Medical Translations


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A short slideshow on medical translations brought to you by Alphatrad

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Medical Translations

  1. 1. * A short guide on medical translations, brought to you by Alphatrad Translations
  2. 2. ** Medical translations is an extremely difficult field within the translations industry* Not only does a translator in this field need to be qualified and exceptionally accurate in terms of the source and target language, but they also have to have and keep up with medical terminology* Medical translations can more often than not be seen as a matter of life or death
  3. 3. ** Some examples of medical materials that are constantly being translated for use worldwide are: * Clinical protocols * Clinical trials * Data sheets * Instructions for use (IFU) * Medical procedures * Marketing materials * Packaging * Labels * Patient information * Patient questionaires * Quality of life measures (QoL) * Scientific articles * Toxicology reports * And many more…
  4. 4. ** Clients, healthcare patients, clinical research organizations, medical equipment manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies are just a few groups who rely on extremely accurate and quality translations.* In the medical field, if the terminology isn’t fully understood, serious consequences can occur. This does not only cost money and waste time but it can also affect people’s health and well-being.* This is why only the best translation agencies should be approached when handling such sensitive information. Translations have to be reliably consistent, no matter what part of the translations process.
  5. 5. ** Technological * The medical field reaps major benefits from technological advancements. Over recent years major advancements in terms of e- documentation have played a huge role. Data is now collected using tablets and other handheld devices all over the world leading to centralized workflow systems that people all over the world can benefit from. * Translators therefore need to also stay up-to- date with the use of technology and are needed more and more to ensure centralized data collection and other medical procedures remain up to date and accurate.
  6. 6. * Medical: * Over time there is constant advancement in the medical industry itself too. New discoveries, procedures, medicines, vaccines and breakthroughs are made every day. * Therefore medical translators also have to keep up-to-date with these advancements so that they are familiar with the terminology if a project required translations for recently updated medical procedures.
  7. 7. ** As these advancements take place in both technology and medicine, the medical world is becoming a more centralized system. With worldwide communications being as easy as ever, more people around the world have access to information. Because of this medical practices all over the world try to keep procedures and information as similar as possible.* Translators are always going to be needed for this. As more advancements are made, translators need to update worldwide databases so that medical practices around the world are up-to-date with one another.
  8. 8. ** The medical world today needs translators who deliver the upmost accuracy, quality and medical knowledge.* Here at Alphatrad our translators: * Are only assigned native projects for which they have been fully immersed in the source and target language culture. * Are specialized in the medical industry. Our medical translators have excellent and up-to-date knowledge of the medical industry, its terminology and are active in researching the latest advancements. * Are part of a network that covers the globe and has over 35 years of experience. With 85 offices situated worldwide, a network of nearly 4,000 translators and covering over 100 languages, Alphatrad has a translator to best fit your medical translation needs.
  9. 9. ** The translators within the Alphatrad network take pride in their work and are therefore constantly keeping up-to-date with any changes via internationally used resources such as: * International Health Terminology Standards Development Organization – * Medterms Online Medical Terminology Dictionary –
  10. 10. ** Since 1977, Alphatrad Translations has progressively become a world leader in medical translations services.* We have over 40,000 satisfied clients, many from the medical industry, including: Merck Pharma, Novartis and Boiron.* We value our clients very highly and our aim is to fully satisfy your medical translations needs and build a long-term working relationship with you.
  11. 11. ** For more information on how Alphatrad Translations can serve your medical translations needs, contact us: * By email – * By phone (toll-free) – (1-877)-900-5652 * Or visit our website and follow the links for a free quote: * We look forward to becoming your worldwide translations partner!