France Solar Photovoltaic Market Outlook to 2015


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France Solar Photovoltaic Market Outlook to 2015

  1. 1. TABLE OF CONTENTS1. France Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Market Introduction2. France Solar Feed-in Tariffs Present Status and Impact3. France Solar PV Market Size, 2006-2010 3.1. France Solar PV On-Grid and Off-Grid Cumulative Installed Capacity, 2006-2010 3.2. France Solar PV On-Grid and Off-Grid Annual Installed Capacity, 2006-20104. France Solar PV Power per Capita, 2006-20105. France Solar PV Power Generation, 2009-20106. France Solar PV Market Segmentation by Type of Installations, 20107. France Solar PV Market Competitive Landscape8. France Solar PV SWOT Analysis Strengths Weakenesses Opportunities Threats9. France Solar PV Market Future Outlook 9.1. France Solar PV Cumulative Installed Capacity, 2011-2015 9.2. France Solar PV Annual Installed Capacity, 2011-2015 9.3. France Solar PV Power Per Capita, 2011-201510. France Macro Economic Indicators: Current and Projections 10.1. Population, 2006-2015 10.2. GDP, 2006-201511. Appendix 11.1. Market Definition 11.2. Abbreviations 11.3. Research Methodology Data Collection Methods 2
  2. 2. Approach11.4. Disclaimer 3
  3. 3. LIST OF FIGURESFigure 1: France Solar PV Market Size in terms of Grid Connected and Off-Grid CumulativeInstalled Capacity in Percentage, 2006-2010Figure 2: France Solar PV Market Size in terms of On-Grid and Off-Grid Annual InstalledCapacity in Percentage, 2006-2010Figure 3: France Solar PV Power Installed Capacity per Capita in Watt/Inhabitant, 2006-2010Figure 4: France Solar PV Power Generation in Gigawatt hour, 2009- 2010Figure 5: France Solar PV Market Segmentation by Type of Installations in Percentage, 2010Figure 6: France Solar PV Market Size in terms of Cumulative Installed Capacity inMegawatt, 2011-2015Figure 7: France Solar PV Market Size in terms of Annual Installed Capacity in Megawatt,2011-2015Figure 8: France Solar PV Power Installed Capacity per Capita in Watt/Inhabitant, 2011-2015 4
  4. 4. LIST OF TABLESTable 1: Present Scenario and Impact of Feed-in Tariff Plans in France Solar PhotovoltaicMarketTable 2: France Solar Photovoltaic Industry Feed-in Tariff Rates Amendments, in c€/kWh in2010Table 3: France Solar PV Market Size in terms of On-Grid and Off-Grid and TotalCumulative Installed Capacity in Megawatt (MW), 2006-2010Table 4: France Solar PV Market Size in terms of On-Grid and Off-Grid and Total AnnualInstalled Capacity in Megawatt (MW), 2006-2010Table 5: Competitive Landscape of Major Solar Photovoltaic Cell/Module Producers inFrance (Photowatt, Solaire Direct and Tenesol)Table 6: France Solar PV Market Size in terms of Cumulative Installed Capacity inMegawatt, 2011-2015Table 7: France Solar PV Market Size in terms of Annual Installed Capacity in Megawatt,2011-2015Table 8: France Population Trend in Million, 2006-2015Table 9: France Gross Domestic Product in USD Billion, 2006-2015 5
  5. 5. Executive SummaryThe report titled “France Solar Photovoltaic Market Outlook to 2015” provides acomprehensive analysis on various aspects such as On-Grid and Off-Grid Cumulative andAnnual Installed Capacity, PV power per capita, market segmentation and competitivelandscape of the major players operating in the country. The report also entails the SWOTanalysis of solar PV market in France.The future outlook presented the base case, conservative case and aggressive casescenario factor analysis providing an insight on the prospects in the solar PV cumulativeand annual installed capacity for the country.France has the 4th largest solar PV market in Europe with an annual installed capacity of719 MW in 2010. The country has shown an impressive growth from the levels of 275 MW in2009. The solar PV market in France has taken off in 2007 with the revision of feed intariff plan by the government in the favor of investors in 2006. Since then the market hasadded 995 MW of installed capacity. Certain regions such as Rhone Alpes, Cote d’ Azur andLanguedoc Roussillon are driving the expansion in the sector.The grid connected systems including the ground mounted installations have registeredphenomenal growth backed by the financial incentive from government. Total installationsconnected to the grid in 2010 were 996 MW which has increased from 279 MW in 2009.However, the major problem present is the time required for getting larger systemsconnected to the grid has increased and so has the cost, resulting in a long overhaul in thesupply chain.The annual installed capacity trebled in 2010 from 219 MW of capacity in 2009. The majordriver behind this growth is the government revision in the support scheme in the favor ofresidential and commercial installations.With an increased amount of solar photovoltaic installations in the country especially in2010, the electricity generation has increased 3 times from 215 GWh in 2009 to 600 GWhin 2010. The use of conventional sources for generating electricity has been extensivelypromoted by the government. The country is expected to change its carbon based energymodel into a completely de-carbonized model. The country has the least carbon intensiveenergy system of any developed and industrialized nation. France generate 75% of theelectricity from nuclear power, supported by the most extensive technology to recycleused nuclear fuel than any other nation in the world.Major portion of France solar PV installations is used for commercial and industrialapplications. The segment commands a market share of 51% in 2010 for an installedcapacity of 523 MW. Largely the major proportion of the French solar installations isutilized for diverse applications. There are over 13,000 solar projects greater than 3 kW,accounting for 70% of the total installed capacity in 2010.Under the best case scenario, the existing players in the market are expected to adoptefficient thin wafer technology extensively to improve the input-output ratio. This alongwith the declining cost of solar equipments is expected to counteract with the tariff cut. 6
  6. 6. The government is also expected to reinforce the tariff plan in the next 2 to 3 years alongwith the simplification of the administrative issues and barriers. The cumulative installedcapacity in the solar PV market is expected to be ~ MW in 2011 which will surge at a rapidpace following 2013. The cumulative installed capacity in such a case is forecasted toreach ~ MW by 2015.Key Topics Covered in the Report: • The feed-in-tariffs introduced in the country and their effect on the solar PV market • The annual and cumulative PV installations along with PV power per capita in the country from 2006-2010 • Future Outlook on the basis of assumed scenarios i.e. base case, worst case and aggressive case on cumulative installed capacity, annual installed capacity and PV power per capita, from 2011-2015 • SWOT analysis of the solar PV industry and Macro Economic Environment in the country • Competitive Landscape of the various players operating in the country 7