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miSecureMessages is an encrypted two-way messaging app developed by AMTELCO

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TAS miSecureMessages

  1. 1. presentation for Healthcare
  2. 2. AMTELCO is the trusted supplier ofCommunications Applications and SoftwareSolutions to Call Centers in all vertical markets, aswell as System Developers, for over 36 years. Weare well known across the planet for ourinnovative ideas, patents, integration capabilities,and call center solutions.Today, AMTELCO is in all 50 of the United Statesand in more than 40 other countries eitheroperating a solution locally or from our cloud-based infrastructure. Millions of telephone calls,text messages, secure communications a day areinstantly and accurately processed by AMTELCOsoftware throughout the world.
  3. 3. AMTELCO Call Center Solutions
  4. 4. Smartphones and Tablets  Smartphones and tablets have outpaced and replaced all other technology for communications.  Their technical capabilities grow exponentially each day.  The markets priority is meeting the demand of the people: to use smartphones and tablets for all purposes.
  5. 5. Connecting by Communicating Doctors and medical staff need to communicate with each other constantly. miSecureMessages lets them: Increase and enhance the amount of information shared, and decrease response time. Keep your medical staff in touch and informed at all times...
  6. 6. Shhh... ...with quiet, immediate communications, improving patient satisfaction. Eliminate overhead pages!
  7. 7. But what about HIPAA?  The Department of Health and Human Services and the Office of Civil Rights are having healthcare organizations audited at random for HIPAA and HITECH compliance.  Penalties are civil (potentially millions of dollars) and criminal.  Its more important than ever to communicate securely.
  8. 8. HIPAA & HITECH45 C.F.R. § 164.306(a) “The Security Rule requires covered entities tomaintain reasonable and appropriate administrative, technical, andphysical safeguards for protecting e-PHI.Specifically, covered entities must:1. Ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all e-PHI theycreate, receive, maintain or transmit;2. Identify and protect against reasonably anticipated threats to thesecurity or integrity of the information;3. Protect against reasonably anticipated, impermissible uses ordisclosures; and4. Ensure compliance by their workforce.”164.312(a)(2)(iv) “Implement a mechanism to encrypt and decryptelectronic protected health information.” http://www.hhs.gov/ocr/privacy/hipaa/understanding/srsummary.html
  9. 9. The Best Communication Solution Compared to pagers, e-mail, and SMS, miSecureMessages gives you the best communication solution with:  true Security  incredible Speed  dependable Reliability  advanced Features Fully complies with HIPAA & SMS HITECH standards: does not e-mail use SMS, does not store information on devices, andpagers uses end-to-end encryption.
  10. 10. Why do you need miSecureMessages? • To secure Patient Health Information (PHI) to meet HIPAA and HITECH regulations • To quickly send large amounts of information • For efficient and secure two-way communications • To consolidate your devices – hospital-wide pager replacement!
  11. 11. Send encrypted messages to: • Android™ • Apple® iPad® • iPhone® • iPod touch® • BlackBerry®
  12. 12. Send miSecureMessages:• From your secure Browser-based Directory• From the Oncall schedule – ensuring you contact the correct personnel!• From Device-to-Device• To an Individual, or to a Group
  13. 13. miSecureMessages Features: • Send an Unlimited Number of Messages • Send an Unlimited Number of Characters per Message • No text or SMS plan needed • A separate Inbox from your text and e-mail messages
  14. 14. miSecureMessages Features: • Persistent alerts – alerting you until you acknowledge the message • Priority Messages – ensuring you see the most important messages first • Fast Responses – its easy to quickly send a secure reply • Choose from Customizable Default Responses, or send your own Custom Reply
  15. 15. miSecureMessages Features: Real-time updating of messages and replies, with time-stamps for each message event. Message receipts with time-stamps for: •Message Sent •Message Delivered •Message Read •Message Replies
  16. 16. Reply with one of your default responses... or send your owncustom reply!
  17. 17. miSecureMessages is Available As: • A Secure Cloud-based Solution
  18. 18. Also Available As: • An On-site Solution
  19. 19. On-call Integration Integrate to our on-call solution to: -view real-time on-call schedules -send secure messages to on-call staff -change your on-call status ...all from within the miSecureMessages app!
  20. 20. On-call Assignments View Personal On-call Assignments On-the-go! On-call assignments can also be synced to users major electronic calendars, including the iPhone and Android calendar apps. On-call E-mail Reminders E-mail reminders can be automatically sent to on-call staff, reminding them of their upcoming shifts.
  21. 21. Intelligent SeriesWeb On-call: SchedulingOn-call scheduling is made incredibly easy!
  22. 22. Intelligent Series Web On-call: RosterStaff can easily contact the on-call personnel from the web roster.
  23. 23. Intelligent Series Web Scripting: Group DispatchOur customized web scripts simplifyindividual and group messagedispatching for all types of situations. Web Scripts pull in real-time schedule and contact information, including escalation requirements - ensuring that you are contacting the right people at the right time!
  24. 24. Thank You!AMTELCO is the trusted supplier of Communications Applicationsand Software Solutions to Call Centers in all vertical markets, aswell as System Developers, for over 36 years. We are well knownacross the planet for our innovative ideas, patents, integrationcapabilities, and call center solutions.Today, AMTELCO is in all 50 of the United States and in more than40 other countries either operating a solution locally or from ourcloud-based infrastructure. Millions of telephone calls, textmessages, secure communications a day are instantly andaccurately processed by AMTELCO software throughout the world. 4800 Curtin Drive ∙ McFarland WI 53558 ∙ (800) 356-9148 ∙ (608) 838-4194 FAX (608) 838-8367 ∙ www.amtelco.com ∙ info@amtelco.com