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Amtelco June 2010 webinar on Infinity Contact-Based Architecture New

Amtelco June 2010 webinar on Infinity Contact-Based Architecture New






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    Amtelco June 2010 webinar on Infinity Contact-Based Architecture New Amtelco June 2010 webinar on Infinity Contact-Based Architecture New Presentation Transcript

    • Amtelco Customer WebinarContact Based Architecture –Including Scheduling, Dispatching, Directories, Web Services What’s In It For Me?
    • Amtelco Customer WebinarIf you have questions, you may ask on the call or type them in to the GotoMeeting Chat area at any time. We will try to address your questions as we go.
    • INTELLIGENT SERIES What is Contact Based Architecture?Contact Based Architecture leverages a seriesof Intelligent Series applications intended toprovide contact based messaging,dispatching, directory, and scheduling. Someof the key components include: IS Directory IS Directory Contacts (phone, paging, email, sms) IS Directory On-Call Scheduling IS Appointment Scheduling (optional add-on) IS Web Services (optional add-on)
    • INTELLIGENT SERIES Introducing Contact Based Architecture.More and more sites are migrating to the Contact Based Architecture. Contact Based Architecture shifts fromaccount and instruction based messaging,dispatching, and scheduling to contact and script based messaging, dispatching, and scheduling.
    • INTELLIGENT SERIES Teleplex has adopted Contact Based Architecture for their Messaging andDispatching model. Doug Robbins had this to say about what Teleplex is doing. “We have 400 accounts on contact dispatch. We have another 300 getting ready to swing …. We are a big fan of contact dispatch. We have improved operator call processing time, we havereduced error rates, the web on call has been a greatenhancement. We find Infinity IS to be an extremely powerful tool beyond our wildest expectations. “
    • INTELLIGENT SERIES ACT Teleservices has adopted Contact Based Architecture for their Messaging and Dispatching model. Sean Hough had this to say about what ACT is doing. “We have approximately 1850 accounts currently using IS dispatch functions, with about 250 more scheduled by the end of March, and thousands of accounts to go in the longer term. A good portion of these incorporate automated dispatch functions, which involve no input from theoperator. We are constantly researching new ways to further automate dispatch procedures.”
    • INTELLIGENT SERIES Getting Started With Contact Based Architecture.The biggest challenge with Contact BasedArchitecture is making the commitment to change and getting started.Lets review how Contact Based Architecture works…
    • INTELLIGENT SERIES IS Directory is the foundation of Contact Based Architecture.The first step is to build an IS Directory for each of your clients. Place all client employees in the ISDirectory and enter all information about the employee into the IS Directory. Eliminate the need for entering account based information such as Service Lists, etc…
    • INTELLIGENT SERIESBuild up the IS Directory information using the IS Supervisor.
    • INTELLIGENT SERIESEnter all information about client employees in their listing, include contact info and status.
    • INTELLIGENT SERIESAutomate IS Directory updates using the IS Directory Transformer.
    • INTELLIGENT SERIESLink scripts with IS Directories to automatically retrieve contacts for dispatching.
    • INTELLIGENT SERIES Update your Scripts for Contact Dispatching. This is actually quite simple.Script Elements related to ContactDispatching: Select Contact (retrieve from on-call or directory) Contact Dispatch (initiate dispatch from script) Contact Details (view details page about contact) Create Contact (create a new directory listing) Update Contact (update a directory listing) View Schedule (popup a on-call or appt schedule)
    • INTELLIGENT SERIESScheduling is another key element of the IS Contact Based Architecture.On-Call SchedulingWeb SchedulingAppointment Scheduling
    • INTELLIGENT SERIES IS Directory On-Call Scheduling Offer Operator and Web Based On-Call Scheduling services.
    • INTELLIGENT SERIESIS Directory On-Call eliminates duplicate data entry and adds more structure to your schedules. Define shifts and specify required coverage using Roles. Any listings enabled for the Role are eligible to cover the shift.
    • INTELLIGENT SERIES New v5.6 On-Call Coverage Checker that alertsschedule administrators about unassigned shifts and reminds people about their assigned coverage. Inc add luded itio at n nal o cos t!
    • INTELLIGENT SERIESOn-call administrators receive automated emails with information about the unassigned shifts and a link to go to the schedule to update it.
    • INTELLIGENT SERIESLink Scripting with On-Call Schedules toautomate retrieval of on-call personnel.
    • INTELLIGENT SERIESInitiate dispatches to on-call personnel from your scripts.
    • INTELLIGENT SERIESView messages using the Combo Checkin Screen showing IS and Infinity Msg Index with Voice Messages and a Special count.
    • INTELLIGENT SERIES Take advantage of the new v56 IS Web Scripting.Contact architecture sets the stage to use IS Web Scripting to offer new services to your clients. • Web Enable Scripts With One Click • Specify Special Scripts For Customer Webs • Specify Special Scripts for IS Web • Web Testdrive • Start a Script Online, Then Pop To An Agent • Clients Update Their Information Via Web • Embed Scripts in Customer Webs • Create Customer Webs That You Manage • Web Enable Operator Scripts
    • INTELLIGENT SERIESEnable your scripts for web scripting with one click.
    • INTELLIGENT SERIESDesign your scripts for public access with an option to ask for operator assistance.
    • INTELLIGENT SERIESDesign scripts for IS Web on-call paging or client information updates.
    • INTELLIGENT SERIESWeb enable On-Call Schedules. Allow yourclients to view and update their schedules.
    • INTELLIGENT SERIESAllow contact based clients to see their own web home screen.
    • INTELLIGENT SERIESAllow contact based clients to retrieve messages via the web.
    • INTELLIGENT SERIESAllow contact based clients to run IS reports via the web.
    • NEW APPLICATIONS iPhone Application miOncallProvide your clients with a mobile option for viewing and managing on-call schedules.
    • INTELLIGENT SERIES IS Directory Appointment SchedulingOffer Operator and Web Based Appointment Scheduling for your contact based clients.
    • INTELLIGENT SERIESLink your scripts with appointment schedules, pass script info into the schedule.
    • INTELLIGENT SERIESLaunch the selected schedule and book your appointment.
    • INTELLIGENT SERIESSearch for booked appointments by contact to allow rescheduling or cancelling.
    • INTELLIGENT SERIESCopy booked, rescheduled, and cancelledappointment data back into the message.
    • INTELLIGENT SERIESSync on-call and appointment calendars with Outlook calendars.
    • INTELLIGENT SERIES Contact Based Architecture.Contact Based Architecture is the foundation everything we have seen today.Gary Kerner has some closing comments for us.
    • Thank You!
    • Thank You!For additional information visit www.1call.com You can contact us directly atinfo@1call.com or 800-225-6035