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How the Class of 2016 Will Change the World of Marketing?
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How the Class of 2016 Will Change the World of Marketing?


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Published in: Technology
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  • 1. The Future of MarketingThe Impact of the Class of 2016
  • 2. AMP Agency#AMP2016 #FutureM @amp_agency @BU_Tweets @mattjacobs5 @DeanElmore 2
  • 3. The Current College Landscape $405 billion in total spending power Source: re:fuel, “College Explorer” conducted by Crux Research, Aug 7, 2012#AMP2016 #FutureM @amp_agency @BU_Tweets @mattjacobs5 @DeanElmore 3
  • 4. FACT: The marketing landscape has shifted significantly with the introduction of a 24/7 digitally-connected, socially- enabled consumer. Photo source: #FutureM @amp_agency @BU_Tweets @mattjacobs5 @DeanElmore 4
  • 5. As a result, the way consumers engage with brands has beencompletely transformed.#AMP2016 #FutureM @amp_agency @BU_Tweets @mattjacobs5 @DeanElmore 5
  • 6. Before We Look Ahead…
  • 7. The Class of 2016 was born in (9 years after Back to the Future debuted in theaters)#AMP2016 #FutureM @amp_agency @BU_Tweets @mattjacobs5 @DeanElmore 7
  • 8. “What is the Internet, Anyway?”#AMP2016 #FutureM @amp_agency @BU_Tweets @mattjacobs5 @DeanElmore 11
  • 9. OK, Now Let’s Look Ahead…
  • 10. Dean Kenneth Elmore – Dean of Students at Boston University since 2003 – Coordinates university efforts to provide a safe environment, where students can find their way within a vibrant community – Responds to student concerns; helps students solve their problems; and, helps students build communities – Believer of the new, innovative and youthful#AMP2016 #FutureM @amp_agency @BU_Tweets @mattjacobs5 @DeanElmore 13
  • 11. smartbelieveneedypoliterules
  • 12. practicaldeterminedtake caretraditionunique
  • 13. empower
  • 14. controlin the knowvalueawareinteresting
  • 15. check outconnect“hi”
  • 16. optimisticchangecompanycausesglobalserve
  • 17. face-to-faceadults-meh!cultural knowledge
  • 18. edgydecorum
  • 19. #AMP2016 #FutureM @amp_agency @BU_Tweets @mattjacobs5 @DeanElmore 26
  • 20. Meet our Student Panel Dea Biancarelli, Boston University Claudio Quintana, Boston College Hometown: Shelby, MT Hometown: Portland, OR Major: International Relations Major: Business Information Systems and Psychology Christopher Dela Rosa, Boston University Ian McLarney, Northeastern Hometown: New York, NY Hometown: Philadelphia, PA Major: Public Relations Major: Marketing#AMP2016 #FutureM @amp_agency @BU_Tweets @mattjacobs5 @DeanElmore 27
  • 21. #AMP2016 #FutureM @amp_agency @BU_Tweets @mattjacobs5 @DeanElmore 28
  • 22. Would you rather have access to yourparents’ data plan or home cooking? OR#AMP2016 #FutureM @amp_agency @BU_Tweets @mattjacobs5 @DeanElmore 29
  • 23. Email Videos Email News News Music Music Camera Games Text Camera Phone Text Facebook Phone Twitter Facebook Twitter YouTube Pinterest Email Videos News Email Music Videos Games News Camera Music Text Camera Phone Text Facebook Phone Twitter Facebook Instagram#AMP2016 #FutureM @amp_agency @BU_Tweets @mattjacobs5 @DeanElmore 30
  • 24. #AMP2016 #FutureM @amp_agency @BU_Tweets @mattjacobs5 @DeanElmore 31
  • 25. Who speaks for your generation?#AMP2016 #FutureM @amp_agency @BU_Tweets @mattjacobs5 @DeanElmore 32
  • 26. #AMP2016 #FutureM @amp_agency @BU_Tweets @mattjacobs5 @DeanElmore 33
  • 27. Have questions for the panel?Raise your hand or tweet them with the #AMP2016 hashtag!#AMP2016 #FutureM @amp_agency @BU_Tweets @mattjacobs5 @DeanElmore 34
  • 28. What Does it All Mean?
  • 29. #1 The College Bubble has Burst.#AMP2016 #FutureM @amp_agency @BU_Tweets @mattjacobs5 @DeanElmore 36
  • 30. #AMP2016 #FutureM @amp_agency @BU_Tweets @mattjacobs5 @DeanElmore 37
  • 31. “I passionately believe that the Khan Academy is atool that can empower at least an approximatemodel of what the future ofeducation should look like – a way ofcombining the art of teaching with the science ofpresenting information and analyzing data, ofdelivering the clearest, most comprehensive, andmost relevant curriculum at the lowest possiblecost.” – Salman Khan #AMP2016 #FutureM @amp_agency @BU_Tweets @mattjacobs5 @DeanElmore 38
  • 32. #AMP2016 #FutureM @amp_agency @BU_Tweets @mattjacobs5 @DeanElmore 39
  • 33. “This is the single biggest change ineducation since the printing press” – Anant Agarwal, President of edX #AMP2016 #FutureM @amp_agency @BU_Tweets @mattjacobs5 @DeanElmore 40
  • 34. Takeaway #1Technology is the ultimate enabler.Embrace streaming video, VOD and social media to duplicate off-line experiences online.#AMP2016 #FutureM @amp_agency @BU_Tweets @mattjacobs5 @DeanElmore 41
  • 35. Brands Doing It Well State Farm’s Coachella President Obama hostssponsorship (YouTube & a Google+ Hangout Instagram integration)#AMP2016 #FutureM @amp_agency @BU_Tweets @mattjacobs5 @DeanElmore 42
  • 36. Home Plus (Tesco) virtual grocery store in South Korean subway station#AMP2016 #FutureM @amp_agency @BU_Tweets @mattjacobs5 @DeanElmore 43
  • 37. #2 It’s All About Status.#AMP2016 #FutureM @amp_agency @BU_Tweets @mattjacobs5 @DeanElmore 44
  • 38. Share and Comment is the new Show and Tell.#AMP2016 #FutureM @amp_agency @BU_Tweets @mattjacobs5 @DeanElmore 45
  • 39. Two-Way Information Sharing Q: How do you stay current with brands that you are interested in? (check all that apply) Source: AMP Agency, Pulse Survey, October 2012#AMP2016 #FutureM @amp_agency @BU_Tweets @mattjacobs5 @DeanElmore 46
  • 40. Takeaway #2 Social is no longer a vertical channel. Don’t create experiences. Create shareable experiences.#AMP2016 #FutureM @amp_agency @BU_Tweets @mattjacobs5 @DeanElmore 47
  • 41. Brands Doing It Well American Express Sync – Nike+ and Nike Fuel Social Integration with Band – App, Facebook Facebook, Twitter and and Path Integration Foursquare#AMP2016 #FutureM @amp_agency @BU_Tweets @mattjacobs5 @DeanElmore 48
  • 42. Oreo’s 100th Anniversary “Daily Twists” Campaign#AMP2016 #FutureM @amp_agency @BU_Tweets @mattjacobs5 @DeanElmore 49
  • 43. #3Byte Size Consumers.#AMP2016 #FutureM @amp_agency @BU_Tweets @mattjacobs5 @DeanElmore 50
  • 44. “The rate of U.S. auto sales to 18-to-34 year old buyers declined to 11percent in April 2012, down from17 percent for the same age groupin April 2007, before the recession” – Southfield, Michigan-based R.L. Polk & Co #AMP2016 #FutureM @amp_agency @BU_Tweets @mattjacobs5 @DeanElmore 51
  • 45. #AMP2016 #FutureM @amp_agency @BU_Tweets @mattjacobs5 @DeanElmore 56
  • 46. Takeaway #3Find a way to byte size your brand. Enable consumers to trial your product via sample sizeengagements or short term rentals.#AMP2016 #FutureM @amp_agency @BU_Tweets @mattjacobs5 @DeanElmore 57
  • 47. Brands Doing It Well VitaCoco Social Ford’s Vehicle Sampling and Integration into “Refer a Friend” Zipcar’s University Sampling Program#AMP2016 #FutureM @amp_agency @BU_Tweets @mattjacobs5 @DeanElmore 58
  • 48. Pretzel Crisps’ Social Sharing Outreach#AMP2016 #FutureM @amp_agency @BU_Tweets @mattjacobs5 @DeanElmore 59
  • 49. #4 Media On Demand.#AMP2016 #FutureM @amp_agency @BU_Tweets @mattjacobs5 @DeanElmore 60
  • 50. “It’s not online or offline.It’s online or asleep.” – Brian Wong 21 year old entrepreneur, co-founder Kiip#AMP2016 #FutureM @amp_agency @BU_Tweets @mattjacobs5 @DeanElmore 61
  • 51. Media On Demand By the time the Class of 2016 graduates, over 91% of college students in the US will own a smartphone. eMarketer, Aug 2012#AMP2016 #FutureM @amp_agency @BU_Tweets @mattjacobs5 @DeanElmore 62
  • 52. Takeaway #4 It’s no longer enough to just be target relevant. Brands need to be consumer centric.#AMP2016 #FutureM @amp_agency @BU_Tweets @mattjacobs5 @DeanElmore 63
  • 53. Brands Doing It Well PopChips’ Kiip In- Intel’s “The App Advertising Creators Project”#AMP2016 #FutureM @amp_agency @BU_Tweets @mattjacobs5 @DeanElmore 64
  • 54. HP & Intel – “Tiesto: In the Booth” Custom Content#AMP2016 #FutureM @amp_agency @BU_Tweets @mattjacobs5 @DeanElmore 65
  • 55. The Class of 2016: Four Key Truths The College It’s All AboutBubble Has Burst Status Byte Size Media on Consumers Demand#AMP2016 #FutureM @amp_agency @BU_Tweets @mattjacobs5 @DeanElmore 66
  • 56. Thank You! Want this presentation? Email #FutureM @amp_agency @BU_Tweets @mattjacobs5 @DeanElmore 67