Content StrategyAndy	  Crestodina	  @crestodina	  
If	  you	  have	  more	  MONEY	  than	  brains,	  you	  should	  focus	  on	  outbound	  markeCng.	     	  	  	  If	  you	...
Focus	  on	  the	  core	  problem	  your	  	   business	  solves	  and	  put	  out	  lots	  of	  	   content	  and	  enthu...
How contentmarketingworks…
Traffic leads to …traffic
Traffic: Social, Email, Search
Content Strategists…    Achieve	  business	  goals	  by	  maximizing	  the	  impact	  of	  content. 	                     ...
               Don t	  sell.	  	  	                       	  	     Help	  your	  audience	  make	  a	  	             buyin...
Whatdo	  they	  want	  to	  read?	  
Obvious, right?
Sources of Topics   1.	  Keywords	     2.	  Q&A	  Sites	     3.	  Listening	  
Topics: Google Suggest
Topics: UbersuggestSource:	  
Topics: Google Keyword Tool
Topics: Competitors RankSource:	  
Topics: Analytics
Topics: LinkedIn AnswersSource:	  LinkedIn	  Answers	  
Topics: QuoraSource:	  
Topics: Listening 1.	  Sales	  Team	   2.	  Customer	  Service	  Team	   3.	  Client	  Stories	  
Source:	  Deana	  Goldasich	  
Choose your words          Don t	  think	  OF	  the	  market	   	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  ….think	  AS	  the	  market 	  ...
Source:	  Ann	  Handley	  
Source:	  Ann	  Handley	  
Howshould	  you	  sound?	  
Latinate Words• 	  More	  formal	  • 	  Longer	  (polysyllabic)	  • 	  Fancy,	  proper	  	  Examples	  acquire,	  transmit...
Anglo-SaxonWords• 	  Less	  formal	  	  • 	  Short	  (oen	  monosyllabic)	  • 	  Forceful,	  direct	  	  	  Examples	  get...
Choose your words
Choose your words
Write like an 8th grader!                              …but	  don t	  dumb	  it	  down	   Source:	  NN	  Group	  
SEO has 3 parts
How Search Engines WorkSource:	  SEOmoz,	  2011	  Search	  Engine	  Ranking	  Factors	  
How Search Engines WorkSource:	  SEOmoz,	  2011	  Search	  Engine	  Ranking	  Factors	  
SEO (over) simplified	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  Links	  =	  How	  trustworthy	  your	  site	  is	  	  	  	  	  	  	 ...
Howdo	  I	  find	  these	  keywords?	  
3 Criteria for Choosing Keyphrases
Search VolumeText	  	  	  	  	  Resource:	  Google	  Keyword	  Tool	  
Search TrendingResource:	  Google	  Trends	  	  
RegionalInterestResource:	  Google	  Trends	  	  
CompetitionCompeCCon	  is	  high	  if	  the	  sites	  on	  page	  one…	  	  • 	  Are	  famous	  (wikipedia,	  etc.)	  	  •...
Check for Universal Search Results	  • 	  Local	  (change	  tacCcs/choose	  another	  phrase)	  	  • 	  Videos	  (opportun...
52 Headline HacksMore	  here:	  Headline	  Hacks	  
Wheredo	  I	  put	  these	  keywords?	  
On-Page SEO• 	  Once	  at	  the	  beginning	  of	  the	  Ctle	  <Ctle>	  	  • 	  Once	  in	  the	  first	  header	  <h1>	  ...
More Internal Linking	  	  	  
Template &Tools	  	  	  
Thank you!Andy	  Crestodina	  @crestodina	  
Content Strategy
Content Strategy
Content Strategy
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Content Strategy


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Content Strategy

  1. 1. Content StrategyAndy  Crestodina  @crestodina  
  2. 2. If  you  have  more  MONEY  than  brains,  you  should  focus  on  outbound  markeCng.        If  you  have  more  BRAINS  than  money,      you  should  focus  on  inbound  markeCng.     -­‐  Guy  Kawasaki  
  3. 3. Focus  on  the  core  problem  your     business  solves  and  put  out  lots  of     content  and  enthusiasm,  and  ideas     about  how  to  solve  that  problem.       -­‐  Laura  FiLon  
  4. 4. How contentmarketingworks…
  5. 5. Traffic leads to …traffic
  6. 6. Traffic: Social, Email, Search
  7. 7. Content Strategists… Achieve  business  goals  by  maximizing  the  impact  of  content.   Source:  ContenCni  
  8. 8.   Don t  sell.           Help  your  audience  make  a     buying  decision.  
  9. 9. Whatdo  they  want  to  read?  
  10. 10. Obvious, right?
  11. 11. Sources of Topics 1.  Keywords   2.  Q&A  Sites   3.  Listening  
  12. 12. Topics: Google Suggest
  13. 13. Topics: UbersuggestSource:  
  14. 14. Topics: Google Keyword Tool
  15. 15. Topics: Competitors RankSource:  
  16. 16. Topics: Analytics
  17. 17. Topics: LinkedIn AnswersSource:  LinkedIn  Answers  
  18. 18. Topics: QuoraSource:  
  19. 19. Topics: Listening 1.  Sales  Team   2.  Customer  Service  Team   3.  Client  Stories  
  20. 20. Source:  Deana  Goldasich  
  21. 21. Choose your words Don t  think  OF  the  market                    ….think  AS  the  market   Source:  Social  Triggers  
  22. 22. Source:  Ann  Handley  
  23. 23. Source:  Ann  Handley  
  24. 24. Howshould  you  sound?  
  25. 25. Source  
  26. 26. Latinate Words•   More  formal  •   Longer  (polysyllabic)  •   Fancy,  proper    Examples  acquire,  transmit,  construct,  resist,    deposit,  imitate,  determined  
  27. 27. Anglo-SaxonWords•   Less  formal    •   Short  (oen  monosyllabic)  •   Forceful,  direct      Examples  get,  send,  build,  stop,  put,  mock,  set    
  28. 28. Choose your words
  29. 29. Choose your words
  30. 30. Write like an 8th grader! …but  don t  dumb  it  down   Source:  NN  Group  
  31. 31. SEO has 3 parts
  32. 32. How Search Engines WorkSource:  SEOmoz,  2011  Search  Engine  Ranking  Factors  
  33. 33. How Search Engines WorkSource:  SEOmoz,  2011  Search  Engine  Ranking  Factors  
  34. 34. SEO (over) simplified                      Links  =  How  trustworthy  your  site  is              On-­‐Page  =  How  relevant  the  page  is      Keyphrases  =  What  the  page  is  relevant  to        
  35. 35. Howdo  I  find  these  keywords?  
  36. 36. 3 Criteria for Choosing Keyphrases
  37. 37. Search VolumeText          Resource:  Google  Keyword  Tool  
  38. 38. Search TrendingResource:  Google  Trends    
  39. 39. RegionalInterestResource:  Google  Trends    
  40. 40. CompetitionCompeCCon  is  high  if  the  sites  on  page  one…    •   Are  famous  (wikipedia,  etc.)    •   Have  Ctle  tags  that  begin  with  the  keyphrase    •   Lots  of  AdWords  ads    •   Have  a  higher  domain  authority  than  you*         *see  Open  Site  Explorer  
  41. 41. Check for Universal Search Results  •   Local  (change  tacCcs/choose  another  phrase)    •   Videos  (opportunity?)    •   Images    •   Products    •   News        
  42. 42. RelevanceText          
  43. 43. 52 Headline HacksMore  here:  Headline  Hacks  
  44. 44. Wheredo  I  put  these  keywords?  
  45. 45. On-Page SEO•   Once  at  the  beginning  of  the  Ctle  <Ctle>    •   Once  in  the  first  header  <h1>    •   Four  to  six  Cmes  in  the  body  of  the  page    •   In  links  on  other  pages  that  link  to  the  page.        
  46. 46. More Internal Linking      
  47. 47. Template &Tools      
  48. 48. Thank you!Andy  Crestodina  @crestodina  
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