Resources: Serving Spanish-Speaking Populations


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Resources: Serving Spanish-Speaking Populations

  1. 1. Serving Spanish-Speaking Populations: List of Resources ` 2013 Book Fairs (Sites available as of January 2013) Feria del Libro en Español de Los Angeles (LEALA) at http://www.lea- features an impressive gathering of highly acclaimed authors from the literary, cultural and entertainment worlds. More than 100 publishers, book distributors, and authors showcase their works from fiction to non-fiction, with topics ranging from history to empowerment, for everyone from book aficionados to children just learning to read. Feria Internacional del Libro (LIBER) is one of the most noteworthy exhibitions, for librarians. Organized on an annual basis at the Feria de Madrid (Madrid, Spain) and Fira de Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain) on alternate years, the book fair offers attractive opportunities for participants to meet with top, well-known professionals from the publishing industry. The fair is usually held at the beginning of October. Site: Feria Internacional del Libro de Buenos Aires at is held every April in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and is one of the top five book expos in the world oriented to the literary community as well as to the general public. Feria Internacional del Libro en Guadalajara (FIL) Outstanding book fair providing opportunities to meet Spanish-language publishers and distributors; held yearly at the end of November; excellent source of new titles for adults, teens, and children. ALA members receive invitation to attend, $100 refund towards air fare, free accommodations and breakfast for 3 days. Site: Prepared by M.C. Lugo Page 1 of 16 Printed on: 1/15/2013
  2. 2. Serving Spanish-Speaking Populations: List of Resources ` 2013 Electronic Resources (Sites available as of January 2013) Authors The Latino at Updated listing of Latino authors with links to their WebPages. Includes book reviews. Collection Development America Reads Spanish at aims to increase the use and reading of Spanish throughout the thousands of libraries, schools and bookstores in the U.S. Free electronic monthly newsletter available with book reviews and trend news. Bilingual Publications Collection Development Tutorial. See video presentation with Bilingual Publications founder and president Linda Goodman talking about how her company selects books at the different Spanish Language Book Fairs and how she helps librarians select Spanish books for their collections at Books from Argentina is an online bilingual portal (Spanish-English) that lists an array of authors, voices and areas of interests showcasing the importance of Argentina’s literature in the Spanish speaking world. Site located at: Books from Mexico at Good source of books for academic libraries. Book–Reviews - REFORMA-Spanish. Book reviews of books of particular interest for adult, teens, and youth collections in Spanish. Reviews are prepared by librarians. Site at Childrens Literature A guide for the acquisition of children books about and from Latin America, the Caribbean and Spain plus links to digital libraries. Site at Prepared by M.C. Lugo Page 2 of 16 Printed on: 1/15/2013
  3. 3. Serving Spanish-Speaking Populations: List of Resources ` 2013 Childrens Literature - Isabel Schon International Center for Spanish Books for Youth: Provides information about high-quality books in Spanish for children and adolescents published around the world as well as noteworthy books in English about Latinos. library/services/ischoncenter/index.shtml Childrens Literature – Pat Mora’s site Ms. Mora is an author, presenter, and literacy advocate. Her site offers a list of Latino Childrens and YA Authors and Illustrators. You can also sign up for her e-newsletter and receive quarterly emails. Site at: Collection Development Survey Prepared by the Eugene Public Library for its users. This survey is an effective tool for assessing your Spanish-language collection before attending book fairs or placing your orders. Click on the link to retrieve the PDF document. In English: collection-development/-/articles/content/447142?printable=true In Spanish: /articles/content/447156?_OCLC_ARTICLES_getContentFromWJ=true Entertainment Telemundo offers Billboard listings, links to telenovelas currently being shown, and highlights popular Spanish speaking entertainers. . Also the Latin Grammy Awards site at: Latino - Countries This link from the Latino Author page includes listings of literature by country, as well as, traditions of different Hispanic ethnic groups. New Essential Guide to Spanish Reading: Librarians Selections. This yearly publication includes a bibliography by librarians for other librarians of essential books in Spanish for any library including: fiction, poetry/drama, on-fiction, reference and children/young adults at New Spanish Books: a guide to current Spanish titles with rights available for translation in the US, complete with reviews of titles selected by a panel of experts from the US and up to date information about the Spanish publishing scene, translation grants, Spanish literary prizes, recent translations, news and events in the US at: Publishing Perspective – Spanish Books Top publishing stories from Latin America and Spain for English-language readers. Free newsletter subscription at Prepared by M.C. Lugo Page 3 of 16 Printed on: 1/15/2013
  4. 4. Serving Spanish-Speaking Populations: List of Resources ` 2013 Spanish Selection: Emerging Trends and Reliable Strategies ALA- Anaheim, CA 2012 presentation by Pam Fochtman, President of Lorito Books, publisher of Spanish audio books and distributor for Mexican publishers of Spanish childrens literature; Milly Lugo, Senior Librarian, Adult Services, Santa Ana Library; and Nerissa Moran, Spanish Collections & Acquisitions/Brodart Books & Library Services. View the presentation at Q&index=1&feature=plcp&safety_mode=true&safe=active Collection Policies Resources Collection Policies Examples (Academic Libraries) University of Colorado – Boulder at and Kenyon College site at Guidelines for the Development and Promotion of Multilingual Collections and Services Prepared by the Library Services to the Spanish-Speaking Committee, Reference Services Section of the Reference and User Services Association, American Library Association. Culture Hispanic Culture On Line at http://www.hispanic-culture- Created by a Hispanic immigrant from Colombia; presents different cultural nuances of Latinos and provides many useful links. Demographics American Community Survey at The American Community Survey (ACS) is an ongoing statistical survey that samples a small percentage of the population every year. It provides reports and data by state, county, or city. Statistical Portrait of Hispanics in the United States, 2010 Study based on in-depth research, provides a plethora of information about the Hispanic community 2010 census results at of-hispanics-in-the-united-states-2010/ Prepared by M.C. Lugo Page 4 of 16 Printed on: 1/15/2013
  5. 5. Serving Spanish-Speaking Populations: List of Resources ` 2013 Día de los Niños El día de los niños/El día de los libros at Provides information and resources that help you learn more about Día and how you can get a celebration organized in your community. Sponsored by American Library Association (ALA) and the Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC). National Latino Childrens Institute Provides Material and information available for Día de Los Niño NLCIs mission is to focus the nations attention on the contributions and challenges of young Latinos by advocating for their success and well being through partnerships and programs. Site found at Dia-de-Los-Ninos.html Pat Mora Resources on El día de los niños/El día de los libros Provides links, information, and many resources. Pat Mora, author and educator, has developed a website with sections specifically to help librarians plan for el Día and other festivities. Site located at Dictionaries Diccionario de la Real Academia Española at Spanish dictionary from the Royal Spanish Academy (the official royal institution responsible for regulating the Spanish language). Word Reference at English - Spanish dictionary; includes synonyms and word etymology. E-Books at spanish-ebooks/824/ EBOOKS.COM sells eBooks in multiple electronic formats in all categories. It is the leading specialist eBook retailer. Users can download books to computers, dedicated eBook devices, PDAs and mobile phones. They can also read books online, from any computer, anywhere, without downloading or installing anything. Prepared by M.C. Lugo Page 5 of 16 Printed on: 1/15/2013
  6. 6. Serving Spanish-Speaking Populations: List of Resources ` 2013 Español at New Spanish language website lets you download unlimited Free eBooks online for use on any computer with internet browser, Amazon Kindle, Apple iPad and iPhones, all eBook readers and smartphones too. Collection topics from fiction, romance, classics to academic and non-fiction, and from start a business information to self- improvement. New digital books and titles are added constantly from new Spanish authors. Caveat: Site is in Spanish Freegal at Subscription based source of free music download with Spanish selections included in their catalog of choices. Google Books: Spanish Literature in the Public Domain A listing of public domain Spanish language literature, searchable online or downloadable in image PDF format at Overdrive at OverDrives online catalog, Content Reserve, contains digital books in more than 50 languages. As of 2012, OverDrive has partnered with Santillana USA ( and will be offering offers popular adult fiction and nonfiction, Plus popular Spanish titles middle and high school students. Project Gutenberg at Project Gutenberg was the original eBook project and catalog on the web, starting well before the advent of the WWW, and paralleling the Free Software Foundation in its goals and values.. Spanglish Baby at houses/ Provides s a list of publishing houses that are gathering the best in Spanish language and bilingual authors of children’s books Tumblebooks subscription based database of children’s e-books in English and Spanish at The New York Public Library e-book collection site Worth visiting for ideas on e-books selections. The New York Public Library, eNYPL, in partnership with Bookshare and OverDrive provides in their catalog a list of downloadable e-books, audiobooks, music, video, and talking books for children at EFA66D402C08/10/257/en/SearchResults.htm?SearchID=44822282&SortBy=CollDate Prepared by M.C. Lugo Page 6 of 16 Printed on: 1/15/2013
  7. 7. Serving Spanish-Speaking Populations: List of Resources ` 2013 Ethnic Studies Center for Puerto Rican Studies (Centro) Centro is a research institute which is dedicated to the study and interpretation of the Puerto Rican experience in the United States. Found at Pew Hispanic Center at Nonpartisan research organization that seeks to improve understanding of the U.S. Hispanic population and to chronicle Latinos’ growing impact on the nation UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center at produces journals, books, DVDs, reports and briefs about the Chicano and Hispanic community. Health Center for the Study of Latino Health and Culture at UCLA at Lead institution in exploring the myths and stereotypes about Latinos in California Society and providing reliable data on Latino Health. Hesperian Health Guides at Downloadable health information in 80 languages. Resource commonly used by community health workers, midwives, missionaries, teachers, health educators, and community organizers to improve health around the world. Holidays Best Hispanic Holidays & Hispanic Festivals of North, Central, and South America at holidays.html#axzz2HQWWbcqY. This page offers an overview of major holidays in many Hispanic cultures. All are hyperlinked to other pages with more detail. Major Holidays and Celebrations of Spanish-Speaking Countries Scroll down to see the complete list or select the month you want to see: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December at Prepared by M.C. Lugo Page 7 of 16 Printed on: 1/15/2013
  8. 8. Serving Spanish-Speaking Populations: List of Resources ` 2013 Learn Spanish (see also ‘Vocabulary’) Livemocha at FREE Access to the course, just need to register. Every language lesson includes reading, writing, and speaking exercises, with courses for every skill level. Opportunity to practice with Spanish speakers. Mango Language for Librarians FREE Access to the course, just need to register; you can study even if you don’t have a Mango subscription. Course covers: basic greetings; getting a library card; and navigating the reference desk. Flexibility learning; you can repeat lessons or just go to the lesson that you need to study. Site located at Magazines & Newspapers All You Can Read: Spanish Magazines Online at AllYouCanRead, a massive media directory of 22,800 local and international magazines and newspapers from all over the world. Over 200 countries are represented at Provo Library at Good selections of Spanish magazines. W3newspapers: Spanish Magazines List of Spanish magazines featuring various issues including celebrity news, weddings, fashion, movies, TV shows, music, gossip, celebrities, and pop culture at Movies (also see Collection Development ‘Entertainment) Popular Spanish-Language Feature Films provided by IMDB with links to titles (features, documentaries, TV-series, etc.) with dialogue in a given language. Needs Assessments Amador County Library Example of an electronic needs assessment questionnaire found at Prepared by M.C. Lugo Page 8 of 16 Printed on: 1/15/2013
  9. 9. Serving Spanish-Speaking Populations: List of Resources ` 2013 Infopeople Workshop at Archived presentation provides various handouts showing different needs assessment questionnaires and studies. Logan Heights Library Example of a needs assessment report to justify a new library. Site at South Carolina State Library at needs-assessment Information on community needs analysis and local resources for South Carolina. Good example of where background information could be found. News CNN World News is among the worlds leaders in online news and information delivery. The site is updated continuously throughout the day. Free e-mail alerts available. HACER (Hispanic American Center for Economic Research). HACER issues a free electronic newsletter on Latin American news and issues. Most articles are in Spanish, some in English. Site at Latin American Network Information Center (LANIC) is affiliated with the Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies at the University of Texas at Austin. LANIC provides access to Internet-based information to, from, or on Latin America. Target audience includes people living in Latin America, as well as those around the world who have an interest in this region, and just about anyone looking for information about this important region. Site Provides a hyperlinked list by country to newspapers and news sites [in English] at america.html Organizations REFORMA at The National Association to Promote Library and Information Services to Latinos and the Spanish-Speaking. REFORMA, among its many goals, has actively sought to promote the development of library collections to include Spanish-language and Hispanic oriented material. Prepared by M.C. Lugo Page 9 of 16 Printed on: 1/15/2013
  10. 10. Serving Spanish-Speaking Populations: List of Resources ` 2013 RUSA – Reference Services Section- Library Services to the Spanish Speaking. This committee seeks to improve library services to the Spanish-speaking and Hispanic culture groups at the local and national levels. Outreach Outreach to Hispanic/Latino Populations - Tu Biblioteca! Infopeople webinar (2012) Covering ways that libraries are meeting the challenges to reach their Latino community and reviews programs/services that have proven successful at other libraries available at: populations Signage (see also ‘Vocabulary’) Bilingual Library Signage for libraries prepared by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission. Excellent signage translations; includes recorded voice to help with the pronunciation. Site at: Translators Babylon English to Spanish Translation Free Online Translation brought to you by Babylon. With more than 2000 dictionaries in more than 75 languages Babylon is the biggest information and translation platform on the Web dedicated solely to dictionaries, encyclopedias and glossaries. Again, service is not perfect, but much better than others in the internet. Site at Google Translation at Google provides a free translation service where you type in a phrase and it is translated into another language. An automated voice will read the translation out loud so that you can hear the pronunciation. The service is not perfect, and there can be awkward phrasing, but it still helps with simple sentences from a non-Spanish speaking librarian to communicate with a non-English speaking library customer. Prepared by M.C. Lugo Page 10 of 16 Printed on: 1/15/2013
  11. 11. Serving Spanish-Speaking Populations: List of Resources ` 2013 Vendors ALA Buyers’ Guide at Listing of different vendors including links to Spanish books distributors. Amazon at One can enter a search for books in Spanish. Provides consumer reviews for nearly all titles. Provides new and out-of-print books. Arte Publico Press at Publisher of literature by U.S. Hispanic authors. Its imprint for children and young adults, Piñata Books, is dedicated to the realistic and authentic portrayal of the themes, languages, characters, and customs of Hispanic culture in the United States. Based at the University of Houston, Arte Público Press, Piñata Books and the Recovering the U.S. Hispanic Literary Heritage project provide the most widely recognized and extensive showcase for Hispanic literary arts, history, and politics. Baker & Taylor Free subscription to their quarterly e-publication Español highlighting recent releases and bestselling books in Spanish, including a wide selection of childrens books, YA books and books for adult readers. Español is only available in English-language. Barnes & Noble – Libros en Español at espanol-Spanish-Books-Learn-Spanish/379003130/ Bilingual Publications. Contact: Linda Goodman Telephone: 212-431-3500 Email address: Brodart Selection and fulfillment from off-shore and U.S. publishers; shelf- ready cataloging and processing options available. Collection development programs and online selection lists. Web site at: development/spanish/page.aspx?id=368 Fondo de Cultura Económica is a decentralized publishing institution funded by the Mexican government, that produce, markets and promotes the works of national Latin American. Book descriptions in catalogs are in English. To see their catalog access: Giron Books Provides an on-line catalog with selections for adults, teens, and children. IPG Books at IPG has a separate Spanish-language product line with its own catalogs (English descriptions); free subscription to catalog and newsletters. IPG’s Spanish Books program markets titles written in Spanish from all over the Spanish-speaking world. Prepared by M.C. Lugo Page 11 of 16 Printed on: 1/15/2013
  12. 12. Serving Spanish-Speaking Populations: List of Resources ` 2013 Latin American Book Source, Inc. Books from a wide variety of publishers. Any in-print title not in-stock will be ordered for you from the publisher at the end of the month and shipped to you upon arrival. You can search the on-line catalog using Advanced Search by keyword, title, author, ISBN and publisher. Site at: Lectorum at Provides a selection of over 20,000 fiction and non-fiction books in Spanish for all ages. The books are listed online and annotated in English. Lexicon Bilingual Resources at Lexicon Marketing is a leading publisher of ESL and vocational programs for Spanish speakers with limited English proficiency (LEP) and limited literacy skills. LibrosBooks Supplies books from Latin America and Spain. They specialize on services to libraries. Site at: Lorito Books at providers of children’s Spanish books and audio-sets. Multi Cultural Books & Videos Provides an extensive collection of foreign language books, dictionaries, CDs, DVDs and talking books in Spanish, as well as, other languages. Multi Cultural is considered one of the top providers of Bollywood titles to the library market. Site at Noda Audio Visual at Specializes in distributing film productions and CD-ROMs from Spanish speaking countries. It, also, provides films produced in non-Hispanic cultures which have been dubbed or subtitled in Spanish and met international acclaim. Noda serves public libraries, schools and universities, as well as, individuals. Spanish Publishers at Provides a variety of books from many publishers, such as Ediciones Urano, Roca Editorial, and others. Also offers translations of U.S. bestsellers as well as books written in Spanish by well- known Spanish and Latin American authors. Vocabulary (see also ‘Learn Spanish’) Dewey Decimal System (Spanish: Sistema de Clasificación Dewey) Good handout for patrons to help them locate books. Listed in numerical and subject order at Prepared by M.C. Lugo Page 12 of 16 Printed on: 1/15/2013
  13. 13. Serving Spanish-Speaking Populations: List of Resources ` 2013 English/Spanish Library Vocabulary Prepared by the Fairfax County Libraries it provides a set of library terminology organized by subject. Site at: Learn Spanish - Internet Lingo in English and Spanish This page provides interesting links, if you are serious about expanding your Spanish vocabulary and pronunciation. Site found at Spanish in our Libraries (SOL) Authored by Bruce Jensen; provides survival Spanish for Library workers. Caveat: site last update in 2009. Site found at: Webinars & Workshops ALA at Webinars and workshops are available through ALA and PLA. Search the site for upcoming webinars, conferences, or archived sessions. Infopeople at Use Spanish as a search term on this site and you will get a wide selection of archived webinars and presentations that may be downloaded. Web Junction at WebJunction offers resources for libraries serving Spanish-speaking patrons including outreach, marketing, programming, and computer related resources. Webjunction is the learning space for librarians and library staff with a multitude of programs, workshops, and resources. Prepared by M.C. Lugo Page 13 of 16 Printed on: 1/15/2013
  14. 14. Serving Spanish-Speaking Populations: List of Resources ` 2013 Printed Resources Celebrating Cuentos: Promoting Latino Childrens Literature and Literacy in Classrooms and Libraries. by Jamie Campbell, ed. Libraries Unlimited. 2010. 381pp. ISBN: 978-15-9158-904-4 Topical bibliography, including both historical and current practices in educating Latino children; explains why having quality Latino childrens literature in classrooms and libraries is necessary for the ethnic identity development of Latino children; and offers a historical overview of Latino childrens literature in America. Web resources of interest are also included. Childrens and Young Adult Literature by Latino Writers: A Guide for Librarians, Teachers, Parents and Students by Sherry York. Linworth. 2002. 192pp. ISBN: 978-15-8683-062-5 This book provides access to the sometimes difficult-to-find resources for youth written by Latino authors. The author has included complete bibliographic information for a variety of titles in various genres. A list of additional resource materials and publisher information is also included. Crash Course in Serving Spanish-Speakers. by Salvador Avila. Libraries Unlimited. 2008. 136pp. ISBN: 978-15-9158-713-2. Helpful information for attracting Spanish-speaking population into the library and library services, a major challenge to librarians who have no Spanish-speaking staff Cultural Programming for Libraries: Linking Libraries, Communities, and Culture. by Debora A. Robertson. ALA Editions. 2005. 120 pp. ISBN: 978-08- 3893-551-4 This book provides information among other things on: assessing community needs, setting goals and establishing measurable outcomes, and gaining community support and visibility. El Día de Los Niños/El Día de Los Libros / The Day of the Child/The Day of Books. By Jeanette Larson. ALA Editions. 2011. 136pp. ISBN: 978-08-3893- 599-6 A collection of the best of Día programming ideas. Prepared by M.C. Lugo Page 14 of 16 Printed on: 1/15/2013
  15. 15. Serving Spanish-Speaking Populations: List of Resources ` 2013 ¡Hola, amigos! A plan for Latino Outreach. by Susana G. Baumann. Libraries Unlimited. 2011. 409 pp. ISBN: 978-15-9158-474-2 A step-by-step guide designed to help you attract Spanish-speaking patrons to your library collections and services, with proven strategies, effective programs, and event planning suggestions. Library Services for Multicultural Patrons: Strategies to Encourage Library Use. by Carol Smallwood, ed. And Kim Becnel, ed. Scarecrow Press. 2012. 352 pp. ISBN: 978-08-1088-722-0 The book is designed to offer helpful tips and practical advice to academic, public, and school librarians who want to better serve the multicultural groups in their communities. Library Services to Latinos: An anthology, Salvador Güereña, ed. McFarland & Company, Inc. 2000. 249 pp. ISBN: 978-07-8640-911-2. Good source of strategies for serving Latinos in the library in the areas of organization and expansion of Spanish-language collections, meeting the demands of Latino children, eliminating cultural and linguistic barriers, and developments in electronic resources and the World Wide Web, among other topics. Multicultural Spanish Dictionary, 2nd ed. by Agustin Martinez. Schreiber Publishers. 2006. 234 pp. ISBN: 978-08-8400-317-5. This dictionary makes sure that the careful user of Spanish does not confuse the usage of this and other basic Spanish words as they vary from one Spanish- speaking country to the next. Pathways to Progress: Issues and Advances in Latino Librarianship. By John Ayala and Salvador Guerena (editors). Libraries Unlimited. 2011. 243 pp. ISBN: 978-15-9158-644-9 Coverage of library service to the Latino community includes subjects such as special collections, recruitment and mentoring, leadership, collection development, reference services to gays and lesbians, children services, and special library populations. Contributors include library practitioners who are of Mexican, Chilean, Peruvian, Nicaraguan, Puerto Rican, and Cuban descent. Prepared by M.C. Lugo Page 15 of 16 Printed on: 1/15/2013
  16. 16. Serving Spanish-Speaking Populations: List of Resources ` 2013 Serving Latino Communities: A how-to-do-it manual for Librarians, 2nd ed. by Camila Alire and Jacqueline Ayala. Neal-Schuman Publishers, Inc. 2007. 229 pp. ISBN: 978-15-5570-606-7 An A-Z guide on providing library services to Latinos. How to assess information needs, obtain funding, conduct bilingual marketing campaigns, and develop special collections are just a few of the topics addressed. There are many supporting documents, including words to bilingual finger plays, Spanish phrases useful in library settings, and sample promotional material. Serving Latino Teens. By Salvador Avila. Libraries Unlimited. 2012. 127 pp. ISBN: 978-15-9884-609-6 Salvador Avila, a noted expert and popular lecturer on providing library services to Latino and Spanish speaking-communities, offers ideas and strategies that can be easily duplicated when serving Latino youth. Spanglish: The making of a new American Language. by Ilan Stavans. Harper Perennial. 2004. 288 pp. ISBN: 978-00-6008-776-0 The second half of the book presents words that immigrants from different Hispanic countries made up when they got to the US. Prepared by M.C. Lugo Page 16 of 16 Printed on: 1/15/2013