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1Call on call scheduling software
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1Call on call scheduling software


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The Enterprise On-Call Scheduling Software module provides a powerful and flexible tool to view schedule coverage, assign schedule coverage, and extend schedule information to physicians and staff via …

The Enterprise On-Call Scheduling Software module provides a powerful and flexible tool to view schedule coverage, assign schedule coverage, and extend schedule information to physicians and staff via Web access. For additional information visit

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  • 1. Enterprise On-Call Scheduling The Enterprise On-Call Scheduling module provides a powerful and flexible tool to view schedule coverage, assign schedule coverage, and extend schedule information to physicians and staff via Web access.* Easily choose list, day, week, month, or spread sheet views, along with convenient search options. Instantly see which schedules are filled (green), partially filled (yellow), or empty (red). At a glance, you can instantly see the dates and times, shift, role and contact person for each spot in the On-Call Schedule. Now you can easily keep track of On-Call Schedules for all of your physicians, departments, and staff with 1Call’s Enterprise On-Call Scheduling! (800)356-9148 •
  • 2. I t’s the middle of the night, and an anxious moth- er needs to speak to a physician–NOW. Can your staff quickly find the correct physician on call? The On-Call Scheduling module is automated, in- stantly showing the current day’s schedule, and making it easy to see who is currently on call for a particular physician, group, clinic, or department. The 1Call Enterprise On-Call Scheduling module in- stantly presents the current on-call information to Simplified Setup your operators and staff members, making it easy The On-Call Scheduling module offers a number for them to quickly and professionally handle your of convenient set-up methods, allowing depart- patients’ requests. ments, physicians, and office staff to manage schedules from virtually anywhere. The On-Call Designed To Meet Your Schedules may be reviewed, entered, copied, and On-Call Scheduling Needs updated remotely at any time via the Internet, or The flexibility of the Enterprise On-Call Scheduling over your existing network using a Web browser. module delivers a complete on-call scheduling solu- The schedules can be entered months in advance. tion. Like all other 1Call modules, On-Call Scheduling easily adapts to your organization’s specific needs. Physicians and departments can easily make temporary changes to On-Call Schedules. These The powerful Search feature allows you to search on-call schedules by schedule, role and individual to speed the process of determining on-call coverage and identifying on-call resources.
  • 3. The On-Call Roster shows an overview of on-call personnel, along with current status information. Display this information on large-screen monitors throughout your organization for easy viewing from anywhere! On-Call Schedule Contact Roles can be set for Exclusive coverage, meaning that a contact can only be scheduled for one schedule at a time. This ensures that contacts are not double-booked for coverage. Exclusive coverage is a great way to build a Vacation or Unavailable Calendar. If a contact is assigned to the Vacation Shift, they cannot be assigned to any other shifts. changes are immediately activated – without ever On-Call Scheduling Contacts speaking to an operator. Each On-Call Schedule Contact can be assigned to specific Contact Roles to cover the scheduling re- Call center supervisors can also modify On-Call quirements for On-Call Schedules. The Contact Roles Schedules. Operators can enter temporary sched- define the type of resource the contact is, such as a ule changes for physicians, check current, past, or nurse, a pediatric resident, an attending physician, future On-Call Schedules, and search for who is a trauma physician, an IT network engineer, or any scheduled to be on call on a specific day, date, or custom-designed Role. time. continued… (800)356-9148 •
  • 4. Contacts with Roles matching the requirements for or monthly basis, providing an easy way to set up an On-Call Shift are then available to be scheduled schedules in advance. for the Shift. Operators viewing an On-Call Schedule can see the coverage assignments for each On-Call Contact Role requirements can be assigned to a Shift. Coverage assignments display the Contacts Shift. This allows supervisors to define the types of covering the Shift and the Roles they are filling. Op- Contact Roles that are required to cover each Shift. erators can select to view details about the Contacts, When schedulers are assigning coverage for a Shift, including names, departments, titles, and contact they see and can select from a list of available con- methods. tacts matching the required Contact Roles. When viewing on-call coverage, schedulers see whether On-Call Scheduling Shifts each Shift has full coverage or not, based on wheth- On-Call Schedules are organized into Shifts. Shifts er the required Contact Roles have been filled. Each are custom designed to define the coverage require- Shift Contact Role can also have minimum and max- ments for the schedule for specific time frames, imum coverage values, allowing a Shift to be de- days of the week, dates, and recurrence patterns. signed to require as many contacts of a specific Role Shifts can be set to recur on an hourly, daily, weekly, as are necessary. About 1Call The 1Call Division of AMTELCO specializes in offering enterprise-wide communication solutions for healthcare and higher education organizations. AMTELCO, 1Call’s parent company, has been a leading provider of telemessaging equipment since 1976. 1Call and AMTELCO are well known in various industries for continually developing innovative call center solutions, backed by superior 5-star service and support. 1Call features a complete line of modular solutions specifically designed to streamline communications throughout your entire organization. You’ll find that all of the specialized 1Call solutions save your limited resources, making your organization tremendously efficient, and helping you bring wellness to your members and your bottom line. (800)356-9148 • • • (608)838-4194 • 4800 Curtin Drive • McFarland, WI Some of the features and modules listed here are available for an additional charge, and may also require additional hardware. * Web access requires a Web IS On-Call Scheduling license. 3.09