE Appliances New Home Essentials Kitchen Designer: Mary Jo Peterson
  15. 15. UniversalKITCHEN Design “SMART” DESIGN for AllMORE STORAGE WITHINSIGHT & REACH•Adjustable pantry storage•Rolling cart•Pantry adjusts with individual and/or Pantrychanging needs•Pantry rollout can be moved foradditional seated working space•Storage rails on the door St il th d•Drawers, Roll-outs & Accessories whichbring storage to the Cook GE Appliances New Home Essentials Kitchen Designer: Mary Jo Peterson
  16. 16. UniversalKITCHEN Design “SMART” DESIGN for All FLEXIBLE Multifunctioning Computer Desk Area/ CounterGE Appliances:New Home Essentials KitchenDesigner: Mary Jo Peterson
  18. 18. UniversalKITCHEN Products “SMART” DESIGN for AllDRAWER DISHWASHER CABINET INNOVATIONS, INNOVATIONS LIFT UP CABINET/ TOE KICK ORGANIZATION & •Bellini Collection HARDWARE •Hafele •HafeleINDUCTION COOKTOP TOUCH CONTROLLED•G E Appliances•G.E. FAUCET REFRIGERATOR-OVEN•Electromagnetic (only the pan heats) •Delta pilar touch 2O •Whirlpool Polara•Electronic Touch Control •Controlled by touch•Control Lock •Sanitary
  19. 19. UniversalBATHROOM Design “SMART” DESIGN for All •Shower Kohler •Bench in shower Designer: Diana Schrage •Zero threshold shower •Integral Shower Support system (Belay handrail) •Grab Bars integral to product •Hand-held, adjustable-height showerhead •Comfort Height toilet •Even lighting Kohler Belay handrail Designer: Diana Schrage
  20. 20. UniversalBATHROOM Design “SMART” DESIGN for All •Transfer tub with rising wall •Non slip floor surfaces •Ease of approach Ease •Grab Bars integral to product •Additional grab bars •Tub bench for easy transfer •Controls within reach •Fast fill •Multiple drains for fast drain Elevance™ e a ce Rising Wall Bath Kohler Designer: Diana Schrage
  21. 21. UniversalBATHROOM Design “SMART” DESIGN for All Delta Zero- Threshold Shower Bases 39″ x 39″ or 63″ x 39″ sizesNo threshold ShowerWinchester Homes atShenandoah
  22. 22. UniversalBATHROOM Products “SMART” DESIGN for All Moen LEVER HANDLE, ANTI-SCALD COMFORT HEIGHT TOILET FAUCETS •Toilet seat 17 to 19 Sink, Bathtub, And Shower inches off floor DECORATIVE GRAB BARS/ TOWEL BARS Great Grabz ADJUSTABLE SHOWER SYSTEM •Kohler MasterShower Slidebar System
  23. 23. UniversalHOME Design “SMART” DESIGN for AllRAISE ELECTRICALOUTLETS “NO”/ LOW THRESHOLD Masonite Interior Doors ENTRY DOOR WIDER DOORS & HALLWAYS Winchester Homes at Shenandoah •2’ 10” or 3’ 0” interior doors •2’-10” 3’-0” •3’-0” door to garage •3’-6” hallways minimum LOWER ELECTRICAL SWITCHES & Lutron CONTROLS •Use a contrasting color for better visibility •Paddle or Toggle type •DimmersCONTRASTING FINISHESStair with landings AFFORDABLE
  24. 24. Universal HOME Products “SMART” DESIGN for AllCOMPACT FLUORESCENT, LED Fixtures & BULBS •Leviton’s •Energy Efficient gy Acenti® •Longer lasting switches •Less Heat •Lutron PADDLE/ TOGGLE LIGHT SWITCHES & DIMMERS •Specialty Lighting (Less Glare) •Task Lighting (Under Cabinet Lighting) •Recessed Down Lighting (Adjustable where desirable) •Accent Lighting •Wall Sconces & Washers (Subtle Contrast & Focus) (Less Gl ) (L Glare) VARIED LIGHTING FORLIGHTING & CONTROLS DIFFERENT & VARIED TASKS
  25. 25. UniversalHOME Products “SMART” DESIGN for All LEVER DOOR HANDLES REMOTE CONTROL/ KEYLESS •No interior locks ENTRY SYSTEMS •Affordable •Schlage LiNK Lock LIFTING TABLE STORAGE, SHELVING &REMOTE CONTROL FRONT LOADED ORGANIZATIONBLINDS & SHADES WASHER & DRYERS •Reachable ranges•Automatic & Programmable •G.E. Appliances •Broan Nutone •(ADA Compliant) •Ironing Board Center
  26. 26. Universal HOME Products “SMART” DESIGN for AllTECHNOLOGY•Home Control system & Home Automation(lighting/ energy/ audio/ intercom/ security)•Security•Energy monitoring•Health monitoring/ support•“OnStar” for homes (GrandCare Systems) OnStar•Web/ Internet/ Blue Tooth technology(Wiring not needed) GRANDCARE SYSTEMS HOME AUTOMATION, INC. LEVITON MANUFACTURING.
  28. 28. Universal HOME Products “SMART” DESIGN for AllINDEPENDENT LIVING & COMMUNITY CONNECTION•FACILITATED BY TECHNOLOGY, ACCESS & RETROFIT•“NORC’s Aging in Place Initiative” •Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities Naturally Communities GRANDCARE SYSTEMS PHILLIPS •Connection to Community •Auto Alert Pendant •Monitoring Independence Waterproof PERS • Lifeline SIMPLICITY •Retrofit Wheelchair Lifts in garage R t fit Wh l h i Lift iSAVARIA SAVARIA•Wheelchair Lifts & Home Elevators •Roby Powered Stair Climber
  29. 29. UNIVERSAL DESIGN What is Universal Design? RESOURCES•THE CENTER FOR UNIVERSAL DESIGN :NC STATE UNIVERSITY ncsu edu/www/ncsu/design/sod5/cud/•AARP (USE THE SEARCH TO ACCESS GREAT ARTICLE S AND RESOURCES)••CORNELL UNIVERSITY EFFECTS OF AGING INTERACTIVE WEBSITEWeill Medical College of Cornell University - Environmental Geriatrics g y••NORC’s Aging in Place Initiative website (NATURALLY OCCURRING RETIREMENT COMMUNITIES)••REHABILITATION ENGINEERING AND RESEARCH CENTER (RERC) ( )University at Buffalo, The State University of New York / Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum/ Smithsonian Institution (1999).Unlimited By Design (IDEA Center)Traveling Exhibit website•UNIVERSAL DESIGN EDUCATION RESOURCES WEBSITE udeducation org/resources html##3•FAIR HOUSING ACT DESIGN MANUAL: A Manual to Assist Designers and Builders in Meeting theAccessibility Requirements of The Fair Housing Act (FREE WEB DOWNLOAD)••BOOMERSLIFE org WEBSITE: Boomers life: music people issues and Boomers health• music, people,•
  30. 30. UNIVERSAL DESIGNWhat is Universal Design? THANK YOU! 50+ Housing CouncilNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF HOME BUILDERS –NAHB 50+ HOUSING COUNCIL UNIVERSAL DESIGN EXPERTSMARY JO PETERSON CKD, CBD, CAPS, CAASH Principal- Mary Jo Peterson, Inc. p yDIANA SCHRAGE Kohler Design CenterLOUIS TENENBAUM CAPS, CAASH Independent Living Strategist Universal Design - Aging in PlaceROSEMARY BAKKER MS, ASID Weill Medical College of Cornell University - Environmental GeriatricsSTEVE WATTENBARGER, AIA Wattenbarger ArchitectsANIKA RUFF Electronic Systems Design, Inc.AMY LEVNER AARPBERRY BRUNK CEO- Collaborell, I CEO C ll b ll IncJOHN SALMEN , AIA U,D & C- Universal Designers & Consultants, Inc.This presentation is solely provided as a general overview of Universal Design and its principals of design. Due to the extensive amount ofinformation available, product information supplied by manufacturers, designers and web based resources, it is impossible to verify every available manufacturers resourceselement of the presentation. Building Site Synergy, LLC and Amy Martino are not responsible for the information provided and verification ofcompliance with Universal Design standards, quality of construction, jurisdictional requirements and standards and expressly do not recommendany of the products or designs. All information, quality of products and installation requirements provided must be verified and acceptedindependently.
  31. 31. UniversalMEETING THE DEMANDS UNIVERSAL DESIGN “SMART” DESIGN for Allof the BABY BOOMER Generation Amy Martino has focused her 20 + year career on the master planning and design of high- density multi-family communities and buildings with particular emphasis on the active adult market and Lifestyle Communities. Her substantial portfolio focuses on complex urban and suburban infill, redevelopment and waterfront communities. Ms Martino has infill communities Ms. designed and documented a range of housing types, from cluster housing at five dwelling units/acre (DU/AC) through mid and high rise buildings exceeding 100 DU/AC. Ms. Martino excels at defining opportunities and constraints, creative solutions for challenging sites and building consensus on complex mixed use, active adult and market rate communities. She is a frequent presenter to national and regional forums.. Ms. Martino’s project leadership has garnered many planning and design awards for her clients, including three national 50+ awards: 2006 Best Overall Midsize Active Adult Community by the NAHB 50+ Housing Council for Central Parke at Victoria Falls and Best of Seniors Housing Platinum Awards for Best: “Midsize Active Adult Community (301 – Midsize 1,500 homes)” and Best “Community Center for Midsize Active Adult Community” for The Amy Martino Parke at Ocean Pines both developed by Slenker Communities. AIA, AIA, CAASH, LEED-AP LEED- Building Site Synergy focuses on Repositioning Building and Site plan approvals and Building design, Value Engineering and Green Sustainable Strategies. BUILDING SITE SYNERGY 210 North Plum Street Media, Pennsylvania 19063 Phone: 410 916-9829 Website: Email: