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Healthcare organizations must constantly contend with patients who miss their scheduled appointments, and forget to notify their doctors of the cancellations. These “no show”appointments create additional pressure on medical, administrative and financial resources.

The 1Call Pro Show Appointment Reminder application helps you be proactive to help your patients remember their appointments. Pro Show saves time, saves money, and increases staff productivity by making sure patients are aware of upcoming appointments.

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  • Additional information can be found at http://www.1call.com/appointmentReminders.php
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1Call ProShow Appointment Reminders

  1. 1. Pro Show The Innovative Appointment Reminder Solution! Now you can be “pro”active to help your patients remember appointments, and eliminate “no shows” with 1Call’s Pro Show Appointment Reminder! www.1call.com • info@1call.com
  2. 2. Pro Show H ealthcare organizations must constantly contend with patients who miss their The multilingual capabilities of Pro Show help ensure you can use this convenient service for scheduled appointments, and more of your patients, physicians forget to notify their doctors of the and staff. cancellations. These “no show” appointments create additional Integration with Other pressure on medical, administra- Systems tive and financial resources. Pro Show features seamless integrations and importing capa- The 1Call Pro Show Appointment bilities with your existing HIS or Reminder application helps you appointment taking software. Pro be proactive to help your patients Show works with other applica- remember their appointments. tions that can supply information Pro Show saves time, saves money, in the form of a file, a database and increases staff productivity by making sure connection, XML, CVS, or HL7 notification. patients are aware of upcoming appointments. HIPAA Compatibility Sophisticated Services and Pro Show’s capabilities go much further than just Reduced Labor Costs contacting people about appointments. Pro Show Pro Show allows healthcare organizations to offer incorporates HIPAA controls to help your organi- all types of enhanced notification services that are zation adhere to HIPAA regulations and maintain completely automated, or with minimal operator patient privacy. involvement. In addition to patient reminders, you can use the versatile Pro Show to send physi- cians and staff meeting reminders, class remind- ers, along with virtually any type of notification service needed. Pro Show features mod- ular outbound calling capabilities that allow your organization to start small and grow to a system that makes thou- sands of calls a day, and sends unlimited text mes- sage reminders. E-mail is one of the many convenient Pro Show contact methods to help keep your physicians’ appointments filled!
  3. 3. Convenient Notification date to remind them about Methods the upcoming appointment or Use Pro Show to notify patients, event. physicians, and staff as many times as needed, by a variety of Pro Show lets you control the methods. Choose any combina- specific hours during the day tion of these notification meth- that reminders can be sent, ods to contact each person: eliminating late night and early • phone call morning calls. You can also ensure reminders are • e-mail sent only on weekdays, and not on weekends or • pager holidays. In addition, Pro Show can help with generating mail- Built-in Efficiency ing lists for reminder letters or postcards. Before initiating a reminder call, Pro Show checks the phone number to verify that the recipient is Simplified Scheduling not on a “Do Not Call” list, as well as checking the Pro Show streamlines the process of notifying phone number to see if more than one person has patients, physicians, and staff of upcoming appoint- an appointment on the same day. If multiple appoint- ment and event information 72 hours, 48 hours, 24 ments are scheduled for the same day, Pro Show hours, or any amount of time prior to the appoint- makes only one call, and includes information for ment. Using Pro Show, you can schedule reminders all the appointments on the one call. to be sent at predetermined times, or instantly when the information is received. Pro Show can also check to see if an appointment is for an adult, or for a child. For children’s appoint- The Pro Show Scheduler automates the notification ments, Pro Show adjusts the prompts to be geared process by analyzing the data it towards the child’s parent or receives to determine when to guardian. initiate the reminder service, and what method should be used for Strictly Confidential each reminder. To help ensure the correct person is receiving the reminder call, Pro Designed to Show uses call analysis to distin- Meet Your Needs guish between a person answering Using Pro Show, you can cus- and a machine or voice mail. tomize reminders to meet your organization’s specific needs. The When a person answers a reminder flexibility of Pro Show allows you call, Pro Show allows you to script to determine when and how many the flow of the call to customize times each recipient receives a reminder call or mes- what the called party hears, and makes it possible sage. For example, you could send a confirmation to ask the called party to respond to questions. This e-mail immediately, and then place a call at a later continued…
  4. 4. Pro Show allows you to verify that the correct person is answer- makes it extremely easy for the patient to take the ing, and also confirm that they will be able to attend next step. By simply saying “operator,” or press- the appointment or event. ing zero when listening to the message, the call is instantly sent to a live appointment taking operator, Pro Show can also read detailed information to the nurse, or administrator to reschedule. called party, or include information in an e-mail message, about the upcoming appointment or event, Keeping You Informed such as the date and time of the appointment, who Pro Show keeps track of the outcome of each noti- the appointment is with, the address, other meeting fication attempt, and includes message reporting attendees, phone numbers, and even directions to based on call and message statistical data. Use this the location. information to create the various types of reports and statistics your organization needs. Easy Appointment Rescheduling When a patient receives an appointment reminder call and needs to change the day or time, Pro Show About 1Call The 1Call Division of AMTELCO specializes in offering enterprise-wide commu- nication solutions for healthcare and higher education organizations. AMTELCO, 1Call’s parent company, has been a leading pro- vider of telemessaging equipment since 1976. 1Call and AMTELCO are well known in various industries for continually developing innovative call center solutions, backed by superior 5-star service and support. 1Call features a complete line of modular solutions specifically designed to streamline communications throughout your entire organization. You’ll find that all of the specialized 1Call solutions save your limited resources, making your organization tremendously efficient, and helping you bring wellness to your members and your bottom line. Great Communications begin with 4800 Curtin Drive • McFarland, WI 53558 • (800)356-9148 • (608)838-4194 • FAX (608)838-8367 • www.1call.com • info@1call.com Some of the features listed here are available for an additional charge. Some features may also require additional hardware. 12.07