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Communicatingaboutampi 110613110227-phpapp02

  1. 1. AMPI 1
  2. 2. AMPI Regional is aligned with AMPI National Regional AMPI ObjectivesNational AMPI Objectives The Riviera Nayarita, Vallarta and Compostela chaptersMisión: Ser un organismo privado no of AMPI are dedicated to promote the best practices ingubernamental que agrupe a personas real estate by providing its members with education tofísicas profesionales que presten sus reinforce the standards of ethics that give our industryservicios inmobiliarios en México bajo the credibility which our clients deserve.sus Estatutos y un Código de Ética; para AMPI is committed to giving our membership accessla formación integral de sus Asociados, to a multiple listing service that forms the platformdignificar las prácticas inmobiliarias y from which our industry can expand locally and intoproteger los derechos de la propiedad other markets while giving our members precise andprivada. up to date information that is vital to continuous improvement and growth.Visión: Ser el organismo líder de losProfesionales Inmobiliarios, así comorepresentar al gremio de los prestadores What is the benefit to an individualde servicios inmobiliarios, promover la AMPI member?capacitación, investigación yestadística de su sector, e impulsar la A nivel personal: prestigio, liderazgo, profesionalismo,adopción de los avances crecimiento, reconocimiento, amistad y fraternidad.tecnológicos, en beneficio de susAsociados. A nivel profesional: representatividad, imagen, fuerza, seguridad y confianza en el ejercicio profesional. 2
  3. 3. Individual chapters... what is the hierarchy? Each chapter in the region can manage different internal rules and fees as outlined in national statutes and as voted on by Associates and Board members How do individual AMPI chapters communicate about their individual issues? AMPI National AMPI Local Boards AMPI Local Asociates / Brokers AMPI Local Afiliates / Agents 3
  4. 4. AMPI Regional 3 local chapters came togetherunder a legal agreement to operate as one entity for the purpose of managing 3 distinct areas that benefit the individuals in each of the chapters involved. 4
  5. 5. The 3 Regional committees:Communication, MLS & Education 1 5
  6. 6. Contracted Services For marketing and inventory management:Public website, socialmedia, Flex mls and MLS helpdesk 2 Marketing tools Inventory Management tools 4 2
  7. 7. AMPI National AMPI Local Boards Regional AMPI Regional Boardcommunication AMPI Regional Comittees AMPI Regional comunication Concerning the 3 committees & the AMPI all Members in Regionservices they manage For issues regarding joint committee topics: MLS, Education, AMPI National, Joint marketing 3 7
  8. 8. Comunication Committee: Get the word outCommunication committee News from the other committees Board news 8
  9. 9. Comunication Committee: Goals AMPI Regional: LOGO Committee: Communication 6/1/11 Communication Committe Overview Terms To represent AMPI to its members and the public observing the guidlines provided in the AMPI statutes and instructions from the Mission Board of Directors. To listen to trends and issues communicated within the membership and the market place and use that information to suggest, create and share timely and informative content. External communications that represent AMPI to the public: Responsible for To understand the AMPI regional Board of Directors! objectives for scheduling, producing, monitoring and reviewing content that represents AMPI. internal and external communications.""To utilize the tools available Responisble for the management & administration of all the tools used by AMPI for to communicate those objectives to the membership and the public this purpose. in a timely and regular fashion under specific guidelines for each Internal communications that represent AMPI to members:!"Responsible for audience. "" scheduling, producing, monitoring and reviewing content that represents AMPI to members. "Ensure there are consistant communications to the membership using allObjective To listen to the membership and Marketplace trends and report of the tools available. "Develop tools for listening to members and tailoring content to them regularly in a consistant & organized format to the Board.""To respond to the membership!s needs. "Collect relevant FAQ answers and other data develop and present an annual Communication program to the from the other joint committees and include them in the communication process board for approval in November for the following year and then consistently. " provide monthly status updates based on the approved program. " "" To ensure the proper security, management and storage of all data collected as the property of AMPI. ""To maintain transparency in all processes and follow the AMPI statutes of Ethics at all times. Chairman: Ensures that committe is updated on AMPI news from the board and visa versa, reviews communications to ensure they correspond to the boards objectives and supplier compliance. Understands contract terms for any supplier contracts related to this area. Gives final approval and authorization for eblasts, newsletters, social media contributions and blog themes. Makes sure that all members are represented and have an opportunity to contribute where aplicable. o Present anual communication program to board for approval o Communicates Board messages to be used in media Board Responsible for informing Com. leader of board #news! Authorizes social media contributions com.chair@vmember: o o Carl Timothy o Authorizes eblasts o Presents monthly reports to board allartanayaritCommitte o Authorizes content for newsletter o Update membership on committee activities chair o Authorizes Blog topics o Leader: Ensures that plans are executed, monitors communications, reports to Committee Chairman, communicates board info. to team, is supplier point of contact as needed, contributes in the planning of the annual program. o Submit anual communication suggestions to Chairman o Gathering news from all sources / provide content o Present monthly status updates to chairman o Intranet organize and oversite o Newsletter monthly: produce and distribute o Member communications: EblastsCommittee Marilyn Newman o Blog/press release: topic sheduling and assignment o Listening to members: find and implement tools com.lead@val 9 (responsible for the lartanayaritml leader
  10. 10. Comunication Committee: Responsibilities Marilyn Newman com.lead@valCommittee (responsible for the o Website: review and update / SEO reporting o Data management (storing content) lartanayaritml leader following) o Phone tree: reaching members o Liason with other committees for content o Social media content contributions from members o Masterlist of Domain emails o Master calendar of activities for AMPI manage o o o Newsletter: submit all articles/fotos by the 20th of each o o Share newsletter with other AMPI chapters (email) month Content: Manage FAQS (2 sets) collect from properNewsletter / o Send out newsletter to members by the 5th of each month o sources eblasts Double check newsletter before sending (spelling, complete (internal) o o Content: Manage welcome new members info) (must be bi myampi@valla lingual) o Content: Manage master calendar: complete and useful o Content: Manage Flex updates and tips rtanayaritmls.c om! Format member comments to present to board (by o Responsible for receiving emails from members o chairman) monthly by the 20th of each mo. o Website: review and update / collect analytics o Remind users to update info o Understand site map o Make content suggestions Website / o Manage CMS system for site / loading info. o Supplier contact (webmaster / Qlick) / contract website@valla domain expirations rtanayaritmls.c o Manage domain & renewal o SEO reporting (visits, sources, serp etc) (external) om! o Manage domain assignment of emails / controls of emails o Monthly status report o Agent info reminders: load good fotos and company info. o Manage passwords related to area o Supplier contact (Qlick) o Create press releases send to Qlick for processingBlog / Press o Create and manage content calendar / System for rotation o Invite participation from membership Ampiblog@val releases / o Submit 3 blogs per week to Qlick o Review Blog topics for keywords and relevance lartanayaritmlssocial media .com o Submit other news for social posting to Qlick as needed o Must be organized and Transparent in management (external) o Encourage membership to support this effort o Manage passwords related to area Intranet / o Manage AMPI internal files & documents (AMPI librarian) o Masterlist of all AMPI documents & databases thatdata back must be managed intranet@vallup / phone o Submit to Qlick for loading to intranet o Make sure all files are stored on discs as backup artanayaritml tree o Review monthly for relevance / is everything you need there o Do monthly or bi monthly back of of all data. (internal) o Create and educate on phone tree : master list o Manage phone tree efforts (must be bi lingual) o Member comments o File copy of monthly newsletterReporting: o SEO & Social media o Pending contract expirations (60 days prior) Monthly by the 10th of leader to each month o Website suggestions or changes / % complete o Eblasts pending for approval. collect o File back up disc (?) o Master calendar: For monthly review and approval Board email: 10
  11. 11. MLS Committee: Get ahead of the competition 11
  12. 12. MLS Committee: GoalsAMPI Regional: Committee MLS Oversite LOGO 6/1/11 MLS Committe Overview: Goals and Responsibilities emails To administer all aspects of the MLS system as mandated by the Regional Board of Directors. To analyze the needs of the users and the market and recommend changes or adjustments to the system based on them. To work with suppliers in a timely fashion to correct issues that affect the system!s function or effectiveness. To keep the board updated on all important Mission issues related to the system, its use, security or administration. To keep the users updated on system training, usage and features. Ensure that the MLS system and its data is in optimum condition to produce the desired results as a tool for gauging market conditions and for sharing & managing inventory To ensure that users comply with the rules and regulations as defined in the aplicable AMPI statutes and develop a system for To manage supplier contracts related to the system. To be the point of monitoring compliance. To ensure that Geo areas in system are contact for all suppliers. To regularly communicate FAQs and training updated and current. To ensure that all AMPI members have schedules to communication committe for sharing with members.Objective access to adecuate training on the system. To ensure that new Present any decision making issues to the Board in a set format that members recieve specified training prior to being allowed use of allows them to make the best choice. To recruit volunteers for the system. To manage the master list of users and reconcile committee and qualify them appropriately (min. of some tech that monthly for billing by Supplier. To report status updates to knowledge required). Listen to users and take a consensus. the board of directors. Chairperson: Ensure that the board of directors recieves updates monthly on issues relating to the system. Ensures that suppliers are fulfilling on their contracts. Ensures that users have a system for registering feedback about the system and that their issues convert into FAQs and are sent to the communication committee. Understands the rules and regulations for usage completely. Understands supplier contracts. o Meets regularly with committee members to review issues o Reviews final monthly billing by 20th of each month Presents monthly report to board on pending system funcion o o Reviews/approves master calendar monthly Board issues or user issues mls.chair@vmember: o Reviews user comments and FAQs for possible issues o Evaluates training attendance / evaluates training Harriet Murray curriculum allartanayaritCommitte chair o Evaluates quality of data in system / implements plans for o improvements o o Leader: Ensure that plans are executed, monitor communications, report to chairman, communicate board info to team, supplier point of contact as needed. Some Tech Skills required for position. 12
  13. 13. MLS Committee: Responsibilities o oCommittee Makes sure the Com. Committee recieves FAQs & training Reviews help desk reports for trends / reports trends to o calendar by the 20th of each month for the newsletter (see o leader chair in fixed format below)(tech skills o Maintains master calender and reviews monthly with chair o FAQs to training person by 20th of each month mls.lead@val required) Person 1 o o Shares information from board with team lartanayaritm o o User o Implements & monitors system for reconciling billing to users Sends to Chair by 20th of each month for review manage / o billing o Manages master calendar of trainings & passes to leader o Monitors user comments from helpdesk report o by the 15th of each month mls.train@va Training / o Organizes trainings based on latest FAQs o person 2 llartanayarit FAQs o Creates written FAQs passes them to com committee o o o o o System Undertstands statistics and creates monthly report for o Reviews system for quality of data oadmin / Geo newsletter areas o sends reminders to members to adhere to good practices o o o mls.rules@v Person 3 o Communicates changes in Rules are passed to Newsletter o allartanayarit Rules and o Spot checks for compliance monthly o Communicates as directed by Chair with anyone not Regs. complyingcompliance o Reports findings to lead o Makes sure rules are posted to intranet in timely fashion and safey o Informs help desk of changes in rules or adjustments o Maintains detailed records of history / version of rules o o o o Reporting person 1 o o o o 13
  14. 14. Education Committee: Be the leader in your field 14
  15. 15. Education Committee: GoalsAMPI Regional: Committee: Education LOGO 6/1/11 Education Committe Overview: Goals and Responsibilities emails To oversee all aspects relevant to AMPIS!s educational requirements for members. To provide the courses necessary for members to become the most ethical, professional, efficient and successful business people in Mexican Real Estate. To Mission ensure that members understand all aspects of what AMPI has to offer them and how they can apply it to their businesses to enhance their performance in the marketplace. To make the courses as interesting and comfortable as possible for members To have a variety of educational topics for members to choose from To manage the educational credits in an efficient and transparent and to communicate with adequate anticipation the upcoming manner so that members can have quick access to thier credits. events. To work with in the annual budget to get the best speakers Objective To present an annual plan for Education to the Board in November possible and the most comfortable venues. To be constantly trying for the following year. To provide the board with semester reports to find speaker who are interesting AND informative. To manage on member feedback and course ratings. all funds under the standard rules for Petty cash management. Chairperson: Ensure that committe is updated on AMPI news from the board and visa versa, review communications to ensure they correspond to the boards objectives and supplier compliance. Approve and authorize eblasts, newsletters and blog themes Board o o Review course selection Communicate Board observations to committee Edu.chair@v member: o o Saul Groman? Approve expenditures Communicate member feedback to board allartanayarit Committe o o chair o Present annual course plan to board o Present annual budget for approval Leader: Ensure that plans are executed, monitor communications, report to chairman, communicate board info to team, supplier point of contact as needed. o o o Inform Communication committee of events to promote with o Recieve information from MLS committee on at least 30 days anticipation trainings or mls courses neededCommittee o Present new ideas or options for education to Chair for o Prepare annual budget leader board approval 15
  16. 16. Education Committee: Responsibilities leader Make sure that members have access to their o Present annual course plan to Chair o Edu.lead@va Salvador Zuniga Educational credit balance llartanayarit o o Course o Prepare annual course plan with credit values o Implement feedback rating system Make sure that topics offered are varied and relevant to the Share ratings from feedback with board andplanning / o o membership newsletter memberfeedback o Establish Educational values to apply to events. o o Set up speakers and their details for each event o Observe and Stay in budget Track all expenses and turn into treasurer prior to o Set up venue for each event o event Logistics: Collect educational materials from speakers prior to each Load course materials to Intranet and/or slidesharespeakers & Salvador / Marilyn o o event to share with membership venues Manage attendance for events and communicate it to o Treasurer for applying credits no more than 4 days after o event Implement system for tracking expenditures and reporting to o o Present annual budget to Chair AMPI Board Treasury o Follow established Petty cash management systems o Use established forms for managing petty cash o o Edu.credits@ Xiomara vallartanayari o Create and implement system for tracking member credits o Manage Recieve credit information from Logistics and post o Establish tracking system for educational credits o to intranet (?) within 2 days of reciept credits o o o o o Monthly member credits tally o Budget report monthly o 6 month course calendar o Report & o ocommunicate o o Board email: 16
  17. 17. External communications: How does the public find out more about why they should choose an AMPI agent? AMPI Regional website with MLS feature Participation in events like Deloitteʼs Real Estate Forum Blog and press release articles Social Media sharing 17
  18. 18. AMPI National website: What is the focus of the national website? Shares information on international opportunities in the market Offers educational programs for members as well as educates the public about AMPI Is on Facebook, Slideshare & Twitter Has an MLS system Has a directory of agents 18
  19. 19. AMPI Regional Marketing: What is the purpose of the Regional website? To teach buyers and sellers about AMPI and the benefits of choosing an AMPI professional To provide the public with data about the marketplace and opportunities in this area To provide the public access to inventory available To provide the public detailed information on AMPI agents 19
  20. 20. AMPI Regional Marketing: Regional Blog reaching more people Needs ORIGINAL informative articles that educate and are interesting to readers Needs attractive fotos to accompany each article Needs more videos to put in YouTube and link to website 20
  21. 21. Regional Marketing: All online efforts are designed to drive traffic to the website as well as educate readers about what AMPI is Give us a ʻlikeʼ Needs more 570 VIEWS content to share 21
  22. 22. AMPI onAMPI Regional TwitterMarketing: Themore information AMPIthat exists about Website AMPI in thediverse sources, AMPI in the better the Facebook chances are of AMPIʼs social media getting found activity will move the AMPI website up in quickly online AMPI on Slideshare search rankings / Social media is informative and is an SEO tool 22
  23. 23. Internal communications: How do AMPI members find out more about AMPI Regional? AMPI educational courses NEW: AMPI Regional newsletter The Intranet in Flex: for files and documents related to AMPI AMPI Slideshare account: Presentations from Education courses and meetings 23
  24. 24. Newsletter (p 1) Newsletter (p 2) AMPI MEMBERS LOOKING FORWARD TO THE NEXT MEETING WHERE THEY WILL VOLUNTEER TO HELP ON all the NEW COMMITTEES!AMPI REGIONAL CHAPTERS... NAME, NAME, NAME Monthly message from the RegionalThe Board says.... Board ipsum primis in faucibus orci luctus et ultrices Littera gothica quam nunc putamusDo you want to get more posuere cubilia. parum claram anteposuerit litterarum formasout of AMPI? Pay your Fusce id mauris. Suspendisse ante est, humanitatis per. Lectorum Mirum est notare pulvinar quis, vehicula eget, sagittis ut, odio. quam littera gothica quam nunc putamusdues!. Pellentesque rutrum euismod nisl. Nunc parum claram anteposuerit; modo typi qui. Marcu wisi vehicula enim, vitae lobortisest sapien ut erat. Curabitur lectus. Loremipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing sollicitudin sollicitudin pede. Fusce in pede. Phasellus vitae eros. Aliquam odio. Duis vitae velit non wisi dignissim pellentesque. Flex: market June 2011elit. In hac habitasse platea dictumst.Curabitur et tortor at dui venenatis commodo. Donec elit eros, convallis ut, euismod eget, aliquet eu, lorem. Vestibulum ante ipsum update **Aliquam ultrices. Nam dolor. Aliquam fermentum. Nullam AMPI member primis in faucibus orci luctus et ultrices posuere cubilia Curae. Fusce id mauris. How to load a listing! 2convallis urna nec nunc. Aenean tincidunt Suspendisse ante est.Nam dolor. Aliquam Who is speaking at the next course! 2tristique lacus. Praesent nunc justo, accumsanin, tincidunt at, venenatis in, felis. Lorem ipsum ʻquote of the monthʼ fermentum. Nullam convallis urna nec nunc. Aenean tincidunt tristique lacus. Praesent nunc The board needs volunteers! 3dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. justo, accumsan in, tincidunt at, venenatis in,Pellentesque nunc tellus, iaculis quiss. felis. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer Anyone got Cats?! 4 Donec eu ante. Pellentesque quis est eu adipiscing elit. Pellentesque nunc tellus, iaculispede laoreet elementum. Vestibulum ante quis, volutpat. Education Quote of the Month. Ampi is to me ... like a fire on a cold winter committee June night... update 2011 Yosemite Sam at Acme TNT.... The newsletter is for regional topics: it should be fun & informative 24
  25. 25. Newsletter (p 3) Newsletter (p 4) FAQS on FLex and on AMPI Calendar ofWho is new to Marketing events and Flex AMPI update ** trainings 25
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