Aileen O' Toole presentation to Good Food Ireland


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Aileen O'Toole's presentation to Good Food Ireland conference. Specifically covering the 2010 Irish Tourism Industry Confederation (ITIC) research into changing trousim distribution patterns and the role of internet in tourism distribution

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  • Strategic services to plan, evaluate
  • Aileen O' Toole presentation to Good Food Ireland

    1. 1. Tourism and travel distribution in a changed world Aileen O’Toole, Managing Director, AMAS Good Food Ireland conference
    2. 2. Presentation outline • Present ITIC research carried out jointly by: • CHL Consulting • AMAS • Specifically consider: • Changing distribution patterns • Role of internet in tourism distribution • Perspectives of Irish and overseas tourism industry • Provide “takeaways” on: • Building your distribution channels • Reputation management • Online marketing
    3. 3. About AMAS Internet consultancy Assist clients to: • Plan • Evaluate • Manage • Market their online channels
    4. 4. Background
    5. 5. The digital landscape Social networks Content sharing Syndication Website(s) Email newsletters Social bookmarks Blogs User-generated content Search engine profile Mobile Extranet
    6. 6. ITIC research objectives • Establish how tourism and travel distribution is evolving • Identify future trends • Assess impacts on the Irish tourism industry • Make recommendations
    7. 7. Research methodology • Online surveys… • Irish tourism industry: 617 responses • Irish tour operators :12 responses • International trade survey: – 75 responses • Complemented by… • In-depth interviews with industry experts • Desk research exploring international trends • ITIC workshop
    8. 8. High response rate across all sectors Total responses: 617
    9. 9. Findings
    10. 10. Tourism and travel distribution channels SUPPLIERS Carriers (Air / Sea / Rail etc) Lodging (Hotels / B&Bs / Self-catering etc) Car Rental Other (Visitor Attractions, Events, Restaurants etc) ONLINE −Email −Internet booking engine −Brand website −Mobile −Social media OFFLINE −Walk-in −Phone ONLINE −Extranet −Pegasus ODD OFFLINE −Voice (call centres) −GDSs (Amadeus/Galileo/ Sabre/Worldspan ONLINE −Tour operators −OTAs (Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity, etc.) OFFLINE −Tour operators −Retail travel agencies OFFLINE Incoming Tour Operators END USERS Consumer Tourist Markets Corporate Other Travellers I N D I R E C T D I R E C T
    11. 11. Planning an Irish holiday • Steady increase in use of internet at research stage in four principal markets • In 2008, 7 in 10 visitors used the internet at planning stage compared to just 4 in 10 in 2008 Selected VAS Answers for Key Markets (2008) Failte Ireland’s VAS 2002 - 2008 Most important information sources in planning the holiday in Ireland
    12. 12. Purchasing an Irish holiday • Steady increase also in online purchasing across all markets • In 2008, 8 in 10 holidaymakers visiting Ireland booked at least some of their trip online • This was most marked among UK visitors. Use of internet in purchasing any part of trip to Ireland Failte Ireland’s SoT survey Base: Varies from yr to yr but 2,700+
    13. 13. Purchasing Ireland online Of those buying online… • Airline / sea tickets represent the highest proportion of these bookings. Online market appears to be at saturation point • Over 7 in 10 UK and US visitors and 6 in 10 French & German visitors book accommodation online • Online car hire purchases are more likely to be made by Americans Failte Ireland’s SoT survey Base: All those who made an internet purchase
    14. 14. Online booking capability • 7 in 10 respondents’ websites have an online reservation capability. • This rises to 90% for IHF member • Self-catering sector less likely to have online booking • Over half of B&Bs and hotels state that at least 40% of their bookings were delivered online in 2009 Websites with online reservation capabilities Total (524) IHF (138) B&B (305) ISCF (56)
    15. 15. Access to product: how Ireland compares (perspective of 75 in international distributors)
    16. 16. Internet: perceptions • Tourism businesses positively disposed to internet • 88% said that use of the internet had increased sales • 71% said it had led to improved yields 421 responses
    17. 17. Trends
    18. 18. Travellers’ online journey
    19. 19. Word of mouth goes viral Ireland in one month on TripAdvisor • 2,880,747 unique visits • 5,241,335 page views • 130,162 reviews • 50,517 forum topics • 3,482 lodgings • 1,633 attractions • 2,007 restaurants I trust content of.... Personal % Business % Trip reviews from people like me 59 65 Trip reviews from experts 57 63
    20. 20. Mobile
    21. 21. The takeaways
    22. 22. Actions: providers • Own websites important channel for transactions and promotion • Traditional channels, such as incoming tour operators or GDSs, cannot be ignored • Need to continuously review range of online channels used • Continuously investment in skills, technology, marketing required
    23. 23. Actions: reputation management • Monitor presence on sites such as TripAdvisor • Actively encourage satisfied customers to post comments to these sites, and help them to do so • Respond appropriately to complaints and potentially damaging comments
    24. 24. Actions: online marketing • Be familiar with the range of platforms, tools and techniques available • Ensure online marketing is a core part of marketing strategy • Ensure all marketing activity is integrated into a coherent plan • Evaluate performance using measurement tools and analysis (e.g. Google Analytics)
    25. 25. Read the full report Available for download on ITIC website Use the resources: Appendix 2: glossary of terms Appendix 3: reputation management Appendix 4: marketing and site management
    26. 26. More reading...
    27. 27. Internet affects offline purchasing
    28. 28. Thank you