Terp 10 Outclass


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Terp 10 Outclass

  1. 1. OUTCLASS THE COMPETITION SAP UNIVERSITY ALLIANCE PROGRAM – TERP10 CERTIFICATION The SAP University Alliances program is a global endeavor that provides online training with the aid of relevant tools and resources necessary to teach students how technology can enable integrated business processes and strategic thinking – and gives students the skills to add immediate value to the marketplace. A world’s first, the SAP TERP10 course gives a broad understanding of SAP ERP skills based on a functional scope of real-world SAP Best practices, something never before available in an academic course. This eAcademy course is well designed and ensures easy navigation and thus helps equip the student with the best practices knowledge that is most required in industries today. This SAP certification, which is recognized globally, is one of the first steps in the certification pathway to becoming a full-fledged SAP consultant. The certification workshop conducted on campus has already been piloted and now is ready to be rolled out across universities and thus equips the student community with a certificate of immense value thus offering better career prospects. With the TERP10 certification, students can apply their knowledge through internship opportunities in SAP partner companies. Students can also proceed to take further certification courses on campus via SAP’s online course, SAP eAcademy. Students who take up the SAP-TERP10 course will have the added advantage of being equipped with a good understanding of business processes adopted in companies. They will also get insights into the best practices on how information- communication can be leveraged upon to optimize business processes and transform the way business is done. Graduates with a grasp of both infocomm skills and business domain knowledge will be in
  2. 2. greater demand, as companies today constantly seek talent to develop innovative solutions. The TERP10 course thus offers an online and a valued engagement learning technique that helps increase the students’ understanding of business processes and operations in the real- world. This course is highly valuable as it sensitizes the students to industry best practices and provides a starting point for them to diffuse, customize, and continuously innovate on these best practices, which are critical skills that any graduates can bring to the workplace. The TERP10 program provides students with valuable insights into how real-world ERP systems like SAP support essential business functions and facilitate the seamless flow of information within an organization. For students who are keen to specialize in SAP as a career, the program is an excellent foundation course that would help them accelerate their learning and contribute effectively in their jobs. SAP skills are highly in demand internationally and many opportunities await SAP certified students in industry leading firms like Accenture, IBM and Infosys to name a few. To sum it up, the course provides the students an overview of the key business processes of an enterprise and how technology is harnessed to enable these processes. Using the SAP ERP software as the training tool in the course, the students will gain an understanding of the interdependencies and integration of these business processes and the power of technology enabled ERP system to increase productivity, streamline an organization’s way of working and improve business performances. These students equipped with the basic understanding of the SAP system will find it easier to join a SAP project over their peers who have not looked at a TERP Certification yet. After completion of this course the students have opportunities of working with reputed organizations in the capacity of a pre sales consultant, sales consultant and with an additional eAcademy certification in other domains such as HR, Sales, Financials students can also look at moving into senior roles after considerable exposure and implementation experience. With this course, we at SAP hope these students will be motivated to further their thirst for new knowledge and skills in the business world.
  3. 3. COURSE DESCRIPTION: MYSAP ERP - INTEGRATED BUSINESS PROCESSES BASED ON SAP R/3 ENTERPRISE Course: TERP10 Course Version: 051 Prerequisites Essential MBA Students Recommended None Duration 70 Hours Goals Work together with the responsible consultants and project team members in the individual ERP areas Explain how the fundamental integrative business processes interact within mySAP ERP in the areas of Operations (core logistics processes), Financials, Human Capital Management, and Analytics Audience MBA students and working professionals who want to gain a broad overview of the processes, business interrelations, and integration of the individual business areas within the mySAP ERP solution Software R/3 4.7 SEM 3.5 BW 3.1
  4. 4. Content Through instructor presentations, system demonstrations, hands-on exercises, an be introduced to: o The basic structures; organizations, master data, etc.: used throughout SA o NetWeaver as a technology infrastructure supporting ERP business processes o NetWeaver Business Intelligence (BI) as a reporting and analysis tool learn the basic business processes used in: o Financial Accounting o Management Accounting o Human Capital Management o Procurement o Inventory Management o Material Planning o Manufacturing Execution o Plant Maintenance o Customer Service o Lifecycle Data Management o Sales Order Management o Program & Project Management o Strategic Enterprise Management On he last day of this course you will take the C_TERP10_05 certification exam. Notes This course introduces the basic processes of ERP. Detailed explanation of each business process, examination of alternative process steps and customizing is covered in the advanced courses associated with each process area.
  5. 5. COURSE DESCRIPTION: SAP CONSULTANT CERTIFICATION SOLUTION ARCHITECT ERP - INTEGRATION OF BUSINESS PROCESSES WITH MYSAP ERP 2005 Course: C_TERP10_05 Course Version: 005 Prerequisites Essential * Required certificates for participation in this certification test: None Recommended None Duration 1 day Goals Audience Software Software components: SAP ERP Central Component 6.0, SEM 4.0, BW 3.5 Content The certification test consists of questions from the areas specified below: Topic Areas 1. ERP Basics (+) o Organizational Levels o Master Data o Transactional Data o Reporting (including BW) 2. NetWeaver (+) o Basics of NetWeaver 3. Procurement Cycle (++) o Organizational Levels and Master Data o Purchase Requisitions and Purchase Order o Goods Receipts and Transfer Postings o Invoice Verification and Payment o Reporting 4. Material Planning (+) o Organizational Levels and Master Data o Material Planning 5. Lifecycle Data Management (+) o Product Lifecycle Management Overview o Product Structure Browser o Classification o Variant Configuration o Document Management System o Engineering Change Management 6. Manufacturing Execution (+) o Organizational Levels o Master Data o Manufacturing Execution 7. Inventory & Warehouse Management (+)
  6. 6. o Stock Transfers and Transfer Postings o Logistics Execution o Physical Inventory Procedures 8. Sales Order Management (++) o Organizational Structures and Master Data o Order to Cash Business Process o Reporting and Analysis Tools 9. Enterprise Asset Management and Customer Service (++) o Enterprise Asset Management Organizational Structures o Technical Objects o Breakdown Maintenance Process o Reporting and Analysis o Customer Service 10. Project Management (+) o Project Structures o Project Planning o Project Budgeting o Project Execution o Period-End Closing 11. Human Capital Management (++) o Organizational Structures o Employee Records o Human Capital Management Process o Reporting and Analysis 12. Financial Accounting (++) o Role of Financial Accounting o Organizational Levels o General Ledger o Accounts Payable o Accounts Receivable o Fixed Asset Accounting o Prepare Financial Statements 13. Management Accounting (++) o Overview of Management Accounting o Organizational Levels o Cost Center Accounting o Internal Orders o Profit Center Accounting o Profitability Analysis o Product Cost Accounting 14. Business Intelligence (+) o Business Information Warehouse o Reporting in Business Warehouse 15. SEM (+) o Overview of the Functions and Components of SEM Applications Amount of questions by topic (as percentage of test): + = 1 - 10% ++ = 11 - 20% +++ = over 20% No responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information. Copyright © SAP AG 2004. Notes Please note that you are not allowed to use any reference materials during the certification test (no access to online documentation or to any SAP system). The certification test Solution Architect ERP - Integration of Business Processes with mySAP ERP 2005 verifies the knowledge in the area of the ERP solution for the consultant profile ERP Integration. This certificate proves that the candidate has a basic understanding within this consultant profile, and can implement this knowledge practically in projects.