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this is 2nd edition of fest-In magazine.... pls give ur golden comments.....
fest-In project chairman and jt-secretary of RC of Zenith

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Chennai ed

  1. 1. Madra Day Edition as fest - InDRR’s Podium sDear All l,Warm R Rotaract Gree etings!! ighted to go through the newsletter of Zenith tI am deli o e r titled ‘fest In which ref n’ flects the im mportance stof each a every fe and estival that is being cele ebrated in ou country. T 1 issue is about K ur The e KrishnaJayanthi. Each of us have some childlike be s ehavior in u Inquisiti us. iveness and quench for d rknowled are the two importa things that I observe in RC of Z dge t ant e Zenith Team These are the two m.predomin qualitie of Lord K nant es Krishna alsoo.As you a aware, In as a cou are ndia untry has diifferent castes, religions languages belief syst s, s, tems isstill a country which believes in ‘Unity in D h n Diversity’. ‘Fest In’ is a classic ex s xample of how wecan reach out to show our deepe understan h er nding, respe and love to other festivals that is being ect scelebrate across rel ed ligions. The need of the hour is ‘Pe e e eace’. Every religion pr y reaches it bu as utindividua we must practice it. Accepting and complim als t menting dif fferences, qu uality conve ersationsusing kin words an positive b nd nd body langua enhances quality of relationship By highl age s ps. lightingthe impo ortance of feestivals acro the count we demo oss try onstrate our love and re r espect for otthers. Thisbrings pe eople togeth This new her. wsletter dep picts the histtoric places where Lord Krishna temples are dlocated a inputs fo preparing few dishes that are spe and or g s ecially prep pared during this festiva apart g alfrom por rtraying the importance of this festi e ival.‘Clarity precedes Success’. Th main obje S he ective of fesstivals is to encourage p people to ge et-togetherto share good things among them by forget s m tting differen nces if any. As we all ccelebrate var riousfestivals from time to time, it is very impor t s rtant to know the purpose of celebr w rating such w wonderfulfestivals. I request th viewers t go throug this news he to gh sletter and leearn about th purpose o he ofcelebrati this won ing nderful festiv Take tim to educa members so that they will under val. me ate s y rstand itssignifica ance.My comp pliments to the editors R Prema & Rtr Saravanan, for their efforts to deliver thi Rtr o iswonderfu initiative. I am sure t this e-bu ful that ulletin will be circulate to others also. Best w ed wishes tothe entire Zenith Tea for this l e am lovely effor Lets celeb rt. brate differe ences and m move forward in the dpositive direction.Yours tru uly,DRR PP Manikand K P dan Page 1 “To reac ch th unreacha he able”
  2. 2. Madra Day Edition as fest - In established by Kamp e pana-II, the son of e I’m C Chennai, capital city o Tamil Na c of adu vijayanagar Emperor and Bukka-I. The vand 36th largest metropolitan area in t h m n the Chennai wh C hich you all see now actually w,world. M history is long an interesting. My nd fo ormed by the sett tlement fo English o people. pMy peo ople celebbrate my birthday asMadras day every year on 22nd of Augu 2 ust. In 1522, the Portuguese arrived e rther . . .Will intro myself fur o here and b h built a port called Sa Tome- a-o Santhome). Dutch c (S captured tthe placeMy Origin: near Pulica (a place in north side of n at e h Chennai), in 1612. C n(Old Ch hennai)Originall I was a cluster of villages an I ly, ndwas kno own as ‘Madrasapatin nam’, locatted Santhome Churchin the prrovince of ‘Thondaima andalam’. TThecapital of Thhondaimand dalam was wKanchip puram and it was ruled by d s‘Thonda aiman Ilam Tiraiyan’, t the king fro om ndchola faamily in 2 century. S Subsequent totIlam Tiraaiyan, the region rwas rule by the prince Ilam K After Ila ed Kill. am rdKill I was ruled by Pallavas fro 3 centu s P om uryto 9th century. During this p period palla avabuilt ‘Maahabalipura (Tourist Place) which am’ tis one o the gorge of eous organ of mine. A Andtoday’s Mylapore was a ma ajor Pallav vanport.The pallavas were defeated b Cholas a by andbrought me under the chola rule aga r a ain.The Cho rule wa end up b Pandyas in ola as by s1264. D During 1361 Vijayana 1, agar rule w was th land. Damarla Venkatadri Na his ayakudu’sMy Childhood: fa ather naame Dam marla Ch hennappa I was born on 22nd AAugust, 16339. Nayakudu. N So the areaFrancis Day of the British East Indian t ‘C Chennappa was named in his attanam’ wCompan bought a small p ny piece of la and name. nfrom Daamarla Ven nkatadri Nayakudu, t theNayak of Vandav vasi. The British Ea astIndian C Company built St.Ge eorge Fort in St. G George Fort Page 2 “To reac ch th unreacha he able”
  3. 3. Madra Day Edition as fest - In of o Andhra PPradesh and Karnataka and d a th made M hey Madras Pre esidency (M Madras) as th capital. I the Britis rule I gre into he In sh ew major urban center. m n My M New A Avatar: (Today’s Ch ( hennai) Since 1947, from the day o e m of In ndependence of India, I’m the capital of , Madras state which wa renamed as Tamil M as dIn 1746, St.George Fort was c e conquered by . Nadu in the year 1969. IN August, 1996 Nthe Fren under General La Bourdonna nch G ais. th state government o Tamil Nadu (DMK) he of changed my name from Madras to c y m oIn 1749, British reg gain their co ontrol on me e. th Chennai. Ho C owever the name Mad dras isBy the la 18 cen ate ntury the Brritish hadconquer most of the region around Tamil red f used by many people in India now also!!! u wNadu an the north nd hern moder day state rn es eeeeee…Eeeee …(Sweet M Memories)Old MaddrasFirst M Master Pla of anChennaai Parry Corno y’s or (1890) ) Harbo (1891) or ) Page 3 “To reac ch th unreacha he able”
  4. 4. Madra Day Edition as fest - InChepau Cricket Ground uk G Fo Showr ord room Cen ntral Railwa station ay (1891) (1917) (1925) Ba of Ma ank adras Madras View From Harbor s m (1935) (1895) Egmo Railway Station ore y (1920) Car C Showr room Am mbulance ( (1940) (1913) ) Cent Railway Station tral y (1920) Page 4 “To reac ch th unreacha he able”
  5. 5. Madra Day Edition as fest - InEgmore R Railway Station Ripp Buildin pon ng Waiting Roo W om Marina Beach Mount R Road Stamp p Pres sidency C College Madra High Court as C Page 5 “To reac ch th unreacha he able”
  6. 6. Madra Day Edition as fest - In Old O TrainSenate House e Kot thawal Chawadi Ma arket Parade Ground e Page 6 “To reac ch th unreacha he able”
  7. 7. Madra Day Edition as fest - In hhh . . .ShhhhMY Secrets: • I had oldest Banyan Tr in Tamil Nadu whic was loca ree l ch ated in Adya (450 Yea old). ar ars • I’m the 4th la argest city in India. n • I’m also hav ving Seven Wonders, t they are: Anna squar A re Marina Beach B Fort St. George S St. Thomas M . Mount Jain Tempple Theosophical Society Myla apore Lake • Marina is the longest beach in the world. M e e • My M first High hest building is LIC building. • In 1996, Kot n thawal Cha awadi Marke was chan et nged to Koy yambedu W Wholesale M Market. • Now St. Geo N orge Fort us as Tam Nadu Se sed mil ecretariat. • Adyar Cance Institute is the first C A er Cancer Inst titute in Ind dia. • My M current (2011) popu ( ulation is 4,681,087. • Thiruvanmiy Thiruvo T yur, otriyur, Thiru uvallikeni (T Triplicane), Thirumylai (Mylapore are e) existed more than 1000 years bac e 0 ck. Adyar Che ennai Mu useum Con nemara L LibraryEeeee eeeeee… …(Sweet Memorie t es)New Chennai Page 7 “To reac ch th unreacha he able”
  8. 8. Madra Day Edition as fest - InEgmore Railway Station e S Chen nnai Airp port Par rry’s Cor rnerCentral Railway Station SChenn HighC nai Court Che ennai Harbor Page 8 “To reac ch th unreacha he able”
  9. 9. Madra Day Edition as fest - InChenn now nai Marundeeeswar T Temple (Thiru uvanmiyu ur)Chenn Local Electrica Train nai al Mylapor Temple Now re Ma ahapalipu uram Thirivotr riyor Tem mple Page 9 “To reac ch th unreacha he able”
  10. 10. Madra Day Edition as fest - InMadras sapatinam 2 Singaara Che m ennai Rotaract Club of Scions w conduc was cted “Stamp Exhibition on the ac p n” ccount of ‘M MadrasWeek Celebration’ in the name “Madrasa apatinam 2 Singaara CChennai” beetween Aug gust 22ndand 27th, 2011 in va h arious schoools. More t than one la stamps and 30 Ma akh adras pictur has resbeen exxhibited in order to mak the scho students aware of t Stamp values and to gain o ke ool s the dknowled dges. First day of the s d stamp exhib bition was in naugurated by Rtn. Ba Seshad in d abu driKaligi Raanganathan Mount Fo Matricula n ort ation Highe Secondar School, P er ry Perambur. Nearly2000 pu witnesse Our firs day exhib upil ed. st bition and project was coverd by “ “Dhinamalaar”newspap per. Page 10 “To reac ch th unreacha he able”
  11. 11. Madra Day Edition as fest - InChill out!!!Malls in Chen nnai MayaJaal Abiram Mega Mall mi M Am mpha Sky ywalk City C Cent ter Spencer Plaza Ex xpress Av venu Page 11 “To reac ch th unreacha he able”
  12. 12. Madra Day Edition as fest - InAmus sing Parks Que een’s Lan nd MGM M KishkintaParks Ady Park yar Sem mmozhi ParkBeach hes Elliot’s Ma arina ECR Page 12 “To reac ch th unreacha he able”
  13. 13. Madra Day Edition as fest - In balipuramMahab m Butte Stone er(World of Sculpture) Vand dalore Zo oo Page 13 “To reac ch th unreacha he able”
  14. 14. Madra Day Edition as fest - InReac me ch e! Distan from other im nce m mportant Cites t Chenn City to naiPondich herry 165 KMs K Bangalor re 331 K KMs Madurai 444 KMs sKurnool 467 KM Ms Mysore 470 KM Ms Coimbato ore 491 KM MsOoty 512 KMs s ore Mangalo 678 KM Ms Kochi 684 KMsHyderab bad 688 KMs K Panaji 923 KMsChenn I bes nai: seech, “K Keep the Cities c e clean & g green”.Zenith Family: Apy b’d Madra h dy as!!!Editors s,Rtr. Pr remalath haRtr. Sa aravanan n Page 14 “To reac ch th unreacha he able”