Report b.k. workshop 22.12.2011 final


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Brick kiln strategy workshop held on 22nd December 2011.

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Report b.k. workshop 22.12.2011 final

  1. 1. Workshop report On Brick kiln strategyDate: 22nd December 2011 Venue: Formers Hostel (Krishak Kshatravas) Agriculture University Meerut Brooke India
  2. 2. Content of Report: Suggestion given by the CEO1. Situational analysis of last year brick kiln  Develop Model brick kiln intervention  First aid kit arrangement at brick kiln2. District wise no of brick have taken this season with  Arrangement of green fodder for animal categorization like intensive , extensive, night stay  Linkages with LHP for treatment pack etc.  Promote tree plantation at brick kiln for3. Discuss the main point such as approach and finalize shed of animals key strategy regarding to approach  Establish rapport with brick kiln owners4. District wise target of brick kiln intervention with for sustainability target setting criteria, means of verification etc.  Two owners should be trained on first aid5. Other target at district level to implement brick kiln strategy kit6. Sustainability of brick kiln intervention (role of brick  Work in cluster approach to increase kiln owners and formed association / committee of coverage at brick kiln EWG)  Adopt some brick kiln at extensive and set7. List of activities for extensive area brick kiln some activities for extensive brick kiln8. Reporting and support framework  Involve formed association in9. Grading criteria of Brick kiln implementation of brick kiln strategy10.Brick kiln base line format
  3. 3. Situational analysis of last season brick kiln intervention MUZAFFARNAGAR SAHARANPUR MATHURA BAGHPAT MEERUT BIJNOR DELHI sl Base line information from district (last season) 1 No of selected Brick kiln in last year 117 85 50 83 82 74 NA No of PWNA where PWNA have done in last season 86 25 34 48 42 11 NA less 11 12 to 10 to 8 to 10 to No of average indicators 14 15 14 16 than to NA 18 18 PWNA related last year 2 No of brick kiln in which PWNA done 3 times 4 5 0 10 0 2 NA progress 0 No of brick kiln in which PWNA done 2 times 64 20 22 30 9 NA 42 No of brick kiln in which PWNA done only one time 18 0 12 8 0 NAMain point which have discussed  No of brick kiln were vary from district to district even it were not in proportionate in no of VACM.  No of PWNA of each district also vary from district to district. Muzaffarngar had done it at 86 brick kiln where Bijnor and Meerut did only 11 and 25 brick kiln respectively.  Lack of proper setting target at VACM level, proper and regular monitoring, monthly review in staff meeting are the main factors of low progress at brick kiln.  All activities of last season of brick kiln have been discussed and listed few important activities for intervention of this year
  4. 4. Selection of brick kiln with selection criteria of this year brick kiln intervention MUZAFFARNAGAR SAHARANPUR MATHURA BAGHPAT MEERUT BIJNOR DELHI Base line information from district (current season) 1 No of selected brick kiln this year 120 102 85 96 120 90 66 2 No of brick kiln selected through extensive approach 30 20 25 30 20 24 12 1- Minimum -- % of equine owners belong to 45% 40% 60% 60% NA 50% 50% 3 extensive village Selection criteria of brick kiln (intensive) No pack animals Brick kiln 2 1 0 0 5 7 No of night stay brick kiln 4 10 11 50 5 38 Most of district adopt cluster approach expect than Bijnor due to their geographical area ApproachMain point which have discussed and finalized key strategy  Cluster approach means: All brick kiln situated and selected in 3-5 km radius know as cluster of brick kiln  There will be about 5-15 brick kiln in each cluster of brick kiln  One staff / VACM will be responsible for 2-3 cluster depend upon geographical area and 10-20 brick kiln according to situation  Composite unit will responsible for all brick kiln of Meerut, Ghaziabad and selected brick kiln of Saharapur from April 2012 on ward.  Manager will relocate to staff or give additional responsibility during the brick kiln season according to need and geographical area  Manager – DEWU Meerut, Saharanpur, and Ghaziabad will responsible for giving all information of their respective area with present analysis/progress including brick kiln and village to Manager – Composite unit
  5. 5. District wise target of Brick Kiln Intervention (November 2011 to July 2012 Major activates District wise target (in no of brick kiln) MUZAFFARNAGAR SAHARANPUR MATHURA BAGHPATSL MEERUT BIJNOR DELHI Activities Sub activities / basis of criteria Means of verification / success indicators of activities Baseline survey of 120 102 85 96 120 90 661 All intensively selected brick kiln -Soft copy of brick kiln survey/base line form. brick kiln -Analysis and key finding of baseline survey. 3 times at 70% Brick kiln 84 71 60 67 84 63 46 -MPR, brick kiln report and PWNA chart No of PWNA proposed2 in this year -Owners awareness on PWNA / process 2 times at 30% brick kiln 36 31 26 29 36 27 20 -MPR, staff report (need to collect base line 100 % selected intensive brick kiln 120 102 85 96 120 90 66 information) Community led TT -Owner should aware about schedule of3 vaccination 80 % selected extensive brick kiln 24 16 20 24 16 19 10 vaccination -Involvement of brick kiln owners Frist Aid Kit / Community medicine -MPR, VACM report4 kit with support of 80 % selected extensive brick kiln 96 82 68 77 96 72 53 -At least 2 owners / munshi aware about brick kiln medicine and their use. owners/munshi -Involvement of brick kiln owners Form a seasonal group on 80% -MPR, QPR, staff report Seasonal Group on5 brick kiln where more than 70 3 8 9 40 0 4 0 -Register of seasonal group those brick kiln owners stay at night -Owner aware about seasonal group Wall writing (At least -MPR, QPR, financial report / expenses 100 % brick kiln (except than brick one slogan and -Visible and useful information should be seen6 kiln where already wall writing done 120 102 85 96 120 90 66 important contact no during field visit. in last year and visible) ) Collective purchasing of feed / -MPR/ Staff report / QPR Collective purchasing7 promoting mix feed at least 50% of 60 51 43 48 60 45 33 - Owner/group register/distribution list of feed selected brick kiln - Owners awareness about collective -MPR/QPR/ Staff report/ competition chart Cover 70 % Intensively brick kiln Healthy/animal -Financial report/expenses on prize8 through directly or individual brick 84 71 60 67 84 63 46 competition - Discussion with owners during field visit kiln -It should be cluster BK or individual brick kiln
  6. 6. -MPR/QPR/ meeting minutes/ register. Meeting with Munshi Cover 100 % Intensively brick kiln -Awareness level of Munshi/contractor8 / contractor at brick through directly or individual brick 120 102 85 96 120 90 66 -Discussion with contractor /munshi kiln kiln -It should be either cluster level or every BK Issue based plan on -MPR/QPR / Staff report9 overloading to control At least 40% Intensive brick kiln 48 41 34 38 48 36 26 -Plan / chart, collected amount in term of overloading penalty (PWNA chart ) etc Arrangement of sand At all brick kiln where 70% owners -MPR /QPR /Staff report10 4 10 11 50 0 5 38 pit stay at night -Visible sand brick Developing model Develop 2 model brick kiln in each -List of model village at staff and district level11 18 12 12 10 10 12 10 brick kiln staff area -Staff aware and act accordingly According to need on the basis issue -Prepared plan / chart Develop issue based12 reflect in PWNA (first or second According to need - MPR /QPR /Staff report plan time) -Collective action according to issues Collective action at -MPR /QPR /Staff report13 At least 40 % Brick kiln 48 41 34 38 48 36 26 brick kiln -Discussion with owners / field observation At least 40 % brick kiln Support taken by14 At least 3 activities out of listed 48 41 34 38 48 36 26 -MPR /QPR /Staff report brick kiln owners activates -Discussion with owners / field observation Support taken by At least 40 % brick kiln15 formed association / At least 3 activities out of listed 48 41 34 38 48 36 26 -MPR /QPR /Staff report / association report committed of EWG activates -Discussion with owners / field observation All brick kiln where owner stay at night. Arrangement of green16 Arrangement should be in village fodder (other than night stay village ) -MPR /QPR /Staff report / association report -Discussion with owners / field observation
  7. 7. Other target at through district level staff/ intervention:Sl Target Means of verification /success indicators Time line1 Collection of base line Staff and district wise summary sheet of brick kiln base line information would be collected and information of each brick analyzed properly on (annexure -1 format) January 2012 kiln2 Categorization exercise will be done with staff during the staff meeting on (annexure -2 formats). Categorization of selected brick kiln It will be done at least two times in brick kiln season (March and June 2012). March and June 2012 It will be analyzed and shared with other district , SPO, PDM and other SMT3 Information given to respective SPO, PDM to participate in meeting at least one week advance by District Manager. Participated in district As soon as level brick kiln owners At least one meeting should be attended by district Manager with their SPO, PDM and report possible association meeting shared with other district with key action point. Follow up meeting with association or individually brick kiln owners on key action point.4 Brick kiln focused LHP Few need based training of LHP should be organize in which LHP of extensive area brick kiln will be covered Do Training5 Success story of brick kiln and brick kiln owners support (first aid kit/ vaccination/ competition Media coverage would be published in local newspaper. After the success story It will be also share with other brick kiln owners and other district6 Intervention with brick Role of district level staff to take support from brick kiln owners kiln owners How many brick kiln owners support in brick kiln intervention as per indicators enclosed
  8. 8. Sustainability of brick kiln intervention:It has been observed that type of support /activities done by brick kiln owners and support / type of activities done formed associationare the key factors to achieving sustainability of brick kiln intervention. Type of support /activities by brick kiln owners: Type of support /activities of EWG association/committee : 1. Compensation give to owners against died animal at their brick kiln or MoU sign on it  Take responsibility of few/all brick kiln in with cart contractor. their block/area. 2. First aid kit by brick kiln owners or cost  Organize TT vaccination programme at brick bear by brick kiln owners kiln with support of brick kiln owners or 3. TT vaccination of all animals by brick kiln contribution from owners. owners or cost bear by them  Take responsibility of first aid kit at brick kiln 4. Organize healthy animal competition or cost owners with support of brick kiln owners or bear by them contribution from owners. 5. Repair of road on request of owners  Organize nukkar natak/ ragini in cluster / BK 6. Arrangement of additional tire / cart or as selected as extensive approach or animals for emergency. intensive. 7. Give land for green fodder for animal on  Organize healthy equine owners competition request of owners. at selected brick kiln. 8. Purchase new bucket for owners/animals  Take responsibility of grading of brick kiln in 9. Others as found during intervention their area
  9. 9. List of activities in extensive area Reporting and support framework: /approach brick kiln: 1. VACM will give Brick kiln wise report on monthly basis district on semi structure Community led TT Vaccination format. Leaflet distribution 2. District level functionaries will be Training of LHP and their linkages with responsible compile VACM/STAFF/TARGET brick kiln wise report for analysis and give feedback PWNA / healthy animal competition to respective VACM. Nukkad Natak/ragini/ street play at 3. District level functionaries also give to brick kiln or cluster of brick kiln. support to VACM according to need and Meeting with Munshi/contractors either least performing VACM in cluster of brick kiln or individual. 4. District Manager also will take support from Provide emergency services according their SPO/VT/PDM critical issues and formulating strategy. to requirement. Others will come during the intervention
  10. 10. Grading criteria of Brick kiln Grading parameters of Brick kilns Marks BK BK.. Availability of shed and shelter 5Resources related Availability of fresh water 5 cart are balanced and fit 5 Grading criteria saddles are soft and welfare friendly 5 Availability of LHP and farrier within three kilometer 5 70% animals are free from deep wound 5 70% animals have 2 body score 5 Total Marks: 125Animals related 80% animals are free from hoof related problems( Thrush,canker and corn) 5 Eyes of animals are clean 5 In percentage %: All the working animals are more than three years age 5 No sign of bed practices in the season 5 All animals are vaccinated against tetanus disease 5 A category: 80 % and above B category: 50 to 80% At least 2 owners are trained in first aid treatment 5 C Category: Less than 50%Owners related Equine owners are aware about sign ,symptoms and causes of surra, tetanus and 5 colic Equine owners are using salt and oil regularly 5 In obtain marks Done PWNA three time 5 Arrangement of first aid kit at brick kiln 5 out of 125: Owners are linked with group 5 Green fodder for 80% animals 5 A category: 100 and above controlling over load of animals 5 B category: 63 to 99Sustainab Collective Sand pit 5 C Category: Less than 63 actions Purchasing feed collectively 5 Free walking place for animals 5 Brick kiln owners support (three activates out of listed) in their brick kiln 5 Association / Committee of brick kiln support at Brick kiln (at least 2 of listed 5 activities)ility Total 125
  11. 11. HkVzVk fLFkfr dk vk¡dyuHkVzVs dk uke -------- fodkl [k.M dk uke ----- VACM dk uke------- Pk;u dh frfFk ---HkVzVs dk izdkj ¼p;fur@vp;fur½---- HkVzVk ekfyd@eqa’kh dk uke o eks0u0----- Bsdsnkj dk uke o eks0u0----Dze Ik’kq ekfyd dgk¡ Pk;fur jkf= Ik’kq Ik’kq dh Vh Vh Ikuh Bykt dk Pkkjs esa ued LHP ukycUn Gs;j gjs pkjs yksVus Nk;knkjla0 dk uke ls @ fuokl dk ’kkjhfjd Vhdkdj.k fdrus xyr ¼g¡k@ugha½ ls ls Dyhij dh dk LFkku¼gk¡@ug vkrs vp;fur ¼gk¡@ug izdkj fLFkfr ¼gk¡@ugha ckj rjhdk¼Li’V½ tqM+ko tqM+ko ls O;cLFkk LFkku ha½ gS¼xk¡o½ ha½ ¼?kksM+k ¼okWMhLdksj ½ fiykrs djsaA tqM+ko ¼gk¡@ug [kPp ½ gS ha½ j x/kk½12345678910csDlhus’ku dh frfFk------ eqa’kh@ekfyd dk izf’k{k.k ------ eqa’kh@ekfyd dk izf’k{k.k----------lhtuy lewg cuus dh frfFk---- PWNA dh frfFk १...-------- २.............. ३ ........... dEiVh’ku dh frfFk ------gSYFk pSdvi VªkUtsDV १-------- २............. nhokj ys[ku----- v’o ekfyd dk izf’k{k.k---------lkewfgd xfrfof/k नाम एवं दनांक १------ - २........... ३............... .४...............izkFkfed mipkj fdV j[kus dh frfFk ----- cqXxh fdV
  12. 12. Step and time line to formulate to Brick kiln strategy Sl Key step / activities Time line1 Translate action point and other important point in Hindi Dec 112 Call staff meeting Dec 11 & First week of January 123 Build understanding on action point and key strategy During the meeting4 Collect list of Intensive brick kiln and extensive brick kiln from staff During the meeting5 Distribute target staff wise in proportionate to their number of brick kiln During the meeting6 Give base line format to staff and allotted to time to compete it (base line During the meeting format is being attached).7 Set action point of this month as per target. During the meeting8 Re location of staff / give additional responsibility for in brick kiln season During the meeting and according to need9 Finalize and share list of model brick kiln Mid of January 1210 Collect base line format and feed it in computer to analysis and getting key End of January 12 finding11 Regular support to staff in implementing key activities Nov. 11- July-1212 Implementation of activities as per target Do13 Participate district level brick kiln owners association meeting Do14 Media coverage (publishing brick kiln story in daily newspaper) and share in Do in electronic media15 Staff wise review of progress and find key responsible factors Do (in every monthly meeting)16 Share analysis of base line survey with finding First week of February -1217 First grading of Brick kiln and give award of top 3 brick kiln End Feb or March 201218 Second grading of brick kiln and give award of top 3 brick kiln May 2011