American Family Insurance | Social Media - Beyond the Chaos


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Chicago AMA presents Social Media - Beyond the Chaos with presentations from IBM, Motorola Mobility, Zocal Group, and, American Family Insurance.

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American Family Insurance | Social Media - Beyond the Chaos

  1. 1. 3/29/2011 Troy Janisch Social Media Manager Digital Marketing American Family Insurance @socialmeteor #AMASocial 1 Join the Conversation!How American Family Insurance Became theMost Connected Brand on FacebookTroy Janisch, Digital Marketing Manager (@socialmeteor)American Family Insurance The Odds were Against Us 12 Months Ago Strike 1: Regulated Industry Strike 2: Conservative Company Strike 3: ‘Boring’ Brand #AMASocial 3 Join the Conversation! 1
  2. 2. 3/29/2011Social Media is Like Herding Cats #AMASocial 4 Join the Conversation!Challenge: No Cookie Cutter AgentsA diverse agent base continues to evolve: Demographic variety: age groups, geographic location. Business variety: individual versus establish company. Variations in technology interest, savvy and adoption. Understand the nuances and variations in digital behavior. Build adoption in manageable steps over time. #AMASocial 5 Join the Conversation!Challenge: Will Customers Even Care?Customers value agents, but don’t engage them: 76% of customers agree that agent relationship is important1. However, that relationship isn’t a frequent one. Give agents the tools for successful social engagement. #AMASocial 6 Join the Conversation! 2
  3. 3. 3/29/2011Challenge: Social Isn’t Selling Agents are salesmen at their core: The social channel requires a cultural shift. A more subtle approach than some might know. Potential to overuse, miss the point, set the wrong tone. Establish strong guidelines for social activity. Integrate seamlessly with existing sales platforms. #AMASocial 7 Join the Conversation!Social Media Strategy: How to Herd Cats • Drive new business Business • Increase Customer Satisfaction & Retention Objective • Digital ProspectingSocial Media • Customer Outreach Programs • Social Network Participation (Where) • Content Development (What)Social Media Activities • Engagement Platforms (How) #AMASocial 8 Join the Conversation!Overview: Social Media Landscape Facebook: “The largest referral network in the world” “Friend to friend” social network. Sharing updates, notes, photos video, interests. Games and applications. Robust privacy settings. Twitter: “The loudest referral network in the world” (listen to consumers) Public social network for sharing updates. Limited privacy settings. LinkedIn: “The most powerful business networking tool in the US” A business-to-business social network. Find and leverage business contacts. Ability to “buy in” for more accessibility. #AMASocial 9 Join the Conversation! 3
  4. 4. 3/29/2011 CONTENT: Create a social media mission statement Our Mission: “Celebrate and Protect Families.” A separate and complimentary mission for social media defines the positive contributions our company make to conversations. It defines our role in social communities. We use this mission statement to continuously refocus and align content #AMASocial that becomes ‘too salesy.’ 10 Join the Conversation! CONTENT: Learning from the experts (our audience) #AMASocial 11 Join the Conversation!1st in industry to achieve widespread Facebook adoption Publishing tool was available in three months; Agents enrolled in Facebook program over six months Less than one year later: >1,800 Agent Facebook pages > 70,000 Agent Facebook fans #AMASocial 12 Join the Conversation! 4
  5. 5. 3/29/2011 Monitoring Social Conversations #AMASocial 13 Join the Conversation! Negative Comments: Opportunities for proactive customer serviceIrrespective of the customercomment touchpoint, When negative comments about ourthe process for collecting, brand appear anywhere, thedisseminating, and process for collecting,handling comments is the disseminating, and handlingsame comments is the same: #AMASocial 14 Join the Conversation! Proactive Customer Service Opportunities Corporate Process: Identify and respond to postings with negative sentiment: Amplify posting with positive sentiment: Create referral and quoting opportunities: Recognize “Standout agents”: #AMASocial 15 Join the Conversation! 5
  6. 6. 3/29/2011 Home Run Derby• “The most connected brand on Facebook”• More than 2,200 agent Facebook pages• More than 120,000 fans• Ability to reach more than 15.6 million Facebook users through a friend who is already a fan• Ranked among Top 3 insurers on National Leagues Prince Fielder, of the Milwaukee Brewers, hits during the final Facebook round Home Run Derby• Consistently Recognized for Twitter Integration• Support of company leadership• Led $6 million in Series B funding for Shoutlet #AMASocial 16 Join the Conversation! Thank you for your Sweetly-Faked Attention Become a fan on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: @amfam Troy Janisch, Digital Marketing Manager American Family Insurance Email: Blog: Twitter: @socialmeteor #AMASocial 17 Join the Conversation! AMA Discount for unGeeked Elite, Chicago #AMASocial 18 Join the Conversation! 6