Untapped secrets of persona drive marketing


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Mike Gospe of KickStart Alliance and Professor of Marketing at San Francisco State University did a great presentation on 2/20/13 for the American Marketing Association Sacramento Valley Chapter at Delegata.

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  • People Technology Expectations
  • Here’s the truth: a company that cannot fully empathize with its customers can never be market driven. Leadership teams need a customer advocate seated at the table as a equal Market-driven have a solid understanding of the market . . . And, empathy for customers So, how do we achieve this?
  • 70% of computer sessions include a search Fortune 500 firms largely invisible Fortune 500 companies spent $51M/day on 88,792 keywords – yet only 21% of these keywords rank in the top 100 natural search results
  • Need to map content to the buying cycle
  • Untapped secrets of persona drive marketing

    1. 1. The Untapped Secrets of Persona-driven Marketing Why marketers must become “buyer aware” Mike Gospe KickStart Alliance www.kickstartall.comhttp://marketinghighground.wordpress.com
    2. 2. Agenda 1. The Shifting Marketing Ecosystem 2. Defining the “Persona” 3. Search, Messaging & The Information Journey 4. The Evolving Integrated Marketing Planhttp://marketinghighground.wordpress.com 2012 © KickStart Alliance
    3. 3. What’s changed? • People • Technologyhttp://marketinghighground.wordpress.com • Expectations 2012 © KickStart Alliance
    4. 4. The new world is subscription based Today’s businesses need to earn their customers every day SaaS IaaS PaaShttp://marketinghighground.wordpress.com 2012 © KickStart Alliance
    5. 5. Today’s marketing ecosystem has changed From “Caveat Emptor” to “Cave emptorum” Control of the marketing ecosystem is an illusion.http://marketinghighground.wordpress.com 2012 © KickStart Alliance
    6. 6. A company that cannot fully empathize with its customers can never be market driven. Empathy . . . requires having a better, broader view of the customer and the market. For that, we need a higher vantage point.http://marketinghighground.wordpress.com 2012 © KickStart Alliance
    7. 7. The quest for relevancehttp://marketinghighground.wordpress.com 2012 © KickStart Alliance
    8. 8. Question: who are we targeting? “We want CIOs of the global 5000!” “We have 81 markets comprised of 9 segments, each with 9 sub- segments!”http://marketinghighground.wordpress.com 2012 © KickStart Alliance
    9. 9. Traditional market segmentation is not enough All CIOs CIOs of enterprise companies only The The CIOs in global financial Sweet Sweet services companies who Spot Spot have more than 10,000 employees and are growing at twice the market rate. But market segments don’t buy products. People do.http://marketinghighground.wordpress.com 2012 © KickStart Alliance
    10. 10. Build a Persona A persona is a personalized extension of the bull’s eye. The The Sweet Sweet Spot Spothttp://marketinghighground.wordpress.com 2012 © KickStart Alliance
    11. 11. A persona answers these questions  Who are they? • Name, age, gender • Title/responsibilities • Role in the purchase process • Attitude • Reputation  Where do they work? • Ideal company profile  Why are they a good target? • Values • Fears • Pet peeves • Information sourceshttp://marketinghighground.wordpress.com 2012 © KickStart Alliance
    12. 12. http://marketinghighground.wordpress.com 2012 © KickStart Alliance
    13. 13. Empathizing with a personaproduces insights The Skeptical The Corporate The Globetrotter Futurist Radical These executives share responsibility but have different values and interests!http://marketinghighground.wordpress.com 2012 © KickStart Alliance
    14. 14. What are they trying to do? Illustrate customer use cases that focus on the experience, not the product • What problem do they have? • How do they respond • “Day in the life” scenarios • What steps, actions do they take • How are they addressing the problem today with out your solution?http://marketinghighground.wordpress.com 2012 © KickStart Alliance
    15. 15. Search needs to be part of the persona • 70% • F500 invisible • $51M/day on • 88,792 keywords • 21% in top 100 Search language is one of the most informative parts of the persona-building exercisehttp://marketinghighground.wordpress.com Source: Conductor Study. March 11, 2009. 2012 © KickStart Alliance http://searchengineland.com/fortune-500-still-largely-invisible-in-natural-search-study-says-16888
    16. 16. http://marketinghighground.wordpress.com 2012 © KickStart Alliance
    17. 17. http://marketinghighground.wordpress.com 2012 © KickStart Alliance
    18. 18. What’s our story? Messaging & Content Marketing Strategy Because nobody likes to be sold to, messaging must have relevance. Messaging must tell a story.http://marketinghighground.wordpress.com 2012 © KickStart Alliance
    19. 19. What do all of these books have in common?http://marketinghighground.wordpress.com 2012 © KickStart Alliance
    20. 20. What makes a good story? 1. Something happens to upset the status quo, creating dramatic tension and provoking an emotional response 2. Our hero works to restore balance 3. Ultimately he or she prevails 4. Life returns to normal or better than normalhttp://marketinghighground.wordpress.com 2012 © KickStart Alliance
    21. 21. What makes a good business story? Messaging & Content Marketing Strategy 1. Engage the persona with a problem or opportunity they care about 2. Offer some thought leadership on how the hero can restore balance 3. Tell how and why your solution will help them prevail 4. Highlight the value and rewards they’ll receive from using your products or Tell the customer services use case storyhttp://marketinghighground.wordpress.com 2012 © KickStart Alliance
    22. 22. The Message Box: Target Persona a tool for telling your storyhttp://marketinghighground.wordpress.com 2012 © KickStart Alliance
    23. 23. Books Cost Too Much Messaging & Content Marketing Strategy Books cost too much. •The price of books has gone up 30% in five years. People expect •Prices are so high that people books at aNow you don’t have to buy fewer books than they want. reasonable price. pay retail price for the books you want. • Books should be priced affordably.•Your money goes a lotfurther with us. Discount •The books you want•Buying books has never Books Online should always be available –from thebeen more convenient. classics to new releases.Were open 24 x 7 and we’rejust a mouse-click away. Our customers like buying books online. •At Amazon.com, we have all your favorite books. •You can “browse” through our stock of books online. • In addition to books, we have audio books and a complete library of CDs and DVDs.http://marketinghighground.wordpress.com 2012 © KickStart Alliance
    24. 24. http://marketinghighground.wordpress.com 2012 © KickStart Alliance
    25. 25. The persona captures the Messaging & Content Marketing information journey Strategyhttp://marketinghighground.wordpress.com 2012 © KickStart Alliance
    26. 26. Now that we know the persona, how do we best engage them? 6 Questions to Designing a Marketing Blueprint 1. Who is the target persona? 2. How do they want to be communicated with? 3. What information are they looking for, and what offers do they want/expect from us? 4. After they respond to the first activity and offer, what happens next? And what happens after that? 5. What happens if they don’t respond? 6. How will our activities and offers drive sales?http://marketinghighground.wordpress.com 2012 © KickStart Alliance
    27. 27. http://marketinghighground.wordpress.com 2012 © KickStart Alliance
    28. 28. Top 5 issues with non- persona-based strategies• Language written with your agenda, not the customers• “Me, me, me!” messaging & lack of value proposition• Weak or non-existent calls to action• Information held hostage behind overly intrusive registration forms The goal of engagement is conversion!http://marketinghighground.wordpress.com 2012 © KickStart Alliance
    29. 29. Where to start 1. Develop the Persona 2. Express your customers’ problems using their words 3. Be relevant 4. Focus on the relationship 5. Analyze resultshttp://marketinghighground.wordpress.com 2012 © KickStart Alliance
    30. 30. Persona-driven marketing will lead you to the Marketing High Ground  : that special place where you understand the (noun) market so well that you become acknowledged and valued internally as the customers’ advocate.http://marketinghighground.wordpress.com 2012 © KickStart Alliance
    31. 31. Questionshttp://marketinghighground.wordpress.com 2012 © KickStart Alliance
    32. 32. Socialize the output & align your organizationPersona To better understand and empathize with the target audienceMessage Box To better communicate your value and relevance of your use cases to the personaEngage these best practices Evangelize their use Encourage others to participatehttp://marketinghighground.wordpress.com 2012 © KickStart Alliance
    33. 33. Thank you! Mike Gospe KickStart Alliance www.kickstartall.com Positioning mikeg@kickstartall.com Lead Generation Join me on LinkedIn: mikegospe Sales Readiness Follow me on Twitter: mikegospe Tell me what you think: Amazon book reviewhttp://marketinghighground.wordpress.com 2012 © KickStart Alliance