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Amanda langford final_project

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  2. 2. Career Appeal I chose Project Manager as my job occupation. I am a person that likes to takea written document and turn it into a tangible object. I have years of experience inmanaging projects from conception to completion and my interpersonal skills,operating skills and technical skills makes me uniquely qualified to manage projects.Project Management is the science and art of organizing the components of a project.There are five base components which I have excellent skills in executing: 1. Definition 2. Planning 3. Execution 4. Control 5. Closure Project Manager Description The Project manager oversees all elements of a project. They lead and motivatea team of workers and coordinate their efforts. Project managers also make sure thatwork flows steadily, despite setbacks and changing circumstances. Each project has astarting point, a deadline, and a concrete goal. Project managers see a project throughfrom its inception to its completion. The direction that they provide often determines aproject’s success.Amanda Langford – Final Project Page 2
  3. 3. The role of the Project Manager is to plan, execute, and finalize projectsaccording to strict deadlines and within budget. This includes acquiring resources andcoordinatingthe efforts of team members and third-party contractors or consultants in order todeliver projects according to plan. The Project Manager will also define the project’sobjectives and oversee quality control throughout its life cycle. Any complex endeavor requires managers who can coordinate the work ofothers. These managers take charge of the project, keeping resources and scheduleson track. Project managers fulfill this role. To the client and upper management,project managers are the face of a project. They solicit input and provide updates fromconcept through completion. And to the team performing the work, project managersremain a visible presence for its duration. They motivate and direct team members toachieve the goal of project completion——preferably on time and under budget. Duties of Project Manager Project manager duties and responsibilities are closely related to each other. Theterms go hand in hand with a fine line of distinction. Listed below are some of theduties:  Direct and manage project development from beginning to end  Define project scope, goals and deliverables  Collaboration with senior management and stakeholdersAmanda Langford – Final Project Page 3
  4. 4.  Develop full-scale project plans and associated communications documents  Effectively communicate project expectations to team members and stakeholders  Draft and submit budget proposals  Identify and resolve issues and conflicts within the project team  Identify and manage project dependencies and critical path  Plan and schedule project timelines and milestones using appropriate tools  Track project milestones and deliverables  Develop and deliver progress reports Education and Training There are many ways to become a project manager.. To become a projectmanager entails getting a lot of work experience and completion of the educationalrequirements is an added bonus. Some individuals start out in low positions by beingapprentices of project managers and work your way up to getting promoted by gainingthe number of years in work experience. You can volunteer to join groups in school orin organizations (both profit and non-profit) to participate in projects and to learn theconcepts. Education becomes important if you are aiming to go up the corporate ladder.Most employers seek an individual who has years of work experience and who havecompleted the project manager education requirements. Start by taking a bachelor’sAmanda Langford – Final Project Page 4
  5. 5. degree in project management. Usually these courses are completed in 3 to 4 yearsbefore you can proceed in taking your master’s degree. There are also certificateprograms you can take for your project manager continuing education with certifiedorganizations for project managers. These credentials are important if you truly want tosucceed in your career. Bachelors Degree Project Management Certification Meet the 35-hour education requirement for the CAPM or PMP® certification exam After you get your degree, it is important to also be certified in your field. Thetype of certification you seek plays a role in the salary you can expect, as somecertifications are more difficult to get than others. For example, if you’re a certifiedprofessional engineer with a degree in project management, you can expect to make$79,806 to $113,003 per year, while if you have just a regular project managementcertification, the average salary range is lower, at $51,410 to $88,077 per year Project managers are relied on to plan and execute projects within a wide varietyof industries, including computer networking/IT, construction, software development,telecommunications, and more. Typically, project managers should have at least a four-year bachelors degree, but employers usually prefer a masters degree (either an MS,Amanda Langford – Final Project Page 5
  6. 6. MA, or MBA). One of the best reasons to get an advanced degree in any field is toincrease your earning potential. Salary and Job OutlookSalary Range with a Project Management Professional Certification Salary DataJob TitleProject Manager, Information Technology (IT) $59,802 - $121,106Senior Project Manager, IT $77,674 - $129,606Project Manager, Construction $49,463 - $120,179Project Manager, Software Development $59,021 - $122,267Project Manager, (Unspecified Type / General) $41,988 - $110,466 Job Outlook There is a growing shortage of project talent as organizations have begun torecognize that project managers can improve business performance in any industry.According to a study published in October 2008 by the Anderson Economic Group, anaverage of 1.2 million project management positions will need to be filled each yearthrough 2016. So while some fields have contracted, such as financial services and theautomotive industry, others are growing, such as healthcare, infrastructuredevelopment and green technologies.Amanda Langford – Final Project Page 6
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