Boosting business productivity through tailored UX


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Sten Vesterli and Killian Evers
The days of “one-size-fits-all” enterprise IT is over – but how do you offer the customized experience your users want without incurring prohibitive cost?
An an enterprise IT vendor, Oracle knows the challenges and have addressede them head-on with the customization and personalization features built into the Fusion Middleware stack and Oracle Fusion Applications.
Come to this presentation to see how easy it is to offer a tailored user experience with modern development tools and applications.

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Boosting business productivity through tailored UX

  1. 1. Boos$ng  Business  Produc$vity   Through  Tailored  UX   AMIS  UX  Event  March  2014   ©  2014  Sten  Vesterli  and  Oracle  Corp.   1   Boosting Business Produc- tivity   Through Tailored UX
  2. 2. Boos$ng  Business  Produc$vity   Through  Tailored  UX   AMIS  UX  Event  March  2014   ©  2014  Sten  Vesterli  and  Oracle  Corp.   2  
  3. 3. Boos$ng  Business  Produc$vity   Through  Tailored  UX   AMIS  UX  Event  March  2014   ©  2014  Sten  Vesterli  and  Oracle  Corp.   3   Simplicity   Simplicity  Mobility  
  4. 4. Boos$ng  Business  Produc$vity   Through  Tailored  UX   AMIS  UX  Event  March  2014   ©  2014  Sten  Vesterli  and  Oracle  Corp.   4   Simplicity   Mobility   Mobility  Extensibility   Simplicity  
  5. 5. Boos$ng  Business  Produc$vity   Through  Tailored  UX   AMIS  UX  Event  March  2014   ©  2014  Sten  Vesterli  and  Oracle  Corp.   5   Simplicity   Extensibility   Mobility   Oracle’s  User  Experience  Strategy   Simplicity   Easily  access  the   essen$al  informa$on   and  ac$ons  to   support  your  work.     Mobility   Optimized UIs for wherever and however you work. Extensibility Tailor the user experience to best fit your company’s identity and business processes.
  6. 6. Boos$ng  Business  Produc$vity   Through  Tailored  UX   AMIS  UX  Event  March  2014   ©  2014  Sten  Vesterli  and  Oracle  Corp.   6   If  You  Want  to  Change  ...   Tweak  what  you  have  out-­‐of-­‐ the-­‐box  using  composers     Build  a  custom  app,  a  custom   integra$on  using  UX  design   paUerns  &  JDeveloper  via  PaaS   6 Mobility:  Tablet-­‐First  Design   Power-­‐user  UIs  where  needed   Most  common,  mobile  tasks   Specifically  targeted  smartphone  UIs    
  7. 7. Boos$ng  Business  Produc$vity   Through  Tailored  UX   AMIS  UX  Event  March  2014   ©  2014  Sten  Vesterli  and  Oracle  Corp.   7   Centralized Applications UX   E-Business Suite PeopleSoft   Oracle Fusion Applications JD Edwards EnterpriseOne   Siebel Taleo Endeca RightNow Centralized Applications UX   Fusion     Middleware     PeopleTools   Siebel  Tools   Oracle     Applica$on    Framework   JD  Edwards     EnterpriseOne     Tools  
  8. 8. Boos$ng  Business  Produc$vity   Through  Tailored  UX   AMIS  UX  Event  March  2014   ©  2014  Sten  Vesterli  and  Oracle  Corp.   8   Business  Systems  Analyst   “Determining  the  true  requirements  for  a  given  App  change  is  the  hardest  part  of   my  job.”   Responsibili?es   •  Gather  and  document  requirements  for  applica$on  changes   •  Involve  end-­‐users  as  stakeholders  in  all  phases  of  projects   •  Review  viability  of  proposed  changes  with  technical  users   •  Present  Tailoring/Extension  case  to  senior  management   The  Crucial  Decision   •  Tailoring?   •  Extension?  
  9. 9. Boos$ng  Business  Produc$vity   Through  Tailored  UX   AMIS  UX  Event  March  2014   ©  2014  Sten  Vesterli  and  Oracle  Corp.   9   The  Cost  of  Extensions   Time Cost Developing extensions Customizing using standard tools The Cost of Extensions Data Composer BI Composer Process Composer Page Composer Tailoring  with  Composer  Tools   User Interface Business Processes Reporting & Analytics Business Objects CRM App Composer
  10. 10. Boos$ng  Business  Produc$vity   Through  Tailored  UX   AMIS  UX  Event  March  2014   ©  2014  Sten  Vesterli  and  Oracle  Corp.   10   If  you  really,  really  need  to  extend   •  Use  a  framework  that  aligns  with  your   standard  system   •  Use  same  User  Experience  Design  PaUerns  as   the  standard  system   Extend with UX Design Patterns Informed by consumer expectations Deep understanding of Oracle tool kit Best of Oracle applications Proven scientific usability Design pattern website on OTN Productivity for applications developers Result: Consistent, high-quality user experience built by ADF enterprise community using OTN
  11. 11. Boos$ng  Business  Produc$vity   Through  Tailored  UX   AMIS  UX  Event  March  2014   ©  2014  Sten  Vesterli  and  Oracle  Corp.   11   Shopping  Cart   Registra?on   paEern     Item  Comparisons   paEern   Autocomplete   paEern   Point  loca?on   paEern   Breadcrumbs  naviga?on   Ra?ngs   Global  area  paEern   Contextual  ac?on   Everyday Design Patterns Mobile Design Patterns Heat  map  analy?cs   Pull  and  release  to   refresh   Pull  and  release  to  create  Pull  and  release  to  create  
  12. 12. Boos$ng  Business  Produc$vity   Through  Tailored  UX   AMIS  UX  Event  March  2014   ©  2014  Sten  Vesterli  and  Oracle  Corp.   12   PaUerns  on  Desktop   Tasks  pane   Quick  search   Global  area   Create  in  form   Create  in  table   Contextual  area   Applica?ons   UI  Shell   Applica?ons  panel   Applica?ons  table   Patterns in Simplified UI Add  to  Table  PaEern   Change  View  PaEern   Landing  Page  Type  PaEern   Panel  Drawer  PaEern   Table  PaEern  
  13. 13. Boos$ng  Business  Produc$vity   Through  Tailored  UX   AMIS  UX  Event  March  2014   ©  2014  Sten  Vesterli  and  Oracle  Corp.   13   Conclusion   •  A  modern  standard  applica$on  like  Oracle   Cloud  Applica$ons  offers  great  tailoring   capabili$es   •  If  you  have  a  strong  business  case  for   extending  the  applica$on,  leverage  best   prac$ce  tools  and  paUerns   Contact   •  Name:  Sten  Vesterli   •  E-­‐mail:   •  Blog:   •  TwiUer:  @stenvesterli   •  Web:     •  Technology  That  Fits  NewsleUer:   hUp://