HIMSS 2011 "Secure Your Mobile Patient Healthcare Information"


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1Call HIMSS 2011 presentation on secure mobile messaging, oncall scheduling, appointment reminders, emergency notification and more!

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HIMSS 2011 "Secure Your Mobile Patient Healthcare Information"

  1. 1. MD Anderson Cancer CenterFairview HealthcareAllina HealthcareBassett HealthcareUniversity of Washington Medical CenterUniversity of AugustaAnd hundreds of others
  2. 2. Over 30 years of innovation incommunications systemsSystems and applications designedspecifically for the needs ofhealthcare organizationsHIPAA and Joint Commission-friendly applications
  3. 3. In the middle of the night,when a mother calls thehospital switchboard to get intouch with the doctor on call,1Call makes sure the processis fast, accurate, simple anddocumented automatically
  4. 4. The Hospital Operator… Answers the call on a 1Call call center or intelligent console system Checks the 1Call Web-Enabled On-Call Scheduling database Sends a secure message with the patient information to the miSecureMessages smartphone paging application
  5. 5. •Send encrypted text messages to BlackBerry ®, iPhone ®, iPad ™ and Android ™powered mobile devices using security protection.•Provide encrypted message delivery receipts, documenting that a user’ssmartphone has received a message.•Provide encrypted message read receipt, documenting that a user has read areceived message.•Enable a user to reply to a received message with an encrypted message.•Let the Chief Information Officer (CIO) be able to provide the best service and thetypes of diverse services your staff requires.
  6. 6. The miSecureMessages smartphone application usesan encrypted web service to push messages toindividual recipients. The recipients can read and replyto messages.
  7. 7. •Protected Health Information (PHI) security importance and HIPAA and HITECH regulations (FIPS 140-2 Compliant) .•Detailed reporting for Joint Commission accreditation•Declining use of one-way single-tasking pagers•Cost of maintaining legacy networks•Proliferation of wireless multitasking handheld devices•Need for greater amounts of information instantly•Two-way interactive messaging/paging and collaboration•When persistent alerting is required
  8. 8. •Persistent Alerting to assist in immediate message viewing•Priority Alerts to assure that the most important messagesare viewed first•Customizable audio settings•Device wake-up and visual alert•Separate inbox from text and email messages
  9. 9. The paging industry and its user base have been inrigorous decline since its peak in 1998.This is due tothe popularity and the reasonable cost of wirelessvoice and data services – especially 3G and 4Gcapabilities.
  10. 10. •3G from Service Provider•Wi-Fi to eliminate carrier “Dead Spots” in the facility•Cloud based or purchased application•Internal 3G and 4G networks
  11. 11. •Triggering code procedures•Paging•Having two-way communication about patients
  12. 12. miSecureMessages smartphonemessaging is available for BlackBerrydevices and for the iPad, iPhone andiPod Touch.Support for the Google Androidoperating system will be availablelater in 2011.
  13. 13. Soft AgentSynergyRED ALERTProShowOn-Call Schedule
  14. 14. Save time, reduce errors and provide better care for patientsFilters data from existing HL7 database and automatically notifiesappropriate personnel about a specific event that occurredPersonnel can be notified via SMS Text Messaging E-Mail Text-to-Voice phone calls Pager LCD DisplaysInstant notification means staff can respond quickly, act immediatelyand efficiently, allowing facilities to become available in less timeRapid ROIAutomatically updates EMRBrowser-based administration with built-in security
  15. 15. Save time, reduce errors and speed overall responsetimeMapping capabilities Quickly alert contacts within a specific areaReal-Time monitoring and reporting
  16. 16. Alert Triggered by: Personnel can be notified via: Web E-mail Phone call Pager Automated process, such as Automated phone call to land database or e-mail update line or cell phone Scheduled events SMS Text Message Wireless Message Fax
  17. 17. Healthcare Organizations must constantly contend with patientsmissing their scheduled appointments and forgetting to notify theirdoctors of the cancelations.
  18. 18. Present the current on call information to your operators andstaffEnsure accurate coverage and notificationPermission-based application View only On-Call Schedules Manage and administration of schedules and resources Assign and update schedules On-Call resources can view messages, change contact methodsContact On-Call personnel Notify based on resource protocols and preferences Alpha page, SMS text, e-mail, secure text messageOn-Call schedules synch with Outlook and e-mail calendarsReporting of all On-Call activities
  19. 19. Contact 1Call at 800-225-6035 http://www.1call.com or send an e-mail to info@1call.com