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Digital experience of marriott 2

  1. 1. Group Marriott International Ana María García Virginie Guittard Elina Giannechini Vanessa Tran MBA2 A
  2. 2. Digital experience of Marriott Marriott International, Inc. is a leading lodging company based in Bethesda, Maryland, USA, with nearly 3,900 properties in 72 countries. The company operates and franchises hotels and licenses vacation ownership resorts under 18 brands. It is a very innovative company using different digital means to target its guests.
  3. 3. Marriott’ values and culture entreprise • Marriott’s values is oriented to its employees. • Marriott International, Inc., was named one of the “World’s Best Multinational Workplaces”
  4. 4. Digital Mariott As the winner of the Web Marketing association’s hotels and Lodging Standard of Excellence of 2013, Marriott International is ranked as one of the world’s most digital hotel brands.
  5. 5. What are digital touchpoints? The digital ecosystem of a business is the combination of all relevant digital touchpoints, the people that interact with them, and the business processes and technology environment that support both.
  6. 6. Technology as luxury • Marriot embedds high-definition TVs in bathroom mirrors • The lobby as tech hub. Marriot lobby information center has become a way to eliminate the frustration of guests standing in line to ask a simp • Meeting spaces go high tech. The company recently introduced its Red Coat Direct service, which allows meeting planners to electronically communicate with hotels where they’ve scheduled events. • Digital signage replacing printed signs • The office away from the office. Marriott’s new Workspace on Demand service allows non-hotel guests, such as small businesses and
  7. 7. Mobile application While Marriott is actively considering the bigger picture; it is also focusing in on how to improve customer service using digital technologies. Obviously mobile technology – which is growing rapidly - is playing a significant role. The hotel industry tends to take its cue from the airline industry and right now Marriott is doing just that. Marriott Hotels has launched a mobile application that allows travelers to check into a hotel from their mobile device in an attempt to reach its increasingly mobile guests. Today Marriott offers apps for iPhone, Android and Blackberry. To use the Marriott Hotels app, guests must check-in after 4 p.m. the day before their reservation or the day before arrival. When guests get to the hotel, they can go to a Mobile Check-In desk and immediately receive their pre-programmed key card. Additionally, the app will automatically notify guests when their room is ready. Another benefit to use the Marriott app, is:
  8. 8. Mobile application • THE REWARD DIGITAL MEMEBERSHIP CARD The Rewards Digital Membership Card, is used just as a printed card. You can use it for check-in at hotels and to ensure you receive your benefits. You can also use it to check your account number, level & points balance, get the latest Rewards program information & updates, and call Customer Service with a single touch. It is available in English, French, German, Spanish or Chinese. • The Marriott Hotel County Hall in London is the first UK hotel to have a digital i-Pad-based wine list. The digital wine list gives diners the opportunity to take an in-depth look at its wines. They can choose by grape, country or region, price or by producer. With this digital development the hotel is having terrific feedback and they don’t need to print anymore wine lists.
  9. 9. Social media: Facebook as a recruitment platform • • • Marriott Hotels is the largest Facebook recruitment page in the world. It is one of the most surprising ‘Leaderboards’ of the decade. The selection of Facebook as a platform, as opposed to Twitter or LinkedIn or Google+, was a deliberate move on the basis that the majority of their employee-types used the platform and would search for information through it. Marriott’s Facebook recruitment page doesn’t just list available jobs; it showcases what it’s like to work at Marriott and actively encourages constant engagement. Updates include celebration of company anniversaries and memorable events, congratulations to specific employees or teams for certain achievements along with photos and videos of life inside the hotels.
  10. 10. Social media: Interaction through a game • Marriott spent thousands of dollars creating an online game utilizing Facebook, similar to Farmville.‘MyMarriottHotel’ allowed players to virtually run their own hotel, hiring and firing employees, delivering food and cleaning rooms. The happier the guests, the higher the points. • Marriott was working hard to actively connect with employees in the Indian and Chinese markets where they were struggling with a lack of talent. During research into the problem to identify solutions, it was discovered that young people moving to the city from the outside areas and using social connections, primarily through Facebook, to land new jobs. • After much research and testing however, the game was launched and
  11. 11. Recommendations to optimize digital experience? • Improvement of the Marriott reward program: customers complains about the lack of transparency on their cash & point awards and the phone service tool. • The digital technology is developing continuously and one of the biggest challenge that Marriott International encounters right now is bridging the gap between the rapid advances in technology with the operations of the hotel business. Despite being present and communicating efficiently about their brands on every social platform right now, they should be very careful not to miss any digital novelties. ● Must be at the cutting edge of technology to stay comptitive regarding its direct competitors: Four Seasons and Hilton. The staff of e-marketing service needs to check regularly the technological progress by being in permanent contact with the profesionals of digital industry.
  12. 12. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION! Find out about the video presentation we did via Google Hangout on air on our blogs.