The Acceleration of Everything


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  • Heather
  • C2C helps advertisers connect with consumers at the moment of relevance. If a user slicks on the headline of the ad they are taken to the landing page if the click on the phone number they taken to the phones dialer and can then contact the advertisers. Launched Phase 1 for advertisers with physical locations and recently we launched phase 2 for advertisers with national call centers. Great for advertisers who would like to generate inbound calls/leads/sale or large advertisers who want to leverage their existing call center for sales or customer service. CPC Model Some advertisers are putting 7 figure investments because of the demand they are seeing from users who want to connect to their businesses.
  • Takeaway for the slide: Display advertising is on the brink of transformation Technology and innovation is fueling the change When banner ads first launched in 1994, the potential was limited, reflecting the limited possibilities of the web at the time Look around at what’s happening on the internet today. As the technology advances, this gets reflected in display ads. So think about what’s possible with display ads today – you can engage your audience in ways you could only imagine a handful of years ago. Now, think about where you are in terms of what you take advantage of with display advertising…
  • The Acceleration of Everything

    1. 1. The Acceleration of Everything Kevin Willer Head of Industry
    2. 2. Digital Revolution in Context 2006 1B 2003 500M 1994 Users 77M 1998 Distribution and Commerce 2000 400M Information Communication 2010 1.9B “ Buy” “ Read” “ Talk”
    3. 3. . Digital information in the world – videos, photos, music, texts, etc. 800 exabytes 2010 Internet users worldwide 2010 1.9 B Mobile subscribers 2010 5 B
    4. 4. . Digital information in the world – videos, photos, music, texts, etc. 800 exabytes 2010 2020 53 zettabytes Internet users worldwide 2010 1.9 B 2020 5 B Mobile subscribers 2010 5 B 2020 10 B
    5. 5. Consumer Transformation . Farmville 30M people using it every day; an est. 800K virtual tractors sold daily at $3.33 each ebay S elling $6B via mobile in 2010 YouTube views Lady Gaga 1.5B video views iPhone App store 5B apps downloaded Red Cross 20% ($23M) of donations for Haiti in first week made via text message Amazon 180 Kindle books sold for every 100 hardcovers
    6. 6. The Four Be’s Be Engaging Be Relevant > Be Accountable Be Found
    7. 7. Be Relevant > > <ul><li>Mobile: bigger than desktop within 5 years </li></ul><ul><li>Google's mobile searches grew 5x in last 2 years (and 50%+ in first half of 2010) </li></ul>
    8. 8. http:// =HZ0LoA32NFc
    9. 9. Click-to-Call Phone Numbers in Mobile Ads Create Opportunity for Parents to call brand expert directly restaurant Mountain View Restaurant Reviews Find the perfect restaurant. Hours, reviews, directions & more. Book a table today. Best local restaurant deals Save money dining out with restaurant gift certificates. Find a restaurant in your area.
    10. 10. Be Found <ul><li>Search: still the web's killer app </li></ul><ul><li>Google Instant saves 2-5 seconds on every query </li></ul>
    11. 11. http:// =qcm0rG8EKXI
    12. 12. Be Engaging <ul><li>Video: amateurs competing with pros </li></ul><ul><li>YouTube monetizing 2B video views every week (up 50% from 2009) </li></ul>
    13. 13. http:// =vLIHLuApG8E
    14. 14. Be Accountable <ul><li>Measurement: the dawn of real-time marketing and continuous improvement </li></ul><ul><li>Google &quot;power tools&quot; ever more useful (Insights for Search, Analytics, Ad Rotation) </li></ul>
    15. 15. http:// = nnsSUqgkDwU
    16. 16. Accelerating into the future: four predictions New Big Screen: 80% of all screen time will be digital Mass Mobile: devices will enable 2/3 of purchases and pay for 1/2 Consumer Coup: from 80% “push” to 80% opt-in, and two-way Real-time Rule: dominates social search rank, pricing, optimization
    17. 17. “ When we see a hockey stick, we pour gas on it” Mobile 2008 2010 Revenues doubled in 2010 Chrome 2008 2010 Growing faster than Twitter Display 2007 2010 Revenues doubled in 2010 YouTube 2007 2010 Revenues doubled in 2010 Enterprise 2007 2010 Second largest cloud provider Android 2007 2010 Fastest growing Mobile OS
    18. 18. Questions We Ask Ourselves Priorities: Are we adhering to 70/20/10? Scale: How do we preserve culture in 56 countries? Speed: What is holding us back & how do we move faster? Responsibility: How do we ensure we sustain our values?
    19. 19. Thank you!