CAMA Digital Media Event 11-16-2011


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CAMA Digital Media Event 11-16-2011

  1. 1. The Digital Media Roadmap:Insert Event Image Are You Off-Roading NOVEMBER 16, 2011 Twitter: #digitalroad Co-Sponsored by:
  2. 2. Save the Date for Chicago AMA Upcoming Events: January 18, 2011Brand Butler: The New Rules of Servicing Customers March 22, 2012 Innovation Idols: Stories of Marketing Geniuses May 16, 2012 The F-Factor: Friends, Fans & FollowersVisit for more information and registration
  3. 3. Thank you to our Chapter Wide SponsorsInsert Event Image
  4. 4. Program Overview: Larry Kramer, Author C-Scape: Conquer the Forces of Changing Business TodayInsert Event Image Deborah Powsner Head of Research & Marketing, B2B, Government &Local Markets Casey Winters Director, Online & Interactive Marketing
  5. 5. The Digital Media Roadmap 6
  6. 6. The Four “C’s”ConsumerContentCurationConvergence 7
  7. 7. The Consumer is in Control• In control of when, where and how they consume.• Have many more options to evaluate products• More choices to buy products: – Goods: Stores, Box Stores, Digital Stores, Digital “Aggregators” like Amazon and Gilt – Content: TV, Radio, Tablet, Phone, Computer, etc. 8
  8. 8. The Viewer Gradually Takes Control: It all started with The Remote• 1956: the TV remote controller first entered American home. The first TV remote control called "Lazy Bones," was developed in 1950 by Zenith Electronics Corporation• 1972: Pay TV was created with the launching of Home Box Office over the Wilkes-Barre, PA cable system• 1976: Sony introduces BetaMax/ VHS follows shortly thereafter• 1979/1980: ESPN and CNN are launched, dawn of the modern cable era• 1983: Direct Broadcast Satellite launched• 1997: DVD format introduced in US• 1997: WebTV enters the Market• 2000: Tivo first put into production by Phillips• 2005: Slingbox created by 2 SF Giants fans sick of missing games on the road• 2005: YouTube created• 2005: Apple introduces TV Shows on ITunes.• 2005: Networks put shows on Internet• 2007: FIOS created, Cell phone networks carry video• 2007: Hulu created• 2008: NetFlix begins digital delivery of TV shows and Movies.• 2010: IPad introduced• 2011: Cable MSO’s allows customers to also get their shows on IPads and Net.
  9. 9. The Purchase Funnel Cracks Old: Buying a TV New: Buying a TV– See an ad, “simple – See an ad awareness” – Click on ad for more information– more meaningful familiarity – Check out Bloggers for intel on with a brand – details of the product and the new technologies technology– consideration of how they – Check out Consumer Reviews to see how the claims pan out might fulfill your desires – Check out side issues of– Go to the store interest, like environmental impact or company policies – Check out Comparative Shopping Sites – Online vs. Store
  10. 10. Content is King• Distribution systems being usurped by digital platforms• Everything is Content• The best content will win out in the end• Refine content based on changing Consumer Habits 11
  11. 11. Content trumps Distribution The Old Days The New Days• Few Producers • Massive Growth in• Monopoly Distributors Production – TV Networks (licensed) • Multiple Delivery Options – Cable Systems (licensed) (No More Monopolies) – Satellite Systems (High – Broadcast -- Telephony Cost of Entry – Cable -- WiFi – DVD – Satellite -- Internet• Controlled Distribution – US Mail -- DVD – Time and Day • Confused Distribution – Windows Patterns
  12. 12. The Growing Need for Curation• Information explosion is overwhelming• Creating and trying to manage information overload• New media mix unique quality content with curation of outside content• Companies CAN be curators for their customers because of their expertise 13
  13. 13. Information Overload• 1989: Saul Bellow complains that if you read the entire Sunday NY Times you would “constipate your intelligence for a long time to come”• Now you can make a single search on Google return, in 2 or 3 seconds, more “results” than the entire Sunday NY Times
  14. 14. Convergence Redefines Content and Organizations• The New Storytelling: Words, Pictures, Video, Audio, Interactivity converge on one platform• Marketing, PR, Sales converge within companies and agencies• Selling Movie Tickets Converges with Publishing Movie Reviews, selling electronics• Selling electronics converges with writing about technological trends.• Markets converge: TV Viewers also on IPads or Mobile Phones. 15
  15. 15. One quarter of Internet Users Access the Internet Through Their Television Sets: One Third of Those Who Don’t Are Very Interested in Doing So Set; One Third of Those Who Don’t Are Very Interested In Doing SoDo you ever access the Internet through your TV set? If not, how interested would you be in doing so? Base: Total sample, N=2482. Q84.1 Do you ever access the Internet through your TV set? This could include browsing the Internet, watching YouTube or Hulu, visiting Facebook or using services like Flickr directly on your TV set. Base: Those who don’t access the Internet through TV set or not sure, N=2090. Q 84.1.1 How interested would you be in accessing the Internet through your TV set?
  16. 16. Consumers Access the Internet Through Their TV Set PrimarilyThrough Connected Consoles – Especially Young Males Access Via PlayStation 3* How to read chart: “30% of males 8-17 who access the Internet on their TV set do so via PS3.” Console Ownership in US: *small sample • Wii: 62% of HH • Xbox 360: 48% of HH • PlayStation 3: 42% of HHBase: Those who access the Internet through their TV set, N=392. Q84.2 How do you access the Internetthrough your TV set?
  17. 17. Convergence Impacts Everything • Advertising converges with PR and Marketing: • 2005: 38% of company marketing budgets spent on advertising • By 2015 that number will be cut in half – Veronis Suhler • Marketing converges with Entertainment and Consumers converge with Producers. • Coca Cola sends 3 kids around the world – one year, 275,000 miles -- to every country (186 in all) where Coke is Sold – Expedition 206. Asked people what made them Happy. Posted 400 Videos on YouTube, also Twitter, Facebook, etc. • Chevy Sonic scavenger hunt – 600 people in Rochester used clues on mobile phones in a 2-hour hunt. Winners – two RIT students -- got a Sonic!
  18. 18. Case Study: The Newsroom of The Future• Built around it’s target audience, NOT a medium. Business, not newspapers; Sports, not TV.• Control delivery of content to all possible outlets• Have multiple revenue models to best monetize “Business Class” and “Coach”• Curate outside sources of valuable content• Build Digital Storytelling tools and team. 19
  19. 19. Why Advertisers and Content Companies Need To Work Together• No Fear: Advertising and Content can and should appeal to same audience. Both are content. Both changing how they tell stories.• Does NOT have to cross editorial lines. But they can relate to audiences in the same way: Both need to SERVE the reader• Targeting in every way possible. (Ads in the IPad edition reflecting stores within 500 feet; Bars with Happy Hours with 5 miles; Sales in stores in the mall you are in)• Competitors are doing it: Fandango, MenuPages etc 20
  20. 20. Why Every Company Will Become a Media Company• Every company has a story to tell• Every company has multiple constituencies and wants to reach them directly:• Every company has a changing customer base that is changing habits; They must stay close to those changes.• Every company needs to listen to its customers in real time 21
  21. 21. 22
  22. 22. Deborah PowsnerHead of Research & MarketingB2B, Govt. & Local MarketsNovember 16, 2011 Google Confidential and Proprietary
  23. 23. The Myth of the Four Minute Mile Google Confidential and Proprietary 25
  24. 24. The Traditional Mental Model of Marketing Stimulus First Moment of Second Moment Truth of Truth Google Confidential and Proprietary 26
  25. 25. The New Path to Purchase 78% of US Internet users go online to search for information about products and services. 32% have posted product reviews or comments online.Sources: “Online Product Research,” Pew Research Center, September 2010 Google Confidential and Proprietary 27
  26. 26. Mobile is NOW and will only growin importance74%purchased due to usingtheir smartphonewhile shopping79%of users usesmartphonesto help shopUp to 20%of our searches onBlack Fridaywere from mobileSource: Google User Behavior Study 2010, Google Internal Data 2010 Google Confidential and Proprietary 28
  27. 27. New Behavior Drives a Surgein Search VolumeIncrease in Search Volume Since 1/09 Auto Travel +115% +109% Real Estate Finance +95% +104%Source: Google Internal Data, 2011. Google Confidential and Proprietary 29
  28. 28. The New “Four Moments” Mental Model Stimulus First Second Moment of Moment of Truth Truth Which becomes the next person’s ZMOT Google Confidential and Proprietary 30
  29. 29. Across All Categories, Shoppers AreUsing Stimulus, ZMOT and FMOT EquallyAll three moments critical to the shopping process. 76% 84% 77% Stimulus ZMOT FMOTQ2 When you were considering purchasing [PRODUCT], what sources of information did you seek out to help with your decision?Base: N=5,003 Google Confidential and Proprietary 31
  30. 30. How to Win at ZMOT:1 Put someone in charge2 Find your Zero Moments3 Answer the questions people are asking4 Optimize for ZMOT5 Be fast6 Dont forget video7 Jump in! Google Confidential and Proprietary 32
  31. 31. 1 Put Someone in Charge Google Confidential and Proprietary 33
  32. 32. 2 Find Your Zero Moments [Your Brand] Search [Your Brand] Review Search Best [Your Category] Search Google Confidential and Proprietary 34
  33. 33. 3 Answer the Questions People are Asking Google Confidential and Proprietary 35
  34. 34. 4 Optimize for ZMOT 91M Mobile Internetusers in the U.S… …only 21% of our top advertisers have a mobile-optimized website Google Confidential and Proprietary 36 Source: eMarketer 2011; Google Internal Data
  35. 35. 4 Optimize for ZMOT Google Confidential and Proprietary 37
  36. 36. 5 Be Fast Google Confidential and Proprietary 38
  37. 37. 6 Dont Forget Video Google Confidential and Proprietary 39
  38. 38. 7 Jump in! Google Confidential and Proprietary 40
  39. 39. Google Confidential and Proprietary 41
  40. 40. Deborah PowsnerHead of Research & MarketingB2B, Govt. & Local Markets Google Confidential and Proprietary 42
  41. 41. Being in the Moment with Digital Media44
  42. 42. Who am I? •Online & Interactive Marketing Director at GrubHub •Previously worked at and •Email: •Twitter: @onecaseman •Blog: caseyaccidental.com45
  43. 43. What is GrubHub? •Show restaurants near you that you can order delivery and pickup from •Order online from your phone or computer •Founded in 2004 •Five rounds of venture capital funding •Show menus for over 20,000 restaurants in 20+ cities •On pace to drive over $200 million in revenue to local restaurants in 201146
  44. 44. GrubHub is a Zero Moment of Truth •People use GrubHub to figure out which restaurant to order from tonight •Very important for us to learn what information helps them make that decision •So we talk to our diners a lot •Phone interviews •Follow-up emails after an order •Surveys47
  45. 45. What we changed •Emailed every diner after an order for a review and rating and post them to the site even if negative •Added Yelp ratings because our diners trusted them and were already using them to help decide where to order •Fired some of our restaurant partners if our diners said they were not providing good service48
  46. 46. Timing, Don’t Forget the Timing •Email marketing •Search engine marketing •Retargeting •Transit advertising49
  47. 47. Build and interact with where your customers are, not where you want them to be •Mobile •24/7 Customer Service •Twitter •Please Reply50
  48. 48. Takeaways •Do some research with your customers to understand where the moments of truth are for your product. They will be in different spots for different products and at different times. •Think about how to improve your timing, access and responsiveness in these moments to maximize the likelihood of a purchase. Don’t be a afraid to fail initially. •Take control of and respond to every customer touch point you can. Email, Twitter, whatever the case may be. Monitor those channels for customer feedback and reply if at all relevant in a timely manner. These are valuable marketing channels that brands time and time again ignore that prevent abandonment and drive repeat usage and word of mouth.51
  49. 49. Thank You! •Email: •Twitter: @onecaseman •Blog: caseyaccidental.com52
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