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  • 1. Lifelong Learning: A dream that unites theworld and the mission of universities in itsimplementationFrancklin Rivas-EcheverríaUniversidad de Los Andes, VenezuelaKuala Lumpur- April 2013 -
  • 2. IntroductionIntroduction• Education is a dynamical, heterogenic and complexactivity and many actors are related to it.• There are many processes, phenomena andinstitutions with goals related to “Education”.• We can talk about formal, non formal and informaleducation environments.
  • 3. IntroductionIntroduction
  • 4. IntroductionIntroduction
  • 5. Lifelong LearningLifelong Learning concept:“All learning activity undertaken throughout life,which results in improving knowledge, know-how, skills, competences and/or qualifi cationsfor personal, social and/or professionalreasons.”(CEDEFOP, European Centre for theDevelopment of Vocational Training, 2004)
  • 6. Lifelong LearningLifelong Learning should help in:- Personal development- Social Inclusion- Citizenship- Labor Market
  • 7. Lifelong LearningLifelong Learning Main Actors:- Government- Productive sector (Public and Private)- Labor Force
  • 8. Lifelong LearningRole of Universities in Lifelong Learning:• Offer the appropriate training opportunities,responding to the needs of current society,especially in terms of demands of the LaborMarket, involving stakeholders in thecurricular design and development (SME,national and local governments, public andprivate organizations, etc.)
  • 9. Lifelong LearningRole of Universities in Lifelong Learning:• Use tools and strategies in the trainingpathways that allow for the recognition andcertification of informal non-formal learning.
  • 10. Lifelong LearningRole of Universities in Lifelong Learning:• Knowledge transfer and social responsibility,creating cooperative networks betweensocial, economic, political and stakeholders,drawing up plans that provide differentoptions, if possible, tailored to individual orgroup needs.(Third mission of universities, UNESCO)
  • 11. Lifelong LearningRole of Universities in Lifelong Learning:
  • 12. Lifelong LearningRole of Universities in Lifelong Learning:
  • 13. ALFA TRALL PROJECTTRALL is a multinational research project fundedby the ALFA III Program.This project, participated by a consortium of 20institutions of HEI (15 Latin American and 5for Europe), intends to realize and experimentdifferent curricular experiences in LifelongLearning, involving different local stakeholdersand fostering a process able to reflectinstitutional and societal needs, in order to beeffective actors in lifelong learning.
  • 14. ALFA TRALL PROJECT• Project data• Duration: 36 months (Jan. 2011 – Jan. 2014)• Budget: € 3.091.494,18• Alfa funding: € 2.473.195,34
  • 18. ALFA TRALL PROJECT• Expected results• Short-mid term result (during the project lifespan):setting up a fruitful dialogue between HEIs, SMEsand Social and Educational Institutions, on sharedanalysis and best practice examples from the EU andthe LA contexts, giving impetus to LLL curriculadesign, implementation, monitoring, evaluation andpromotion through piloting curricula.
  • 19. ALFA TRALL PROJECT• Expected results• Long term expected results: enhancing the relationbetween HEIs and local and regional contexts,developing constructive and collaborative dialoguesand providing the professionals required and at thesame time attracting more sources of funding fromthe entrepreneurial context. Policy makers,governments, in particular the Ministries ofEducation, are expected to enhance strongconnections and gain a prominent role in the LLLeducation at HEI level.
  • 20. ALFA TRALL PROJECT• TRALL is organized in several Work Packages:• WP1: Management• WP2: State of the Art• WP3: Methodological Framework• WP4: Design and implementation of prototypemodel of LLL curricula• WP5: ICT, e-learning and blended learningmodels
  • 21. ALFA TRALL PROJECT• WP6: Evaluation• WP7: Credits and competences• WP8: Quality Assurance in LLL• WP9: Dissemination of the results• WP10: Exploitation of the results
  • 23. ALFA TRALL PROJECT• Pilots programs made in Universidad de LosAndes:– Communication competences and Leadership inUniversity indigenous students.– Operation and control of Radio Station.– Problems in research activities (for MasterStudents).
  • 24. Final RemarksThere is an amazing world, related to LifelongLearning, waiting for us.It’s a great opportunity for participating in thedevelopment of a better tomorrow, using theeducation and knowledge as the best tools forcreating it. Let’s go for it!!!.
  • 25. Final Remarks
  • 26. Any Questions?rivas@ula.verivas@ula.ve