NAEO 2010 amtelco presents road rally 1


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AMTELCO's presentation from the 2010 National Amtelco Equimpent Owners meeting.

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NAEO 2010 amtelco presents road rally 1

  1. 1. AMTELCO PRESENTS Road Rally 1 What’s New For 2010?
  3. 3. We are constantly striving to improve our communications with you. What are some of the tools now available to keep us in touch? LETS COMMUNICATE
  4. 4. TECHHELPER NEWSLETTER Keeping you informed with monthly updates from Field Service.
  5. 5. AMTELCO INSIDER Keeping you informed with monthly updates from Software.
  6. 6. AMTELCO INSIDER One of the Amtelco Insider links goes to a techhelper page with current releases, with readme history links.
  7. 7. AMTELCO INSIDER Stay informed by subscribing to the Techhelper RSS feed. NEW! We are now posting alerts about new releases as soon as they are available, with links to what has changed!
  8. 8. SOCIAL MEDIA Keeping you informed with Social Media tools such as Facebook.
  9. 9. SOCIAL MEDIA Keeping you informed with Social Media tools such as Twitter.
  10. 10. WEB FEATURES LIST All features and modules listed, categorized, and updated.
  11. 11. NAEO RESOURCES We have special resources for NAEO attendees – Thumbdrives and a special NAEO download web site.
  13. 14. You will see a green, yellow, or red stoplight for each feature we present. Currently Available Taking Orders, Availability Pending Release From Beta Or Requirements Discussion Not Ready, Just Presenting The Concept
  14. 15. We first announced Infinity 5.51 at NAEO in Cancun. Over 170 sites have taken advantage of the free 5.51 upgrade for service contract customers. Infinity 5.51 included some powerful new capabilities. INFINITY Infinity 5.51
  15. 16. Two-Way SMS INFINITY 5.51 SMS text messaging was introduced as an option with Infinity 5.51. Use SMS text messaging with Infinity or IS message dispatching. We now have over 20 sites utilizing SMS text messaging.
  16. 17. Two-Way SMS INFINITY 5.51 We have recently enhanced Infinity SMS to allow clients to more easily reply to SMS text messages. Clients can also send you unsolicited inbound text messages that are matched to their account and popped to an operator.
  17. 18. Universal DID allows you to migrate one client at a time to one number forwarding. INFINITY 5.51
  18. 19. Provide more information to your operators prior to answering by showing the ANI prior to answer. INFINITY 5.51
  19. 20. Infinity Dashboard provides flexible real-time system monitoring. INFINITY 5.51
  20. 21. Infinity 5.51 Dashboard has been enhanced with new display elements. INFINITY 5.51
  21. 22. VoIP INFINITY 5.51 Amtelco continues to focus on expanding VoIP solutions for you: Infinity VoIP Board operator audio. Infinity VoIP Board SIP trunking. SIP Soft Agent. MiteyMiteMessenger. Asterisk and Gateway Integration. We are working with telephone carriers such as Paetec and PBX vendors such as Avaya, Cisco, and Mitel on interop certifications.
  22. 23. Business Continuity INFINITY 5.51 Amtelco has been focusing on Business Continuity solutions for you. We now offer: Backup Server with Network Backup Backup Server with Real Time Backup Amtelco Emergency Access with New Options
  23. 24. Amtelco Emergency Access INFINITY 5.51 Hosted Business Continuity solutions, allowing you to partner with Amtelco to obtain a new level of preparedness: Bronze Level – 4 hour activation, send backup tapes to Amtelco, we restore them into our shared backup server. Silver Level – 2 hour activation, use network backup to backup your data into our shared backup server. Gold Level – 1 hour activation, use real-time backup to backup your data into our shared backup server. Platinum Level – 20 minute activation, dedicated hardware for you that is ready when you need it. Universal DID recommended for all levels to facilitate easy forwarding to Amtelco.
  24. 25. Amtelco Emergency Access INFINITY 5.51 We would like to get your feedback on the interest level of Hosted Emergency Access solutions. We will be covering this in more detail with Greg and Jody at our Road Rally II session Tuesday at 9:15 and we look forward to your input.
  25. 26. Introducing Infinity release 5.6. INFINITY 5.6 Amtelco continues to enhance the Infinity platform. We are proud to announce our new Infinity 5.6 release. We have Infinity 5.6 running at Amtelco and are preparing it for beta testing. We are taking orders and will make it available to customers who request it on a first come first serve basis.
  26. 27. Increase flexibility and security with 32 Character Login Name and 32 Character Alpha-Numeric Password. INFINITY 5.6
  27. 28. Provide more tools for your operators using our new HiRes Collapsible Panels. Open as many panels as you like, reorder the panels, force panels open, or block certain panels. INFINITY 5.6
  28. 29. Infinity 5.6 Dashboard has been enhanced with a new Infinity ACD Service Level Reporting display. INFINITY 5.6
  29. 30. Infinity 5.6 IS Reporting has been enhanced with a new Infinity ACD Service Level Report. INFINITY 5.6
  30. 31. Scheduled Callback Request INFINITY 5.6 Scheduled callback allows callers to request a callback rather than waiting in queue. Callers can specify if they want a callback as soon as possible or at a specific time or even specific day. This can be a great tool to smooth out busy times, avoid long hold times, and improve service.
  31. 32. MDR as a Service Turn operator off if audio is lost On-Screen Indicator for Client Repeat and Specials 160 character operator chat (was 80 characters) Option to block Chat to All from certain agents Infinity Web offline event 64 party conferences 24 character dial suffix (was 12 characters) Dialout guard time Print Specials report Client Sources report Client Status report Pending Auto-Callout report Auto-Digital Paging via SMS VoIP Board Call Transfer VoIP Board Quality of Service Setting Multiple VoIP Boards XDS Board Error Recovery and Reset INFINITY 5.6 More Infinity 5.6 Features
  32. 33. WHAT’S NEW WITH IS?
  33. 34. INTELLIGENT SERIES Current IS Release The current Intelligent Series release is 5.51.3504. Over 170 sites are running on 5.51.3504. We just released 5.51.3659 which offers some enhancements over 3504. 10 sites are now running 5.51.3659.
  34. 35. INTELLIGENT SERIES <ul><li>New License Manager </li></ul><ul><li>Print IS Info Pages and Print to PDF add-on </li></ul><ul><li>IS Client Setup Billing </li></ul><ul><li>New script elements – </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Added SelectElement element. (to have the focus jump to a specific element on the screen) </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Added script option to set focus to first element after a screen mode change </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Added option to SelectContact to not show alert when contact can't be found. </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Added option to SelectContact for running actions when contact is not found. </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Added a new Prompt User element. </li></ul></ul>IS Release 5.51.3659 includes several new features:
  35. 36. INTELLIGENT SERIES Introducing IS release 5.6. We have a new Intelligent Series release that is paired up with Infinity 5.6. The new Infinity and Intelligent Series 5.6 release is packed with lots of exciting features. We are taking orders and will make it available to customers who request it on a first come first serve basis.
  36. 37. INTELLIGENT SERIES Introducing IS Release 5.6. <ul><li>IS Reporting: </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Report Comments </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>IS Stats in Billing Link 4 </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>IS Contact Method Log Report </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>IS Client List Report </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Infinity ACD Service Level Report </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Scheduled Purge of IS Statistics </li></ul></ul><ul><li>Contact Based Architecture popping failed IS dispatches via pager, sms, email to the originating operator. </li></ul>
  37. 38. INTELLIGENT SERIES Introducing IS Transformer Providing you an automated tool to create scripts.
  38. 39. INTELLIGENT SERIES IS Transformer is a great tool for acquisitions. Create scripts from competitive systems.
  39. 40. INTELLIGENT SERIES IS Transformer, Before and After.
  40. 41. INTELLIGENT SERIES Contact Based Architecture. More and more sites are migrating to the Contact Based Architecture. Contact Based Architecture shifts from account and instruction based dispatching to contact and script based dispatching .
  41. 42. INTELLIGENT SERIES Teleplex has adopted Contact Based Architecture for their Dispatching model. Here is a quote from Doug Robbins: “ Your software development team has been tremendous to work with, on and off beta calls. We have 400 accounts on contact dispatch. We have another 300 getting ready to swing after NAEO. We are a big fan of contact dispatch. We have improved operator call processing time, we have reduced error rates, the web on call has been a great enhancement. We find Infinity IS to be an extremely powerful tool beyond our wildest expectations. “
  42. 43. INTELLIGENT SERIES ACT Teleservices has adopted Contact Based Architecture for their Dispatching model. Here is information from Sean Haugh of ACT: We have approximately 1850 accounts currently using IS dispatch functions, with about 250 more scheduled by the end of March, and thousands of accounts to go in the longer term. A good portion of these incorporate automated dispatch functions, which involve no input from the operator.  We are constantly researching new ways to further automate dispatch procedures. We have seen two main benefits: Speed and accuracy.     Speed – the dispatcher spends less time researching what to do next, who to call, etc; a properly designed script determines these and barring extraneous circumstances all they need to do is press a button and give the message.      This same functionality leads to accuracy :  with the steps laid out already,  careless mistakes are avoided. A lesser but not insignificant benefit is improved dispatch training.   We have implemented IS dispatch with an eye towards simplicity wherever possible, with the goal of anyone being able to dispatch.   I have said this before but it bears repeating in that we have had occasions where operators have successfully dispatched calls via contact based dispatch with zero training on any form of dispatch. We have yet to find a situation where IS dispatch could not be of use in some form; at its’ most basic use we can at least prevent a call from being dropped accidentally by the operator taking the message.  
  43. 44. INTELLIGENT SERIES Contact Based Architecture. The biggest challenge with Contact Based Architecture is making the commitment to change and getting started. Sites migrating to the new method have requested some tools to make the transition easier.
  44. 45. INTELLIGENT SERIES Contact Based Architecture Combo Checkin Screen shows Infinity Msg Index with Voice Messages and a Special count + IS Message Center.
  45. 46. INTELLIGENT SERIES Pressing the Checkin key from the Combo Checkin Screen changes to the Infinity Checkin Screen, allowing viewing and editing of Specials.
  46. 47. INTELLIGENT SERIES Contact Based Architecture Combo Inbox in IS Web shows both IS messages and Infinity text and voice messages, allowing clients to play voice messages.
  47. 48. Amtelco continues to improve and expand the IS scheduling solutions. INTELLIGENT SERIES On-Call Scheduling Appointment Scheduling Web Scheduling
  48. 49. IS Directory On-Call Scheduling Offer Operator and Web Based On-Call Scheduling services. INTELLIGENT SERIES
  49. 50. IS Directory On-Call Scheduling Link Scripting with On-Call Schedules. INTELLIGENT SERIES
  50. 51. IS Directory On-Call Scheduling 5.6 New On-Call Coverage Spreadsheet View. INTELLIGENT SERIES
  51. 52. IS Directory On-Call Scheduling 5.6 New On-Call Coverage Checker that alerts schedule administrators about unassigned shifts. INTELLIGENT SERIES
  52. 53. IS Directory Appointment Scheduling Offer Operator and Web Based Appointment Scheduling for your clients. INTELLIGENT SERIES
  53. 54. IS Directory Appointment Scheduling Link Scripting with your Schedules. INTELLIGENT SERIES
  54. 55. IS Directory Appointment Scheduling Setup Defined Time Slots (left) or On-The-Fly Assignments (right). INTELLIGENT SERIES
  55. 56. IS Directory Appointment Scheduling Search for booked appointments for a caller or resource to cancel or reschedule. INTELLIGENT SERIES
  56. 57. IS Web Scheduling Web Home Screen with Calendar. INTELLIGENT SERIES
  57. 58. IS Web Scheduling Sync Calendar with Outlook. INTELLIGENT SERIES
  59. 60. We are constantly striving to create new applications and services for you. We have several that we are excited to debut for you today. NEW APPLICATIONS
  60. 61. IS OnTeam Scheduling New automated employee scheduling. INTELLIGENT SERIES
  61. 62. IS OnTeam Scheduling Create Rules to Auto-Assign Schedules. INTELLIGENT SERIES
  62. 63. IS OnTeam Scheduling Run Auto-Assign to create your schedules. INTELLIGENT SERIES
  63. 64. IS OnTeam Scheduling View completed schedule, including breakdown of shifts by day and employee. INTELLIGENT SERIES
  64. 65. IS OnTeam Scheduling Include Auto-Assignment of On-Call Shifts. INTELLIGENT SERIES
  65. 66. New IS 5.6 based Instant Messaging services for you and your clients. Access IS Messenger from the new Telephone Agent HiRes Collapsible Panels. IS MESSENGER
  66. 67. Access IS Messenger from IS Supervisor. IS MESSENGER
  67. 68. Access IS Messenger from MiteyMite Messenger. This allows extending Instant Messenging services to your clients. IS MESSENGER Allow clients to communicate with each other and with your call center staff.
  68. 69. Use IS Messenger Operator Actions to announce calls to clients running MiteyMite Messenger. IS MESSENGER
  69. 70. Open multiple Conversations at once and move from Conversation to Conversation. IS MESSENGER
  70. 71. Report on IS Messenger Conversations and view Conversation History from IS Supervisor. IS MESSENGER
  71. 72. NEW APPLICATIONS iPhone Application miCash iPhone based cashboard that allows you to associate a $$ value with call activity.
  72. 73. NEW APPLICATIONS iPhone Application miCash miCash accumulates $$ value while you watch. Watch the screen turn green each time there is an update.
  73. 74. NEW APPLICATIONS iPhone Application miDash Monitor your system activity while you are on the go with your iPhone.
  74. 75. NEW APPLICATIONS iPhone Application miOncall Provide your clients with a mobile option for viewing and managing on-call schedules.
  75. 76. NEW APPLICATIONS iPhone Applications Download the Amtelco iPhone apps from Apple.
  76. 77. B2B Agent IS Client Sharing Tool. NEW APPLICATIONS B2B Agent allows agents from multiple call centers to work from a single host IS server regardless of which Infinity server the operator is connected to. Keep the IS applications and data centralized while sharing calls with other call centers. Become a much larger virtual call center by partnering with other call centers on a temporary or permanent basis. Consolidate overnight operators with partner call centers.
  77. 78. B2B Agent Link IS Servers together to allow sharing clients between call centers. NEW APPLICATIONS Setup system connections to remote IS Servers.
  78. 79. B2B Agent Link IS Agents between IS Servers. This allows an agent to be logged into more than one IS Server. NEW APPLICATIONS Setup agent connections to remote IS Servers.
  79. 80. B2B Agent Now the key to client sharing, link specific IS Clients to remote IS Servers. NEW APPLICATIONS
  80. 81. When an operator answers a remote client, they see an indication that it is a remote client, everything else is completely seamless. NEW APPLICATIONS
  81. 82. NEW APPLICATIONS IS Web Scripting Web enable your IS message scripts.
  82. 83. NEW APPLICATIONS IS Web Scripting Build Scripts for Client or Public Web Access.
  83. 84. NEW APPLICATIONS IS Web Scripting Apply Special Web Styles for each Client.
  84. 85. NEW APPLICATIONS IS Web Scripting Allow callers to start a script on the web and then request operator assistance. The operator can pick up the script where the caller left off!
  85. 86. NEW APPLICATIONS IS Web Scripting Script IS Web Oncall and Directory Messaging.
  86. 87. NEW APPLICATIONS IS Web Scripting Operator Web Scripting.
  87. 88. NEW APPLICATIONS IS Web Scripting Choose to apply each script for Operator Use, General Web Scripting, IS Web Scripting, or Web Testdrive. Could It Be Any Easier?
  88. 89. Thank You!