Handy Tech Tools for Library Outreach


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Handy Tech Tools for Library Outreach

  1. 1. Handy Tech Tools forLibrary OutreachSarah LudwigALA TechSource WorkshopJune 19, 2013
  2. 2. The Plan• Who I am• Who you are• What well be talking abouto Keys to using social media in librarieso Freshening up the standbyso New(er) toolso Choosing the right tool for your audience• Time for questions
  3. 3. Quick questionWhats your social media standby?
  4. 4. Why We Use these Toolssource
  5. 5. Key Goals• Currencyo Connect patrons with ideas and services that areimportant to them right now.• Relevanceo Information connects with your library, your users,and your community.• Authenticityo Dont update just to update. Share when you feel likesharing.• Frequencyo Find the right balance.• Cross-pollinateo Bring users into multiple platforms.
  6. 6. Social Media Standbys
  7. 7. Twitter promoting fun activitiesthat have happened andthat are to come
  8. 8. RTing others mentions of thelibrary, drawing users to othermedia platformshighlighting the collection,services, and connecting usersto community resources
  9. 9. Facebooksharing resourcesand servicesdrawing users to othermedia, highlightingacquisitions
  10. 10. relevant to community,highlights servicesinformational, offersconvenient services
  11. 11. Pinteresthighlightingmaterials
  12. 12. highlightingevents
  13. 13. highlighting digital resources
  14. 14. Instagram Invites users into the library, no matter where theyare.
  15. 15. Questions so far?
  16. 16. New(er) ToolsAnd not just social media, either...
  17. 17. Remind101
  18. 18. Tumblrhighly visual, light-heartedaccess to books andlibrary-related media
  19. 19. Scoop.itcurate digital resources,show your expertise
  20. 20. Smorepromote your librarywith slick templates
  21. 21. Weeblymake professional, interactivewebsites with a drag-and-drop backend
  22. 22. mutiple elements, have multiple editors, multiple templates
  23. 23. Branchgenerate online discussions
  24. 24. Storify
  25. 25. curate information fromsocial media anddigital news sources
  26. 26. Vine
  27. 27. Choosing the Right Toolfor your Audience
  28. 28. Questions to ask about your users• What are our users already doing online?o Ask themo Search for your library on different social media sites• Do our users have mobile devices?• How tech-savvy are our users?• What do our users care about when it comes to theirlibrary and their community?• What do our users want to learn about, either broadly oras it relates to the library?
  29. 29. Questions to ask about your libraryand staff• What privacy issues do we need to think about?• Who on staff is comfortable using social media?• How much time can we devote to using tech tools?• Are there any outreach strategies we use now that canbe replaced or supplemented with technology?• When can staff update social media?• Does our staff have the resources to use social media?• What library services do our users not know enoughabout?• What are the most popular library services we offer?
  30. 30. Advice• Look at your entire staff to find the right people for thejob. Dont make any assumptions based on age,position, etc.• Staff can share responsibilities.• Dont overwhelm yourself or try the scattershotapproach. Focus on one or two tools at a time, andintegrate them.• Choose one user group to focus on at a time. Teensmay be your first instinct, but they might not be the bestplace to start (teens are fickle and wary of adults in theirspace)
  31. 31. Questions?
  32. 32. Thank you!contact me anytime:sarah.ludwig@gmail.comsarahludwig.wordpress.com@sarah_ludwig