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A Strategic Roadmap to Content Marketing Success
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A Strategic Roadmap to Content Marketing Success


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  • 1. A Strategic Roadmap to 
Content Marketing Success!"AMA Chicago!January 31,2013!"! 1!
  • 2. partner!Laura Chavoen
 mentor! consumer!
 Strategist! fan!Senior Vice President
 geek!Director of Digital Strategy
 advocate!MSLGroup, Midwest! student! 2!
  • 3. Why Are We Here?!3!
  • 4. What Was Linear…!Brand" Media" Audience" 4!
  • 5. …Has Become Continuous! Brand" Media" Audience" 5!
  • 6. Traditional marketing talks at people. ! ! Content marketing 
 talks with them.! " - Doug Kessler!6!
  • 7. 

Goals & Objectives
Case Studies
Channel Integration ! 7!
  • 8. The Marketing Funnel! Awareness   Considera-on     Intent   Purchase   8!
  • 9. The Marketing Funnel Hourglass! Awareness   Acquisi%on   Considera-on     Intent   Purchase   Reten%on   Support     Loyalty   Referrals   Advocacy   9! Credit:    Jeremiah  Owyang  –  Al%meter  Group  
  • 10. The Marketing Hourglass! Awareness   Considera-on     Intent   Purchase   Support     Loyalty   Advocacy   10! Credit:    Jeremiah  Owyang  –  Al%meter  Group  
  • 11. Awareness!Challenge!Create interest and desire for productsupporting a new but still growingmarketing opportunity.!!Approach!Hubspot offered branded books,articles, videos and graphics to helpbusinesses understand the value ofcontent marketing. !!Key Takeaway!Showing how content is both relevantAND necessary, they created anopportunity to provide solutionsthrough their software.!! 11!
  • 12. Consideration!Challenge !Differentiate and stay top-of-mind in a competitive landscape thatrequires a significant amount of trustand frequent interaction.!!Approach!Mint offers news, articles, slideshows,videos, guidelines and tips. The action-oriented content encourages activityand generates business intelligence.!!Key Takeaway!By creating valuable information that iseasily accessible, Mint iterates theiruser-friendly application, rooted in thegathered data.! 12!
  • 13. Intent!Challenge!Remain in the consideration set forlong-lead, competitive products.!!Approach!GMʼs community stories, events andsupport integrates products into theexperiences, creating opportunity tobuild relationships between thecompany, the dealers and theaudience.!!Key Takeaway!By creating relationships throughlocal content, Dealers gainpermission to be a part of thecommunity.! 13!
  • 14. Support !Challenge!Leverage data-driven learnings to extend thereach of The Betty Crocker Kitchens acrosschannels.!!Approach!Betty Crocker created a wide variety ofcontent published on their website, email,social channels and in print, including video,how-to articles and recipes addressing keypain points. The program extended into full-year real time engagement across channels.!!Key Takeaway !The Betty911 program extends The Kitchensʼexpertise with valuable, relevant and real-timecustomer support around data-driven topics.! 14!
  • 15. Loyalty!Challenge!Content structure offering valuableresources to non-members that alsorewards and encourages membership.!!Approach!AMEX Open encourages communityactivity and engagement for earnedpoints, redeemable for premium content.!!Key Takeaway!This actionable content provides richdata and opportunities for targeted,contextual content and integratedproducts and services.! 15!
  • 16. Advocacy!Challenge!Extend the outdoor experienceinside and online, creating andsupporting brand champions.!!Approach!REI integrates content integratedwith relevant products, and createsand nurtures relationships byutilizing customers in content andcurating content from valuedexternal sources.!!Key Takeaway!REI provides tools and contentfor all audiences, from novice toexperienced explorers. ! 16!
  • 17. Purchase!Opportunity!Leverage customer browse,purchase and review data todrive preference.!!Approach!Amazon uses our data topresent us with relevant content(and products), at the rightmoment, in the right context.!!Key Takeaway!In addition to integrating brandand customer content, theyprovide a rich, consistent andcontextual experience. ! 17!
  • 18. Channel Integration! Corporate Curated Experiences Content Content Digital + Social   Mobile Networks   Channels Brand Content Expert Customer Content Content Print Events 18!
  • 19. 

Brand Character
Content Strategy, Plan
Success Measures
! 19!
  • 20. Customers, Competitors,Listen, Learn, Define Channels, Content & Refine Objectives Creators Execute Audit + + Engage Assess Content Creation Create Strategic + Curation Plan Develop Content Plan Content Plan Define Brand Engagement Character & Success Metrics 20!
  • 21. Brand Character!Brand Promise" Brand Personality" Brand Experience" Vision/Mission! Brand Persona! Behaviors! Brand Values! The Brand WOULD Touch points! say…! Brand Value Desirability, Usability, Proposition! The Brand WOULD 
 Utility! NOT say…!Brand Positioning Employees! Statement! Creative Guidelines! ! 21!
  • 22. Content Strategy!   Brand   75% Brand Content" 35%" +  25% Non-Brand Content" Products,     Services   30%" Influencers,  Advocates   35%" Thought  Leadership,     Innova%on   22!
  • 23. Content Execution Plan!Positioning: Curated Content, Not Constant Content.!! •  Brand Perspectives, Resources: 4 per week! Brand, Products •  Customer Thoughts: 2 per week, with variation across topics! & Services ! •  In the News: 2 per week, or as relevant! " " Influencers, •  Influencer POVs: 1-2 per week (with follow-up when relevant)! Advocates ! •  Customer Profiles: 2 times per month! " Thought •  Internal SMEs: 3 times per month, or as available! Leadership, •  External Perspectives: 2 times per month, or as needed! Innovation ! " Frequency: 4-5 days a week! Time of Day: To be determined based on metrics and to find the right cadence! 23!
  • 24. Content Type!•  White Papers! •  Trend Reports!•  Articles, Posts! •  Q&As/Roundtables!•  Video! •  Animated GIFs!•  Infographics! •  Comics/Cartoons!•  Social Posts! •  Livestreaming!•  Links! •  Memes!•  Images! •  Music/Playlists!•  User Content! •  Data!•  Stories! •  Podcasts!•  Case Studies! •  Presentations!•  Websites! •  Data Sheets!•  Support! •  Calculators!•  Reference/Resources! •  Games!•  Magazines! •  Events!•  Email! •  Metadata! 24!
  • 25. Content Creator!•  White Papers! •  Trend Reports!•  Articles, Posts! •  Q&As/Roundtables!•  Video! •  Animated GIFs!•  Infographics! •  Comics/Cartoons!•  Social Posts! •  Livestreaming!•  Links! •  Memes!•  Images! •  Music/Playlists!•  User Content! •  Data!•  Stories! •  Podcasts!•  Case Studies! •  Presentations!•  Websites! •  Data Sheets!•  Support! •  Calculators!•  Reference/Resources! •  Games!•  Magazines! •  Events!•  Email! •  Metadata! 25!
  • 26. Content is King, Context is the Kingdom! 26!
  • 27. Success Measures!Channel Metrics" Subs, Visits/Visitors, Duration, Distribution Entry/Exit URLS! Bounce Rates, Unsubs/ Fans/Followers! Impressions! UnFan, Follow!Content Reach" Reach, Likes, Print, Download, Bookmarks, Social Opens, Clicks, Views, Forwards! Shares, RTs, Reblogs! Bookmarks! Consumption!Customer Engagement" Questions & PTAT, Lists, Polls & Surveys! Ratings & Reviews! Submissions! Comments, UGC !Business Intelligence"User Content, Ratings Device, Location, OS! Referring, Industry Standards, & Reviews! Most / Least Benchmarks & Content! Changes! 27!
  • 28. Focus on Results!   Objec-ves           Adjust" Plan" Metrics," Insights" con%nue   Audience," Strategy" Insights" Try  something  else   Metrics," Strategy" Insights" Adjust" Design   Plan" Execute   Measure   Design   Execute  Strategy" Measure   28! Credit:    David  Armano  
  • 29. Thank You!"" @chavoen!

"! 29!
  • 30. The Leading Engagement Agency" We are Publicis flagship consumer engagement agency, with integrated capabilities including public relations, public MSLGROUP is the leading affairs, financial communications, social media, branding, advertising and digital.! communications and engagement company in Publicis Groupe - providing clients with unbound creativity and value in the 
 always-on conversation.!! 30!