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A short guide on translation memory

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Translation Memory

  1. 1. * A short presentation on Translation Memory, brought to you by Alphatrad Translations
  2. 2. ** According to the Trados Translator’s Workbench: “Translation Memory is a database which stores source-language sentences together with their target-language equivalents.”* In other words, software such as Trados makes translator’s work easier, as they don’t have to type any repeated terms of phrases twice because the software pairs and stores source and target language text segments made in past translations, to be retrieved for future or present translation projects.* This saves time for the translator, money for the client and ensures quality translations are performed* TM is sometimes referred to as “sentence memory.”
  3. 3. ** A computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool is a basic tool that aids translators. For example some CAT tools act as multilingual dictionaries or spell checkers.* TM is more advanced; it can perform all that CAT tools can, as well as using exact/fuzzy matching between the source document from within its database to the document that is being updated or revised.
  4. 4. ** Some translations memory software can only perform matches that are “exact”, for instance; retrieve segments of text that match database entries exactly.* Others however, can perform “fuzzy” matching algorithms from within their database too. These present a number of similar texts for the translator to decide which one best suits the target language text.* If both exact and fuzzy algorithms don’t present any matches, the translator has to translate the text manually and this translation will be stored in the database for future translation use.
  5. 5. *Research regarding the use of TM has shown the following:* Productivity can rise from 10% to 50% depending on the type of document and the consistency of both the source and target languages. Turnaround time is greatly reduced, meaning translators have more time to translate more projects.* TM reduces the costs of long-term translation projects as consistently similar documents, such as manuals, only need to be translated once and can be used again and again.* As TM software is used more and more, costs continue to be reduced as the database gains more translation material each time it is used.* TM software is great for many types of commonly translated documents, such as manuals and other repetitive documents.* Although there can be relatively high costs associated with buying TM software, its tools and add-ons, it is usually well worth the investment for translators and translation agencies. Over time that money is earned back as time is saved and databases increase in content. This leads to even faster turnaround times, enabling more projects to be taken on.
  6. 6. ** TM enables segments of previous translations to be reused, however translators must be careful as sometimes recycling text segments may not put out the desired message.* Not all file types are compatible with some versions of TM software, therefore not all documents can be supported.* TM software can cost from a few hundred to a thousands of dollars, and other costs are associated if tools and features are to be added.* For text that is not commonly repetitive, TM is not always an effective software in aiding translators.* Translators may be swayed towards translating sentence by sentence rather than seeing how surrounding text affects the flow of the whole document.
  7. 7. ** Trados is the world leader in TM software and is the choice of most leading translations agencies around the world, such as Alphatrad Translations.* Trados supports over 70 different file types, meaning it is extremely compatible with almost all translation documents.* The software is able to produce advanced exact and fuzzy TM segments, not only storing text but also context and structural information so that the most relevant TM segments are available to the translator.* Trados is the world’s most used and trusted TM software, claiming over 75% of TM software’s global market share.
  8. 8. ** At Alphatrad Translations, not only do we only assign native translators who have industry specific knowledge to all of our projects, but we also ensure they have access to Trados software.* This mix offers you not only the most accurate translations service available, but also enables us to cut costs and turnaround times for both our translators and your business.* Overall, due to the expertise of our translators and their use of Trados software, you receive your projects back quickly and at a low price!
  9. 9. *Alphatrad Translations – Your Worldwide Translations Partner* Alphatrad Translations, a trusted translations agency with over 35,000 satisfied clients including both small businesses and Fortune 500 companies, can be your translations partner.* If you have any questions regarding how our use of Trados software can supply you with speedy translations services at affordable prices, please contact us:* By email –* By phone (toll-free) – 1-877-900-5652* Or visit our website –