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Learn about the Top Ten reasons to join ALA, as reported by over 9,000 of our members in a recent survey, and see how you can help make a difference, too, for libraries.

Learn about the Top Ten reasons to join ALA, as reported by over 9,000 of our members in a recent survey, and see how you can help make a difference, too, for libraries.

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  • 1. ww.ala.org
  • 2. www.ala.org The "Top Ten" Reasons for Joining the American Library Association
  • 3. www.ala.org What ALA does for our members, their libraries, and the public we serve.
  • 4.
    • ALA analyzes government policy in areas such as copyright and supports legislation promoting access to information.
    Policy Analysis ala.org
  • 5.
    • ALA member committees represent library interests in state and federal contexts.
    Policy Analysis ala.org
  • 6. ala.org ALA works to increase the visibility of libraries, library workers and library issues. Public Awareness and Media Relations
  • 7. ala.org This includes an ongoing public awareness campaign that communicates the value of libraries and library staff and provides tools and materials needed to promote the library’s message on a national basis and in the local community. Public Awareness and Media Relations
  • 8.
    • ALA’s eleven divisions and 17 round tables focus on specific types of libraries and specific types of library activities and provide members with information and services tailored to their needs.
    Divisions and Round Tables ala.org
  • 9.
    • You can make professional and personal connections that last a lifetime – through ALA membership.
    ala.org Divisions and Round Tables
  • 10.
    • ALA provides opportunities to interact with professional colleagues electronically or face-to-face so they can share knowledge and best practices to advance the profession.
    Networking ala.org
  • 11.
    • Members like you are leaders in sharing new ideas through publications, conference presentations and through ALA Connect, our social network.
    Networking ala.org
  • 12.
    • ALA’s website provides ready access to ALA news, information, and tools and services.
    Website ala.org
  • 13.
    • Over 150 blogs, wikis and social media/outreach pages are built by members for members and the public.
    Website ala.org
  • 14.
    • ALA develops standards and guidelines designed to improve library service.
    Standards ala.org
  • 15.
    • Be a part of setting the standards that impact services and outcomes across all library types.
    Standards ala.org
  • 16.
    • ALA promotes and defends intellectual freedom in libraries at the local, state and federal levels.
    Intellectual Freedom ala.org
  • 17.
    • Librarians have always been defenders of these rights.
    Intellectual Freedom ala.org
  • 18.
    • ALA members are active in the fight for these freedoms.
    Intellectual Freedom ala.org
  • 19.
    • ALA provides continuing education in a variety of formats and venues, including conferences, workshops, institutes, teleconferences and web courses.
    Continuing Education ala.org
  • 20.
    • Come to learn, or bring your knowledge, skills and enthusiasm as a CE instructor.
    Continuing Education ala.org
  • 21.
    • ALA offers an accreditation program that provides assurance that graduate programs in library and information studies meet approved standards of quality.
    Accreditation ala.org
  • 22.
    • Member reviewers ensure that the next generation of librarians and school librarians are ready for new challenges.
    Accreditation ala.org
  • 23.
    • ALA works to increase federal funding for libraries and works to promote state and federal legislation of benefit to libraries and library users.
    Legislative Advocacy ala.org
  • 24.
    • Members like you make the difference in D.C. Help tell Congress about the value of libraries in our society.
    Legislative Advocacy ala.org
  • 25. Join ALA today and participate in these important initiatives: ala.org Members have a unique chance through ALA to make a difference - personally and professionally. Visit www.ala.org/join to get started today.
  • 26. The "Top Ten" Reasons for Joining ALA 10. Policy Analysis 9. Public Awareness and Media Relations 8. Divisions and Round Tables 7. Networking 6. Website Resources 5. Standards 4. Intellectual Freedom 3. Continuing Education 2. Accreditation 1. Legislative Advocacy ala.org
  • 27. www.ala.org