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Cognotes - Saturday June 25


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Saturday edition of Cognotes.

Saturday edition of Cognotes.

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  • 1. ALACognotesISSUE 2 2011 ANNUAL CONFERENCE Saturday, June 25, 2011 Wikimedia Foundation HigHligHts Director Gardner to Present Auditorium ALA President’s Program Speaker S ue Gardner, executive di- edge wikis. Wikimedia operates rector, Wikimedia Foun- the largest collaboratively Series dation, will join Ameri- can Library Association (ALA) edited reference projects in the world, including Wikipedia, one TODAY President Roberta Stevens of the world’s 10 most popular from 3:30–5:30 p.m., on Sun- sites. Since her arrival at Wi- Harlan Coben day for the ALA President’s kimedia, Gardner has intro- J.A. Jance Program. Gardner will discuss duced major initiatives focused 8:00 – 9:00 a.m. free-knowledge wikis and how on organizational maturity, this format impacts librar- long-term sustainability and Jeff Kinney ies and library service. The increased participation, reach 10:30 – 11:30 a.m. program, entitled “Wikipedia: and quality of the Foundation’s Past, Present, and Future,” is free-knowledge projects. William Joyce open to all attendees. Gardner was formerly head 1:30 – 2:30 p.m. The Wikimedia Foundation of CBC.CA, the Internet plat- Siva Vaidhyanathan ALA attendees fill the show floor for the Exhibits Opening is a non-profit charitable orga- form for the Canadian Broad- Reception hosted by over 900 organizations as well as four stages nization that operates Wikipe- casting Corporation, Canada’s 3:30 – 4:30 p.m. featuring the hottest authors, chefs, poets and illustrators. dia and nine other free-knowl- radio, TV and new media public broadcaster and the nation’s Exhibits largest journalistic organiza- Today and Sunday Dan Savage Tells ALA It Does Get Better tion. Under her leadership, CBC.CA experienced a historic 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. By Brad Martin sending the message audience surge and launched Monday LAC Group that he would “never many new major multimedia 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. New York, NY get married, never technologies, including pod- D an Savage, au- have a child and never casting, breaking news alerts, thor of the syn- be a marine.” live-event blogging and many dicated column “Now, over thirty forms of user interaction. “Savage Love” and the years later, I can get Gardner has worked in all Editorial Director of married, can have chil- forms of media to create high TODAY Seattle’s weekly news- dren and can even be quality, award-winning pro- Diary of a Wimpy Kid paper The Stranger, a marine—not that I gramming. As a journalist, 9:00 a.m. described the rapid evo- want to be a marine!” she specialized in pop culture, lution of the “It Gets He went on to tell social issues and media analy- Fraggle Rock Better” Project that he of how far we have sis, covering stories such as 12:00 p.m. and his husband Terry come as a society and manipulation of the news me- Miller began as a way that in many ways dia during the first Gulf War,The Lila Acheson Wallace to speak directly to les- there has never been the rise of gated communities Library at the Julliard bian, gay, bisexual and a better time than now in California and the racial School transgender (LGBT) to be a young person implications of the return of 5:00 p.m. youth—kids who find who is LGBT. “At the the death penalty to New York. themselves going same time, however, if The Most Dangerous through rough times, you’re a kid who is be- Man in America: Daniel even to the point of Dan Savage discusses the “It Gets Better” ing bullied as a result Ellsberg & the Pentagon being bullied so much Project while delivering the keynote of your sexual orienta- Papers that they come to be- address at the Opening General Session. tion, there has never 6:00 p.m. lieve suicide as the only been a worse time,” way out. years ago, and that this was Savage explained. Tickets for tonight’s event are avail- Library of the Early Mind Savage told of coming out not only a message about his The “It Gets Better” able at the Scholarship Bash booth to his parents over thirty sexuality, but he was also in the Registration Area in front of 8:00 p.m. » see page 3 Hall I-J.
  • 2. NEW ORLEANS • Saturday, June 25, 2011 Cognotes • Page 3Savage The Project has helped Better” videos and still growing, ac- cording to Savage. whether their parents or anyone else likes it or not.”» from page 1 destroy the “old deal,” The Project has helped destroy the Before Savage’s presentation, ALAcampaign started with one video which Savage described “old deal,” which Savage described past president Betty Turock joined Jillposted to YouTube talking about the as an unspoken agree- as an unspoken agreement whereby Nishi from the Bill and Melinda Gatesjoys of leading an LGBT lifestyle, ment whereby parents parents and even clergy have more or Foundation, in announcing $300,000along with the suggestion that oth- and even clergy have less said to LGBT teens that “you’re in new funding that will be provideders make and post their own videos ours to torture until you’re eighteen.” by the foundation to support ALA more or less said toexploring the same theme. Savage said that they can speak Spectrum Scholarships. The money By the time one week had passed, LGBT teens that “you’re directly to the kids by going over the will be provided in two ways—by directtheir YouTube account had maxed ours to torture until heads of the parents or anyone else contributions and by national grants.out at 650. They posted a message you’re eighteen.” who would not give them the permis- Melinda Gates also appeared virtuallytelling people to keep making videos sion to speak. “We can speak to them in a short videotaped message.and that they would figure out how to telling them that they had changedpost them all at some point. Savage the “It Gets Better” YouTube accountand Miller were surprised the nextday when an email from a Google which allowed thousands more vid- eos—thereby solving the problem. Cognotesengineer appeared in their mailbox There are now over 23,000 “It Gets ISBN: 0738-4319 Students to ALA Volume 2011 Issue 7 Talea AndersonGoing Mobile @ your library: Reporters University of WashingtonHow Libraries Can Serve Mobile Phone Users Frederick J. Augustyn, Jr. Naomi Fosher University of Rhode Island The Library of Congress The proliferation of mobile phones ing stakeholders in meeting the con- Washington, DC Dana Johnsonand the advent of smart phones that stantly evolving information landscape.can do just about anything means that Murphy helps libraries and publishers University of North Texas Kacee Churchpeople are getting and using informa- identify, understand and adapt to trends Harmony Science Academy ALA Liaisontion in ways about which libraries in technology and information engage- Euless, TX Paul Grallerneed to be aware. ment as a regular professional speaker Librarian at Yale University and and through his Twitter account, @ Publisher/Managing Editor Brad Martinmobile technology innovator Joe Mur- libraryfuture and his blog, http://jo- Deb Nerud Vernon LAC Groupphy will discuss how mobile phones New York, NY Photographyprovide a unique opportunity for The PR Forum will take place fromlibraries to market themselves and 8:00–10:00 a.m. Sunday at the Morial Curtis Compton Stacy Voellerhelp customers seek the information Convention Center, Room 344. Minnesota State University Productionthey need. The annual PR Forum is one of the Morehead, MN Tim Mercer An innovator in the field of mobile most anticipated programs for library CustomNews, Murphy’s professional work public relations and marketing profes-focuses on technology trends and assist- sionals at the ALA Annual Conference. NEW! Available at Booth # 3340 for an Exclusive Preview PsycTESTS™ and PsycTHERAPY™ PsycTESTS is a research database that provides access to psychological tests, measures, scales, and other assessments as well as descriptive and administrative information for each instrument. PsycTHERAPY is a database of streaming therapy demonstrations, featuring clinicians working with participants, that offers synchronized, searchable transcripts and allows users to create playlists. Stop by Booth # 3340 to see a preview and to preregister for a free 30-day trial! | 877-236-2941
  • 3. Page 4 • Cognotes Saturday, June 25, 2011 • NEW ORLEANSHundreds of Libraries Build Communities volunteers gather before heading out Friday to help Get your “Bash Cash” at Proquest (Booth #2816) and H.W. Wilsonlibraries and others in New Orleans that still need assistance rebuilding following Hurricane (Booth #1816) for the ALA /Proquest Scholarship Bash taking placeKatrina. The first ALA Libraries Build Communities event was held in New Orleans during the tonight at the National World War II Museum from 8:00-11:00 p.m.2006 ALA Annual Conference, the first city-wide convention held in the city after Katrina. Bash Cash can be used for any number of Bash-related transactions.Librarian Yasmin Ally, National Library Board, Singapore, snaps a photo of quiltsto benefit the Chris Hoy Scholarship. In 2000, the ALA BiblioQuilters created their Reference Librarian Andrea Mullarkey, second from right, Berkeley Public Library,first quilt for the Exhibits Round Table (ERT) Silent Auction. The 14 quilts they Berkeley, CA, shares a laugh with fellow emerging leaders while explaining herhave contributed from 2000-2010 have raised more than $3500. The quilts are poster “Deadlines ALA,” during the Emerging Leaders poster session.on display in the Halls G-J lobby area of the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center.Attendees can place bids on the quilts at the display until 4:45 p.m. Sunday. ALA Past Presidents Sarah Long, left, and Barbara Ford, right, pause for a photo with Peggy Barber, Consultant, Library Communication Strategies, Inc., in theAngela Barnes, left, Brooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn, NY, photographs Sheila lobby of the convention center.Cummins, Getty Conservation Institute, Los Angeles, CA, under the “Scrap House”by artist Sally Heller across from the convention center. The work is a monument tonature’s unpredictable powers, honoring the people and remembering the eventsthat occurred on August 29, 2005, due to Hurricane Katrina.
  • 4. A ChANGeFOR THEBeTTeRIngram has made the commitment to keep pace with the multitudeof changes in the book industry. We then pass on that knowledge toour public, academic, and K-12 school libraries. We offer not only themost expansive inventory and the best fill rate but also innovative technology and expert shelf ready service. Libraries needing a change, choose INGRAM. Booth 2848
  • 5. Page 6 • Cognotes Saturday, June 25, 2011 • NEW ORLEANSSecrecy, Media, Detectives Serve as Focus of Sunday SpeakersDaniel Ellsberg:“ War And Secrecy ”Sunday, June 26th,8:00–9:15 a.m. A Presentation by Daniel Ellsberg,the man the Nixon administrationdubbed “The Most Dangerous Man inAmerica.” Ellsberg is a former UnitedStates military analyst who, whileemployed by the RAND Corporation,precipitated a national political con-troversy in 1971 when he released thePentagon Papers—a top-secret Penta-gon study of U.S. government decision-making about the Vietnam War—to Brooke Gladstone David Simon Laura LippmanThe New York Times and other news- in the U.S. Marine Corps, serving as press criticism award, and has been and wife, bring a dynamic energypapers. This is the 40th anniversary rifle platoon leader, operations officer, the recipient of a Peabody and a Knight and urban perspective to the stage.of Ellsberg’s going into hiding to avoid and rifle company commander. A more Fellowship at Stanford University. Her Their Baltimore origins inspire theirarrest by the FBI while disseminating detailed biography can be found at first book,The Influencing Machine, work—Simon as writer and producerthe Pentagon Papers to the major news was published by W. W. Norton & Com- of award-winning shows, “Homicide”media. Ellsberg also spent three years Sponsored By Social Responsi- pany in May. Gladstone will be signing and “The Wire”, and Lippman as the bilities Round Table, ALA Office For outside the auditorium immediately best-selling author of mysteries fea- Today’s Auditorium Speak- Intellectual Freedom, ALA Office For following the session. turing Baltimore P.I. Tess Monaghan ers include the Mystery Pan- Literacy And Outreach Services And Sponsored By W.W. Norton and books, What the Dead Know and el, 8:00–9:00 a.m. featuring Video Round Table Life Sentences. Simon also brings J.A. Jance and Harlan Coben; PL A President’s Program unique insight on the conference host- Jeff Kinney, 10:30–11:30 a.m.; Brooke Gladstone and Awards Presentation city, New Orleans, from his current William Joyce, 1:30–2:30 p.m.; Sunday, June 26th, Sunday, June 26th, work on the TV drama “Treme.” and Siva Vaidhyanathan, 10:30–11:30 a.m. 1:00–2:30 p.m. Sponsored By Harper Collins 3:30–4:30 p.m. See Friday’s Brooke Gladstone is co-host and Featuring David Simon The Auditorium Speakers Series issue of Cognotes (http://www. managing editor of NPR’s award-win- and Laura Lippman continues on Monday as the Sci- ning “On The Media”. A former senior PLA and PLA President, Audra ence Fiction/Fantasy Panel will fea- shelf) for more information editor at “Weekend Edition” and “All Caplan, welcome writer-producer Da- ture Brandon Sanderson and Nnedi about these speakers or visit Things Considered”, Gladstone has vid Simon and mystery author Laura Okorafor, replacing CJ Cherryh. The won a Peabody Award, two Murrow Lippman as keynote speakers. series will conclude with a presenta- Awards, the National Press Club’s Simon and Lippman, husband tion by Jeff Jarvis. The most loved online language learning system for libraries now goes where you go! Using an easy-to-follow interface, COME BY BOOTH #646 FOR AN INTERACTIVE DEMO, INTRODUCTION TO OUR NEW MANGO MOBILE APP, practical conversations, and audio A REFRESHING MANGO SMOOTHIE, AND FREE HEADPHONES. from native speakers, Mango is VISIT US AT BOOTH #816D IN THE MOBILE APP PAVILION the easiest way for your patrons to learn a foreign language! ©2011 Mango Languages
  • 6. TTMTMTt SEE THE BIG PICTURE, WITHOUT MISSING THE SMALLEST DETAIL. WORKSHOP Discovery starts at booth #2032 BOOK CITATION INDEX PRESENTATIONS IN THE BOOTH INCLUDE: Gaining visibility into the network between books and the wider world of • Putting the New Features in Web of KnowledgeSM to Work scholarly research: The Book Citation Index • Promoting Your Researchers and Assisting Your Faculty Outreach Programs: in Web of ScienceSM 8:30am-9:30am • Collaborative Bibliographies with EndNote® New Orleans Marriott • Populating an Institutional Repository: with the Web of ScienceSM at the Convention Center • Research Analysis and Your Institution: Using Analysis Tools 1st Floor – Blaine Kern Ballroom F Register at: Attend any presentation in the Thomson Reuters booth to be entered to win an Apple iPad* Stop by our booth for the schedule or visit : * Apple is not a sponsor of this promotion. ©2011 Thomson Reuters. All rights reserved. Thomson Reuters and the Kinesis logo are trademarks of Thomson Reuters.
  • 7. Page 8 • Cognotes Saturday, June 25, 2011 • NEW ORLEANSALA Volunteers Return to Support New Orleans Rebuilding Efforts After five years, more than 220 lations Office, the volunteer effort has Communities’ or through the free pro- • St. Bernard Project, 2515 CanalAmerica Library Association (ALA) vol- become an Annual Conference tradi- grams and services we provide.” Street, New Orleansunteers from across the U.S. gathered tion, as conference attendees continue In 2006, the ALA’s Libraries Build • St. Paul’s Homecoming Center,at the Ernest N. Morial Convention to volunteer to assist libraries and Communities project led more than 900 1509 Filmore Avenue, New OrleansCenter for “Libraries Build Communi- community groups in conference cities. librarians and library workers in a vol-ties,” a daylong community service ef- The American Library Association unteer effort to help rebuild libraries,fort from 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. on Friday. was the first national organization homes and other community sites in Volunteers convened at 8:00 a.m. at to hold a conference in New Orleans New Orleans, and launched a nationalthe Convention Center and departed after Hurricane Katrina, and confer- effort to provide relief and assistance,for 15 work sites including local public ence volunteers continue to support raising $500,000 dollars to distributeand school libraries, Kingsley House rebuilding efforts. to the region’s libraries.and other rebuilding organizations. “When the ALA first came to NewLibrary volunteer duties consisted of Orleans in 2006, there was an unimagi- New Orleans “Libraries Build Com-shelving books, reorganizing and up- nable amount of work that needed to munities” volunteer sites included:dating collections and record entering be done throughout the city,” said ALA • Alvar Library, 913 Alvar Street,and cataloging. Additional volunteers Chapter Relations Office director Mi- New Orleansassisted with landscaping, painting chael Dowling. “In a few short days, the • Beacon of Hope, 145 Robert E Leeand various construction projects. ALA was able to make a difference and Blvd. # 210, New Orleans “Libraries Build Communities” be- illustrate that libraries do in fact build • Dillard University, 2601 Gen-gan in 2006, as the library community communities. Even now, five years tilly Blvd., New Orleans (two sitecame to the aid of local libraries and later, we continue to demonstrate the projects)community groups after Hurricane importance of libraries in each city we • Keller Branch, 4300 S BroadwayKatrina devastated the region in 2005. visit whether it be through community St., New OrleansCoordinated by the ALA’s Chapter Re- services projects like ‘Libraries Build • Kingsley House, 1600 Constance St., New Orleans • Livaudais Middle School, 925 ALA Mobile Connects at Annual Lamar Ave., Terrytown, La. BoopsieTM has partnered with or, simply text the word “ala2011” • Louisiana Recovery School ALA to bring you ALA Mobile...the to 41411 from any cell phone. You District, 1641 Poland Avenue, New Librarian Margo Fesperman, Charlotte, fastest, easiest way to access impor- will receive a text message back Orleans N.C., wears the first Libraries Build tant and useful information about with a link to download and install • New Orleans Public Library, 219 Communities shirt from her efforts the Annual Conference in New Or- the small application to your phone. Loyola Ave., New Orleans (four site here in New Orleans where the leans, directly from your cell phone. Visit Boopsie in booth #823 at projects) program began in June, 2006, before Go to Annual Conference and at http:// • Rebuilding Together New Or- heading out to help with library, from your mobile phone’s browser; leans, 923 Tchoupitoulas St., New schools, and community rebuilding Orleans projects. Preview the Future of eBooks I N L I B R A R I E S ! NEW Visit OverDrive at Booth 3326 SUPPLYING 13,000 LIBRARIES WORLDWIDE Public • K-12 & College • Corporate © 2011 OverDrive, Inc. AMAZON, Kindle and the AMAZON Kindle logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.
  • 8. NEW ORLEANS • Saturday, June 25, 2011 Cognotes • Page 9Diversity in Action at 2011Diversity and Outreach Fair The ALA Office for Literacy and “Family Cultural Exchange,” FirstOutreach Services (OLOS) has selected Regional Library, M.R. Dye Branchpresentations for the 2011 Diversity “Family Literacy for New Ameri-and Outreach Fair, to be held today cans,” Ethnic and Multicultural In-from 3:00–5:00 p.m. in the Special formation Exchange Round TableEvents Area in Hall J at the Morial (EMIERT)Convention Center. “Filipino American Library (FAL),” The chosen presentations will high- Filipino American Librarylight innovative and successful library “Financial Literacy @ Your Library,”outreach initiatives and programs Prairie View A&M Universityduring a poster session open to all “Financial Literacy in the Com-ALA attendees at the 2011 Annual munity,” Queens Library & FINRAConference. (spell out) Topics for this year’s event include “Focus on Immigration: Developinglibrary-based family literacy programs Library Staff Cultural Competencies,” The New Orleans Museum of Art, the city’s oldest fine arts institution, has aand library services to underserved University of Michigan Library magnificent permanent collection of more than 40,000 objects.or underrepresented communities, “Joint Conference of Librarians ofincluding people with disabilities; poor Color (JCLC) 2012,” Joint Conferenceand homeless populations; people of of Librarians of Color to Librarians Facing Discrimination Librarians Associationcolor; English-language learners; gay, “Kid Stuff at GLBT Round Table,” or Defending Intellectual Freedom,“ “Ten Libraries, One Goal: Prog-lesbian, bisexual and transgender Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgen- LeRoy C. Merritt Humanitarian Fund ress Report on Recruiting Futurepeople; new Americans, new and non- der Round Table (GLBTRT) “Multiple Literacies of the Native Librarians with Diverse Backgroundsreaders; older adults; people living in “Library Advocacy, Family Literacy, American and Latino Communities, through a Collaborative Project,” Northrural areas; incarcerated people and and Global Outreach,” ChineseAmeri- An Asset-Based Approach,” Knowledge Carolina Library Associationex-offenders; and mobile library ser- can Librarians Association River, University of Arizona “Turn the Page: Library Servicesvices and bookmobiles. The theme of “2011 Martin Luther King, Jr. Sun- “Reaching Out with Words and Im- for Incarcerated Youth, “University ofthis year’s Fair is family literacy. rise Celebration,” SRRT Martin Luther ages,” Asian Pacific American Library Illinois at Urbana-Champaign GSLIS The 2011 Diversity and Outreach King, Jr. Holiday Task Force Association “UCSB Invites Enthusiastic, Ener-Fair will feature: “More than Money: the Benefits of a “Spectrum Scholarship Program,” getic, Highly Motivated Librarians to “ACRL Racial and Ethnic Diversity Comprehensive Recruitment Program ALA Office for Diversity, Spectrum Apply,” University of California, SantaCommittee,” ACRL Racial and Ethnic for Underrepresented Students,” Uni- Scholars and Alumni BarbaraDiversity Committee Members versity of Illinois at Urbana-Cham- “Talk Story: Sharing Stories, Shar- To learn more about the Diversity “The American Dream Starts @ paign GSLIS ing Culture,” American Indian Library and Outreach Fair, please visit www.your library,” ALA Office for Literacy “Merritt Fund: Providing Assistance Association/Asian Pacific American Outreach Services “The ARL Initiative to Recruit a Di-verse Workforce and Career Enhance-ment Program: Inclusive RecruitmentLeading to Literacies in Research CONGRATULATIONSLibraries,” Association of ResearchLibraries EBSCO Scholarship Winners! “Bookmobiles: An American Icon forOver 100 Years,” Association for Book-mobile and Outreach Services Megan Hodge Carrie L. Waibel “Catch Them While They Are Randolph-Macon College Bexeley Public LibraryYoung!/Create, Share, and Listen: Re- Glen Allen, Va. Westerville, Ohiocount your New American Experiencethrough Digital Storytelling,” Woodruff Win ShihLibrary - University of Atlanta Elissia Buell University of Southern California “Celebrating Cultural, Reading, & San Diego, Calif.Family Literacy with Día and Noche Los Angeles, Cuentos,” REFORMA “Circle of Learning Program,” San Tina Chan Miranda C. RodriguezJose State University SLIS “Cooking, Blogging, and Gaming Syracuse University The Catholic University of AmericaOur Way to Family Literacy,” Any- Syracuse, N.Y. Washington, D.C.think Libraries, Huron Street Branch,Thornton, Colo. ”The Fair Housing Five: Building Jonathan Chima OguguaPartnerships Between School Libraries Federal University of Technology-Owerriand Non-Profits to Conduct Outreach Owerri, Nigeriato Underserved Communities,” Audu-bon Charter Library Congratulations to this year’s EBSCO/ALA Annual scholarship winners. Each has JOIN US earned $1,000 to enable them to attend the meeting.   in the Exhibits! The winners each contributed an essay, which was judged by an ALA-designated jury Saturday, June 25 of professional peers. We applaud these librarians as well as the many other excellent 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. applicants in this year’s candidate pool. Sunday, June 26   9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. Please stop by the EBSCO booth (#2830) this weekend Monday, June 27 to learn about new tools for managing your collection. 9:00 a.m.–2:00 p.m.
  • 9. Page 10 • Cognotes Saturday, June 25, 2011 • NEW ORLEANSServing Special Needs and Autism in the Library Prisoners Right While in New Orleans, join theAssociation for Library Service to Carolina as well as the chapter award from the Charlotte chapter of the Au- of us think we know. Marcelo hears music no one else can hear, part of to Read: ASCLAChildren (ALSC) for the ALSC Char- tism Society. Both awards were given the autism-like impairment no doctor President’slemae Rollins President’s Program specifically for Twarogowski’s work on has been able to identify.Monday at 8:00 a.m. in MCC Room sensory programming and the positive “A national leader in the field Program278-282. The program is entitled effect it had on families living with of autism, ALSC is excited to host The Association of Specialized“How Libraries can Best Serve Spe- autism. Dr. Ricki Robinson, whose medical and Cooperative Library Agenciescial Needs Patrons, Especially those Cynthia Lord is the author of two practice is devoted to an integrative enthusiastically presents “Pris-with Autism Spectrum Disorders novels, Rules and Touch Blue, and two approach to the education and care oners Right to Read: Balancing(ASD).” picture books, Hot Rod Hamster and of children with Autism Spectrum Intellectual Freedom and Cor- The keynote speaker is Dr. Ricki Happy Birthday, Hamster (August, Disorders” said ALSC President rectional Security”, the division’sRobinson, a leader in developing 2011). In her Newbery Honor novel, Julie Corsaro. “Furthermore, we are 2011 President’s Program.multidisciplinary treatment plans Rules, 12-year-old Catherine just proud to host two award-winning The program which will be heldfor children with ASD and author wants a normal life, which is nearly authors, Cynthia Lord and Francis- today 10:30 a.m.–12:00 p.m. inof Autism Solutions (in press). impossible with a brother with autism co X. Stork, who share passion and MCC-Room 285, is hosted by AS-Robinson is co-director of Descanso and a family that revolves around his commitment to helping others learn CLA’s Librarians Serving SpecialMedical Center for Development disability. A former teacher and the more about the world of autism.” Populations Section (LSSPS) andand Learning in La Canada, Cali- mother of a son with autism, Lord Also taking place at the annual the Library Services to Prisonersfornia. She is a clinical professor of said, “I wrote Rules to explore some conference today at 1:30 p.m. is the Forum.pediatrics at the Keck School Medi- of my own questions about living with ALSC program, “Sensory Storytime: Librarians serving the incarcer-cine at USC and Senior Attending someone who sees the world so differ- Preschool Programming that Makes ated and detained will find thisPhysician at Children’s Hospital ently than I do, but also to show a full Sense for Kids with Autism.” Librar- program extremely interestingLos Angeles. She has been in private experience of family life with a child ians will learn about adapted story- and relevant to the daily chal-pediatric practice for over 30 years, with autism: the happy moments, time programs and the principles lenges they face when it comesspecializing in children with devel- the heartbreaking ones, the ones that behind them from three experienced to balancing the library’s missionopmental delays for over 20 years. make me laugh.” public librarians and a Louisiana- to ensure access to information Joining Robinson in a panel dis- Young adult author Francisco X. based Sensory Integration Occu- while respecting the facility’s goalscussion will be authors Cynthia Lord Stork is the author of many young adult pational Therapist who works with of safety and security. Programand Francisco X. Stork and librarian novels including Last Summer of the children with Autism Spectrum participants will learn to use posi-Patricia Twarogowski. Recognized Death Warriors, Marcelo in the Real Disorders and sensory processing tive communication skills and thefor her effective programming in the World, Behind the Eyes, and The Way of problems. Attendees can expect to new “Prisoners’ Right to Read:library for special needs children, the Jaguar. The third novel from Stork, be inspired, educated and empow- An Interpretation of the LibraryTwarogowski received the 2009 Marcelo in the Real World, is the story ered to develop or modify their own Bill of Rights” (PRTR) to help“Professional of the Year Award” of seventeen-year-old Marcelo Sandoval storytime programs to serve kids correctional administrators craftfrom the Autism Society of North and his discovery of the world the rest with autism. improved policy and correctional line staff to consistently interpret policy. A Q&A session surround- ing the PRTR is also part of the session. Learn more about ASCLA at or join at www. AASL and AAUP Present the Choose Your Own Best of the Best The American Association of School Librarians (AASL) and the Adventure Association of American Univer- sity Presses (AAUP) will present the 2011 Best of the Best from the University Presses on tomor- row, from 1:30–3:30 p.m. in the Morial Convention Center, Room • Top-Ranked Master of Library and Information Science 333. This popular session show- cases the favorite University Press books chosen by librarians who • Post-MLIS Certificates and Courses reviewed and selected hundreds of titles for the annual edition of University Press Books for Public • PhD in Communication, Information and Library Studies and Secondary School Librar- ians. Attendees will learn about titles that meet special collection • Bachelor of Information Technology and Informatics development needs or that can meet the expectations of college bound students. This program • Accelerated Non-Credit Training highlights titles from that reflect a viewpoint and topical coverage not typically reflected in standard Courses available at the New Brunswick campus and online. selection tools. With a strong em- phasis on non-fiction titles, this Department of Library and Information Science at Rutgers iSchool program highlights a key resource • 732-932-7500 • for young adult librarians. Cognotes_ALA_Ad v2.indd 1 5/20/11 4:51:08 PM
  • 10. Research design Interdisciplinarity Qualitative data collection Collaborative Large-scale research research Teamwork Quantitative data collection My dot is Collaborative researchAT THIS STAGE in designing myresearch project, I’d like to explorewhether interdisciplinary researchwould work for me. SRMOcan point me to some real-life What’s your dot?examples to help me decide if thismethod suits my project.SAGE Research Methods Online — Visit SAGE at booth 1860 to learn more!
  • 11. Page 12 • Cognotes Saturday, June 25, 2011 • NEW ORLEANSJoin Quinceañera Celebración at Annual Conference The Association for Library Service feature the 2011 medal and honor win- The Pura Belpré (Author) Award by Tricycle Press, an imprint of theto Children (ALSC) and REFORMA ning Belpre authors and illustrators. honors a Latino writer whose chil- Crown Publishing Group, a division of(the National Assocation to Promote Also on hand will be the madrinas and dren’s books best portray, affirm and Random House, Inc.; Me, Frida, illus-Library and Information Services to padrinos (godparents of the award) in celebrate the Latino cultural experi- trated by David Diaz, written by AmyLatinos and the Spanish-Speaking) a unique coming of age ceremony. The ence. The Dreamer, written by Pam Novesky and published by Abramswill be hosting a gala of the Quinces 2011 Medal winners will be honored Muñoz Ryan, is the 2011 Belpré Au- Books for Young Readers, an imprintfor the Pura Belpré Award at ALA and will be there to receive recognition thor Award winner. The book is illus- of ABRAMS; and Dear Primo: A LetterAnnual Conference to celebrate the and make remarks. trated by Peter Sís and published by to My Cousin, illustrated and writtenawards’ 15th anniversary. The event “This year’s celebration represents Scholastic Press, an imprint of Scho- by Duncan Tonatiuh and published bywill take place on Sunday from 1:00– a significant highpoint in the his- lastic Inc. Three Belpré Author Honor Abrams Books for Young Readers, an4:00 p.m. and all conference attendees tory of the award particularly as it Books were named: ¡Olé! Flamenco, imprint of ABRAMS.are welcome to attend free of charge. reaches its own coming of age,” said written and illustrated by George “It is important to ALSC and RE- The Quinceañera Celebración will REFORMA President Lucia González. Ancona and published by Lee & Low FORMA to meet the needs of these Books Inc.; The Firefly Letters: A Suf- children by encouraging the produc- fragette’s Journey to Cuba, written tion of high-quality Hispanic chil- by Margarita Engle and published by dren’s books, and supporting Hispanic Henry Holt, an imprint of Macmillan authors and illustrators,” said Oralia Children’s Publishing Group; and 90 Garza de Cortes, a co-founder of the Miles to Havana, written by Enrique Belpre award and honorary co-chair Flores-Galbis and published by Roar- for the Quince Celebración. Delicious ing Brook Press, an imprint of Mac- food, music, and dance will also be millan Children’s Publishing Group. part of the Celebraciòn. Pura Belpré (Illustrator) Award honors a Latino illustrator whose children’s books best portray, affirm and celebrate the Latino cultural ex- E-books Access perience. Grandma’s Gift, illustrated Topic of Sunday and written by Eric Velasquez, is the 2011 Belpré Illustrator Award win- Program ner. The book is published by Walker The Presidential Task Force Publishing Company, Inc., a division on Equitable Access to Electronic of Bloomsbury Publishing, Inc. Three Content, a.k.a. the EQUACC Task Belpré Illustrator Honor Books for Force, was created as the result of illustration were selected: Fiesta Ba- a Council Resolution to study chal- St. Louis Cathedral in the evening. (Photo courtesy of New Orleans Metropolitan bies, illustrated by Amy Córdova, writ- Convention & Visitors Bureau, photo by Richard Nowitz). lenges and recommend potential ten by Carmen Tafolla and published solutions in libraries for improved access to electronic content. Its program, “Where We Are, Where We Are Heading: The Presidential Task Force on Eq- uitable Access to Electronic Con- tent Update” will be held on Sunday from 4:00–5:30 p.m. at the Loews Hotel, Louisiana Ballroom. During this program, members of the task force will provide insight and updates on the work of the group. Panelists will represent the five areas on which the task force has focused its work: Environmental Scan, Licensing, Accessibility, Public Relations, and Model Projects. Feedback and discussion from the audience is highly encouraged. Special guest Brewster Kahle will provide introductory remarks. Task Force panelists will in- clude the following: • Moderator: Linda Crowe, co- chair EQUACC Task Force, Executive Director, Califa Group • Christopher Harris, School Li- brary System Genesee Valley Educational Partnership • Jackie Rafferty, Library Di- rector Paul Pratt Memorial Library • Char Booth, Instruction Ser- vices Manager & E-Learning Librarian at the Claremont Colleges Library • Jamie LaRue, Library Direc- tor, Douglas County Libraries • Heather Wicht, Electronic Re- sources Librarian, University of Colorado at Boulder
  • 12. O U R A U T H O R S AT A L A COME VISIT THE PENGUIN BOOTH #1422 S U N D AY J U N E 2 6 S U N D AY J U N E 2 6 ( C O N T. )JENNIFER NIVEN NATHANIEL ELLIS AVERYAuthor ofVELVA JEAN LEARNS TO FLY PHILBRICK Author of THE LAST NUDE Author of THE LAST STAND12:00–1:00 pm Custer, Sitting Bull, and the 2:00–3:00 pmPenguin booth #1422 Battle of the Little Bighorn Penguin booth #14221:30–3:30 pm 8:00–10:00 amALTAFF panel: Literary Tastes Breakfast**Celebrating Southern WritersErnest N. Morial Conv. Center, Royal Sonesta Hotel, 300 Bourbon St., Grand Ballroom ANDY BOROWITZrooms 335-336 Author of THE 50 FUNNIEST 11:00–12:00 pm AMERICAN WRITERS Penguin booth #1422 An Anthology of Humor from Mark Twain to The OnionRHYS BOWEN 5:30–7:30 pmAuthor ofROYAL FLUSH GUY GAVRIEL KAY ALTAFF Humor Panel: The Laugh’s on Us*** Author of UNDER HEAVENA Royal Spyness Mystery The Hilton Riverside New Orleans, 8:00–10:00 am 2 Poydras St., Versailles Ballroom12:00–1:00 pm Literary Tastes Breakfast**Penguin booth #1422 Royal Sonesta Hotel, 300 Bourbon St., Grand Ballroom M O N D AY J U N E 2 7 11:00–12:00 pmWENDY McCLURE Penguin booth #1422 JULIE JAMESAuthor of THE WILDER LIFE Author of A LOT LIKE LOVEMy Adventures in the Lost Worldof Little House on the Prairie 8:00–10:00 am1:00–2:00 pm CAMMIE ALTAFF panel: Isn’t It Romantic? Ernest N. Morial Conv. Center, rm. 339Penguin booth #1422 McGOVERN 11:15–12:15 pm4:00–5:30 pm Author of NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH Penguin Booth #1422ALTAFF panel: Tales from the Heart:Literary Memoirs 10:30–12:00 pmErnest N. Morial Conv. Center, rm. 283 ALTAFF panel: Mystery and Horror @ your library ADRIENNE Ernest N. Morial Conv. Center, rm. 268 2:00–2:30 pm McDONNELLELAINE VIETS LIVE! @ your library Reading Stage* Author of THE DOCTOR AND THE DIVAAuthor ofPUMPED FOR MURDER 2:30–3:30 pm 8:00–10:00 amA Dead-End Job Mystery Penguin booth #1422 ALTAFF panel: Isn’t It Romantic?1:00–2:00 pm Ernest N. Morial Conv. Center, rm. 339Penguin booth #1422 11:15–12:15 pm C. S. HARRIS Penguin Booth #1422 Author of WHERE SHADOWS DANCENALINI SINGH A Sebastian St. Cyr Mystery ELLIS AVERYAuthor of KISS OF SNOWA Psy-Changeling Novel 10:30–12:00 pm Author of THE LAST NUDE ALTAFF panel: 10:30–2:00 pm GLBT Stonewall Book Awards Brunch2:00–2:30 pm Mystery and Horror @ your libraryLIVE! @ your library Reading Stage* The Loews New Orleans, 300 Poydras St., Louisiana I Ernest N. Morial Conv. Center, rm. 268 signing to follow****2:30–3:30 pm 1:00–2:00 pmPenguin booth #1422 Penguin booth #1422 C. J. CHERRYH Author of BETRAYER REBECCA MAKKAI 10:30–11:30 pm Author of ALA Speaker Series * LIVE! @ your library Reading Stage can be found at #1354 THE BORROWER 12:00–1:00 pm Science Fiction/Fantasy Panel Ernest N. Morial Conv. Center, Penguin booth #1422 Auditorium B in the exhibit hall 1:30–3:30 pm ALTAFF panel: First Author, First Book ** For tickets for this event visit Ernest N. Morial Conv. Center, rm. 269 ELEANOR BROWN Author of THE WEIRD SISTERS 12:00–12:30 pm *** For tickets for this event visit the Penguin or ALTAFF booths MIRANDA JAMES Author of LIVE! @ your library Reading Stage* 12:30–1:30 pm CLASSIFIED AS MURDER Penguin Booth #1422 **** For tickets for this event visit the Penguin booth A Cat in the Stacks Mystery 3:30–4:30 pm 2:00–4:00 pm ALTAFF Author Tea*** Penguin booth #1422 Ernest N. Morial Conv. Center, rms. 293-296P E N G U I N G RO U P ( U S A )
  • 13. Page 14 • Cognotes Saturday, June 25, 2011 • NEW ORLEANSJoin OITP for an E-rate ‘Doubleheader’ on Sunday On Sunday, the ALA Office for In- Administrative Company – the agency The second, “E-rate Office Hours AASL Sessionformation Technology Policy will hosttwo programs on E-rate, a critical that administers this critical program! Linda Lord, chair OITP’s E-rate with USAC” will be held from 1:30– 5:30 p.m. in HIL-Trafalgar. OITP Focuses onfunding source for libraries that sup- Task Force, will serve as moderator. encourages all who either apply for Internationalports their connectivity needs. Speakers will include the following: E-rate funding or would like to apply The first, “E-rate: Looking Back, • John Noran, Universal Service for the first time attend. Children’s BooksForging Ahead” will be held from 10:30 Administration Bring your questions—big or small Presented by the Uniteda.m.–12:00 p.m. in MCC-Room 334 • Meg Placke, Associate State Librar- and everywhere in between—and States Board on Books forand will feature success stories from ian, State Library of Louisiana and have them answered by E-rate expert Young People (USBBY), “In-libraries that have directly benefit- library applicant partner Dr. Linda John Noran from the Schools and ternational Children´s Bookted from E-rate discounts. Hear how LeBert-Corbello, Director, Jefferson Libraries Division of the Universal Publishing: A Small Pressthese libraries have worked through Davis Parish Library Service Administrative Company— Perspective” will feature athe intricacies of the E-rate applica- • Mala Muralidharan, Virtual Projects the agency that administers this criti- panel discussion of representa-tion process to bring home thousands & E-rate Manager, Arizona State Li- cal program. Sign up for individual tives from small, independentof dollars. Learn how your library brary and library applicant partner appointments during the program. publishers speaking on is-can benefit from E-rate expert, John • Victoria Yarbrough, Acting Director Don’t miss this opportunity for one-on sues relating to internationalNoran from the Schools and Librar- of Libraries & Recreation, City of one time to address the issues that children’s books. Taking placeies Division of the Universal Service Douglas matter to you most. today from 4:00 – 5:30 p.m. in the Morial Convention CenterFeminist Task Force Celebrates 2011 Amelia Bloomer List room 277, the session will also The Feminist Task Force of the Breakfast will include a discussion of feminist thinker, public speaker, and include information aboutSocial Responsibilities Round Table children’s literature through the lens suffragist, the list notes books about professional development op-(SRRT) of the American Library Asso- of feminism, and feature 2011 Amelia girls and women that spur the imagi- portunities and resourcesciation will mark 10 years of celebrat- Bloomer List authors and illustrators, nation while confronting traditional attendees can use to includeing the feminist perspective in books including Olga Cossi (Pemba Sherpa), female stereotypes. The bibliography more international children’sintended for young readers from birth Margarita Engle (The Firefly Letters: A is intended to aid children and teens literature in their collectionto 18 years-old at the 2011 Amelia Suffragette’s Journey to Cuba), and Jan in selecting high-quality books released development and teaching,Bloomer Project Breakfast on Sunday Godown Annino and Lisa Desimini, over the past 18 months and may be advocate for more of its usefrom 8:00–10:00 a.m. in the LaFourche (She Sang Promise: The Story of Betty used for a recommended reading list in the classroom, and use in-room at the Loews New Orleans Hotel. Mae Jumper, Seminole Tribal Leader). for youth and those who interact with ternational children’s books Titles on the Amelia Bloomer List Tickets are $35 and include break- them and as a collection development to bring to their children afeature women solving problems, gain- fast. To register, visit www.alaannual. or reader’s advisory tool for interested richer understanding of globaling personal power and empowering org. Registration code: ALA5. librarians. experiences and issues.others. Named for Amelia Bloomer, a pio- SRRT’s main Web site is hosted This year’s Amelia Bloomer Project neering 19th century newspaper editor, at Booth LC Booth Schedule # 2856 ALA Annual New Orleans June 24 – 27, 2011 Saturday, June 25 9:00 K-12 Web Archiving program / a selection from and 9:30 ISSN: SuperNumber for the Digital Environment a.m. 10:00 The Library of Congress for Teachers 10:30 News from the Center for the Book 11:00 Getting the Most Out of Class Web 11:30 Africana Collections at LC: Presidential Ephemera 12:00 Dealing with RDA: Questions & Answers 12:30 Electronic Resources Online Catalog 1:00 Local History and Genealogy 1:30 Veterans History Project 2:00 Getting the Most Out of RDA with Cat Desktop p.m. 2:30 Controlled Vocabularies as Linked Data on the Web 3:00 Copyright Office 3:30 Children’s and Young Adults’ Cataloging Program 4:00 Access to Electronic Federal Publications/ a webcast from the Library of Congress 4:30 Modern Marvels: The Library of Congress / presented by the History Channel
  • 14. Check us out at booth 3334!A-Z List • Backsets • Document Delivery • eBooks • ERM • License ManagementLink Resolver • Metadata • Search • Subscriptions • Usage Statistics • And More!
  • 15. Page 16 • Cognotes Saturday, June 25, 2011 • NEW ORLEANSCelebrate the Best in Children’s and Young Adult LiteratureAt the Coretta Scott King Book Awards Breakfast The Ethnic and Multicultural Ex- Information Science, and recipient Committee of the ALA’s Ethnic and the African American experience viachange Round Table (EMIERT) and of the 2011 Coretta Scott King–Vir- Multicultural Information Exchange literature and the graphic arts.the Coretta Scott King Book Awards ginia Hamilton Practitioner Award Round Table (EMIERT) to African To learn more about the CorettaCommittee will celebrate the best in for Lifetime Achievement will also be American authors and illustrators to Scott King Book Awards, pleasechildren’s and young adult literature honored. Dr. Smith began her career encourage the artistic expression of visit the African-American in 1943 as a children’s librarian inexperience at the 2011 Coretta Scott New York City, earned her doctorateKing Book Awards Breakfast on Tues- and became the first African Americanday, June 28 in the Sheraton New faculty member at the University of Canadian Diplomat and AuthorOrleans Napoleon Ballroom from7:00–9:00 a.m. South Florida, School of Information, where she continues to serve as pro- To Speak on Youth, Literacy and Libraries This year’s celebration will feature fessor emeriti since her retirement The Honorable James K. Bartle- gram in 2004, which collected overCoretta Scott King Author Award in 1993. She has served in numerous man, former Lieutenant Governor 1.2 million books to stock schoolwinner Rita Williams-Garcia, (One capacities within the American Li- of Ontario and author of numerous libraries in First Nations communi-Crazy Summer), Coretta Scott King Il- brary Association and has served on books, including the recently pub- ties, launching a program pairinglustrator Award winner Bryan Collier award selection committees for the lished As Long as the Rivers Flow, Native and non-Native schools in(Dave the Potter: Artist, Poet, Slave), John Newbery Medal, the Randolph will join the Committee on Rural, Ontario and Nunavut, and settingJohn Steptoe New Talent Award win- Caldecott Medal, the Mildred L. Native and Tribal Libraries of All up literacy camps in five northernners Victoria Bond and T.R. Simon, Batchelder Award, the Laura Ingalls Kinds for their program “Raisin’ First Nations communities.(Zora and Me) and Sonia Lynn Sadler, Wilder Award, and the Pura Belpré Readers: Improving Literacy for Bartleman will read from his(Seeds of Change). Award. As part of the Coretta Scott Rural Children and Youth,” Sunday novel, As Long as the Rivers Flow, 2011 Coretta Scott King Book King Task Force since its inception, from 1:30–3:30 p.m. a young adult novel that follows aAwards Honor Books will also be Smith has edited four volumes about Rural, Native, and tribal librar- girl from the Cat Lake First Nationrecognized, including Coretta Scott the history of the award. ies provide essential support to their in Northern Ontario who is stolenKing Author Honor Book recipients Tickets are $60 and include break- communities through reading pro- from her family and forced into aWalter Dean Myers (Lockdown), Jew- fast. To register, visit www.alaannual. grams and initiatives for teens and faraway residential school, whereell Parker Rhodes (Ninth Ward), and org, registration code ALA3. Tickets their families. Bartleman, a diplo- she is punished for speaking herG. Neri (Yummy: The Last Days of a will be available from the ALA Regis- mat, author, literacy advocate, and native language.Southside Shorty) and Coretta Scott tration Desk at the New Orleans Mo- member of the Mnjikaning First Raisin’ Readers is open to allKing Illustrator Honor Book recipient rial Convention Center until Sunday, Nation, will reflect on his extensive conference attendees. For moreJavaka Steptoe (Jimi). June 26 at 12:00 p.m. experiences, including initiating the information, please visit www.ala. Dr. Henrietta Mays Smith, pro- The Coretta Scott King Book Lieutenant Governor’s Book Pro- org/annual.fessor emeriti at the University of Awards are presented annually bySouth Florida, School of Library and Grebow2833_CogNotes-QtrPg.pdf 1 the Coretta Scott King Book Awards 5/17/2011 5:33:17 PM Visit Choice at Booth #1535 Swipe your ExpoCard at the Choice booth for a chance to win an Apple iPad! Everyone will receive a free Choice adhesive note-pad. Hurry to Booth #1535 while supplies last!
  • 16. BOOTH 3350 Enter Our Daily Drawings for Free Books The Life Issues Publisher Health Communications, Inc. ® and Check Out These New Titles MEET SUPERSTAR FICTION WRITER J. Gabriel Gates SATURDAY 10 AM – 1 PM • HCI BOOTH 3350 Get a fREE autographed copy of Dark Territory, Book One in the new YA Series THE TRACkS and enter our daily drawings for more books! Martial Arts, Star-Crossed Love, and ALSO FROM Supernatural Evil Meet at the Abandoned J. GABRIEL GATES This chilling, masterfully-crafted story will Tracks in the Quaint Town of Middleburg. keep lamps burning long after midnight! JU JA OC LY N T2 5 ½ x 8 ½, Trade Paper, $9.95 • 0-7573-1574-7 • 480 pp 5 ½ x 8 ½, Trade Paper, $9.95 • 0-7573-1594-1 • 480 pp 5 ½ x 8 ½, Trade Paper, $9.95 • 0-7573-1588-7 • 360 pp 20 20 01 11 12 1 Two rival gangs must adhere to a strict code When Topper girl Aimee discovers a Sixteen Clocks are ticking; sixty-six of honor and use their deadly skills to battle mysterious treasure is the key to recovering murders souls will bring about the one another for pride, territory, and survival. The Flats and saving Middleburg, she begins training end of the world. Discover a truth that When love breaks out between the leader of the with the wise Master Chin. But the race between The could only be uttered by the lips of the Flatliners and a wealthy Topper girl, the only Flatliners and The Toppers intensifies, awakening dead in The Sleepwalkers. hope for peace lies within the dark territory of the the guardian of the treasure, a force powerful abandoned train tunnels where the tracks cross. enough to reduce all of Middleburg to ashes. Scan this QR code on your Scan this QR code on your Scan this QR code on your smart phone for more information smart phone for more information smart phone for more informationH6401 ALA Cognotes Ads1.indd 2 5/20/11 3:13 PM
  • 17. Page 18 • Cognotes Saturday, June 25, 2011 • NEW ORLEANSConvergence, Commoditization andSustainability: Exploring Alternate Grassroots Advocacy TrainingFunding Sources for LAMs Session To Cover Federal Libraries, Archives, and Museums(LAMs) share similar goals and bur- Associate Director of the Contempo- rary Arts Center, bring a local flavor Issues, Reaching Congressgeoning challenges. The web is begin- and the heightened concerns of LAMs Congress has a long to-do list Vance, also known as the “Advocacyning to blur the lines among those sis- in the midst of recovery from Hur- for the end of this year and into Guru,” and will cover a variety ofter fields. More importantly perhaps, ricane Katrina. They will recount de- 2012. The reauthorization of the topics including effective messagingfinancial problems threaten their very velopment initiatives that range from Elementary Secondary Education techniques, how to research/monitorexistence. The days of assumed funding special events and memberships to the Act (ESEA) and appropriations for legislation, and how to engage oth-for cultural repositories are dimming. marketing of heritage products. They FY2012 are just a few of the items ers in grassroots advocacy.It is time to become proactive. are joined by Fred Stielow, a represen- on their agenda that affect libraries. Kristin Murphy, grassroots coor- Join members of the Committee tative from a virtual LAM in the new Grassroots advocacy is a corner- dinator for the Washington Office,on Archives, Libraries and Museums economy of the web for-profit online stone of the democratic process. says this session will provide at-(CALM) to explore ways that enterpris- universities. He will discuss successful, Members of Congress need to hear tendees with the tools and resourcesing archives, libraries and museums entrepreneurial strategies with defin- from their constituents—especially needed to build their advocacy skills.look for funding. Andrew Salinas, able return-on-investment that feature during a political season when there “You’ll walk away with a step-Archivist at the Amistad Research librarians. The program will be held are so many pressing matters. by-step plan for developing andCenter, one of the nation’s leading today in rooms 388-390 of the Morial Please attend the Washington delivering your message, buildingminority archives, and Merit Shalett, Convention Center, 1:30– 3:00 p.m. Office’s advocacy training program, relationships with legislators—in- “Federal Advocacy—Take it to the cluding how to run a successful next level!” Sunday, June 26, from site visit—and, most important, New ACRL Publications Available 10:00 a.m.–1:00 p.m. in MCC-Room 276 to learn how to be an effective engaging others in the community,” Murphy said. The Association of College & Re- Guide for Librarians, Researchers, grassroots advocate. This program “It’s time to speak up and speak search Libraries has released four and Educators. All new titles, and will be conducted by Stephanie out—you’re the only ones who can!” new publications in time for this others from the ACRL publications year’s ALA Annual Conference. New backlist, are available for purchase titles include Strategic Planning in in New Orleans at the ALA Book- Bookmobile Sunday Focuses on College Libraries; Embedded Li- store, through the ALA Online brarians: Moving Beyond One-Shot Store (http://www.alastore.ala. Importance of Mobile Outreach Services Instruction; Scholarly Practice, Par- org), and by telephone Mobile delivery services are evolv- to learn, network, and be inspired. ticipatory Design and the eXtensible order at (866) 746-7252 in the U.S. ing to meet the needs of 21st century Learn about the issues, technologies, Catalog; Using Qualitative Methods or (770) 442-8633 for international patrons. Bookmobile Sunday at the and best practices that are shaping in Action Research; and Zotero: A customers. 2011 ALA Annual Conference pro- today’s bookmobiles from experts in vides attendees with opportunities the field; attend an author lunch with Margriet Ruurs; and climb aboard one of the newest vehicles during the 10th Annual Parade of Bookmobiles. The three-part Bookmobile Sunday will be held tomorrow from 10:30 Come join Penguin Young a.m.–3:30 p.m. From 10:30 a.m.–12:00 p.m., at- tendees will hear about the latest Readers Group and Penguin trends in bookmobiles in a panel dis- cussion where experts in the field will discuss a range of topics, including bookmobile advocacy, “bookmobiles Group (USA) 101,” tips for new bookmobiles, out- reach, and programming. Admission to the panel discussion is free. Following the panel discussion as they present their from 12:30–1:30 p.m., participants will have the opportunity to attend upcoming Fall 2011 lists an author lunch with Margriet Ruurs, award-winning author of several chil- dren’s books, including My Librarian Saturday, June 25th Is a Camel: How Books Are Brought to Children Around the World. Tick- ets to the lunch are $25 and may be at the purchased in-person at the Confer- ence registration desk, please refer to Sheraton New Orleans - Ticket ALA OLO1. After lunch, the program will move Napoleon C1 to the Exhibits (Hall J, near aisle 3800) for the Parade of Bookmobiles from 1:00–3:30 p.m., where attendees (ALA Co-headquarters) can explore bookmobiles from across the country and speak with bookmo- bile staff. During the parade, attend- ees can enter a drawing to win a Nook Penguin Young Readers 1:45pm – 2:30pm e-reader. The parade is free and open to all conference attendees. Penguin Group USA 2:30pm – 3:30pm Bookmobile Sunday is made pos- sible through the generous support of *Refreshments will be served OBS, Inc. (, Matthews Specialty Vehicles (www.msvehicles. com) and Farber Specialty Vehicles (
  • 18. NEW ORLEANS • Saturday, June 25, 2011 Cognotes • Page 19RUSA’s Literary Tastes Breakfast Set for Sunday Panel To Review A few tickets still may be available best genre fiction of the year; the Sophie • Guy Gavriel Kay, author of 2011for the Literary Tastes Breakfast, an Brody Medal for achievement in Jewish Reading List Fantasy winner Un- Efforts To IncreaseAnnual Conference author event host- literature; the Dartmouth Medal for an der Heaven as part of the exciting Access For Peopleed by the Reference and User Services outstanding reference work; and the author lineup for this event. With Print DisabilitiesAssociation (RUSA). Outstanding Reference Sources List. The breakfast is a ticketed event The breakfast will be held from Authors read from their work, ruminate sponsored by the Collection Develop- A panel of policy makers, li-8:00–10:00 a.m. Sunday in the Grand on writing and sign books, while at- ment and Evaluation Section (CODES) brarians, and disability expertsBallroom at the Royal Sonesta. Tickets tendees enjoy a scrumptious breakfast. of RUSA and is one of many CODES will report on recent efforts toare required for entry and, if the event This year’s authors are: events at the Annual Conference. increase access to informationhas not yet sold out, can be purchased • Judith Shulevitz, author of the 2011 Breakfast tickets start at $55 for RUSA for people with print disabili-from the conference registration desk Sophie Brody Medal-winning title members. Join ALA and RUSA or add ties during the ALA Office forthrough 5:00 p.m. today. The Sabbath World: Glimpses of a ALA and RUSA to your membership Information Technology Policy This year’s event features authors Different Order of Time by calling the ALA membership team (OITP) program, “The Right tofrom RUSA’s 2011 literary book award • Nathaniel Philbrick, author of at 800-545-2433, option 5. Read: Increasing Access to In-selections, including the Notable Books 2011 Notable Book The Last Stand: More information about RUSA’s formation for People with PrintList for outstanding fiction, non-fiction Custer, Sitting Bull, and the Battle book love activities is available year- Disabilities,” to be held Sundayand poetry; The Reading List for the of Little Bighorn round at from 1:30–3:30 p.m. in MCC- Room 397. Topics will include the Justice Register Now for Intellectual Freedom Satellite Meeting in Miami Department’s study on web ac- cessibility, international treaties Registration is now open for “In- tions (IFLA) and the ALA Office for fense Fund; Barbara Jones, director to enhance cross-border sharing tellectual Freedom in a Changing Intellectual Freedom, will be held in of the ALA’s Office for Intellectual of accessible content, a renewed World,” a conference on interna- advance of the 2011 IFLA World Con- Freedom; professor JoNel Newman focus on fair use and the Chafee tional issues related to free access gress in San Juan, Puerto Rico. of the University of Miami School of Amendment, and reports on part- to information in libraries. The Topics to be presented include is- Law; and several more. nerships with library vendors event will take place August 10- sues regarding religion and libraries; Early bird registration (until seeking to make products more 12, 2011 at the Newport Beachside comics, manga and graphic novels in July 1) is $120 ($60 for students). accessible. There will be a dem- Hotel & Resort in North Miami libraries; access to health and sexuality Regular registration (after July onstration of the Global Public Beach, Florida. information in the developing world; 2) is $135 ($75 for students). To Inclusive Infrastructure (GPII). The satellite meeting, jointly and WikiLeaks and other issues involv- register, and for more information, This program will be moder- sponsored by the Free Access to ing privacy and access to information. including directions and hotel ated by OITP’s Carrie Russell. Information and Freedom of Ex- Confirmed speakers include professor reservations, visit Jessica Brody with JMB Consult- pression (FAIFE) committee of Paul Sturges (OBE), former FAIFE faife2011. Questions? Please con- ing and Jim Tobias with Inclusive the International Federation of chair; Charles Brownstein, executive tact Jonathan Kelley at jokelley@ Technologies will be speakers. Library Associations and Institu- director of the Comic Book Legal De- library users suffer incomplete, inconsistent access to your valuable online content and services. the only service to pinpoint, track, and ease those problems as they occur - every day.
  • 19. Page 20 • Cognotes Saturday, June 25, 2011 • NEW ORLEANSOpen Access in Sciences, Humanities Focus of SPARC-ACRL Forum The Berlin Declaration on Open Ac-cess to Knowledge in the Sciences and heritage custodians to make all kinds of materials openly available, at the Dean of Libraries at the University of Kansas; and Jennifer McLennan, Live, InteractiveHumanities, has garnered signatures SPARC-ACRL Forum at this year’s Director of Programs and Operations Science Programfrom nearly 300 research institutions,libraries, archives, museums, fund- conference. The forum will take place today for SPARC and moderator of the Ber- lin 9 organizing coalition. Demonstrationsing agencies, and governments fromaround the world. Learn more about from 4:00–6:00 p.m. at the Morial Convention Center, Room 383. Speak- The ACRL Scholarly Communica- tions Discussion Group will explore and Freethis important declaration, which ers include Dieter Stein, Professor of how global action like the Berlin Open Resources foroutlines concrete steps to promotethe Internet as a medium for dissemi- English Language and Linguistics, Heinrich Heine University (Ger- Access Declaration can be expanded through education and outreach pro- Libraries Offerednating global knowledge, including many), and organizer of the Berlin grams on Sunday, from 4:00–5:30 p.m. The ALA Public Programsencouraging researchers and cultural 6 conference; Lorraine Haricombe, at the New Orleans Marriott, Studio 7. Office will present live science experiments, hands-on activi-PR Xchange ties, and a wealth of free re-Overflows Students Transition to College Studied sources for libraries at “Science Programming 101: PresentingWith New Library On Sunday, the Library Instruc- English Professor who works with Excellent Science Programs in tion Roundtable presents “The Big freshmen at University of Con-Marketing Ideas (and Not so) Easy: Missing Voices necticut, Faye Haley, a veteran high Your Library,” to be held Sunday, 1:30–3:30 p.m. in the Morial Anyone interested in new ideas for on the Student Transition to Col- school English teacher who works Convention Center, Room 287.library public relations and market- lege,” a panel discussion that will with juniors and seniors Jefferson Live demonstrations will intro-ing is invited to the Library Admin- explore the problems students face Parish, La., and Mary Stein, an as- duce librarians to innovativeistration and Management Associa- upon entering the more complicated sistant director at the East Baton ways that science can be used totion’s (LLAMA’s) annual PR Xchange information landscape of the college Rouge Public Library. engage children and young adult(formerly Swap & Shop) Sunday in or university through the stories of Members of the panel will speak audiences in the library.the Convention Center, Rooms 260- those directly involved—including to questions addressing their own Attendees will learn how to262 from 11:00 a.m.–1:30 p.m. This those rarely heard from such as research experiences as well as create exciting hands-on scienceis a great chance to pick up samples the students themselves, the high those of their students. They will programs for children and youngof promotional materials from North school teachers and public librar- also discuss techniques they have adults from representatives ofAmerican libraries of all types and ians who have experience working adopted as both educators and the National Center for Inter-to explore the latest in electronic with adolescents, and faculty mem- learners in order to help their stu- active Learning/Space Sciencemarketing ideas. bers who must initiate students dents and themselves. Institute, Boulder, Colorado; PR Xchange is an ongoing library into the rigors of academe. The panel discussion takes place and the Lunar and Planetarymarketing and public relations event Panelists will include Philip Sunday from 10:30 a.m–12:00 p.m. Institute, Houston, Texas. Theheld annually at ALA Annual Confer- Bellan, a junior at Louisiana State in the Doubletree Hotel, Interna- program will also discuss twoence. University; Erin Haddad-Null, an tional Ballroom. science traveling exhibit oppor- tunities for public libraries: Dis- cover Earth and Discover Tech, and introduce a new science Meet the Stars of Marshall Cavendish Children’s Books! “Community of Practice” librar- ians can use (http://community. Program speakers will in- Visit Marshall Cavendish Booth 1239 Today clude Paul Dusenbery and Lisa R. Curtis, National Center for Interactive Learning/Space Sci- ence Institute; Stephanie Shipp and Keliann LaConte, Lunar and Planetary Institute; Karen Peterson, National Girls Col- laborative Project; and Susan Brandehoff and Jennifer Do- miniak, ALA Public Programs Office. The ALA Public Programs Office promotes cultural and community programming as an Jennifer Roy Matthew Locricchio Will Hillenbrand Deborah Heiligman Lucine Kasbarian essential part of library service Saturday 10:00–11:00 Saturday 11:30–12:30 Saturday 1:00–2:00 Saturday 2:30–3:30 Sunday 10:00–11:00 in all types and sizes of libraries. Successful library programming Sunday 2:00–3:00 at the Cookbook Pavilion initiatives have included Let’s and Talk About It reading and dis- Sunday 1:00–2:00 cussion series, traveling exhibi- at our booth tions, film discussion programs, the Great Stories CLUB, LIVE! @ your library and more. Re- cently, the ALA Public Pro- grams Office developed www., an online resource center bringing librarians timely and valuable information to support them in the creation of high-quality cultural programs for their com- munities. For more information about the ALA Public Programs Office, visit licprograms.
  • 20. NEW ORLEANS • Saturday, June 25, 2011 Cognotes • Page 21Swedish Pirate to Discuss New Technologies, Impact on Government Transparency Are you interested in government Falkvinge is the founder of the first received the 2010 Elizabeth Futas Free Access to Information and Free-transparency, its effect on libraries, Pirate Party and a campaigner for Catalyst for Change Award and was dom of Expression Committee, a Coreand how changes in technology affect next-generation civil liberties and sen- named a Mover & Shaker by Library Activity of IFLA. Loida also works withhow we share information? Do you sible information policy. In particular, Journal, and an Outstanding Woman IFLA’s New Professionals Special In-love pirates? The Intellectual Free- he stresses how the copyright indus- by Impremedia and El Diario/ La terest Group which she co-establisheddom Round Table (IFRT) presents a tries work in collusion with Big Brother Prensa. Loida is the Immediate Past in 2004. Loida was recently elected tothought-provoking program featuring hawks to erode or eliminate the parts of President of REFORMA. Currently, in ALA Council.Rick Falkvinge, founder of Sweden’s Internet that guarantee our civil liber- addition to serving as IFRT Chair, she For more information on RickPirate Party, and moderated by Loida ties. On this platform, one of privacy is Chair of ALA Membership Meetings Falkvinge and the Pirate Party, pleaseGarcia-Febo, IFRT chair. Falkvinge and digital rights, his party became the Committee and Secretary of IFLA’s visit speak about how the evolution largest in the below-30 demographic inof information-sharing tools has the 2009 European Elections.impacted government transparency. Garcia-Febo is the Coordinator ofPlease join us for this provocative Special Services at Queens Library indiscussion on today from 1:30–3:30 New York. Prior to this, she managedp.m. in the Morial Convention Center, services for new Americans and specialRoom 288-290. populations for Queens Library. She ALA JobLIST Placement Center To Host Sunday Open House As part of its continuing efforts about their individual work envi- to help job seekers retool their skills ronments. They will discuss various and prepare for job searches in the aspects which make their institu- current economy, the ALA JobLIST tions unique—such as work culture, Placement Center will host an facilities, sports, music, arts, campus Open House on Sunday from 10:30 and community life, etc. They will a.m.–12:00 p.m. in the Placement showcase the activities available in Center, which is located in Hall J and around their institutions that of the Convention Center. highlight the quality of life. Representatives from various No appointments necessary. libraries and library-related com- For more information, stop by the The courtyard behind St. Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square attracts panies will have an opportunity Placement Center in Hall J of the thousands of French Quarter visitors every year. (Photo courtesy of New Orleans to talk with conference attendees Convention Center. Metropolitan Convention & Visitors Bureau, photo by Ann Purcell). Discover the Power of Word Searchable Microfilm Edit on-screen, create word searchable PDFs with a single CLICK. We’re revolutionizing the way you use microfilm. Again. With the ScanPro 2000’s new OCR technology you can edit your microfilm image, convert it to a word searchable PDF, save to any hard drive, flash drive, network or e-mail with just a single click. No other microfilm equipment on the market offers this capability. See the ScanPro 2000’s amazing new OCR technology for yourself at the ALA 2011 Annual Conference in New Orleans, June 24-27. BOOTH 624 Just right-CLICK a word to get a dictionary definition. Supports over 100 languages.
  • 21. Page 22 • Cognotes Saturday, June 25, 2011 • NEW ORLEANSAuthors, Illustrators Discuss ‘Trickster’ Graphic Novel and Honoring Cultures In Native American folklore, the memories of this family epic fuel his serves as the department head at a sure the finished products reflect andTrickster can take many forms—coy- writing and telling. Author of six books, high school where 40 percent of stu- honor the cultural values of the peopleotes, rabbits, even landscapes. In and co-author of three books, Tingle dents are Navajo. An educator for 32 who created them, and read from theTrickster: Native American Tales: A was a featured speaker at the Native years, Thompson has worked to incor- collection. The session will highlightGraphic Collection, editor Matt Dem- American wing of the Smithsonian porate awareness of the oral tradition this innovative example of honoringbicki worked with illustrators and Institute in 2006 and 2007. He par- and the whole history of literature and traditions while bringing these storiesNative American storytellers to bring ticipated in “Many Voices, One Nation” storytelling. to new audiences.traditional stories to a new format for at the 2008 ALA Annua. Conference in Dembicki , Tingle, and Thompson This program is open to all Annualtoday’s readers. Dembicki and two of Anaheim, California. will discuss the collaborative process Conference registrants. For more in-his collaborators, Choctaw storyteller Michael Thompson is an English for Trickster, including working with formation, please visit Tingle, and Michael Thompson, teacher in New Mexico, where he Native American storytellers to en- annual.English teacher and member of theMuskogee Tribe, will join the ALACommittee on Rural, Native, and Picturing America Resources to be DistributedTribal Libraries of All Kinds for their The ALA Public Programs Office Picturing America on Screen DVD will RUSA President’sprogram “Trickster: Engaging Read- and the National Endowment for the be provided free of charge to session Program Tacklesers, Honoring Traditions” on Sunday Humanities (NEH) invite all Picturing attendees. Marketing on a Tightfrom 4:00–5:30 p.m. in Room 284 of the America project directors, particu- Additionally, project directors fromMoral Convention Center. larly those from public libraries, for five public libraries will present their Budget Cartoonist Matt Dembicki is the a session that will highlight success- award winning programs, which in- Reference practitioners fromartist/writer of graphic novels such as ful program models and resources to clude models for civic engagement, art all types of libraries should planthe award-winning nature parable Mr. support Picturing America programs instruction, reading and discussion, in- to attend the 2011 ReferenceBig. He edited the recently released in public libraries. NEH’s Picturing tergeneration collaboration, and more. and User Services’ PresidentsTrickster: Native American Tales: America: Model Programs for Public Rural, urban and midsized libraries Program, “Marketing ReferenceA Graphic Collection from Fulcrum Libraries will be held Sunday from will be represented on the agenda. on a Dime,” today from 1:30–3:30Publishing. He is about to complete 10:30 a.m–12:00 p.m. in the Morial Picturing America, an initiative of p.m. in Room 383-385 of the Mo-work on his Ignatz Award-nominated Convention Center, Room 274. NEH, provided masterpieces of Ameri- rial Convention Center.Xoc (pronounced “Shock”), an ecologi- During this session, ALA and NEH can art to more than 50,000 classrooms In these tight financial times,cal tale about a great white shark. He staff will present information about and libraries nationwide. Through the maximizing library marketingis also a founding member of the D.C. newly available related online resourc- program, students and citizens gain a ROI is one of the hottest topicsConspiracy, a comics creators’ collab- es, and a representative from THIR- deeper appreciation of our country’s around. This year’s program,orative in Washington, D.C. TEEN/WNET will discuss work to history and character through the hosted by RUSA’s Reference Ser- Tim Tingle is an enrolled member of date on Picturing America on Screen, a study and understanding of its art. vices Section (RSS), will consist ofthe Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma and series of short public television pro- For more information about Picturing five to six brief presentations ona frequent speaker at tribal events. His grams produced by THIRTEEN fea- America, including a list of the schools successful initiatives for market-great-great grandfather, John Carnes, turing the works of art in the Pictur- and libraries selected to participate, ing reference services, followed bywalked the Trail of Tears in 1835, and ing America collection. Copies of a visit questions and table discussions. Panelists will include represen- tatives from public, academic, and special libraries, as well as a COME MEET OUR AUTHORS! marketing professional from the private sector. Participants will take away at least one idea for Booth #1249 a free or inexpensive marketing initiative. All conference participants are invited to attend this valuable Saturday, June 25 program. Program attendees are Dr. Tim Harlan encouraged to tweet about their learning experience using the Just Tell Me What to Eat hashtag #rusaprog. e Delicious 6-Week Weight Loss Plan for the Real World 1:30 - 2:30pm The “What’s Cooking @ ALA?” stage 3:00 - 4:00pm booth signing — booth #1249 Value of Academic Libraries Assessment results are powerful tools to showcase, validate and inform Sunday, June 26 constituents, stakeholders and fund- Senator Bob Graham ing bodies on the value of the library. Join the ACRL Assessment Committee Keys to the Kingdom for Demonstrating the Value of the Library: Assessment Tools and Tech- A novel of suspense that could only have niques, a panel presentation focusing been written by a Washington insider on a variety of assessment methods 1:30 - 3:30pm First Author Panel and tools to demonstrate the value of academic libraries. Topics include 3:30 - 4:30pm booth signing — booth #1249 how to use the ACRL Assessment 6:00 - 7:30pm Barnes & Noble signing: Toolkit, results of the “ACRL Value of Centre @ Westbank Academic Libraries Comprehensive 1601B West Bank Expressway Research Review” and a discussion Harvey, LA 70058 of value-driven metrics and ideas for 504-263-1146 collaboration for greater visibility and impact. The session will be held from 10:30 a.m.–12:00 p.m. Sunday Sign up for our newsletter The Daily Pretzel and you’ll be in Room 338 of the Morial Convention entered to win a Nook Color! Visit Perseus Books Group at Center. Visit the ACRL Value of Aca- booth #1249 for more details. demic Libraries website at www.acrl. for more information on ongoing value initiatives.
  • 22. YBP’s Demand-Driven Acquisitions Service utilizes our profiling methodology in cooperation with our aggregator partners’ platforms to offer libraries and patrons a growing database of accessible digital |
  • 23. Page 24 • Cognotes Saturday, June 25, 2011 • NEW ORLEANSTracking Intellectual Freedom in The Big Easy At every Annual Conference, the 1:30–3:30 p.m. promote ethics to young people. Morial St. (Gallery District)Intellectual Freedom Committee, the New Technologies: The Impact on Convention Center, Room 243Committee on Professional Ethics, Government Transparency Monday, June 27and ALA’s various divisions provide a Rick Falkvinge, founder of Sweden’s 1:30–3:30 p.m. 10:30 a.m.–12:00 p.m.unique opportunity to engage in an in- Pirate Party, will speak about how the Technology and Ethics: Supporting When It Leaks It Pours: WikiLeaks,depth exploration of professional ethics evolution of information-sharing tools Privacy and Free Expression in the National Declassification System, andand intellectual freedom and learn have impacted government transpar- Digital Age (ACRL) Access to Government Informationabout hot-button IF issues challenging ency. Morial Convention Center, Room Libraries providing access to com- Thomas Blanton, Director of thelibraries today. Whether your interest 288-290 puter terminals face difficult challeng- National Security Archive, will discussis learning about new technologies’ es, balancing a safe and appropriate WikiLeaks and librarians’ role as de-impact on young library users’ privacy, 6:00–7:30 p.m. environment for under-age patrons, fenders of access to information. HotelWikiLeaks’ impact on government Now Showing @ ALA: The Most while respecting the right of adults Monteleone, Queen Anne Ball Roomdeclassification, or labeling and cen- Dangerous Man in America: Daniel to communicate freely and access allsorship of young adult fiction, there’s Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers online information that all Americans 1:30–3:30 p.m.something here for you in the Big Easy. (Film). Morial Convention Center, have the right to obtain. Speaker: Re- Whose Common Sense? How Label- Auditorium C becca MacKinnon. Morial Convention ing Systems Hurt Young ReadersSaturday, June 25 Center, Room 274 A discussion of the impact of the10:30 a.m.–12:00 p.m. Sunday, June 26 book rating and labeling schemes on Prisoners Right to Read: Balancing 8:00–9:15 a.m. 4:00–5:30 p.m. young readers, and their potentialIntellectual Freedom and Correctional Speaker Series: Daniel Ellsberg IFC/FTRF Issues Briefing Session use as a tool for censorship. Speakers:Security A presentation by the man the Nixon An overview of hot topics in intel- Christine Jenkins, David Levithan, Learn to use the new “Prisoners administration dubbed “The Most lectual freedom and an open hearing Jeffrey Nadel, Michael Norris. MorialRight to Read: An Interpretation of Dangerous Man in America” when on the proposed “Resolution to Protect Convention Center, Room 393-394The Library Bill of Rights” and positive he released the Pentagon Papers to Library User Confidentiality in Self-communication to provide better access The New York Times in 1971. This Serve Hold Practices.” Morial Conven-and help correctional administrators marks the fortieth anniversary of those tion Center, Room 354craft improved policy. Morial Conven- events. Morial Convention Center,tion Center, Rm 285 Auditorium B 7:30–10:00 p.m. Joint Merritt Fund / NMRT Awards ‘Library of the11:30 a.m.–1:00 p.m. 1:30–3:30 p.m. Reception Early Mind’ Now IFRT’s John Phillip Immroth Memo-rial Award recipient reception Promoting Ethical Literacy in Youth: How Librarians Can Partner An opportunity to recognize the recipients of the 3M Professional Playing @ALA Please join us in congratulating with Parents and Teachers Development Grant and the Shirley Part of the new Now Play-Mike Blasenstein and Mike Iacovone, Michael Zimmer and Rushworth Olofson Award, and learn more about ing @ALA series, the film “Li-the recipients of the Immroth Award. discuss ways in which librarians, par- the important work of the Merritt brary of the Early Mind” isMarriott CC-Blaine Kern B ents, and teachers can work together to Fund. L‘Entreport Gallery, 527 Julia an exploration of the art and impact of children’s literature on our kids, our culture, and ourselves. From the first sto- Visit Us at Booth 540 ries we hear told to us to those childhood heroes that stay with us a lifetime, the impact on our culture runs deeper than what we might expect. “No one suspects the children’s writer,” says author and illustrator Mo Willems, a former ‘Sesame Street’ writer. The film features nearly 40 prominent authors The Virtua ILS is feature-rich with The Chamo Social OPAC for Virtua The VITAL Digital Asset software exceptional depth and range of ca- offers automatic data capture, su- and illustrators talking about empowers your patrons, providing pabilities, including full Unicode sup- configurable facets and allowing us- perior searching capabilities and their work, its genesis and its port, multilingual user interface and ers to create personal lists, tag and standards-based protocols. The impact. The number of books in FRBR support. Virtua is the only ILS rate items, enter comments or re- open-source Fedora™ platform print by the authors in ‘Library to fully support RDA Scenario One views and link to social sites like Fa- provides a flexible, customizable in- of the Early Mind’ exceeds 240 Implementation. Virtua scales to cebook and Twitter – all from their PC terface. Custom Drupal modules al- million. support everything from individual li- or mobile device. APIs allow integra- low VITAL to expand to include other The film is being shown to- braries to large consortia, and is also tion with Drupal, giving your library a functional modules, or integrate with night at 8:00 p.m. in the Morial available as Software as a Service. wealth of options for customization. your institution’s website. Convetion Center, Auditorium C. Following the film will be a Q&A with authors/illustra- Attend our informational sessions at the New Orleans Marriott at the tors and the film producer Ted Convention Center Tchoupitoulas Room, Sunday June 26th. Delaney. RDA Now! will present a discussion of our recent RDA Drupal 101 will explore how to use Drupal to en- Sandbox project. Participants have tested RDA cata- hance your website. We’ll show you how VTLS and loging practices within a hosted, shared Virtua data- customers have used Drupal to design custom front base pre-populated with a wide selection of records. end interfaces for both VITAL and Chamo. Presented at 8 am & 1:30 pm Presented at 10:30 am & 4 pm JOIN US in the Exhibits! Saturday, June 25 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. Sunday, June 26 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. Monday, June 27 9:00 a.m.–2:00 p.m.
  • 24. NEW ORLEANS • Saturday, June 25, 2011 Cognotes • Page 25Thinking Differently about IT and Reference CollaborationsBy Stacy L. Voeller, tion agreed.” A single committee was derstanding was key to building back Other presenters for the preconfer-Minnesota State University empowered to run the project, and trust, and how transformative trust ence included William Denton, WebMoorhead “representatives from different groups also needed to be established. Positive Librarian and Adam Taves, Reference On Friday, the Reference Services were on the committee. Dan was the changes have taken place, according to and Instruction Librarian, York Uni-Section (RSS) and the Machine-Assist- facilitator, and I was the Web Technical Murray-Rust, and they are currently versity, Toronto; and Joanne Kossuth,ed Reference Section (MARS) of the Manager,” continued Critchlow. finishing up a collaborative effort to Technology Strategy Team Member atReference and User Services Associa- Critchlow indicated that it was more bring together a wide array of services Educational and Institutional Coopera-tion (RUSA) co-sponsored a day-long efficient using a five-person committee into one building. tive Purchasing.preconference called “Strange Bedfel- to be responsible for the requirementslows: IT and Reference Collaborations of designing the mobile website. “Theto Enhance User Experiences.” Char Booth, Instruction Services single committee was critical for trying this agile-based project, and open com- IN 30 MINUTES YOU CAN:Manager at Claremont College, talkedabout how complex collaboration typi- munication channels were especially critical for this project. Speaking to • Get the most out ofcally is between public library servicesstaff and IT staff. Booth said that it each other throughout the course of the project was also critical to its success CLASS WEBis best to “know thy frenemy, and the as opposed to just emailing back and • Get the most out oftwo parties need to work together andappreciate what each side is doing. forth,” he said. Suchy added that support from li- CATALOGER’SLibrary collaboration often comes downto a distinct project, so you need to talk brary administration is crucial. “Give a small group the decision-making power DESKTOPto people in the culture, but also within and freedom to choose projects. Flat- • Get a FREE TOTE!the project.” ten the reporting lines so folks work directly with each other and this willLearning the ropes promise faster results and less death Attend one of our presentations Booth, who has held positions at by committee. Let everyone do what and learn how to flex our catalogingvarious libraries, said, “I had to learn they are good at.” muscles. Our expert catalogers willthe ropes of the formal project request. Catherine Murray-Rust, Dean ofThe way you interact with individuals Libraries, Georgia Institute of Tech- provide tips, show shortcuts andand their workload won’t work if you nology, discussed how leadership is answer your questions.alienate your IT colleagues. Know very important for the collaborationwhere to start your advocacy and know between IT and librarians. Murray- C L A S S I F I C AT I O N W E Bwhere to start your project. “ Rust sees far more similarities than S a t u r d a y, J u n e 2 5 11 : 0 0 a . m . Booth provided some basic steps for differences between the missions of S u n d a y, J u n e 2 6 2 : 3 0 p . m .successful collaboration: IT and libraries. “Users have a choice• Come prepared about the technology they use, and they M o n d a y, J u n e 2 7 11 : 3 0 a . m .• Don’t put on airs exercise it,” she said. “The challenge of• Take an interest the present is to be recognized for add- C ATA L O G E R ’ S D E S K T O P w i t h R D A• Ask questions ing value to the academic enterprise. At S a t u r d a y, J u n e 2 5 2:00 p.m.• Ask IT people to talk to you in real Georgia Tech, we created an informa- S u n d a y, J u n e 2 6 11 : 3 0 a . m . world terms instead of “IT-speak” tion commons that is the largest col- M o n d a y, J u n e 2 7 1 0 : 3 0 a . m .• Stand your ground laboration between two departments• Speak your mind on campus. Trust, is key to building• Know your strengths successful collaboration.” Sponsored by:• Pick your battles Murray-Rust told attendees that Cataloging Distribution Service• Say thank you somehow along the way, the Georgia According to Booth, for “collabora-tion to work, IT staff need to hear the Tech campus lost their trust that the library needed to be part of the process Toll free 1-855-266-1884bottom line requirements in terms they of redesigning spaces on campus and Outside the U.S. 1-202-707-6100can understand, and librarians want to developing the memorandum of un-hear those bottom line requirements,too, and that patrons will have whatthey need when they need it and that FILM MOVEMENT PRESENTS...they can rely on the technology. Both ITfolks and librarians have stereotypes of AWARD WINNING FOREIGN & INDEPENDENT FILMSeach other. It is important to translateto each other and acknowledge that CANNES SUNDANCE TORONTO BERLIN VENICE TRIBECAIT and librarians come from differentareas of expertise.” Dan Suchy, User Services Technol-ogy Analyst and Matthew Critchlow,Web Technical Manager, Universityof California, San Diego discussed theredesign of their new library website,and how it took them over a year todo the redesign because they did nothave good collaboration between ITand the library. Suchy and Critchlow related that in ONE NEW FILM EACH MONTH MADE AVAILABLE TO LIBRARIES ON DVD!their project, IT and User Services were • Annual subscription (12 films) • Currently available in more than 1,000 libraries (public andgoing in different directions; assump- academic) • Over 200 films from 50 countries all from the world’s leading film festivals • Filmstions and stereotypes held them back. come with one-time PPL for your own screening series • Includes discussion guides and marketingEach side had different expectations. materials for each title • Retain the film to circulate in your collection 3452 TODAY! Critchlow said, “We in IT neededto work with the librarians to find out GET 25% OFF BY STOPPING BY BOOTH #what the critical services were, instead VDof IT determining what they would be. FREE D L L FOR A ESIt was an opportunity to try something S RCHA ITE PUdifferent, and library administra- w w w. f i l m m o v e m e n t . c o m ON-S MADE
  • 25. Page 26 • Cognotes Saturday, June 25, 2011 • NEW ORLEANSSunday Screenings Include Documentaries, Classics, Adaptations Sunday’s screenings at the “Now ing links between right brain and left; her skills as a police detective to fight ing ALA member support to spread theShowing @ ALA Film Program” feature honey bees and stress; hormones and crime. She finds she must employ the word and help get the series picked upan amazing variety of topics: from one happiness; technology and nature; Witchblade to combat a much greater by as many PBS stations across theof journalism’s greatest triumphs, to progress and consequences; and par- and frighteningly organized conspiracy country as possible.the history of Black New Orleans, to ents and children. of evil that threatens the very soul of At 5:30 p.m. visit the world of Thrathe story of a magical weapon against From 11:00–11:30 a.m. see “Obliga- humanity. once again as Archaia Entertainmentevil. tion to Endure.” As the George W. Learn about local history at the 2:30 and The Jim Henson Company are Start your morning on Sunday- Bush administration gasped its final p.m. showing of “Faubourg Treme: proud to present a screening of thewith a matinee at 9:00 a.m. with breaths, it attempted to shut down classic 1982 film, “The Dark Crys-“Connected: An Autoblogography the EPA’s library system, the world’s tal,” to raise awareness about theabout Love, Death & Technol- foremost source of environmental upcoming three-volume collectionogy.” Straight from its acclaimed information. In this age of climate of all-new, original Dark Crystalworld premiere at Sundance 2011, the change, natural disasters, and ter- graphic novels! The first volume,feature documentary “Connected: An rorism, how could this be possible, slated for release this November,Autoblogography about Love, Death what were the real reasons behind is set a thousand years before the& Technology” offers an exhilarating the closures, and how much damage events of the film and will featurestream-of-consciousness ride through was done to the American public? This The Untold Story of Black New a cover, story and art direction by thethe interconnectedness of humankind, 2010 documentary short was an official Orleans.” During slavery, Faubourg legendary Brian Froud, the originalnature, progress and morality at the selection of the Sacramento Interna- Treme was home to the largest com- concept designer of the film!dawn of the 21st century. In “Connect- tional Film and Music Festival, the Hol- munity of free black people in the Deep On Sunday at 8:00 p.m. the SRRTed,” Tiffany Shlain—award-winning lywood Reel Independent Film Festival, South and a hotbed of political ferment. Feminist Task Force Presents “Pinkfilmmaker and founder of The Webby the Los Angeles Women’s International Here black and white, free and en- Saris.” The program includes an in-Awards—traces interdependence Film Festival, the Riverside Interna- slaved, rich and poor co-habitated, col- troductory speaker and a showing ofthrough history, discovering surpris- tional Film Festival, the Santa Cruz laborated, and clashed to create much of “Pink Saris,” the award-winning film International Film Festival, and the what defines New Orleans culture up to by director Kim Longinotto. This is an Long Island International Film Expo. the present day. A question and answer unflinching and often amusing look at See Friday’s Cognotes (http:// If mystery and suspense is more session will follow the screening. unlikely political activists and their your style, attend Sunday’s 12:00 p.m. At 5:00 p.m. “The Missouri Bo- charismatic leader; in extraordinary shelf) for a description of today’s showing of “Witchblade.” In this tanical Garden Library” comes to scenes, we watch Sampat launch her- five films: “Diary of a Wimpy Kid,” adaptation of the Top Cow comic book, life with “Great Libraries of the self into the centre of family dramas, “Fraggle Rock,” “The Lila Acheson “Witchblade” is the story of a New York World (GLOW)” a new PBS television witnessed by scores of spectators, con- Wallace Library at The Julliard detective, Sara “Pez” Pezzini, whose series devoted to libraries. This episode vinced her mediation is the best path School,” “The Most Dangerous search for justice brings her into con- was hailed as being “the best presen- for the vulnerable girls, though some Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg tact with the Witchblade, an ancient, tation about the Missouri Botanical are less certain. and the Pentagon Papers” and intelligent, living weapon so powerful Garden’s research.” Having produced Film presentations continue on “Library of the Early Mind.” it can battle Earth’s darkest evil forces. a half dozen acclaimed episodes on a Monday with all presentations held in Week in and week out, “Pez” employs shoestring budget, GLOW is now seek- Auditorium C. The eBook Lending Service of Your Dreams YOUR BEST RESEARCH is finally here STARTS HERE ! Oxford Theatre Schedule BOOTH #2940 FRI DAY, June 23 5:30: Oxford Bibliographies 6:30: University Press 7:00: Berg Fashion Library Online Scholarship Online SATURDAY SUNDAY MONDAY June 24 June 25 June 26 integrated e itiv 9:30 Online Dictionaries University Press Oxford Journals intu from Oxford Scholarship Online ive innovat 10:00 Grove Art Online and Digital Reference for Oxford Bibliographies Grove Music Online Public Libraries Online 10:30 Oxford Journals Oxford Scholarship Social Explorer Online 11:00 Berg Fashion Library Oxford Bibliographies University Press Online Scholarship Online 1:00 BBC College of Oxford Journals Grove Art Online and Introducing the new 3M Cloud Library TM Journalism Grove Music Online You wanted a better choice for your electronic books. We heard you 1:30 Digital Reference for Online Dictionaries and we are introducing the 3M Cloud Library. Get the electronic books Public Libraries from Oxford OXFORD EVENTS you want and the service you deserve. Your readers can now easily AT ALA ANNUAL 2:00 University Press Social Explorer browse, search, check out and read your collection on a computer, Discoverability Forum Scholarship Online phone, eReader or tablet. Loews Hotel 2:30 Social Explorer Special Oxford Bibliographies St. Landry Room Built to exceed expectations. Session Online Special Session Sunday, June 26th Visit to find out how. Meet the Creator and Meet the Editor and Chief of 8-10 AM President of Social Explorer OBO: Latin American Studies check it out Oxford Scholarship 3:30 Oxford Bibliographies Berg Fashion Library Online Cocktail Party Online Louisiana State Museum Cabildo 4:00 Oxford Scholarship Grove Art Online Sunday, June 26th Join us in booth #3216 at the Online and Grove Music Online 6-8 PM ALA Annual Conference for the chance to win an eReader every hour. Sign up for a free trial at ALA BOOTH #2940 to spin the Oxford Prize Wheel or email your Oxford Representative at or call (800) 624-0153.
  • 26. NEW ORLEANS • Saturday, June 25, 2011 Cognotes • Page 27Welcome to The PopTop Stage ‘What’s Cooking @ ALA’ The PopTop Stage will focus onlibrarian favorites including: Mys- Laugh or I’ll Kill You—Why Read- ers Like a Little Humor with Their Cooking Stage on Saturdaytery, Sci-Fi/Fantasy and Storytelling. Homicide The “What’s Cooking @ ALA” Cook- Modernist CuisineThe PopTop Stage will feature read- 3:00–3:45 p.m. ing stage will showcase a variety Maxime Biletings, discussions, presentations and Elaine Viets, Rosemary Harris, Nancy of chefs and authors. Chefs will be 10:30–11:30 a.m.performances. The PopTop Stage is Martin, Cathy Pickens, moderator preparing their hottest recipes, and Sponsored by the Cooking Lablocated at the end of the 3300 aisle on Amy Alessio autographing their latest books. heat-the Exhibits floor. Today’s schedule of ing up the exhibit floor with fantastic Cooking Favorites from Teen Mystery Chicks and Private Dicks Cuisine and Superchef Matthewpresentations follows: displays of their latest cookbooks. 4:00–4:45 p.m. Locricchio w/ Guest Chef Frank The “What’s Cooking @ ALA” CookingMystery Day Libby Fischer Hellman, Barbara Brigtsen Stage is located in the Exhibit Hall atTraditional Mysteries: Fister, Ken Kuhlken, Julie Smith, 11:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m. the back of aisle 3000:Who Are the New Jane Marples? moderator Michael Wiley Sponsored by Marshall Cavendish10:00–10:45 a.m.Featuring: Rhys Bowen, Elaine Viets, Just Tell Me What to Eat—TheNancy Martin, Rosemary Harris, mod- Delicious 6-Week Weight Losserator Jane Cleland Plan for the Real World Dr. Timothy S. Harlan M.D.Tough Guys–“You Talkin’ to Me?” 1:30–2:30 p.m.11:00–11:45 a.m. Sponsored by Da Capo PressFeaturing: J.A. Jance, Steve Ham-ilton, Ken Kuhlken, Michael Wiley, Artisanal Gluten-Free Cupcakesmoderator Libby Fischer Hellmann Kelli and Peter Bronski 2:30–3:30 p.m.Interview Sponsored by the ExperimentCarolyn Hart with Cathy Pickens Publishing12:00–12:45 p.m.BrownBag Lunchtime Kevin Zraly’s CompleteInterview with Karin Slaughter with Wine Course 2012 EditionRosemary Harris Kevin Zraly1:00–1:45 p.m. 3:30–4:30 p.m. Sponsored by Sterling EpicureAttention to Detail: How ResearchAdds to the Mystery Look for daily schedules of The Pop2:00–2:45 p.m. Top Stage, What’s Cooking @ ALAFeaturing: Rhys Bowen, Jane Cleland, Trevor A. Dawes, Princeton University Library, Princeton, NJ, center, listens Cooking Stage and the Graphic NovelCarolyn Hart, Frankie Bailey, modera- to discussion during the Town Hall Meeting on Diversity on Friday. Stage in the Sunday and Monday is-tor Molly Weston sues of Cognotes.
  • 27. Page 28 • Cognotes Saturday, June 25, 2011 • NEW ORLEANS COMPLIMENTARY Saturday’s Graphic Novel Stage Schedule Located in the Graphic Novel/ Jim Ottaviani: WI-FI SERVICE Gaming Pavilion at the back of the 1600 aisle in the Exhibits, the Science in Words and Pictures 10:00–11:00 a.m. Graphic Novel Stage will feature Sponsored by First Second Books discussions and presentations on the graphic novel. This year, we debut Eric Wight: From Animator to the ALA Artist Alley! Be present Children’s Author, Visual Sto- for autographs, the Artist Alley and rytelling giveaways. Today’s schedule of pre- 11:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m. sentations follows: Comics as Children’s Literature 1:00–2:00 p.m. Ben Hatke in Conversation with Unshelved Concept to Comic ALA thanks Credo Reference for 9:00–10:00 a.m. Sponsored by First Second Books 2:00–3:00 p.m. Sponsored by First Second Books its sponsorship of free Wi-Fi service throughout the Morial Convention Center Kick-off ALA’s New Advocacy Initiative during the 2011 Annual Conference. With 2011-2012 ALA President Molly Raphael Join ALA President-elect Molly members to raise their voice in support Raphael and advocacy leaders from all of libraries. Participants will emerge The sponsored (complimentary) Wi-Fi will types of libraries in the kick-off to ALA’s from this session with strategies for be available by using your Wi-Fi-enabled new advocacy initiative, “Empowering assessing a community’s need and en- Voices: Communities Speak Out for gaging a strong network of advocates. device to locate and connect to the Libraries,” today from 1:30–3:30 p.m., Speakers include Peggy Barber, hotspots named ALA2011 throughout MCC, Room 271-273. Consultant, Library Communication “Successful advocacy has many Strategies, Inc.; Paula Kiely, Direc- the convention center. Once you’ve elements,” said Raphael, “including tor of the Milwaukee Public Library; connected, simply open your browser engaging our communities in the con- Em Claire Knowles, Assistant Dean versation, developing the best messages for Student Services, Simmons Col- and you’re on the internet. about the value of our libraries, identify- lege, Graduate School of Library and ing the most influential people to deliver Information Science, Members, ALA Visit Credo Reference in Booth #2316. those messages, and then motivating and empowering them to deliver those Executive Board; Jan Sanders, Direc- tor, Pasadena (CA) Public Library, and messages. We must be advocating all Vivian Wynn, President, Wynn Library the time, not just in a tough economy.” Consulting. The session is co-sponsored Attendees will learn how to build on by the ALA Chapter Relations Commit- current frontline-staff advocacy efforts tee, Committee on Library Advocacy and focus on empowering community and Public Library Association.
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  • 29. Page 30 • Cognotes Saturday, June 25, 2011 • NEW ORLEANS These listings are paid advertise- sion, performance and developmentments. To place an Exhibitor Newsitem in future issues of Cognotes at Exhibitor News of a new books platform. Interested candidates should visit http://www.this conference, send request to cog- to learn attention Deb, or visit Note this is a change from the Meet Colorado’s BTOP-funded computer and apply. We look forward to meet-the Cognotes office inside the ALA the Authors schedule. centers and discuss how to make your ing you!Offices in Ballroom B, 2nd floor, MCC, HCI (Booth 3350): Visit us and BTOP campaign a success. (Booth 859): later than 1:00 p.m. the day before enter our daily drawings for free books Sage (Booth 1860): Looking for com is celebrating 10 years of support-desired publication. and J. Gabriel Gates: Dark Territory an exciting career change? SAGE’s ing libraries and their communities! 3M Library Systems (Booth posters, apps and ringtones! California office seeks creative, enthu- Join us for Champagne and Cake3216): Stop by our booth to learn Ingram (Booth 2848): Visit In- siastic early/mid-career professional today from 3:30–5:00 p.m. at Boothabout a better choice for your electron- gram, booth #2848, and register to win to join our Library Information Group. #859. Also check out To Go™ic books—the 3M™ Cloud Library. Get Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science As an Online Product Associate, you our new mobile tutoring app! (Booththe books you want and the service of Cooking from The Cooking Lab. will serve as the champion of the vi- #816C).you deserve. Attend a presentation Also, hear Max Bilet, author of Mod-and get a chance to win a NOOK™ ernist Cuisine, at the Cooking Stage oneReader. Atlas Systems (Booth 2734): Ares Saturday, June 25 at 10:30 a.m. LAT (Booth 504): TODAY ONLY: Exhibits Changesprovides 24/7 access to reserve collec- Buy 5, get 1 FREE! Visit Booth #504 New Exhibitorstions. Ares supports all file formats, for a special deal on LAT’s exclusive Company .................................................................................. Boothprovides copyright management ser- Stena System! Buy 5 Pods today, get a Poulos Accounting & Consulting, Inc....................................... 3864vices, and integrates with e-learning 6th FREE!! Stena offers total security, P and J’s Creative Days ............................................................ 3862systems. See what’s new in Ares 3.1 at and we’re offering an amazing deal. ................................................................................... 2619the booth or come to the Users Group Don’t miss it! Library Bureau Steel .................................................................. 342Meeting Saturday 4:00–5:30 p.m. in Mango Languages (Booth 646): GSMerchandising LLC/WALKING TALL ............................... 1645MCC-Room 333. Mango Languages iPhone App—The Morgan & Claypool ................................................................... 3716 Baker & Taylor (Booth 2049): new Mango Languages iPhone app is Sadler & Dorchester ................................................................... 704Join Baker & Taylor at Booth #2049 the same great self-study language SAFER, Inc. ................................................................................. 318for the following author signings: learning program only now it goes Louisina Library Association.................................................... 3618John Hart, Sarah Dessen, Michele where you go! Stop by booth #646 and Location ChangesKnudsen and Mary Monroe. If you see us! McPherson & Company Publishers ......................................... 3861missed the cats on Friday, they will Sadler & Dorchester (Booth Black Rabbit Books .................................................................. 1340return for another appearance from 704): S&D is an advertising agency A&E Home Video/New Video Group ........................................ 374710:00–11:00 a.m. with 20+ years marketing complex Career Choices ......................................................................... 1146 Groundwood Books (Booth services in easy-to-understand, in-1248): Author Alan Cumyn (Tilt) is teresting ways. Stop by Booth 704 to Cancellations: Vault, CMSsigning today from 10:00–11:30 a.m.— see how we generated awareness of Enter to Win the CONFERENCE TIP: Manners have their place $20,000 Great Put that Your next It’s the last I wouldn’t feel right You go You were here down or I’m step will take Graphic Novel ahead. feeding it to you into a one. taking it. first. you. world of pain. Library Giveaway The $20,000 Great Graphic Novel Library Giveaway, sponsored by Bro- dart, Diamond Book Distributors and, kicked off during Friday’s Exhibits Opening Reception in Booth #1760. The prize features more than 700 by Gene Ambaum & Bill Barnes © Overdue Media LLC Visit us at Booth 1751! hand-selected graphic novels for adults, teens and children, as well as fixtures and furniture. It will be displayed in Booth #1760 at ALA in a ALA 2011 Annual Virtual Conference library setting with shelving, spinner racks, lounge seating, round tables and chairs, accent tables and more! Based on the incredibly positive response of this giveaway at Texas Library Association’s Annual Confer- ence in April, Brodart Co., Diamond Book Distributors and Graphic- Are you enjoying ALA Annual and feel ready for more? Here’s the perfect opportunity for you as well as for your have partnered colleagues who couldn’t make it to New Orleans—the best bargain in library continuing education today! to create the new contest for ALA that is open to libraries from all over ALA Virtual Conference—cost-effective professional development right at your fingertips—offers the country. This time around they � Daily keynote speakers (danah boyd, July 13, David Lankes, July 14) enlisted the help of author/illustrator � 11 interactive one-hour Web sessions on transformation in libraries of all types Jimmy Gownley (Amelia Rules!) to � Author Talks moderated by Booklist editors � Creative and practical solutions as you interact with speakers and fellow attendees .php?eid=180315685330088 create the artwork for the giveaway, which is on display in the booth. All for only $69.00 (individual registration) or $300.00 for up to 15 IP addresses so you can share among All public, school and academic employees, branches, and departments. And you get access to the archive once the event is over! librarians within the continental U.S. Bonus for ALA Annual Conference 2011 full registrants—free access to the archive whether or not you sign up for Track the tag #ALA11 can enter to win the prize valued at the Virtual Conference. You’ll receive access instructions as soon as the archive is avaiable. more than $20,000. Eligible librar- More information, including session details as they become available, on the ALA Virtual ians can enter to win during ALA Conference webpage at Exhibits hours through Sunday, June 26, with the Grand Prize Drawing on Attend individually or with a group and be on your way to a complete in-depth Monday, June 27, at 9:30 a.m. One conference delivered right to your computer! hundred semifinalists will be notified on Sunday evening, and the winner must be present at the drawing to ALAAmericanLibraryAssociation win. Shipping will be handled by the sponsors.
  • 30. “Researchers can now focus on the information gleaned from searches, rather than spending an excessive amount of time seeking it.”LORI PHILLIPS, Associate Dean of LibrariesUniversity of Wyoming A better, faster way to find relevant library content. Discover Summon™ for your library. Visit Come see us at booth #2916 to learn how our services meet the needs of librarians and users.
  • 31. SCALE IMAGINE A LIBRARY WITH NO LIMITSIntroducing the Sierra Services Platform ALA 2011 Annual Conference, Booth #2234