Justification for D&T on the curriculum

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Some quotes from http://www.believeindandt.org.uk/ website and starting points for discussion abotut the justifcation on the curriculum

Some quotes from http://www.believeindandt.org.uk/ website and starting points for discussion abotut the justifcation on the curriculum

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  • 1. Justification of D&T in the school curriculum • Economy • Life skills, e.g. making skills • Creativity • Application of theory from • Digital literacies other subjects, I.e. • Contribution to STEM underpins other school subjectsManjinderSangaAssistant Head, Walsall Academy, West Midlands“Design and Technology is an immeasurably valuable subject – it not only helpsstudents to engage in education but develops their practical abilities and skills. Itis a subject that nurtures innovation and creativity at all levels. Design andTechnology allows student to think and make design decisions and veryimportantly make mistakes which in turn allows the learner to deal with andovercome problems. Using and applying technical skills is at the heart of truedesign and Technology which permits learners to realise their ideas into realproducts in a variety of media.“Sir James DysonIndustrial designer, inventor and founder of Dyson Patron of the Designand Technology Association“The teaching of quality design and technology in our schools is a vitalrequirement for the country’s future in the 21st century.““Design and technology is about making things that work well. Creating thesethings is hugely exciting: it is an inventive fun activity.““For some reason Britons look down their noses at people who make things. Theypush intelligent people into the professions and into the media. Making things,however, should be an intelligent activity.“James AverdieckEntrepreneur and founder of Gü Chocolate Puds“I think Design and Technology is a very useful subject for the school curriculum.It develops the creative talents of students in a highly practical way. The UK leadsthe world in product design and needs a healthy supply of apprentices/studentscoming through to keep ahead of the game.“Professor Alison HalsteadPro-Vice-Chancellor, Learning and Teaching Innovation, Aston University“Opportunities for young people to draw on their creative and innovative skills toprovide solutions to new challenges are rare within the school curriculum. Designand Technology options provide an environment to enable this to happen.“