HSH Service 2012-14 (Proposed) Agenda


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HSH Service 2012-14 (Proposed) Agenda

  1. 1. Atlanta Metropolitan Black Chamber of Commerce Affordable Health Care in Georgia
  2. 2. AMBCC Health and Human Services The AMBCC Health and Human Service Committee is committed to addressing health disparities and access to affordable care for proprietors, their employees and families. The HAHS Committee will monitor and make recommendations on the various issues below. Please reference the resource below for your organization and community.
  3. 3. AMBCC Health and Human Service Focus…Business Community Government
  4. 4. AMBCC HAH Services Partners • Behavioral Management Group • United Health Care • Kaiser Permanente • Fulton Department of Health • DeKalb-Fulton Hospital Authority • Positive Growth • Atlanta Job Corp
  5. 5. Health Care Reform The Affordable Care Act, landmark health legislation passed in 2010, created the National Prevention Council and called for the development of the National Prevention Strategy to realize the benefits of prevention for all Americans’ health. The National Prevention Strategy is critical to the prevention focus of the Affordable Care Act and builds on the law’s efforts to lower health care costs, improve the quality of care, and provide coverage options for the uninsured.
  6. 6. Economic Impacts Georgia ranks amongst the top 10 states with the most hospitals within the US. The importance of hospitals to their communities extends far beyond health care. Hospital care is the largest component of the health care sector. America’s hospitals treated over 123 million people in their emergency departments, provided care for over 624 million outpatients, performed over 27 million surgeries, and delivered over 4 million babies. Every year, hospitals provide these vital health care services to millions of people in thousands of communities.
  7. 7. Guiding African Americans African Americans and other racial and ethnic minorities are disproportionately represented among the uninsured and the underinsured. This historic health reform law will have far-reaching implications for African Americans over the next several decades. In an effort to ensure this population is not left out of the conversation the AMBCC has hosted stakeholder meetings, community townhalls and health and human service expos to ensure information and opportunities are distributed equitably.
  8. 8. Stakeholder Roundtables Our key stakeholder roundtables provide ongoing collaborations and dialog amongst small businesses, community-based organizations, the education and faith-based sectors, and clinicians. A special emphasis will be placed on underserved groups.
  9. 9. State Health Exchange Basics The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act mandates the creation of state- based health insurance exchanges. The exchange is simply a clearinghouse, largely based online, that will provide information on various plans available in the state, and its tier levels (measured by the amount of premium dollars spent on actual health care). Luckily, there are a few basic things that are already known about the exchange.The National Association of Insurance Commissioners and the National Academy of Social Insurance have developed a list ofguidelines. States are diligently beginning to follow these guidelines, and – beginning in 2011 – each state is working towardssetting up their own exchanges. Though private companies are barred from actually running the exchanges, the states are allowedto contract out services in setting up the exchanges, according to the legislation.
  10. 10. Opportunities
  11. 11. Health and Technology
  12. 12. Health and Technology
  13. 13. Health and TechnologyThe Rise of the Digital Doctor- With 90% of physicians riding the social mediawave, there are big, new implications for physician and patient communication.This infographic gives a peek at how online communities may increase medicaladvancements, and how physician/patient communication has changedthroughout history. It even gives a handy break-down of the most influentialdoctors on twitter. (Source:NueSoft)
  14. 14. Health and Technology
  15. 15. Health and Technology
  16. 16. Health and Technology
  17. 17. Health and Technology
  18. 18. Health and Technology
  19. 19. Educating the Community The AMBCC will begin hosting several Neighborhood Health Expos designed to • educate the community on health services • introduce local service providers • create career and contract opportunities within the health industry
  20. 20. Neighborhood Health Tour Exhibit Plan (20 Vendors) WebMD Vendor Heath Prevention Zone Digital Health Zone Health Gamifaction Vendor CDC Vendor Providers Resource CenterActive wear vendors
  21. 21. Market Outreach
  22. 22. Health Service Calendar JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC Health and Human Health and Human Health and Human Day Service Roundtable Health and Human Service Roundtable Service Roundtable Service Roundtable/Theme (Jan) (Apr) (Jul) (Oct) Health Expo Health Expo Health Expo Health Exp (Feb) (May) (Aug) (Nov) Minority Health & National Night Health Disparities America Heart TBA Monthly Out Activity Walk www.omhrc.gov Nationalnightout.org National Nutrition Women’s Health America on the Mental Illness Month Week Move Month Activity Awareness Week Activity www.Eatright.org www.4women.gov/owh Americaonthemove.org Youth Violence Men’s Health Sickle Cell National Diabetes Week Awareness Month Month Prevention Week www.menshealth www.sicklecelldisease.or www.diabetes.org www.nationalsave.org week.org g
  23. 23. ChairpersonAtlanta Metropolitan Black Chamber ofCommerceHealth and Human Services PAP(770) 374-6226connect@ambcc.orgVisit us on Facebook