Digital Customer Journey by Kelsey A. Horine


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Digital Customer Journey by Kelsey A. Horine

  1. 1. How digital analytics canenhancethe customerexperience and yourbottom lineAugust 2012Created and presented by: Kelsey A HorineFor questions or to request permission to use the content in the presentation you can email me
  2. 2. AgendaBackground• Who are you?• Who am I?• A refresher on IMC• What is digital analytics?In Theory• How digital analytics can enhance the customer experience and your bottom line• Why companies aren’t doing more with digital analyticsIn Practice• Tools that allow a more holistic view of your customers and the ability for advanced digital analytics• The path to a better customer experience and improved bottom line – A client case study and examples A couple caveats: This is a huge topic, this presentation is just scratching the surface. Some topics in the presentation I will go in-depth on and some I will just touch on, this deck is meant as a takeaway to review more thoroughly. The material in here is intended to be digestible for an audience that has experience in digital marketing and IMC. 2
  3. 3. Who are you?1. What are you and or your company doing in digital? 1. Search 2. Mobile 3. Social 4. Retargeting / Online ads2. Do you know the typical path of your clients or customer?3. How involved are you in digital analytics?4. What tools are you using?5. What are you hoping to get out of this evening? 3
  4. 4. Who am I• A consumer-centric, data-driven marketer, who truly believes that good marketing connects people with what they want and need.• I believe in a holistic approach to marketing, using quantitative and qualitative data to drive actionable insights and strategy.• A Sr. Strategic Consultant at Aspen Marketing Services (a division of Epsilon)• In digital marketing for the past 7 years, client side and agency experience• Educated in Marketing – M.S in Integrated Marketing Communications from Northwestern University with concentrations in Marketing Analytics and Direct and Interactive Marketing – B.S. in Business Administration, majoring in Marketing, from the University of Denver.• When not working, you can find me trying new food, practicing yoga and playing with my yellow lab, Dillon 4
  5. 5. An IMCRefresher 5
  6. 6. A friendly reminder on IMCIntegrated marketingcommunication (IMC) is defined Identify customers and prospectsas a customer-centric, data-driven method ofcommunicating with the Budgeting, Valuation ofcustomer. Allocation and customers and Evaluation prospectsWhy is IMC Important :Designed to make all aspects ofmarketing communication worktogether as a unified force, rather Estimating Return Creating and deliveringthan permitting each to work in on Customer Investment messages andisolation. incentives Source: Northwestern University, Masters program in Integrated Marketing Communication 2010 6
  7. 7. The four stages of IMC, we’ll focus stage 3 today Stage 4 • Reform of financial information infrastructure to fosterFinancial and Strategic “closed loop” planning capabilities to return on customer investment measures. Integration Stage 3 Application of • Integration of various customer data to obtain a richer and Information more complete view of customer/brand relationship. Technology Stage 2 • Scope of marketing communications activities broadens to Refining scope of encompass internal marketing to employees, suppliers, and marketing other business partners and to align them with the existing external communications programs. communication Stage 1 Focus on tactical coordination of diverse outbound marketing, communications element, and achieving consistency and synergyTactical coordination between functional efforts.Source: American Productivity and Quality Center, IMC Best Practice Report, taken from IMC the NextGeneration by Don and Heidi Schultz, 2009 7
  8. 8. What is Digital Analytics? Web Analytics Avinash Kaushik defines Web Analytics as: 1. The analysis of qualitative and quantitative data from your website and the competition 2. To drive a continual improvement of the online experience of your customers and prospects 3. Which translates into your desired outcomes (online and offline). Digital refers to the following channels: web, social media, email, online advertising, mobile, video, and search.Sources: Avinash Kaushik,, 2010 8Jessica Straka,, 2011
  9. 9. How to approach digital analytics Business Goals KPIs Objectives1. What are your Business Objectives / Desired Outcomes? Business Goal KPI KPI Target Objective2. What are the associated Increase Net New Increase unique visitors Lift in unique visitors per month 7% Goals? Accounts Increase online applications Lift in online application 5% completion rate Lift in recency and frequency of3. What KPIs are you going Increase loyalty to the website visits 5% to use to measure your Increase Account Improve conversion from Lift in conversion from 10% performance? Balances "abandoned carts" triggered events Lift in the number of new Increase the number of new accounts funded in the first 30 10% accounts funded days4. What KPI targets do you Top content viewed by high Identify the need to meet to be Understand the top content for high value clients value clients, based on recency top 3 content topics by line successful? Increase customer and frequency views of business satisfaction Provide more relevant content Reduce website bounce rate 10% to the site Reduce mobile site bounce rate 20% Objectives must be DUMB: Doable. Understandable. Manageable. Beneficial. Source: Avinash Kaushik, dimensions-targets/, 2010 9
  10. 10. What should we be looking at?We should look at metrics and key performance indicators that tell us something about the bottom-line, and follow both the lead and the customer throughout the entire life cycle.• The bottom-line: revenue and ROI• The behavior of people after actions, and the interaction with follow-up actions• The type of information that is valued the most by the subscribers• The percentage of leads from a campaign (for example, with downloading a white paper)• The cross-channel behavior of people (e.g. social sharing)• The percentage of qualified leads delivered to sales and effectively becomes a customer• Incremental effects of integrated approaches• Cross-fertilization effects of multi-channel contact strategiesSource: Selligent, Integrated data and metric cross channel and customer centric, 2012 10
  11. 11. So… how candigital analyticsenhance thecustomerexperience andthe bottom line? 11
  12. 12. More customers, higher value customers, reducedcosts• Improves Engagement and Customer Satisfaction Potential for Cross-sell & Up-sell  Identify activities that are correlated with revenue driving activities across channels  Content can be prioritized based on key performance indicators  Identify preferred channels• Enhances Quality and Quantity of Leads and or New Customers  Identify decision rules when a lead should be passed to sales  Can provide lead nurturing messaging to prospects  Understand what high-value customers are doing, to acquire more like them• Reduces Fallout and Cost  Indicate content that is broken and prohibiting client activities  What leads to abandonment before a client converts 12
  13. 13. Why companies aren’t doing A recent Forrester study found that more with 59% of interactive marketers surveyed wanted a “better system for digital analytics? measuring and analyzing the performance of programs that encompass multiple channels.”Source: Forbes 2012 13
  14. 14. Common challenges to understanding thecustomer experience online1. Building organizational consensus – Structure – Processes – Goals / Priorities2. Developing the technical infrastructure and resources – Across channels, departments and lines of business – Real-time3. Measuring the value of (inter)actions and touch points – Channel-agnostic consumer – An often disjointed purchase path and – Proliferated media consumption 14
  15. 15. The Tools
  16. 16. Tools for a multi-channel viewKeep in mind: “the quest for a single tool/source to answer all your questions will ensurethat your business will end up in a ditch”. Avinash KaushikCompare analytics tools at Digital Analytics Competitive Insights • Adobe Digital Marketing Suite • Compete • Web Trends* • Quantcast • Core Metrics* • Insights for Search • DoubleClick Ad Planner Web Analytics and Tag Management • Google Analytics (Premium) Testing – Multi-channel funnel API • Google Website Optimizer • Tableau • Adobe Test and Target • Crazy Egg • Optimizely • Analytics Canvas • ClickTale Mobile Voice of Customer / Text Analytics • Flurry • 4Q by iPerceptions • Bango • KissInsights • AdMob analytics • • Litmus • Concept Feedback • Clarabridge Social • OpinionLab • Radian6 • AlterianSM2 • MNInciteSources: Avinash Kaushik 2010INC. Best web analytic tools http://www.inccom/guides/12/2010/11-best-web-analytics-tools.html 2010 16
  17. 17. A deeper look at Adobe Marketing SuiteSiteCatalyst• web analytics solution that provides marketers with actionable, real-time intelligence.SocialAnalytics• provides marketers with measurement, monitoring and insight into how social media impacts business and marketing.Discover• allows digital marketers to deeply analyze and segment any quantity of online channel data in real time. Test and target executes multiple A/B and multivariate tests, measure effectiveness and increase relevance of online content through segmentation, targeting and automated personalization. Genesis automates the integration between Omniture and its partner applications. Genesis includes over 200 partners spanning 30 categories such as display advertising, email, social media, rich media/video and content management.Sources: Adobe 2012 17
  18. 18. Functionality of Adobe InsightInsight accepts data from any source,including data warehouses and businessintelligence tools.Load Structured Data• Load and analyze any structured data; no pre-aggregation required for analysis.Analyze by Dimension• N-dimensional analysis of data, with the ability to add new dimensions on the fly.Segment Data• Unlimited segmentation and filtering capability to discover meaningful business insights.Visualize Complex Data• Powerful visualization to make complex data and trends easy to understand.Free-Form Queries• Rapid analysis of free-form queries to get information to decision makers quickly.Sources: Adobe 2012 18
  19. 19. The path to abetter customerexperience andimprovedbottom line 19
  20. 20. Case Study Removed forConfidentiality
  21. 21. 2nd Fictional use case Optimizing the mobile site experience Desired Outcome: Increase consumer sales Goal: Increase sales from mobile KPI: Mobile sales On my way to work I talk to my mom and she reminds me that I need to send Garret’s I find Garrett’s I continue as apopcorn to my grandpa popcorn easily I decide to click guest and proceed for his birthday, it’s his through mobile on tin designs to fill out my billing search on my and find out I can information but it favorite iPhone requires me to fill purchase online out my company Good news, they by choosing my name… but I’m not have a mobile tin ordering on behalf optimized site but I of my company Through don’t know if I can digital order onlineanalytics I can focus just on mobile 70% of visitors leave at From that 20% For the 30% of visitors browsers and this fist page, possibly remaining, I lose 40% of who remain 20% click tinlook at fallout. due to no clear order them because the form designs now link requires a company name 21
  22. 22. 3rd Fictional use case Using content preferences for cross-sell Desired Outcome: Get online subscribers to convert offline Goal: Deepen the relationship with online subscribers KPI: Magazine subscriptions from online subscribers I am curious if any new I click on new bars Two weeks later, my restaurants are opening and restaurants I look into the food brother is coming to trucks and things tothis weekend in Chicago opening and view a town so I check out so I search “New couple page and do this week in TimeOut Chicago for Chicago and thenrestaurants openings” in tweet about City restaurants to visit TimeOut Chicago. I Winery opening in my leave the site and things to do thisdon’t have a subscription neighborhood weekend.but visit online frequently Add a custom area that Through Understand the click Could test or populate promotes cross-sell to digital stream over time my visitors homepage content the magazine or email analytics based on what they last viewed sign-up referring the content I cam most I could … interested in 22
  23. 23. So…Digital Analytics can:1. Improve customer experience,2. Which can improve your bottom lineBut with that, keep in mind:1. Focus on outcomes, not just metrics2. When it comes to the tools it is as much about the implementation as strategy3. There is no magic tool that gives you everything 23
  24. 24. Thanks andQuestions