How millionaires make money


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How millionaires make money

  1. 1. 9 Habits of Highly Wealthy PeopleThese habits will help you to become self-mademillionaire !!!
  2. 2. Before achieving massive amount of wealth, You willfirst have to adopt million-dollar mindset. Here are 9habits of highly wealthy people:
  3. 3. Habit One : Always Exceed ExpectationIf you are in this group, it is not something that you were born with, it hasnothing to do with your academic results, but it is a habit of choice thatanyone can adopt. Value creators have the habit of doing a lot than expected.If they are paid $ 1000, they will work as if they are being paid $ 10,000.
  4. 4. The answer to create massive wealth today is toexceed our customer’s expectation. You have tocreate more value for your customer. CreateMore Value and Money Will Follow.
  5. 5. Habit Two : Be ProactiveYes, if you want to be rich, if you want to be millionaire, you have to beproactive. People who are proactive are those that make things happen. Whilethose who adopt the reactive mindset, they wait for things to happen. Whenthe economy is down, proactive people will not sit still, they will go and lookfor opportunity, instead of waiting for opportunity to come to them.
  6. 6. By having the proactive mindset,you will somehow put yourself inthe position of power and choice.You are in control and you are incommand of your life. You willeventually take actions that leadto your wealth and success.
  7. 7. Habit Three : Take 100% ResponsibilityMillionaires take 100% responsibility for their wealth.They believethat they alone create their wealth through their strategies andactions. As a result, they know that they have power to changetheir wealth by changing their strategies and actions.
  8. 8. It is only possible when you believe by this habit you will be ableto exponentially multiply your income and wealth. If you say thatit is under your responsible, you will not even care about it, andyour mind will shut of any creativity juices it produces.
  9. 9. Habit Four : Delayed GratificationBy ‘sacrificing’ this immediate enjoyment, the rewards in thefuture would be tremendous! Self-made millionaires never takeshortcuts in business. They look at always giving the best valuesto their customers, even if it means earning less at present. Theyknow that by building their reputation, it will lead to huge profitstreams in future.
  10. 10. If you want to be a millionaire, you must first learn how to invest your moneyinstead of spending them. The moment when you want to spend something,just think twice and ask yourself whether the thing you are going to buy willmake you money in the future. This is how many self-made millionaires madetheir money.
  11. 11. Habit Five : Do what you loveAll successful individuals have one thing in common. They love what they do.And because they have such an intense passion for their particular career orbusiness, they do not distinguish work from play. To them, their work is theirplay and vice versa. As a result, they spend every single day and every wakinghours working. Which for them, it is playing and enjoying.
  12. 12. Whenever you dosomething that you love,you will be naturallyfocused, committed andenergized to work at it.When you give your bestto what ever you are crazyabout, you become thebest !
  13. 13. “Remember , do what youlove and you will never workfor another day in your life!No matter what industry youare in, there must be minoritywho is best in it. So look forthem, then model and learnfrom them.” -Steve Jobs
  14. 14. Habit Six : Acting with IntegrityIntegrity is about being honest to others and adhering to high moral standards.It is also about doing what you say you will do. When you act with integrity,your customers, colleagues and staff will place trust in you. They know that youmean what you say and that you will not let them down.
  15. 15. “ItTakes twenty years tobuild a reputation and fiveminutes to ruin it. If youthink about that, you will dothings differently.”--Warren Buffet
  16. 16. Habit Seven : Be 100 % CommittedPeople who achieve phenomenal success and wealth, did not just want it, they were100 % committed to achieving it. When you are 100% committed to a goal, it is nolonger a wish, a hope or a want…it becomes an absolute MUST. You see, whensomething becomes an absolute MUST to you, it gets you to operate from a totallydifferent frame of mind.
  17. 17. If you study the life stories of millionaire history makers, many ofthem came to a point in their lives where they put themselves onthe line and staked every thing they had. And because they hadNO CHOICE but to succeed, they often did it against all odds.
  18. 18. Habit Eight :Accept Failure and turn it into SuccessThe truth is that everybodyfails at one point or another.In fact, millionaires fail moretimes than anybody elsebecause they take so muchmore actions. You have tomultiply your failures and youwill succeed.
  19. 19. “Success is the result of good judgment. Goodjudgment is the result of experience. Experience isthe result of bad judgment.” Anthony Robbins
  20. 20. “My policy is to learn from the past, focus on the present anddream about the future. I am a firm believer in learning fromadversity. Often the worst of time can turn to your advantage, mylife is a study of that.” --Donald Trump
  21. 21. Habit Nine : Respect and Love MoneyI want you to set aside your prejudgments and really think about the sub-conscious beliefs and feelings that you associate with money. Only by adoptingnew empowering beliefs to your sub-conscious mind, you can then becomemoney magnet and attract tons of money to your bank account.
  22. 22. Many people who come from working class families see theirparents working hard for money, they sub-consciously believe thatworking hard is the only way to make money. Their belief causesthem to fail to realize that big money is from big ideas and not justhard work. Your Beliefs Determine Your Success.
  23. 23. There you have it, the 9 millionaire habits that you have topractice. All thanks to wealth and success teacher, Adam khoo.You should know that wealth comes from inside, not outside. Youwill first need to have the million-dollar mindset before you canattract and make lot of money.