Vinayagar Chaturthi & Ramzan Edition                                             the brightly lit Ganesha. People offer   ...
Vinayagar Chaturthi & Ramzan Edition Chennai Ganapati!!!                         U.K. Ganapati!!!                         ...
Vinayagar Chaturthi & Ramzan Editionthe sea in the north of Mami, in San well known Bhiwajee family inFrancisco Bay Area t...
Vinayagar Chaturthi & Ramzan Editionroad to purify the path of Lord Ganesh.       Ganesha’s return the following years.Num...
Vinayagar Chaturthi & Ramzan Edition       Give a try . . .                                  • Retain good throw away     ...
Vinayagar Chaturthi & Ramzan EditionEid - Mubarak                                of experiencing hunger and developing    ...
Vinayagar Chaturthi & Ramzan Editionwhich everyone socializes. Next,            Cloves-10people visit each others homes an...
Vinayagar Chaturthi & Ramzan Editionand sauté till brown in colour.6. Add milk and water. Allow toboil and then add rice. ...
Vinayagar Chaturthi & Ramzan EditionMethod                                    Ganpati Spl Food 1. Heat oil or ghee in a pr...
Vinayagar Chaturthi & Ramzan Edition       little by little and the let the       poornam be on the stove       untilthemo...
1 vinayaga chadhurthi ed
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this is the 3rd edition of fest-In magazine......... pls give ur comments.....

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1 vinayaga chadhurthi ed

  1. 1. Vinayagar Chaturthi & Ramzan Edition the brightly lit Ganesha. People offer prasad of kolkatta, sundal,Modaks orGanapathi bappa morya peras (a type of sweetmeat, coconut,biscus of any other red flower,Every year the entire Indian sheaves of vermillion, turmeric powdercommunity celebrates “Ganesh and rice.Chaturthi” with great enthusiasm. WeIndian celebrate Ganapati’s birthday During Ganesh Chaturthi, in most partas Vinayagar Chaturthi. Preparation of of countries people offer prasad to thethis sacred festival begin months in image of Ganesha in their mini temples at home. The entire familyadvance and the actual day of wears fresh and clean clothes andcelebration sees a grand observance assembles in the sacrosanct area. Asof the occasion complete with the sing hymns, everyone is givenelaborate execution of traditional some flowers and rice in their hand.rituals, singing of devotional songs, These are later showered onfervid dancing, cracker-busting and Ganesha. Sometimes a few familiesloud chanting of “Ganapati bappa get together in someone’s house for the pooja. Each ceremony is roundedmorya”. off with people tucking in toothsome modaks in keeping with Ganesh’s style. Modaks Myth:   Hindu mythology has a story to tell even about Ganesh’s Modaks. It is said that Ganesh’s loved Modaks and simply could not stop himself from eating them. In fact he devoured them by the hundreds. Once moon was make a fun of ganesh’s obsession with modaks he got furious with the moon that he crushed him, saying that hisGanesh followers will create the beauty would never remain constant.pandal(Shelter) in their own locality Since that day, way back in time thebefore two weeks of the celebration moon reveals itself in all itsand place the unique Ganesh statue magnificence only once in 28 days.inside the pandal)Shelter) and do  pooja everyday in the morning and inthe evening by singing devotional  songs which praise Ganesh. Mostpeople of the community will attend the  evening pooja. They actually rush tohome from their work place to take  part in the festivities and gather around   fest-In | 1 “To reach the unreachable”
  2. 2. Vinayagar Chaturthi & Ramzan Edition Chennai Ganapati!!! U.K. Ganapati!!! More and more Hindus migrating toOn the day of festival Chennai people U.K., Hindu festivals have begun towill buy the “Clay Idol of Ganapati” with witness celebrations in different partspaper umbrella from outside. Beforeperform pooja person(Male Gender) of Europe. In London, Ganesh Chaturtiwho is the head of the family will was observed for the first time in theshower(Oil Bath) the Idol. After shower Vishwa Hindu Temple in 2005, due towill decorate the Idol with Sandal the sincere efforts of the Hindu Culture(Santhanam), flowers and will put and Heritage Society, a Southall basedPoonal on his shoulder. They will also organization. The event was supportedplace one rupee coin on his belly. by a number of temples, gurudwarasSpecial foods like Kolkatta, sundal willbe place in front of the ‘Clay Idol’ and and many other organizations in theaarthi will be show. Family members U.K. and saw a grand celebration. Thewill pray together and get bless from Shobha Yatra (Procession) startedsenior person. From the day of festival from the premises of the Vishwa Hindueveryday without fail in the morning Mandir, proceeded to Ram Mandir atand in the evening will do pooja with King Street, Southall, and was finallyaarthi. Third day from the day offestival in the morning after doing immersed in the river Thomasatpooja they will take the Idol and drop it Putney pier in the presence ofinto well or nearby lake. This the dignitaties.custom which is follow by ChennaiPeople. U.S.A Ganapati!!!   In the United States of America, Ganesh   chaturthi is celebrated by different religious organizations.The Sai Samsthan, a Hindu   society in Warrenville,Illinois,supposedly organizes the grandest Ganesh Chaturthi   celebration in the U.S.A,which is attended by   thousands of local Indians as well as people of other nationalities.Other well known   organizations to hold the Ganesh puja are the North American Sankethi Association of Rajasthan Ganapati!!! New York and the Hindu Temple Society in Mami,Florida. The festival sees local IndiansRajasthan people place a garlanded Idol of striving to observe all the organizing of theGanesha smeared with vermillion right festive parades and the immersion of theoutside their homes. In front of the image idols. At the end of the celebrations, thethey keep a plate with some vermillion and idols of Lord Ganesha are given a festiveturmeric powder so each passerby can put apinch of the sacred powder on his forehead farewell in the local rivers and seas. While inand feel blessed by Ganesha. Miami, the Ganesha idols are immersed in fest-In | 2 “To reach the unreachable”
  3. 3. Vinayagar Chaturthi & Ramzan Editionthe sea in the north of Mami, in San well known Bhiwajee family inFrancisco Bay Area the devotees take their Mauritius is credited with the firstLord to the Baker Beach for immersion. observance of Ganesh Chaturthi in Cascades Valley in Henrietta, a  tradition that they have still kept alive. With time, other Hindus who came to Kerala Ganapati!!! Mauritius joined in too and began toKerala people will not buy any Clay celebrate the festival in a grander way.Idol instead of that they will do pooja In present times, the festival haswith the image which they already become so popular thet the Mauritianhaving in their home. With that image government has proclaimed thewill do normal pooja like what other Ganesh Chaturthi day as a publicstates people will do in pooja. holiday. In the evening of the celebrations, Lord Ganesha Statues are blessed in various temples and households and taken for immersion in the sea. Mauritius being an Island sea on all sides, devotees from different villages and towns take part in the “Shova Yatra” and proceed to the beaches for the immersion of the Idols. France Ganapati!!!   The Ganesh Chaturthi in France is probably nowhere as big as in Paris. The Sri Manikka Vinayakar Temple in Paris celebrates the occasion in a grand manner with even a chariot  Mauritius Ganapati!!!  procession being ogranised during the time. The festival is celebrated in theWith the Hindu community itself temple for ten days at the end of whichforming about 52% of its population, the “Utsava Murti” (Idol that isthe Ganesh Chaturthi observance specially created only to besees fervid celebration in Mauritius. worshipped for the duration of aAnnually, the occasion is observed festival) of Lord Ganash is mounted onhere on the 4th day of the lunar month a chariot which is pulled through theof Bhadrapada (August/September as streets by thousands of local Hindusper the Gregorian calendar). The dressed in traditional costumes. Twotradition of Ganesh Chaturthi watertrucks proceed some distancecelebration started here in 1896. The ahead of the chariot and wash the fest-In | 3 “To reach the unreachable”
  4. 4. Vinayagar Chaturthi & Ramzan Editionroad to purify the path of Lord Ganesh. Ganesha’s return the following years.Numerous devotees of the Lord Artists and Sculpture’s start imaginingaccompany his Idol, dancing and how they will make an even nicersinging “bhajans” (songs worshipping Ganesha for the next year.divine beings). Other than people ofIndia origin, many Sri Lankans, France Even though the spiritual fiestaand even Europeans take part in the continues for 10days (from Bhadrapadcelebrations. The chariot covers four Shudh Chaturthi to the Anantamiles of the France capital and comes Chaturdashi) in various mandapasback to the temple. (Pandals) and are immersed into the water on 11th day but the immersions of the household Idols take place on Immerse Ganapati 3rd or 5th or 7th day according to the conventions of the fastidiousPeople will packed with multitudes as household.each locality comes out on the streets  with its Ganesha. Amidst shouts of‘Ganapati Bappa Moriya PundhchyaVarshi Lavkarya’ (Marthi for OhGanpati My Lord, return soon nextyear), a sea of humanity carries theIdols to the sea. Fire crackersannounce the arrival of the processionthat halts every now and then forpeople to get a last glimpse of theirfavourite God and seek his blessingsfor he is the remover of all obstacles.The Idols are carried into the holywaters, and face the direction of thelocal community centers they startedtheir journey from, till their visarjan orimmersion. In other towns andvillages, folks carry the Idols to the  local rivers or tanks for the visarjan  ceremony. As dusk takes charge ofthe skies, people return to their  localities and homes, awaiting   fest-In | 4 “To reach the unreachable”
  5. 5. Vinayagar Chaturthi & Ramzan Edition  Give a try . . . • Retain good throw away • Think Big with bad will make you to think Concentration to pull you positive. nearer to the highest goal. • Desire, unless under • Talk Less & Listen more to control can cause havoc. get High Efficiency & You ride the desire and Adaptability. keep it under control and don’t allow it to take you • Peacefully digest all good for a ride. and bad in life to live   happy life. fest-In | 5 “To reach the unreachable”
  6. 6. Vinayagar Chaturthi & Ramzan EditionEid - Mubarak of experiencing hunger and developing compassion for the less fortunate, and learn to be thankful and appreciativeComing with the new moon, the for all of Gods bounties. Fasting isfestival marks the end of Ramadan - a also advantageous to the health andmonth when Muslims fast throughout provides a break in the cycle of rigidthe day and eat only at night Prayers, habits.feasts and family get- together are themajor highlights of the celebrations. Itwas during this month that the holyKoran was revealed. Eid meansrecurring happiness or festivity. Eid iscelebrated in India with muchenthusiasm and fervor and muslimsfrom all strata of life can be seenadorned in beautiful new clothes,visiting the mosques to attend SalatulEid (Eid prayers). Greetings of “Eid-Mubarak” or a blessed Eid areexchanged.A very important aspect of eid is thecharity, which all the Muslims areexpected to extend to the needy. Eid Al Fitr is a day of joy andEarlier, this was in the form of gifts in thanksgiving. On this day, Muslimskind but now cash is given to the show their joy for the health, strengthneedy. The first Eid of the year is and opportunities of life, which Allahknown as "Eid Al Fitr". Al Fitr literally has given them to fulfill theirmeans breaking of fast. Thus Eid Al obligations of fasting and other goodFitr is celebrated on the first day of deeds during the month of Ramadan.Shawaal, the tenth month in the It is considered unholy to fast on thisMuslim calendar, to mark the end of a day. It is also a day of forgetting oldmonth long fast during the month of grudges and ill feelings towards otherRamadan. As the third "pillar" or fellow men. The second important Eidreligious obligation of Islam, fasting celebration is called "Eid Al-Adha".has many special benefits. Amongthese, the most important is that it is a Although only the pilgrims in Makkahmeans of learning self-control. Due to can participate in the Hajj fully, all thethe lack of preoccupation with the other Muslims in the world join withsatisfaction of bodily appetites during them by celebrating Eid Al-Adha, orthe daylight hours of fasting, a "Celebration of Sacrifice." On the 10thmeasure of ascendancy is given to day of Dhul-Hijjah, the last month ofones spiritual nature, which becomes the Islamic calendar, Muslims arounda means of coming closer to Allah. the world celebrate this feast ofRamadan is also a time of commitment, obedience and self-concentrated worship, reading of the sacrifice to Allah. They wear theirQuran, purifying ones behavior, giving nicest clothing and attend Salatul-Eidcharity and doing virtuous deeds. The (Eid Prayer) in the morning. This issecondary objective of fasting is a way followed by a short sermon, after fest-In | 6 “To reach the unreachable”
  7. 7. Vinayagar Chaturthi & Ramzan Editionwhich everyone socializes. Next, Cloves-10people visit each others homes and Fennel-2tbsppartake in festive meals with special Cardamom-6dishes, beverages, and desserts. Peppercorn-10Children receive gifts and sweets on (Grind these ingredients in athis happy occasion. In addition, like mixer)the pilgrims in Makkah, the Muslims,who can afford to do so, offer domestic Ginger garlic paste 2tbspanimals, usually sheep, as a symbol of Coriander leaves 50gIbrahims sacrifice. The meat isdistributed for consumption to family, Mint leaves 25gfriends, and to the poor and needy. Curd 150ml Tomato 150g Onion 1kg Islamic Tradition  Black cumin seeds 1tbspEid ul-Fitr marks the end of the fasting Cinnamon stick 2 piecesmonth of Ramadan. This has to do Bay leaves 2with the communal aspects of the fast, Cashew nuts kismis 50gwhich expresses many of the basic Cardamom 5values of the Muslim community i.e., Ghee 200gempathy for the poor, charity, worship, Coriander powder 2 tbspsteadfastness, patience etc. Fasting is Milk 500mlalso believed by some scholars to Saffron 1 pinchextol fundamental distinctions, lauding  the power of the spiritual realm, whileacknowledging the subordination of Methodthe physical realm. It also teaches aMuslim to stay away from worldly 1. Heat the ghee in a saucepan;desires and to focus entirely on the saute the onions till golden brownLord and thank him for his blessings. Itis rejuvenation of the religion and it colour and add sliced tomatoescreates a stronger bond between theMuslim and his Lord. After the end of sautéwell.Ramadan, is a big celebration of Eid. 2. Put ginger garlic paste, curd and biriyani masala and turmeric . Tummy Full powder, and coriander powder. 3. Add the chicken pieces andChicken Biriyani cookwell.Ingredients 4. Soak the rice about 10 minutesBasmati rice-1KgWater-1Ltr anddrainwell.Milk-500ml 5. Melt the ghee in a saucepanChicken-1kg and add in the spices and slicedMasala Paste onion mint, coriander leaves,Green chilly-10Cinnamon-4sticks cashew nuts, kismis, bay leaves fest-In | 7 “To reach the unreachable”
  8. 8. Vinayagar Chaturthi & Ramzan Editionand sauté till brown in colour.6. Add milk and water. Allow toboil and then add rice. Lower theheat, cover and continue to cookfor 15 minutes. Drain rice. ( riceshould not be over cooked. Cookthe rice till 3/4 th done andgrains remain seperate ). Nombu Kanji7. Take another saucepan and Ingredients  place half the rice into it. And add Lamb or beef (minced) – ½ cup the chicken on the top of the rice. Broken rice – 2 small cups And put the remaining rice on top ( soaked) of the chicken. And spread to Green gram– ½ cup make an even layer. (soaked) 8. Make random holes through Vegetables (chopped) – 1 cup the rice with a spoon and pour a Onion (medium) – 2 nos little saffron milk into the hole. (thinly sliced) 9. Place a few knobs of ghee, Tomato (medium) – 1 no fried onion, cashew nuts and dry (finely chopped) grapes (kismis) on the surface Green chillies – 2 - 3 nos  Ginger-garlic paste – 1 tsp and cover tightly. Seal the edges Turmeric powder – ½ tsp with atta paste (mix ¼ cup atta Chilly powder – 1 tsp and water). Keep this sauce pan Cumin seeds (Jeerakam) – ½ tsp over a pan or Iron cooking Coconut – ½ no vessel. Cook on a slow flame for Cinnamon (Karugapatta) sticks – 115 minutes (or bake in an oven – 2 nos at 350 * C for 20 minutes). You Cloves (Grambu) – 3 - 4 nos should open the seal only at the Salt – As reqd time of serving. Serve with salad, Coriander leaves (chopped) – Apickle and pappadam. little  Mint leaves – A few  Ghee/oil – 1 – 2 tbsp  fest-In | 8 “To reach the unreachable”
  9. 9. Vinayagar Chaturthi & Ramzan EditionMethod Ganpati Spl Food 1. Heat oil or ghee in a pressure Poorna Kozhukattacooker.   Ingredients for Poornam2. Splutter cumin seeds followed Coconut-1 (Scraped)by cinnamon sticks and cloves.   Jaggery-1/4 kg3. Add onion and green chillies Cardamom – 4-5and sauté till the onions turn lightbrown.  Ingredients for dough  4. Add the meat and sauté again Rice-1 ½ cupstill it too turns light brown.   Water-3 cups 5. Add ginger-garlic paste andsauté till you get rid of the raw Gingelly oil-1 tpspsmell.   Salt-a pinch 6. Add tomato and sauté well tillit gets blended well.   7. Add turmeric powder andchilly powder and stir well.   8. Add the vegetables, mix welland sauté for a while.   9. Add green gram and brokenrice and mix well.   10. Fry the rice and dhal for awhile.    11. Add about 4 cups of waterand mix well again.   Method 12. Add salt and mix well.   1. Pond Jaggery and add half a glass of water to it. Use a 13. Pressure cook it for 5 –10 heavy bottomed pan for thisminutes or till done.   purpose. 14. Add thick coconut milk and 2. Place it on the stove and letmix well, if more water is the jiggery melt, in low fire.required.  3. Once it starts thickening Serve hot or warm. add the coconut scrapings fest-In | 9 “To reach the unreachable”
  10. 10. Vinayagar Chaturthi & Ramzan Edition little by little and the let the poornam be on the stove untilthemoisture evaporates. 4. Remove it once it starts sticking to the bottom of the pan. 5. Let the poornam cool and make small round balls and keep them aside. 6. Soak rice in the specified amount of water for half an Zenith family wishing you all hour and then grind to a smooth paste using the Happy Ganesha Chathurthi & same water. Ramzan!!! 7. Add salt and a tbsp of oil in   it and pour the mixture starts changing colour (from pure white to somewhat bluish white) once it starts becoming thick  Thank You! Editors  Rtr. Premalatha  Rtr. Saravanan     fest-In | 10 “To reach the unreachable”